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Market Segmentation And Product Positioning Marketing Essay

1392 words (6 pages) Essay in Marketing

5/12/16 Marketing Reference this

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The student is required to prepare a 4-5 page research plan to support introducing the Product and Service for “Your Marketing Plan” to the U.S. market. In addition to stating your marketing objectives, the student is required to:

1. Identify the marketing segment for the product and explain why this segment was selected;

2. Discuss the target market and why these customers will be targeted;

3. Conduct a SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities and treats) analysis for the company;

4. Describe the market position for your product and service.

Mobile News Games LLC (MNG) to develop mobile games related to current news events. The marketing plan, their market segments and strategies to get customers and they strive to create a solid revenue stream looks like. They just do not any mobile game developer. They make games news thread a unique focus for their customers to enjoy new mobile games store offering gives us an edge over competitors. This is not just traditional gamers, but full of need to read what people tend to use more mobile unique angle, they are happy to play the game is to expand their reach.

They offer consulting services to companies that create mobile games for marketing purposes to those who are looking for similar games by creating their own games to finance development. These consulting advertising sponsorship relationships that they have come to companies in their brand, and other games offer more and more interested in embedding a custom that they can offer the game as some would have been established. 3 during the first year they have been a large part of their income is expected to hear.

Market segmentation

Games for mobile users and organizations who want to reach them: They segment on two areas. Both areas are savvy customers with computers and mobile phones and enjoy the creative experience.

1. Mobile Game Users

There are two types of customers that determine the population of mobile gamers: adolescents (including adolescents) and young adults in this trade are for young people under age 18 and over, because they are considered young adults in the general population and the right. The main difference between the segments of the population gives money to the game store.

Free mobile games:

They offer morning version of the game for free trimmed so that users can play all the taste without any money .Some free versions are available, and some advertising in strategic locations in the game so that users do not bother or interfere with the ads are displayed. For example, beverage companies can pay for support and they can enter their name (trappable) clickable which looks as if it were part of their game.

Paid mobile games:

They paid mobile games contains a collection of more extensive features. Prices range between $ 1.99 and $ 4.99 in order to create very little resistance to price for customers.

Games also paid through sponsored ad clicks (tappable) embedded within the game monetized.

Games available via instant download their appropriate Platform mobile (eg, Appstore Apple iPhone)

Target market segment strategy

Their strategy is focused on developing a set of libraries containing features of the basic game that can be combined to create new games. After launching the first series of games, they are in regular contact with their customers via the Internet numerous ways, including social media and email marketing to stay. After creating this library and games, they will be able to market quickly turning to consulting services for organizations that want their ads to play as.

Target Market: Mobile Game Users

Mobile games when they have a connection to news and current events. They publish new games within two weeks of important news. For example, if a politician involved in a scandal that they leverage architectures of their game now and customize it with the names of those involved in the scandal and even make funny spoof of interactive events. If a celebrity makes a stupid comment, their library features in a game that pokes fun at their celebrity access. Find mobile phone market knows playing games that interact with them feel the power and enthusiasm, allowing them to life in some way, users of this section is also limited financial capacity. Often, teenagers of their own money to buy their game from his parents, who can be a gift or grant to pay or find a job.

Very often, these customers talk about any game they enjoy, including strategies for playing and winning. They also have online forums and discussion groups to gather information and advice to help other businesses or to read them to find new challenges. In addition, they benefit from “high score” is available in a public environment for the players are mentioned. They intend to provide the general framework allowing the customer to upload their scores on their website for each game. Highest score will be displayed, giving players worldwide rights to “brag”. Therefore, the word of mouth potential for the game is explosive manner.

Target Market: Organizations Who Want to Reach Youth and Young Adults

Users of mobile games are composed of young people. Since the youth and young adult population is so big, it is also very lucrative. Countless products are targeting this population, manufacturers of soft drinks to clothing designer’s hair product companies there. This can also be employed, which can be for military service or other tasks will have been formed. Companies currently spend millions of dollars in the market to this group regularly for newer, more creative ways to reach this market, strengthen its brand and products for sale.

Organizations that want to reach the men (and women, though less than their customer is not defined) between 13 and 25 Realize that this group has a lot of spending power. This age group is that saving money is not used so they typically spend a lot of what they earn. Senior vice president and marketing organization want to reach this market and need to do this catchy, creative ways.

Much to fear from the older generation, teenagers and young adults are reading less and spending more time in front of the screen, whether television, computer or mobile phone with a variety of applications. Deputy CMO or need to reach their target market hangs out there. They usually have big budgets to spend on marketing and are afraid to try new things.

SWOT Analysis


This the one of the most personal channel available for marketing the product

Freedom of channel because there are 260million mobile user all over the country and 3.5 billion all over the world

Now a day many retailer and marketers are realizing the needs of mobile presence.


Most of user do not have an ideal mobile screen size ,key pad and slow network problems

User are not aware of games on mobiles


Gives legs to the other channels – stores, online, television, radio, print and billboards

Mobile is the future – not now – marketing database. Marketers should loyalty program with the supplements online and offline

Benefit from marketing dollars from television, radio, print and more than measurable, Media ROI – is driven, aka, the Internet and mobile phone set


People may not use these games because they think that they are part of marketing strategies

Privacy legislation, security, unsolicited messages, location-based ads, advertising and children to mislead users to enforce security

Market position

Market share is the portion or percentage of sales of a particular product or service in a given region that are controlled by a company. These kinds of games are quite new to enter in the market so they are not having any strong position in the market but with the passage of time it will gain a larger market share


Company must realize its weakness and convert them into opportunities. Secondly they must not over coulter their games with ads and other things

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