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Location-based Advertising for Vending Machines with Healthy Foods

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Wordcount: 1530 words Published: 12th May 2021

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(Businessnewsdaily, 2014) 

General topic

 The healthy food market for the vending machine is expanding very fast. For years, vending machines have been a trustworthy option to get a snacks and drinks that are easily accessible. The vending machine company provides a regular, reliable source of income due to its success and gives the opportunities for new business. As more people choose to follow to live healthy and active life and resist traditional unhealthful food and snacks, healthy sales carry on to grow in particular. (Naturals2go, 2019)

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 This project is targeting on how brands that have ventured in the vending machine business of providing healthy foods can use location-based advertisements to maximize their productivity. There are various ways and strategies of ads, but location-based advertising has proved to be trustworthy and effective. There are numerous benefits and disadvantages of using this strategy, as will be discussed in the proposal. Depending on the goals and objectives of the organization, particular advertising procedures will be preferred matched to others. The level of effectivity in terms of earnings maximization and cost minimization will specify which type of advertising method will be preferable.

Location-based advertising is important for vending machines with healthy foods. Businesses providing healthy foods have limited customers, and it is important to put attention on strategic ways and means to increase sales. One of the strategies that can be used is location-based advertising.

 Health education is an image of health promotion that inform people to consume healthy foods or snacks, especially when it comes to using vending machines. Through public campaigns, the state can work with the public to support the supply of healthy food or snacks using vending machines. The success of businesses that supply healthy foods depended on specific factors that focus on social, personal, and structural factors.

In the smart phone age there is something we are often taking for granted is that having the right information at the right place and time. The constant need to match the right information with the right place and time sounds time consuming but it actually isn’t. This is something wrote partly called location based advertising. Location based services or LBA use real time GO data from mobile devices to provide an information, entertainment or security. Now if that sounds confusing think about it as a way of devices can provide us with information in your geographically relevant content. This service plays huge part in our lives. The way they work is actually pretty simple. LBA helps the small businesses to give consumers more relevant recommendations for consumers to search more relevant results or for consumers simply share more relevant information. It is a simple idea but the result really been taking this places. (Buczkowski, 2011/2012)

LBA (short for location-based advertising) is one of the strategies that use advanced technology to increase their goal audience based on geographical location and behaviour. Location-based advertising is making it easy for corporate companies and firms to target a specific audience using messaging connections. Using tailored offers and advertisements, vending machine businesses can target their clients using the GPS location of their smartphones. (Wozney L., 2019). This is also a benefit to the clients because the advertisement posts focus on their wants and contents that they have previously searched online. Brands can use different strategies of location-based advertising, such as behavioural targeting, radius targeting, and local search targeting. Using location-based advertising, vending machine businesses that supply healthy foods can increase their efficiency significantly.


Brands that have ventured in vending machine businesses that supply healthy foods face operational problems that significantly reduce profits. Several departments can affect the output of business operations such as human resources, procurement, and the marketing department. In this proposal, we shall focus on the marketing department, which is responsible for advertising offered goods and services (healthy snacks for vending machines). The department should use strategic methods of increasing sales and reducing costs. Different advertising strategies can reduce the cost of marketing, including location-based advertising. This is an advertising method where the posts are only shown to the target audience. It is a strategy that reduces the cost of advertising and at the same time, increase efficiency.

Research objectives

  1. Maximize sales of the business.

Every business has the objective of maximizing sales. If the number of sales increases, the profit will also increase. Brands that have ventured in vending machine business of supplying healthy foods should use location-based advertising to maximize sales.

  1. Minimize the cost of operating the business.

If a business is operating at high costs, the chances of incurring losses are very high. Companies should aim at reducing the cost of operation. The advertising method chosen should reduce the cost of service by ensuring the target audience only sees the advertising posts. This strategy will be successful if brands that use vending machines to supply healthy foods use location-based strategy to maximize their output and reduce the cost of operation.

  1. Use the most efficient advertising method.

There are several ways that businesses can advertise their products and services. The best strategy to use is the one with the lowest cost and maximizes the efficiency of advertising. If the approach used is not efficient, the business will incur high charges of advertising, which may not increase sales in the long run. Brands that sell healthy foods using vending machines should invest in marketing strategies that are efficient and cost-effective.

  1. Use the most affordable but efficient method of advertising.

Organizations and businesses tend to use marketing strategies that are too expensive with the expectations that they will be sufficient. The cost of an advertisement does not determine its efficiency. The marketing department should focus on the most economical and efficient advertisement strategy that will not waste the available resources.

  1. Acquire necessary resources that will facilitate efficient advertising methods.

To be successful in any business venture, the planning process is fundamental. Businesses should first strategize on acquiring the necessary resources for efficient advertising. If the funds received are not sufficient enough, a high probability is that the marketing strategy will fail. A business supplying healthy foods using vending machines should acquire adequate resources that will facilitate location-based advertising and ensure the method used is efficient and cost-effective.

Research Questions

Case study

What strategies are being used by businesses to find the best advertising methods for their products?

What types of strategies are used by businesses to increase profit for healthy vending machines?


How the using the Local-based advertising influence and maximize sales of the business?


What role does the Location-based advertising for healthy vending machines play in the behavior of the consumers towards the healthy options?

Grounded theory

What are the attitudes of people with healthy habits towards the daily use of healthy vending machines?


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