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How Brand Nokia Influences On Consumer Purchasing Behaviour Marketing Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Marketing
Wordcount: 3200 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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1.0 Introduction

People live in the globe dominated by super brand however, the term “brand” which has sometime wrong definition and misunderstood by the consumer. Brand correspond in the form of logo, letter headed paper, graphic representations, critical thinking and attractive colour combination, signs and symbols, slogan that is common belief to everyone (http://www.redbullet.co.uk/). A brand is symbol and sign, name or product, service, concept or logo that distinguishes to identify and expressed a specific business or company, product, service which can be usually communicated to market to increase the consumer. According to the Business and Management of Dictionary, a brand is “a name, sign or symbol used to identify items or services of the seller(s) and to differentiate them from goods of competitors.” One of the most popular advertising companies Walter Landor said that basically, a brand just like a promise that associating and demonstrating a service or product which delivers a promise of satisfaction and better quality (http://www.sideroad.com/Branding/). In addition, when an organization or company creates a colour full new logo or name for a particular products or service to introduce the competitive market, a brand has been developed or formed. On the other hand, Brand is protected by registering trademark or service mark from an authorized company, specially a government, so that organizations or parties have no permission to use same particular logo or name. It is tremendous effective elements of advertising to market for a company. It is represented of goods or services on behalf of brand owner are offering in the marketplace. Consumer behaviour is important value added to buy a brand product or services to justify the quality, price, colour and existence. In the market place branded products always high price and better quality such as Motorola, Samsung, than non branded product such as Chinese mobile. Customer may look or intention to buy quality, expensive branded product to evaluate of the reputation of the brand. It is very important of brand owner for company success, increase profit margin and spread reputation by giving better service, better quality product to keep the costumer.

2.0 Research Objectives

The objectives of this research are as below:

To examine the factors that influences the consumers to shift towards Nokia Brand.

To Build new business strategy for the all level consumer.

To use effective advertise to the target group(consumer) that will most be interested to consumer

To study and establish a theory that, how Brand Influences consumers to purchases than retail store.

To create a major selling idea for different consumer that Use the brand, the feeling get good to consumer.

3.0 Literature Review

3.1 Brand

A brand is a symbol and symbols, names, or product, service or logo to identify the concept and is different with a specific business or company, product, service, which can normally be communicated to the market to increase to the consumer. Good brand images are instantly evoked, are positive, and are almost always unique among competitive brands. Brand image can of brand communications such as packaging to be strengthened, advertising, promotion, customer service and other aspects of the brand (http://www.asiamarketresearch.com/glossary/)

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Brand is the identity of the company’s product, brand is very important. it brings popularity for enterprise product as well as fame, prestige, respect. Nowadays business competitive There are several brands on the market, everyone has their identity, make their mark. For example: I have new Wrangler jeans from a store, look good and I will share with my friends bought. Of course they ask me what the brand was. What is important here, the jeans brand, because the jeans, wrangler get the particular shop. The brand is very important to purchase an influence on consumers. (http://www.allinterview.com/showanswers/)

3.2 Attributes of strong brands

-Excels at delivering deigned benefits

-Stage relevant

-Priced to meet perceptions of value

-Well designed brand hierarchy

-Positioned properly

3.3 The Role of Brands

-Identify the maker

-Simplify products holding

-Organize accounting

-Offer legal production

-Signify quality

-Creates barriers to entry

3.4 Types of Brand

Marketing theory suggests that there are three types of brand names:

Family brand

Individual brand

Combination brand

In this paper I will go to Individual brand names which I selected Nokia, how it is it influences consumer to purchases. (http://tutor2u.net/business/marketing/brand)



3.5 Nokia Brand

Nokia’s first century began with Fredrik Idestam paper mill on the banks of the river Nokianvirta. Between 1865 and 1967, the company would become a major industrial power, but it took a merger with a cable company and a rubber company focused on the new Nokia Corporation is set on the way to electronics. (http://www.nokia.com/about-nokia/).

Nokia is engaged in the manufacture of mobile devices and in converging Internet and communications industries with over 123,000 employees in 120 countries, sales in over 150 countries worldwide and annual sales of € 41,000,000,000 and operating profit of € 1,200,000,000 in 2009. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones. Its global device market share was about 39% in 2009, compared to 37% in 2008 and 38% in 2009, and its converged device market share was about 40% in 2008, compared to 35% in the year 2009. Nokia produces mobile devices for all major market segment and protocol, including GSM, CDMA and W-CDMA (UMTS). Nokia provides Internet services such as applications, games, music, cards, media and messaging platform with its Ovi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokia).

3.6 Nokia in Bangladesh

Nokia is the world’s leading mobile phone supplier and a leading provider of mobile and fixed telecom networks including related customer service. When Nokia introduced into the market of Bangladesh, it was considered the largest market in the emerging markets in South Asia. Bangladesh has already become an attractive market for mobile phones with a user base of more than 10 million, and by the end of 2006, this figure is expected to cross 15 million. Nokia officials estimate that in addition to Bangladeshi market, the company is a healthy growth in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives in the coming days have. (http://www.southasiabiz.com/2006)

Nokia market share 56.89% in Asia – Bangladesh (March 2010)e 56.89% in Asia – Bangladesh (March 2010)  




3.7 Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour concern the psychological processes that consumers go finished his/her needs, and normally find the way to work out these needs and make decision to purchase. For example: whether to buy a product, and if so, what brand and where information about interpret, make plans and implement these plans by comparing the offers, or actually buying a product (http://www.consumerpsychologist.com/).

3.8 Sources of influence on the consumer

There the many sources which influence the consumer behaviour. The below figure shows how many sources influences to consumer:  

Influences on Consumer Behavior


Social factors also influence consumer behaviour

Cultural influences consumer behaviour

Digital Revolution influences on Consumer Behaviour

E-Shopping influences on consumer Behaviour

3.9 Decision making

The five models imply that the customers can buy from each of five stages. However, for more workaday buy decision, the consumer may modify or delete some of the present.

The first one is problem recognition

The second step is information search

The third step involves evaluation of alternatives

Finally, the purchase stage, and post-purchase evolution



3.10 Problem Recognition

A product to buy is customer need recognition occurs when an individual senses a difference between what the consumer seems to be the ideal and the actual state of affairs. A consumer intended to buy things when they think the quality of a product to solve a problem, makes the recognition of the step on the sale of a product. Bad recognition sometimes recognized as a problem. For example, the car is always difficult to start and the acceleration is not good. (http://www.consumerpsychologist.com/intro_Consumer)

3.11 Information Search

Consumers to search for information in order to satisfy their unmet needs. Find inner can, bring knowledge from memory or external, it can, collecting data from their peers, family, and the marketplace. The efficient search for keywords such as social class, income, and size of purchase, the experience and perception determines (http://www.consumerpsychologist.com/intro_Consumer).

3.12 Evaluation of alternatives

The next stage of the consumer decision process shall consider alternatives in the search identified at this stage, consumers are looking for answers to questions like, what are my options? And which is best? When they compare, contrast and select from different products or services. Consumers compare what they know about different products and brands, what to do with the key and begin to resolve in the area of narrow alternatives before finally considering buying one of them.

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It evaluates specific model to a set of attributes they used to put together, including safety, reliability, price, warranty, and the number of cup holders is based. It also considers how he felt things like property and assesses the use of the phone and where he might buy the phone, a comparison of the various traders and the atmosphere everyone sees. Although he feels some pressure to make decision, he has access to his father’s cell phone. (http://www.consumerpsychologist.com/intro_Consumer)


3.13 Purchase Behaviour

Purchase is the third steps on Consumer Behaviour’s. After the decision to buy or not buy, he draws two stages. First, consumers choose one vendor over another vendor. Second, decisions concerning saving, by the seller, item displays, convinced media, paper and advertising.

Under the plan, the consumer thinks of a particular article or brand to buy. But sometimes, but otherwise buy what they think, in the case of what to purchase during the purchase or the choice of the stage. A consumer prefers a retailer, but selects another in the event of a sale, promotional event, hour, place and problem of traffic.

Fox buying products, it is important to examine the consumer motivation and to achieve this goal, easily use means-end chain. (http://www.consumerpsychologist.com/intro_Consumer)

The Means-End Chain: Consider a logical continuation of the consequences of product usage, which ultimately lead to the wanted end benefit. For example, Consumers will see a car with a big engine, resulting in rapid acceleration, resulting in a feeling of power, leading to a feeling of power, which will ultimately increase consumer self-esteem.



3.14 Post-purchase

Post-purchase behaviour of consumers includes all the activities and experiences that following the purchase. Normally, after a purchase, consumers experience dissonance after purchase. Regret In other words, they make their purchase decision. The reasons for high dissonance after the purchase can be dispensed with the attractiveness and performance of the alternatives, be difficult to purchase, and large number of alternatives. (http://www.icmrindia.org/courseware/Consumer%)

4.0 Research Methodology

A research design is the general plan, as we do about the answer to our question (s). (Saunders et al 2007)

Usually it is threefold: exploratory, descriptive and explanatory (Philip Lewis et al 2007). The nature of our study is exploratory study is a valuable tool to find out “what happened, to seek new insights, to ask questions and to assess phenomena in a new light” (Robson, 2002, p59).

There are three main ways of implementing our exploratory research.

A search of the literature: some academic journal papers on computers networks.

Interviewing ‘experts’ in the subject.

Conducting focus group interviews.

There are three major ways of thinking about research philosophy: epistemology, ontology and axiology. Each provides important diversification is that the way you think influence on research. (Thorn hill et al., 2007)

4.1 Types of Research Methodology

There are two approaches to deductive ‘test theory’ and inductive ‘theory-building’.

In deductive research, is a theory developed to explain the hypothesis, research design constructed and tested the hypothesis proved or disproved, and presented the findings as objective reality or laws. The process tends to be associated with the positivist approach in conjunction (Saunders et al., 2007).

On the other hand, is the first data collected and analyzed in inductive research. A theory is how the data analysis is developed. This process tends to be associated with the interpretive approach in conjunction (Saunders et al., 2007).

4.2 Deductive approach

My proposal is deductive research. Here we have set up a hypothesis. We construct a research design, hypothesis will be tested by an improved statistical method for the collection of data by interview method and the results will be entered with regard to the interpretation.

Research method is a systematic and orderly approach to the collection and analysis of data acquired, so that information from these data (Jankowicz, 2005:209) can be obtained. Mentioned among the different methods of research by several authors, some general surveys, experiments, secondary data, observation techniques, grounded theory, action research and ethnography (Sigmund, 1997 and Saunders et al.2007).

For the planned research of the scientists, the survey interview, characterized as the most appropriate.

5.0 Data Collection Method

Research data are divided into two groups and these are primary and secondary data. For conducting any research data, both the groups are important, but is on the basis of strategy research focusing on specific data group presented.

5.1 Primary Data

Primary data is data that is collected specifically for a particular research project for the first time (Maylor and Blackmon, 2005). The primary research can be qualitative, quantitative or both. In my thesis I will present the original data by using the collection of questions and interviews.

5.1.1 Interview

It can be taken by individual or by a group. I take the consumer interview that buy Nokia product and interviews that Nokia does not use fire. I think the interviews I will answer directly from the customers.

5.1.2 Questionnaires

It is the most popular way of gathering information. It would need an open and close both. The advantage of the questionnaire, I can collect the data by all or a sample of people.

5.1.3 Main sample

Sampling is the small proportion of the population in this thesis topic, my example will be the customers of Nokia, employees and managers from Nokia, Nokia’s competitors, Nokia and age wise user.

5.2 Secondary Data

According to Collis and Hussey secondary data on the collection of data from previous studies or studies conducted or done to or gathered by other researchers (Collis & Hussey, 2003). Therefore, secondary data from the literature or in documents such as academic research papers can be collected, corporate annual reports, statistics, published advertisements, and statements.

In my thesis I will use some relevant books, journals, articles and previous research at the University of Wales Library have available through various books, to have a clear idea about the subject. I will use the Internet as information, articles and magazines. . Magazines are comparatively contains several new concepts and ideas, and up to date information. In my dissertation, I will for literature research and secondary data analysis of the relationship between brand and consumer, brand influences the buying behaviour of consumers, Brad and retention, critical evaluation of the classical theories of brand influences on the attitudes of consumers to purchase used.

(http://www.ejbrm.com/vol2/v2-i2/vol2-issue2-art7-knox.pdf, p-123)

For any research or any query, if I have the onion diagram it is easy for me to follow my dissertation done in time.

7.0 Limitations

There are no available resources for this research. The Nokia brand in Bangladesh market place is too far from here to gather information to effectively complete the research proposal. There are some restrictions on such research, such as:

Limited study had been done earlier.

Lack of data and information available for research.

Lack of consumer behaviour tools through survey.

Lack of ration analysis Nokia and non brand Nokia user.

8.0 Time Scale

9.0 Conclusion

In Conclusion, this research paper proposed how Brand Nokia influences to consumer purchases behaviour. In my dissertation I will identify some factors that Brand Nokia influences on the customer’s attitude towards purchase and to establish a theory regarding the business interface and also consumer attitude for purchase. And from this research methodology I will use a Deductive analysis where the data were collected by distributing questionnaire, interview and testing towards the people of Bangladesh Marketplace. In my dissertation, I will also focus comparison between Nokia and other band such as: LG, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung; on consumer purchasing behaviour. This proposal has some limitation and some incomplete information because I did not spend more time and more market survey in different segment towards consumer purchase behaviour on brand product Nokia. Finally, in my dissertation I will give more effective information and add consumer true feelings and give proper information about their preferences, intention, about the product and Understanding their attitude, motivation.


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