Godiva Gems Are Makers Of Chocolate Marketing Essay

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Due to severe downturn and recession in USA, Company is now looking to capture small and medium income persons.

Now only Godiva products are premium products and the purchaser of this products are coming on only special occasions only through online internet.

The management of company wants to sell these premium products to medium size customers and their products are available to every people in small grocery stores or drug stores where they are shopped regularly.

At present Godiva Retail distribution Channels are spread over the world.

Total online unique monthly visit at Godiva site is more than 420K, and total Boutiques are spread over the worlds are over 480 worldwide and total wholesale is more than 2000 retail outlets and new catalog launch per year is six.

So we can conclude that Godiva selling is mainly done through online channels and they have large volume of customer who purchase from retail outlets.

Part - I

Segmentation - Targeting - positioning strategies

Godiva Gems are selling its products to only online customers.

Godiva Gems manufacturing only premium chocolate.

Targeting only premium customers.

The Chocolate Industry

Overall total global chocolate market of US$75 billion.

The premium Chocolate Category (US$8+ pound)

This type of premium chocolate represents a fast moving and dynamic market in many areas of worlds, now less than 10% of the total global chocolate market.

The worldwide premium chocolate market is valued at almost US $ 7 billion, which reflects a 65% increase since 2002. The premium type of category has growing over 18% increase in last year.

The Super - Premium Category (US $ 40+ pound)

A narrower definition of Super Premium chocolate reduces the global market size to about US$1.25 billion.

Godiva Challenges

Educate the target on the quality and tasteful difference between Godiva and mass - produced other premium chocolate already on the shelves.

Higher prices of global players scare away Chinese customers who do not have the purchasing capacity of their western counterparts.

Difficult to gauge how popular chocolate goods will be once country is more fully developed, but growth will likely be significant.

Perception of a Turkish owned American company that produces Belgian style chocolates.

Main Characteristics

Total 66% of this chocolate is consumed between meals

Total 22% of all chocolate consumption takes place between 8PM and midnight

Most of the chocolate is used in the winter than any other season

Godiva Shopping Behaviors

Godiva general gift giving - Birthday, romantic gesture, thank you, etc.

Seasonal - Easter, Mother's day, Father's day, Easter, The Night of Sevens / Magpie Festival, Valentine day, winter Festivals.

Others - Treat self, dinner party, house staple, etc.

Godiva Taste -

Godiva chocolate taste because of freshly made fine chocolate has very intense but refined flavors and subtle nuances of textures. The inside of fine chocolates is specifically intended to complement the covertures in terms of flavor and texture. This allows the flavors to permeate your mouth. The taste of this chocolate is very tasteful because it is very fresh.

Godiva chocolate will survive and takes speedy growth in Singapore if it launches this product with proper market planning and strategies so we can conclude that it will grow rapidly with this product.

Godiva gems now also produce truffles and its design. They are packed into wrapped truffles and making available to every type of customers at grocery and drug stores, and due to these changes company provide this products to every type of customers not only through online channels but also through direct channels and partners. These marketing strategy changes have made this product very popular.

Firs of all, company is targeting not only premium customers but they are also providing this product to everywhere like drug and multi stores. Owing to these changes now company capture all size of customers and because of their good policies, company product is easy available for everyone and every occasion.

For the Singapore customers, company should go for online and offline sales. By adopting these strategically changes, the company can sell this product at large volume and at every occasion not just on special occasion.

However, these decisions can also affect premium customers' demand and such type of customers purchase not only on special occasion but they also buy them for status symbol.

In present situation gravia sales only to premium customers through online, and this facility is not accessible to every type of person and customers due to not easily available in market. So company this effort can makes drastic changes in present scenario and now company product is easily available to customers through truffle and customers can get this product in drugs and grocery stores very easily and enjoy this flavor very comfort.

So we can say for Singapore market this product should be sales in online as well as offline in multi stores and drugs and grocery stores as well as public places like airport metro and bus stops and cinema halls.

And this product should be packed in small as well as big packets with discount and with this policy the company can sells more products and easily available to small size customers.

For reference we can say Rozzers,a flavor of chocolate, adopt this policy and the product sales has increased by rapidly in recent times.

At the end we can say after study of various company strategies, the company adopts this policy in Singapore and targeting small and big volume customers .The product should be packed in small and big size packets and they should be sold to malls, grocery and drugs stores for every genre of customers.

Godiva should also produce seasonal and limited edition chocolate with special package for all major festivals and holidays. Godiva should also go for other products like Ice cream, cheese cake, coffee's pods, and liqueur item's that comes in several - related various flavor's.

Godiva should also release catalogs of their products at time to time on regular basis through online mails and sending card through post which increased customer interest in this product and company can sells other product with this product very easily and company should also go for product survey in Singapore market and after survey company should analyze market and customer demands and after that they have to take decisions with previous experience of market sales and accordingly they have to plan for new market strength and produced this product accordingly.

In Singapore market they have to launch premium product at various top class markets and malls and other product should be launch in local market as well as big stores.

Godiva should also undertake a combination of merchandising PR, in store promotions, and also they have to promote through web site and taking sampling initiatives or experiential marketing to grow awareness and market new products.

Godiva should also organize in Singapore charitable auction celebrating the influence of taste and style as it is going from generation to next generation, paring father to son and brother to sister and portages and mentor to benefit a variety of causes.

Godiva should also organize food festival for promoting their products and also organized opening and closing ceremonies at stock exchange on valentine day.

Godiva should hire bus services to convey that took passenger's from the Godiva stores. Godiva should also organize chocolate personality quiz in a website and after which the participant could redeem a free certificate for free chocolates.





Part - II

United Kingdom Health drinks market

Energy and Health drinks have emerged like very profitable and growth segment of all soft drink companies in UK.

Just like carbonated cold drinks , of which sales is decreasing , the sales volume of this type of drinks like health and energy drink have been increasing since recent times this is directly effecting busy lifestyle and rising health problems and concerns. According to changing consumer behavior and other reasons , the health and energy drink market can be viewed as the very promising segment of soft drinks industry in the United kingdom says 'UK HEALTH DRINKS MARKET' a report issued by RNCOS.

The report conclude an in very depth analysis of the health and energy drinks industries in UK. Segment -wise market trends and analysis given in the report will help the client to identify the potential segments in the overall health and energy drinks in market and the past, current and future outlook on various type of segment will help in analyzing the consumption and sales scenario.

The future outlook of the industry is not determined using any determining using any econometric or statistical model or evaluation, rather it depends upon the past and current market trends. The changing consumer preferences and behavior and the market trends have been taken into consideration while calculating the future direction of the market.

Major findings:-

Convenience and health concerns are driving the sales of health and energy drinks in the UK.

Sales increased in bottled water segment are expecting to increase at a CAGR of 15% during 2008-12.

The per person use of fruit juice reached 23 liter in 2007 from 19.3 liter in 2004.

The market easiness grew by 79.85% in2007 over 2006 in the UK.

Key issues Analyzed

What is the market size and scope of health and energy drinks in the UK?

What are the current trends prevailing in the market?

What are the growth prospects and issues related to the market?

What are the opportunities and challenges for the market?

Who are the major players in the market?

Key Players Analyzed

This section covers the key players currently operating in the UK health and energy drinks industries comprising BRITVIC PLC, RED BULL Company Ltd. PepsiCo INC, AG Barr Plc. etc.

The world has witnessed a fast growth in food and Beverages market over the past few years. The entry of multinationals, aggressive rise of commodity branding and low cost of technology is changing the economics of the food industries.

RED Bull Company is company based in UK is manufacturing Energy drinks and selling these products in around the world.

In 1982, Dietrich Mateschotz became aware of products called 'Tonic Drinks' which enjoyed widespread popularity throughout the Far East. The idea to market these types of drinks outside Asia came to him while sitting at a bar at the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong.

In 1984, Mateschitz founded Red Bull. He fine - tuned the product, developed a unique marketing concept and in 1987, started selling Red Bull Energy Drink on the Austrian market. This was not only the launch of a completely new product, in fact it was the birth of a totally new product categories. Now Red Bull is present in over 160 Countries.

ong Kong

This company has targeted all types of customers but basically they are targeting youngsters and teenagers. These drinks have been developed for all those occasions when you want to perform physically and mentally, but there is no time to stop. It fits easily into pocket, handbag, jacket or glove box and with no need to chill, you can use it anytime, anywhere - in the office, at the gym on the road or on the tube, you name it. In a sip ,Red Bull energy drinks vitalized body and mind, so the overall market strategy is targeting youths and this company segments are energy drinks in health and energy industries and total value proposition are from energy drink are very high of RED BULL.

The overall marketing strategy:-

Segmenting - The Company Red Bulls are mainly targeting its energy drinks for young, working sports persons for increasing their efficiency of physics and body. The total sales of energy drink are very high in world market and user of this product is using energy drink Red Bull very extensively and Red Bull contribution in energy drink market is very high. Company sales of energy drink is spread over world and major contribution of this product is goes to red bulls.