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The globalization is a process of interaction and centralization between the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process led by international commerce and investment and helped by the technology of information. This process has effects in the ambience, in the culture, in political systems, in economic development and prosperity, and in the physical human well-being in societies about the world.

The globalization is not new, nevertheless. During thousands of years, the people - and, later, corporations - he has been buying of and selling one to other in grounds at big distances, as for the famous Way of Silk across Central Asia that joined China and Europe during the Middle age. Equally, for centuries, the people and the corporations have invested in companies in other countries. In fact, many of the style of the current wave of the globalization are similar to those prevailing before the sprout of the First World war in 1914.

This current wave of the globalization has been led for political that have opened economies in the country and internationally. In the years from the Second World war, and especially during last two decades, many governments have adopted the free market economic systems, immensely increasing his own productive potential and creating new innumerable opportunities of international commerce and investment. The governments also have negotiated dramatic reductions of barriers to the commerce and have established international agreements to promote the commerce in goods, services, and investment. Making use of new opportunities on external markets, the corporations have constructed foreign factories and have established production and arrangements of marketing with foreign partners. A feature of definition of the globalization, therefore, is a commercial industrial structure and international financier.

According to Slack, 1.5 billion persons used the Internet in 2008. The valuation of growth is amazing, especially when you look at the models of traffic. Until 2005 the bundle of the traffic was a pair to pair connected to a network, of web and e-mail. These were relatively low applications of demand and they needed that few ones calculate cycles. This changes quite. There are new and different ways of using the Internet that they lead the demand and increase the traffic. Today, the Internet is used commonly for Communications of Video (VC), Game and Voice on the Internet telephony (VoIP) applications. To request the Television is in the horizon and is waited that this one will mature and a domineering application will do in a few next years.

The informative products are really the key to the establishment of his own commercial presence in line and credibility. If you cannot put what you know in a usable and transferable format, you are dead in watering. Today the information travels about the world in something bringing over at the speed of light, and if you do not concentrate his business it strains to being there when this counts, you will be lazy.


The economies of the world have developed links one day more nearby from 1950, in commerce, investment and production. Acquaintance as the globalization, this process is not new, but his step and the scope has accelerated in the recent years, embrace more industries and more countries. There were losers as well as winners of the globalization, with China the biggest winner, and manual workpeople the biggest losers. The changes have been led for liberalisation of commerce and finance, changes of as the companies work, and you improve to transport and communications.


From 1955, the volume of the world commerce has become much more rapid than the world economy as a whole, and for many countries this has been the engine of the growth. The profit of commerce has been unequally distributed, as the first Europe, and then Asia affiliated to the system of world commerce. Other poor regions, as Africa, dependent in matters, they have been left. The commercial conversations helped to increase the commerce in products manufactured between rich countries when the tariffs were cut. The countries that pointed to the growth led by exportation, as Japan, Korea, and China, have benefited. But the liberalization of the commerce in services - as accounting - or agriculture has demonstrated more difficult. Now the conversations pointed at the opening of markets in the agriculture to benefit poor developing countries have stopped.


Of way the manufactured products are produced it has changed dramatically in last 50 years when the cost of transport and communications has fallen down. More and more goods are produced by multinational global companies with plants of production about the world. This system allows them to make use of the cheapest work and gives to them better they have access to local markets. More recently, "the virtual companies " have outsourced his production to other signatures about the world. These uses the Internet to handle his chain of global supply, or his THIS attends as the invoicing.


As well as the free movement of goods, also there was a dramatic increase of the flows of the money (capital) about the world. The banks and the investors deprived now believe that the trillions of assets invested abroad from the liberalisation of world markets of capital in l980s. These capital flows are much concentrated between rich countries and a few developing countries, and they can fluctuate from the year to the year. Meanwhile some big developing countries as China have benefited from capital flows, the smallest countries have been vulnerable when the capital flows suddenly invested, as in 1997-8 crisises Asiatic.


The world distribution of wealth and income is very unequal. 10 % richest of households in the world takes so many annual income as the fund 90 %. Wealth - the entire assets rather that the annual income - is even more unequal. The rich ones are concentrated on the EE.UU, Europe and Japan, with 1 % richest alone possession 40 % of the wealth of the world. The poverty, on the other hand, is extended across the developing countries - that have five - sixths of the population of the world. But this has fallen down sudden to China.


Uneven effects of globalization

Policymakers face challenge of ensuring equity



East, S.E. Asia

Africa, Latin America

Productive output


People with assets

People with no assets



Skilled workers

Unskilled workers

Adaptive firms, workers

Rigid firms, workers


Primary producers



Those not dependent on public services

Those dependent on public services

Large companies

Small companies



International markets

Local communities

Global culture

Local culture

This analysis of globalization's winners and losers suggests to number of policies that dog be adopted to diminish the liabilities while encouraging the benefits of economic integration. Create to yourself transnational institutions to develop and enforce global anti-monopoly, ant cartel and anti-restrictive practices and legislation. In the developed countries, implement training and education programs, provide uneats support for low-wage workers, and adopt tax policies that believe jobs. In developing countries, change policies that overprice work, under-price capital and overvalue exchange rates grasp to means of reducing unemployment.

Promote exports of world category and improve the standard of living. Improve the part of developing countries in the global distribution of the wealth, using his power of collective negotiation with multinational corporations to retain a major proportion of profit. Use these funds to relieve the poverty, to improve the social assistance and to invest in the human local capital for the education. For such measurements, the developing countries can increase gradually the domestic value added to his exports and extend the local economy - the essence of development and one of the principal forces behind the globalization yes same.


Meanwhile we look at the drama of the bank global system that stabs its own dolls; the real economy has just come to outpatients with headaches.

Meanwhile we look at the absurd drama of the bank global system that stabs its own dolls, the real economy has just come to outpatients with headaches. There is disorder of belly in the West, while a mysterious eruption has exploded in the East.

In China, the steelmakers are in the deep problem, the Olympics are finished and the building sector inflated by enormous injections of the public money, sinks. The symptoms of too many capacity and too small demand the United States begin to be revealed in disputes with providers of mineral of iron and sudden waves of exportation as the pursuit of Chinese industry of resources that diminishes the demand of the metal on Western markets.

The price of steel falls down all over the world as the jump rope of markets of construction and the manufacturers of engine cut targets of volume. The ArcelorMittal, steelmaker of the biggest world, has reduced the production of Kazakhstan and Ukraine, big exporters of steel, in up to 20 per cent. In London, the price of tickets of steel in the Metallic Change of London, a measurement of the temperature in the Asian one and markets of construction of Mediterranean, has fallen down in 60 per cent from July. The Corus, steelmaker anglo Dutch recently acquired by Tata, of India, gave the warning this week that the European markets were drenched.


Much has been writing on the deeply negative effect that the Internet has had in the business of newspaper. So many readership has changed to the Web for the information that the selling of the printed roles - and advertising income that make bring in the money to publish them - has fallen down to lead. Last alone year, 105 American newspapers were of the business, and 10,000 employments of newspaper were lost. Then the Internet has not been a blessing for great newspaper, magazine, and publishers of book. According to the last study for Banco's Internet and American Project of Vida and investigators in the University Elon in North Carolina, the Internet does many of them more efficient and more sensitive to his clients Según the last study for Banco's Internet and American Project of Vida and investigators in the University Elon in North Carolina,

The Internet makes many of them more efficient and more sensitive to his clients. Janna Anderson, who directs the Imagination of Elon of the Internet centre, said approximately 900 top business. The Internet users meditated they believe that the network will force up to the companies most resistant to syntonize in client's demands if they want to support.

The Anderson noticed that many people said that there is too many pressure of the public in the today age of collective intelligence and transparency for institutions to be capable of keeping on taking hold to forms of the 20th century. A person meditated - Dylan Tweney, the biggest editor of the connected magazine - he says that since many executives were trained in the days when the companies might take to be arrogant and secret, the change happens gradually. But 10 years of now, he says, the clients of the companies will know much more about the companies that the companies do others they are sceptical. Susan Crawford, an ancient member of the Economic National Council of the president Obama, said to the investigators, all the information does not matter it is in line and availably, there will be still some men's small circle [she specified really men] the one who will hang in all the levers..

The Impact of Internet on Business and Marketing

A program of Internet marketing has two sides. One is the part devoted to individual clients. The different one is the business to the commercial component. The programs of E-commerce as well as the publicity, the support of selling, the client's service and the public relations are all the elements of a program of Internet marketing.

The similar companies compete one against other being only a crack of the mouse far. In other words, a buyer can locate numerous sellers who offer to similar goods, similar prices and similar offers in a period of very short time. When more persons and the business become comfortable with the Internet, the scenery of marketing will keep on evolving rapidly in next years.


Fifteen years ago, the early pioneers who threw the World Wide Web were not trying to do the money. The first company of Internet to call attention of widespread bag was Netscape led by Jim Clark and Marc Andreessen, which the Mosaic navigator had developed at first. When his parts were offered for the selling to the public on August 9, 1995, they were trebled in the value during the first day of the commerce.


Prompt Netscape fell down to himself the victim with the Explorer's navigator of Internet rival of Microsoft (precipitating an antimonopoly case a lot of time that runs), but other companies on his part it attracted attention of investor. The company that made the march of commutation for the Internet, Systems of Slack, briefly reached Microsoft was made the company of the biggest world by the capitalization of market, it deigns more than 400 billion dollars in the March, 2000. (This is now the value about 100 billion dollar). The retailers found supporting to throw Web pages to sell everything of toys (E-toys) to the favourite food ( to the medical advice (


Soon it made to him clear that "the network carries out "of the Internet led to major, rather that a minor grade of the concentration in line, in spite of the frankness of the formal structure of the Internet. Although the prices were inflated, and the excessive investment happened, the new means of the communication, I joust as the new means of the transport in the 19th century; soon they revolutionized many commercial functions lowering expenses of deal.


Most of the effect of cost economy of the Internet was happening behind the scenes, in the internal functioning of big companies. This calm revolution was joining the just step when the Internet bubble bursts. In effect, almost every signature of Silicon vale - of the Apple to Slack - outsourced his production to positions abroad, principally in Asia.


Six years in the new century, it is clear that the Internet has become domineering. Today few commerce in big scale can be allowed to not having an Internet place to announce and to sell his articles. And this has done to itself the second nature for many persons to verify products, prices and availability in line before the buy.


This one does more efficient markets, and in case of the house of auction in line eBay, creates a market for some goods where none existed earlier. Pero Internet has another effect - increase of the variety of available goods to consumers. This is the " a lot of time tail " theory, which he suggests that when the Internet should lower the inventor cost that survives and storage, this allows that signatures should survive in articles of reservation that would not be available autonomous (for example, the variety of available books of But later only an alone decade of the commercialization, must have realized with little probability completely still his full potential.


The economic profile of the new global economy has been led by the technology stocked up with fuel by innovation and managerial initiative, and it is based on new ideas, new perspectives and new commercial strategies. This has opened the door for new opportunities of investment and has acted as a catalyst for the creation of employment. At the same time the new economy has changed the economic scenery and has re-aligned the chaining between sectors different from the economy. In short the technological innovation and the managerial initiative are alive and well in the new global economy of the 21st century.

The Internet provides many advantages on traditional selling, buying and procedures of marketing, and the Web page of instrumentation "B2B" of the Winters uses all these advantages. The E-commerce is already not only a way of asking for a book or a new music Cd. The E-commerce has evolved of histories of success at night like to the biggest companies in the world, as the Company of Ford's Engine, claiming his corner of the Network.

The Internet is not only a big place to make it rich with a good idea or service, but it is also a big instrument to help in business transactions. There is not doubt that a prompt day the deals of B2B will be so important, and so common, since the e-mail is today. An increasing business number uses the Internet to lead deals, market to his potential clients, and to communicate with clients and clients. Nevertheless, the use of the Internet for the business really has many disabilities, principally implying worries for safety and available access for you and his clients.

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 Disadvantages of Using the Internet for Business |