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1) Introduction:

G4S is not just the biggest security company of the UK,s now it is the one of the biggest company of the world.G4S took strong start in 2007 and organic turnover growth of 7.5% in the first six months of 2007.

Nick Buckles, Chief Executive Officer of G4S said in 2007 the firm had a enjoyed a good start to the year with strong performances across all regions and services, despite the waning strength of the US dollar. firm also reported cash flow generation of £97.7m and profit margins of 6.2%― up 0.3% on the same period last year. "

We hope the strong momentum achieved so far this year to continue into the second half," Buckles said. The first half of 2007 also saw G4S employing 500,000 people for the first time. The company maintained its strong margin performance and good growth record.

2) Mission:

Mission of Create awareness about the safe handling of securities and detention of property to our customers and prospective users nationwide, projecting confidence through experience and varied offer of services as a result of our corporate culture of research and development.

3) Vision:

Remain one of the leading security solutions and expertise through the delivery of outsourcing services world-class cash management and comprehensive security, focusing on customer needs and investing in recruitment and development of our best people in the industry, we will provide innovative services in each of our businesses.

4) Objective:

Our overall goal is to become recognized by the skilled execution and superior services to our customers.

This means meet with the specific objectives, which are:

Absolute confidence in our employees

Permanent customer satisfaction

Reasonable profitability of our operations







The G4S family is committed to its corporate vision and to be supported through fair, transparent and participatory engagement. Serving in this way we fulfill the duties to our shareholders, employees, family members, providers, state and community.

5) Competitive Landscape

Demand often depends on the income of consumers or the profitability of business customers, because many technology products and services are expensive. The profitability of individual companies is driven by their ability to develop and market new products. Large companies often have advantages in access to capital and marketing. Small companies can compete successfully if they have expertise in a particular field of knowledge. The industry is capital-intensive: average annual revenue per worker is more than $300,000.

Top G4S plc Competitors



Prose r Compañía de Seguridad, S.A.gu

Madrid, Spain

Securitas AB

Stockholm, Sweden

UTC Fire & Security

Farmington, CT

Boca Raton, FL

Richmond, VA

Nashville, TN

Hunt Valley, MD

Boca Raton, FL

Carmel, IN

Solna, Sweden

London, England

Tokyo, Japan


Customers , employees and their representative , investor, industries bodies Government and legislator and experts are all the stakeholders of g4s and engaged with each other.

6) G4S (PLC) has a total of 4 major shareholders.

Together they account for 20.07% of the total shares in issue.

Major share holders Amount %Holding

Harris associates LP 85,35,700 6.04

Prudential Corporation 71,384,444 5.06

Blackrock Inc 70,570,646 5.00

Legal & General group plc 56,54,546 3.97

Direct holder

Nick Buckles 1798,467 0.13

Trevor Dighton 1,226,819 0.087

Grahame Gibson 1,206,8542 0.086

Executive Directors Share Holding

Nick Buckles 1798,467 (Chief Executive)

Trevor Dighton 1,226,819 (Chief Financial Officer)

Grahame Gibson 1,206,8542 (Chief Operating Officer)

7) SWOT Analysis:

7.1) Strength:

Diversity  is a source of strength for G4S in the UK and Ireland and one that gives us a key competitive advantage.It wants to build an inclusive working environment in which people can thrive and reach their full potential regardless of race, sex, religion or beliefs, disability, marital or civil partnership status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. Company policies and practices are written to ensure that people understand what is required, the importance of complying and the consequences of not doing so. Company also have a telephone helpline which allows disclosures to be made in confidence.

As a security company, with a clear weighting towards traditionally male-dominated occupations, face challenges in driving the diversity and inclusion agenda .Company open up opportunities for people with disabilities and health conditions to work at more than 1,000 sites operated by Trillium and provided with security services by G4S. However, there is still much to be done to raise awareness of the business benefits of diversity, and to implement strategies to harness these benefits. Therefore at the end of 2010, the role of Group Head of Diversity and Talent was created to develop and implement a diversity strategy across G4S globally.

7.2) Weakness:

World's biggest security company: fell 3.4 per cent in the wake of its full-year results on concerns that organic revenue improvement was slowing.

Nick Buckles: eyeing expansion into Brazil


Russia in dogfight for India contract - Mar-11

Aerospace and defence deals down - Feb-21

Thales paints gloomy picture amid big loss - Feb-20

Nick Buckles, chief executive, said that over the coming year the FTSE 100 group would continue to diversify beyond traditional - and low-margin - manned guarding.

He said G4S had increasingly provided clients with technology such as identity management, biometrics and sophisticated digital video monitoring - in part because it can help them keep costs down.

Pre-tax profits at G4S, which guards nuclear weapons establishments, manages prisons and clears landmines, rose from £262.7m to £302.8m in the year to December 31 on sales of £7.01bn (£5.93bn).

The group benefited from the weakness of sterling and, assuming currencies had been constant, sales improved 7.4 per cent.

A relatively strong performance in new markets across Asia, Africa and South America helped offset weakness in continental Europe and North America.

Mr Buckles, who expects G4S to spend between £100m and £150m on acquisitions this year, said he was eyeing expansion into Brazil.

Earnings per share were 14.4p (11.1p). The board recommended a final dividend of 4.16p, giving a total for the year of 7.18p (6.43p).

The shares closed down 9.4p at 269.2p.

7.3) Oppurtunity:

24th February 2010: G4S, the world's leading international security solutions group, has unveiled a promising young Filipino athlete as the newest member of its global sports team, G4S 4teen. After an extensive search Charly Suarez, a talented 21 year-old featherweight boxer from Davao city, has been selected to join the unique sporting initiative and complete the line-up of young sporting hopefuls in G4S's inspirational programme. World class boxers after G4S recognised qualities and values in the sport that sit close to their own, a comprehensive selection process was run in conjunction with the Filipino Boxing Federation. As a young Olympic sportsman with huge potential, Suarez was selected from a shortlist of young talented boxers as a perfect match for the aspirational sports programme. With an impressive list of achievements already to his name, including a recent Gold medal at the South East Asian Games in Laos, the 21 year-old has demonstrated determination, courage, and tenacity in becoming a top amateur boxer in The Philippines characteristics that are integral to the G4S 4teen programme.

7.4) Threat:

Retail crime-the threat: Almost one in ten retail employees has committed a crime against their employer in the last 12 months reveals G4S

Over 160,000 retail employees have consumed produce without paying for it in the last year. Over 28,000 retail employees have stolen goods when in transit.

New research published by G4S Secure Solutions (UK) ('G4S') reveals almost one-in-ten (224,000) retail employees have committed a crime against their employer in the last 12 months. The most common crime committed by retail employees was consuming produce without paying for it, with over 160,000 workers secretly stealing food. Over 56,000 retail employees admit to outright theft from their employer in the last 12 months, removing items from a store in which they were working without paying for them.

G4S warns that unsecured vehicle loading bays prove an attractive target for retail employees looking to remove goods without permission. Its research shows that over 28,000 retail employees have admitted to stealing goods when in transit to a shop, or between a storage area and the shop floor. The diversion of goods in the supply chain, from the distributor or manufacturer, before they reach the shop floor is a major problem for retailers with significant revenues lost each year as a result of merchandise being stolen.

Retailers mitigate against the threat from within and minimises losses from employee shrinkage.


The underlying focus of G4S strategy is to add value to the core services that it is already provide by taking a greater role not just in specialist security areas, but in total outsourcing of the management of environments where security and safety is key.

By this G4S becomes a partner with its customers and takes greater responsibility for managing entire aspects of their business which are not core to them, and where G4S can add value through its security and segment expertise.

For example:

high-security facility outsourcing 

cash cycle management 

ATM network management and servicing 

risk management and consultancy 

prison design and management 

offender management programmes.

Strategy implementation:

Security remains at the core of offer - it is an area in which company have extensive expertise across the Group and is fundamental to our service proposition. In recent years, added expertise to businesses in key areas and sectors such as events, risk assessment and consulting, ports, aviation, oil and gas, bid capability and project management skills.

This enables to focus on creating customer propositions tailored for specific industry sectors which demonstrate expertise in these areas. At the same time, Company is building relationships at a senior level within our customer organisations which should ultimately gain a larger share of customer commitment and spend on secure outsourcing solutions.