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Factors of increasing fast food consumption amongst youngsters

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McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut etc. have customized their menus to cater to local Pakistan tastes and most overseas outlets are owned by local franchisees to make sure that cultural, ethnic, and society values are taken care of. In addition, multinational fast-food chains are not the only or even the primary source of fast food in most cities of Pakistan. Many local and regional chains have developed around the main cities of Pakistan (for example Khan Broast in Karachi) to compete with international chains and present menu items that appeal to the unique regional tastes and behavior at comparatively low costs. The quick rate at which the fast food industry continues to add outlets is as much a indication of consumer demand for convenience as it is a indication of demand for fast food itself. Increasing the number of outlets increases accessibility, thus making it more suitable for consumers to purchase fast food.

According to the free dictionary (2003), fast food is an “reasonably priced food, such as hamburgers and fried chicken ready and served rapidly. In Data Monitor’s (2005), fast food market was defined as the sale of foods and drinks for fast consumption either on the premises or in authorize eating areas or for consumption in another place. According to Park (2004), fast food is a ordinary type of international business. It differs from other type of food outside the home in the sense that it is fast and simple to prepare, providing a common and reliable product.

Hanson (2002) stated that the current fast pace of living has influenced people to look for a fast meal to fit into their small lunch hours .This has resulted in the enlargement of fast food industries. According to Park (2004), eating out enables consumers to please their hunger, need for convenience, enjoyment, entertainment, time economy, social interaction and the mood of transformation. He went further to say that benefits are obtained from food and restaurant by consumers.

Goyal and Singh (2007) In India people like home cook food, a fundamental thought carried religiously as well as individually. Due to expanding perception, awareness, and leverage of western culture, there is a minor move by the Indian families in food consumption patterns. In Indian culture people think that eating fast food or eating away from home is expensive. In primarily it is gained acceptance from Indian youngsters and become a part of their life. Fast food can prepare very quickly, available at very reasonable price and it is good alternative of home cooked food.

Akbay, Tiryaki & Gul (2006) historically, fast food is an important and progressively significant part of Turkish household food utilization expenditures. The change in consumer fast food consumption in turkey can be explained by several factors such as increasing number of women are working, longer workdays, decreasing household size, urbanization, growth in tourism, increasing educational level of consumers, increasing no of fast food restaurants and increase in per capita income. The young generation is influenced by the western life style, through watching television advertisements they have a preference for fast food restaurants. Many Turkish young people become more westernized and feel greater convenience when they eat outside. Younger generation who are mostly university and college students from rich families prefer western type of fast food such as Burger King and Mc Donald.

Cheol Park (2003) There are contradictory viewpoints as to if or not the international standardization of restaurant procedures is fit for Korea. Fast-food restaurants should evolve customer-oriented trading schemes founded on culture-specific characteristics to endure in fierce competition. Therefore, a better understanding of Korean fast food restaurant behavior is essential in evolving productive trading strategies. However, consumer behavior in attachment to fast food has obtained only limited attention or study inside the hospitality and food services investigations.

Attributes like quality of food offered, price, service, location, convenience, play a very important role in selection of restaurants. But it varies from one outlet to another outlet and also in terms of occasion (Auty 1992; Gregoire et al. 1995). Quality, cleanness and value are the three main attributes in selection of restaurants, while atmosphere and menu variety are relatively important attributes Pettijohn et al (1997). Food value and worth emerge to be the most important attributes in selection of restaurants Clark andWood (1998). Lewis (1981) considered five components important: food quality, list kind, cost, atmosphere and convenience but food quality is the most important factor which influence the customer in selection fast food restaurants. Food type and quality are the most frequent variables and image, atmosphere and style are relatively important in choice between restaurants Auty (1992). Carey and Genevieve (1995) determined the most important variable in restaurant selection is food quality, other factors were range of food, price of food, speed of service and atmosphere.

Customer’s sociocultural background are also influential in their dining-out behavior such as attitudes, social values, family influences, group influences, social class and cultural background are also important in determining choice (Buttle 1986; Bareham 1995). The Asians valued respect, unobtrusive helpfulness and personal cleanliness the most, while the U.S. students preferred eye contact, personalized service and product knowledge.

Statement of the Problem:

Fast food industry is a very growing industry in the world as well as in Pakistan. Traditionally, Pakistanis like to have home-cooked meals. But now there is a slight shift in food consumption patterns among urban Pakistani families. And for youngsters fast food is becoming a part of life. This has led the rapid development of fast food industry. Segment of youngsters is very attractive for fast food restaurants. KFC, McDonalds, Pizza hut and other fast food restaurants should have a better understanding of consumer consumption behavior with regards to fast food, so that they can develop customer oriented marketing strategies to survive in a competitive market.

Aims and objectives of research study:

To identify the factors affecting the choice of (Pakistani youth) for fast food.

To study the consumption pattern towards fast foods particularly with respect to the frequency of visits and choice of fast food outlets.

Research question(s):

What are the factors of increasing fast food consumption among youngsters?

What are the factors affecting the choice of fast food outlets by young consumers?

Purpose of the Study/ project:

The purpose of this study is to know the factors that are influencing the choice of youngsters with respect to fast food consumption. This research is useful for fast food restaurants like KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and others and it help them to understand the consumer behavior and consumer perception of Pakistani youth, about fast food. It will help them in making strategies for retaining customers, attracting new customers and to survive in competition.


This research is useful for fast food restaurants like KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and others who want to know the likes and dislikes of their consumers. For those who want to expand their market share by increasing their target market. For those who are focusing on young Pakistani segment.


This research will be focusing on Pakistani youngsters and their consumption patterns towards fast food, and for MNC’s like KFC, Mc Donald and Pizza Hut.


This study has some limitations; due to the shortage of time and resources the main focus of this research is on college and university students of Karachi. Another limitation is that the identified fast food providers will be KFC, Mc Donald and Pizza Hut.

Basic Assumptions:

The basic assumption is that the people with higher income and education spend more on fast food. Household with younger member tend to consume more fast food. We also assume that young females consume less fast food then male because of weight and health concern.

Definition of the Key Words:

Consumer Perception, Consumer Behavior, Fast food, Restaurants, Marketing Research

Consumer Perception:

Consumer Perception is the process by which consumer attaining awareness or understanding of information.

Consumer Behavior:

Consumer behavior describes all of the ways people may act in their role as consumers.

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