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Effects Of Word Of Mouth Marketing Essay

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5/12/16 Marketing Reference this

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Human voice is a most powerful tool of communication. Research shows that a person receives 1000 messages on average a day. But most of them are ignorant but we respond to human voice which normally known as WORD-OF-MOUTH. We also believe on information we listen from other people instead of TV ad or any other thing. We trust on humans WORD OF MOUTH.


WOMM stands for Word Of Mouth Marketing introduced by¬†George Silverman called “teleconferenced peer influence groups” in 1970’s.

Every time when we serve a customer we serve them, listen them. We can also have a chance to share information with them, and ask them about our product, organization and suggestions. We can share different news with them and tell them that what our organization is doing for them. These exchanges lead us to produce three things:

Relationship with customer

Provide information to the customer

Learn from the customer

The major advantage of WOM marketing is that power of recommendation that people believe. And the best way for that is word of mouth or direct communication with customers. In this way company can say much more than any other type of media. Word of mouth marketing is cheaper than other marketing tools once it established it require minimum maintenance and have a huge benefit.

If u don’t have a high quality product or service than its batter to disagree with customer in word of mouth marketing because people will be honest and focusing on word of mouth and you must concentrate on improving your product and services. Some time the marketer start forcing customer to buy their product with any other competitive product and services which is unethical these unethical practices includes Stealth Marketing where customer dose not aware that you are selling a product, False Information some time marketer start saying the things which are not right with their product but they mislead the customer which also unethical and also break the law, Going Undercover pretend to be an neutral person when recommending your company. Astroturfing sometimes companies make a group of people to support their product and also tell to the new customers to buy their product either their product in right or wrong which is also unethical and leads to mislead the customers and creating the wrong impression towards a certain cause.

Importance of word of mouth marketing

Word of marketing is also known as Viral Marketing it is very important for the marketing because it effect more than any other advertisement and it involves a person or customer’s recommendation for a product or service. When we go for word of mouth marketing we must take care of followings:

Effectiveness of product by person because this product is recommended by a person they know.

Trust of the people because word of mouth is more than any advertisement so it affects more and built customers trust. Now a day’s people’s trust move from media to friends, family

Word-of-mouth campaigns have effects for long time that give your marketing programs boost for the money.

Word of mouth helps you to build your product or service brand which helps referrals to other customers. In this way you can build your trust in customer’s eye.

Word of mouth marketing is also cost effective marketing strategy because in this way you can spread your message through communities and network, both social and business in minimum investment if your product is good enough then it is long time trust and relationship with customer.

Buzz Marketing

Marketing buzz is a term used in word-of-mouth marketing. The relations of customers and users of a product or service serve to enlarge the original marketing message. It allows you to identify quickly that from where your brand name is monitored. That tool also can be used to track key words associated with product, services and your competitor.

Followings are some instruction on how to create BUZZ Market

Very first thing is that you must identify audience of your product. Because knowing and monitoring your consumer is a key of BUZZ marketing. You must identify your customers through trends and means of communications.

Recruit a group that help you in buzz market tell them and give them training about your product, target group and trends in market that you identify in first step.

Now send your team in different places as per your target audience along with some helping material, their appearance must be looks like some professional and companies agent.

At website you must display about your campaign and also about make space about posting comments.

At the end you evaluate about your campaign, create new users, introduce your product and services, and connect new people with your company.

Buzz marketing model

The Secrete of buzz marketing is that you are talking to customer face to face and you get more attention than any other media. Another secrete of buzz marketing is that when a friend, neighbour or any family member tells you about something that it is good than this person is not paid for what they are telling or recommending.

Technology make word of mouth faster than any other media because if u gone to cinema and u found that movie is boring then u quickly send email to your 50 friends and tell them about the movie and stop them to go to cinema in this way you save about £10 of their movie ticket and also the money of popcorn and their time as well. So you become hero by using some of the technology like blackberry, iMac, Pc, WiFi and mobile communication.

Implementation of Word of Mouth communication in our marketing plan

As in our presentation we describe the following methods that we are going to use in our marketing plan, below implementation of these methods is described.

Public Relation

The main aim of the PR department is to create a good image of the company the people work in PR department are highly skilled in public dealing they represent the company and create a better image of the company .now a day’s business is in a big competition and many companies make different edges to attract peoples. According to the Word of Mouth strategy we give training to our PR staff because they are going to introduce our company and also win the trust of people and make it possible to improve our sales.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is one of the last forms of advertisement which attracts customers without using any other traditional media like TV, radio, newspapers, magazines etc. By using direct marketing business direct communicate with customers by using different techniques like street advertisement, promotional letters etc. We are using direct marketing campaign for our marketing program we make street bill board, different promotional letters, and catalogue so we can easily have an access to our customers and we can easily send our messages to our customer and convince them about our product.

Sales Promotion

Sales promotion means different kinds of incentives and benefits offering to the customers and trader to boost up sales quickly. It includes different types of offering for short term, different marketing events, personal selling, and direct marketing etc. Sales promotion is also known as below the line selling and extra purchase value. We also do sales promotion in marketing planning which will help us to effect directly to customer in way of their buying behaviour. And will help our company to increase in sales.


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