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Bass & Parsons (1969) studied the effect of promotion on sale. The study has suggested that there are many forms of advertisement. In this way the manager will take decisions where he can work within a budget line and accommodate the given limited resources within it, so that manager make his decision of budgeting and allotment of brand and generic advertising. The generic advertising is the promotion of the specific product or a service without using any recommendation to a particular producer, manufacturer, and brand name. The reason is when the type of product is identical it is hard to convince consumer to select one of these products. So what managers actually do they incorporate together in product plan of promotion in order to use generic advertisement so, that they will stretch the total interrogation for the commodity produced. The effect of generic advertising is all depend on the manager decision how he would be implementing the strategies to give attribute to the temperament of generic ads by making change in price to the relative brand so that consumer evaluate the product as different. The effect of manager's personal and organizational characteristics on manager's choice of ambient advertising. As traditional advertisement has become unbelievably inexplicable and now a days it is hard to cut through the enigma because of the variation which has taken place in order to make difference (Neuborn,2001). Moreover, the consumers have become unconcerned to the traditional promotional vehicles (Krautsack & Aust, 2006). White (2007) demonstrate that the new promotional strategies and development of these ambient is still need to go little further rather than to assist its adds which is already sustaining media collapse. The other side of the research has shown that the ambient reinforce to spread awareness and uplift of positive approval of the brand by drawing the special attention with the help of classic campaign as they use traditional media (Wehleit, 2003). Traditional media can be the way to eradicate the known problem which millions of dollars are haggard due to the irritation of ad withdrawer (Olsen, 2007). Many of the people in Asian countries spend their time out and in the cities so that they can be much more exposed to be out of home advertising (Krautsack, 2008). On the other hand, where traditional out of their home distress in interaction with the customer, so in that way ambient advertising fills those gaps (Wehleit, 2007).

The consumers seem to be more accessible to advertising messages, when the competition is not very high in online and other medium exposure (Krautsack & Aust, 2006). In that manner the dramatic increase in ambient advertising results as decline in spending who intend to obsolete outdoor advertising (Wehleit, 2007). The restriction from the legislators to those advertising which contains censored contents. It is difficult to restrict ambient advertisement, the creativity in ads seems to be difficult to restrict, and so traditional form of ads has been more restricted and this is the reason that the marketing budgets is likely to shift to new media expedition (Feldwick, 2003). The ambient advertisement has been around for a long time, and it is taking its place ridiculously (Kraytsack & Ausg, 2006) and unpredictably, the messages will be heading to become predominant (Neuborne, 2001).

The firm uses their core competency to make their-selves different from its competitors by increase their sales of the product by implementing the generic advertisement to increase their market share and the brand to win the market share. The main advantage of generic advertisement technique of a corporation should be well unified with its brand promotion strategy, foe that the firm has to be very cautious and thoroughly understand the association between the two.

The micro model of the consumer will not be dominant on the consumer purchase decision or would not divide consumers into different segments, for example as a loyal segment, or may be considered that how brands inclined maybe intently adapted by stroll due to learning which creates hysteretic effects. (Villas-boas, 2004). According to the study of Liu at al. (2004) that the quality of the product is, pertain not to be affected by rivals. Finally, the tendency of threshold effects in commercial counter have been postulated on and off (Vakratsas et al. 2004) It would not be considered in the up-to-date model that suppose a concave retort. The perspective of the subsequent research should be scrutinize by including those effects and substitute or accustomed specification, containing models with collaboration between generic and product advertising. In order to study advertisement completion one can extent the model in an oligopoly (Erickson 1995, Teng & Thompson 1984. Villas-Boas 1993).

In the past, the organizational research has replaced from an inspection of organizational statistics to an exploration of organization characteristics by focusing on rapid changes in organizational characteristics by considering the earlier changes. (Flig-stein, 1991; Hannan & Freeman, 1989).

The organizational researcher seem to alter in the extend in strategies by adopting an flexible and stupor view of strategic change, even though the two viewpoints can be considered as poles of continuity (Gersick, 1994).

Those who elucidate for the control of the strategic adaptation has focused more on the roal which managers perform when monitor the environmental content, and transform organizational strategy so that rapid environmental uncertainty would be better match with the strategy (Child, 1972).

In 1987, the book named Work Force 2000 published by Hudson Institute; it was become very helpful reference book for the community of human resource management. The report says that the continuation of the feminization of the workforce will move the economy and the future of the work force towards the growth, the raise in proportion of minorities in the workforce, and the factor of aging of the workforce. Another perspective of this research has been found so interesting by the researcher that is the gap between the knowledge and skills need to perform a particular job should be possessed those skills so that the person can perform the given task.

Increased percentage of omen in the workforce:

In 1980s, women were accounted in the labor market with the 70 percent growth in the market (Friedman, 1987).

Increased in the proportion of Minorities in the labor Market:

The study highlighted that the growing proportion of the minorities in the labor market has been playing an important role in development of the past decades, and the continuation of the project of bureau labor market static trend. The percentage of white non-Hispanics in the labor market will go down due to the other workforce groups (Blacks), Asians, Hispanics, and others supposed to be a growing labor workforce with the increase of 10.7 percent in 1990, and 7.7 percent share of the labor in 2005. In 2005, the increase in number of Hispanics labor market planed to sound out that of black. The reason of rapid increase is that the share of immigrants is accounted in U.S to the Hispanics origin. The increase in labor force from 3.1 percent to 4.3 percent in the Asian regions has also taken place. The increase in labor force with 55 percent of the net addition between the years 1986 to 2000, the new applicant pool has been created by many organizations, and most of the new hiring will be Asians, Hispanics, Blacks and other minorities (Petrini, 1989).

The experience of the manager also has effect on choosing advertising technique. The manager has been gone through many different situations. It is been highlighted by man researchers that the managers with a great experience are supposed to be one who gets more exposure , and know all the circumstances related to advertisements. Different people have different knowledge, experience, and skills. It has been said that two heads are better than one; the advertisement is the field in which one has to be very experience and full of exposure and find new ways to promote the brand.

In 1959, the survey among advertisers to analyze the commonality that concerns a lot to advertising management (National industrial conference Board). The outcome of the survey determined that the Board should commence with the major studies specially deals with the following variables: 1) Analyze spending strategies 2) Pretesting promotions 3) Determine media, and measuring advertisement efficiency.

Each of the study play an important role in advertisement, which concerns the most when a managers make strategies to promote a brand. The main thing which manager has to keep in mind is to improve effectiveness of the advertisement. Many of the research has been done in advertisement and promotion of the brand since 1960 , the National industrial conference Board concentrated more on these four areas isolated. Though the research is on the process and still attempting to explain from different prospective, understand the effects of advertising on sales, market share, and profit. An effective advertisement is a tool to increase the brand demand in the market.

The communication areas of marketing is still undergoing dramatically from its greatest tenure of rapid change. This is the combination of factors such as the change in agency structure; focus more on agency contribution, exclusive niche service providers (Eppes, 1998). The growth in major technological creation of the integrated marketing communication (IMC) (Schultz 1991), the comprehension of integrated marketing communication is in the process of claims that the integrated marketing communication is still a pre-paradigm state. Almost all the research is trying to make a arguable with solid reasoning theoretical and very practical approach (Schultz & Kitchen 1997). This research also take into consideration one of the recent addition of the marketing communication activities that has been well approached.

The raise in competition in these crowded categories, short-run emphasize on industry (Jones 1990, Srivastava 1991). The focus is comparatively accountable on the large basis, the decrease in adverting effectiveness in order to follow low cost strategy. The increase in ad clutter leading towards the decline in effectiveness in traditional promotion style (billboards, radio, television, transmit, and print ads etc). When measure the intensity of traditional promotion is less efficient at some extend. Moreover, the problem for advertisers when they target jaded consumers. Particularly in America the expenses on advertisement is approximately $160 billion a year, related to the average 1500 person exposes each day of that a fraction are memorized and some still in a positive way, the wastage placing estimates around $40 billion a year. (Sheth & Sisodia 1995). The factors which advertisement agencies are more likely to focus are when they move towards more radical advertisement strategy.