Demographic Profile And Lifestyle Of Target Customers Marketing Essay

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Design of store plays an important role in retailing. To attract the customers in this competitive world, retailers are paying more attention on store design and layout to increase the sales. It involves selection of merchandise displays, traffic flow; lighting fixtures etc (Diamond and Pintel 1999) A good store design attract the customers towards the shop. Retailer should keep in mind the importance of store design while designing the store. In this report, to analyse store design I have chosen Best One convenience store which is located at Wimborne Road, Winton, Bournemouth (BH9 2AF) which is considered as a shopping area.

Best-One is a company run by retailers with the know-how and resources to make the independent business more profitable and attractive .The store Best-One has lots of branches all over United Kingdom and this branch has opened recently, a year back in 2009 at Winton.(BEST ONE 2010)

Best-one convenience stores sell a wide range of basic grocery items, fresh fruit, vegetables and a selection of morning goods. fresh bread, soft drinks, newspapers & magazines, beers & cider, wines & spirits, fresh vegetables, confectionery, house hold products, frozen foods and much more. Each store has additional items that suit the local community. It is assured that all the items available are of the finest quality & value. They are licensed to sell alcohol. Mobile top up vouchers can be bought here and card payments are accepted for purchases. The opening hours of this shop is between seven in the morning, until 12 at mid-night. (BEST ONE 2010). Best-One designs its surroundings with stunning graphics with a fresh and friendly feel, designed to attract and entice customers.

Demographic profile and Lifestyle of target customers

Demographic profile helps the retailers to know about their target in terms of age, gender, house hold size, income and marital status. It also helps to give labels for target group and analyze the same customers through different segmentation schemes (Dunne and Lusch 2008)

A demographic factor forms a base in which an individual adopt different types of life style in the social world. It also influence demands which are based on aggregate of individual social patterns within the society (Gibert 2003) BEST ONE is a type of convenience store which focuses on customers who need to purchase items outside of normal working hours such as night shift employees and quick shoppers looking for snacks and related items. They focus on both men and women in all age groups. This type of shop is suitable for customers who do small shopping. According to sales person working in this shop ,the age of customer varies from 20-60 years but the major potential customers are from the age between 20- 45.


Lifestyle is the way in which people lead their lives. It is determined by attitude, opinions and interests. Lifestyle of the target group should be considered while formulating retail strategy (Cox and Brittain 2004). Lifestyle refers to the mode of living, that can be identified by the activities of the people, which they consider as important and their opinion about themselves and the surroundings they live (Ghosh 1994).BEST ONE provide services to the people which suits their lifestyle. This shop is suitable for the people who do quick shopping. The people depend on this shop mainly for satisfying their daily needs.

Planning Diagrams

The design of store is important in retailing. The design of the store interior must be consistent with that of exterior of the store. The first impression of potential customer is generated by the store exterior. The interior design of the also have the equal value in store design. The design of floors, walls and ceiling must present the right image (Cox and Brittain 2004)

This part of the report focus on both current and future planning diagrams which consist of merchandise, Traffic flow, Visual display and lighting of Best-One. Recommendations are provided to the store design for the future design of the store.

First Planning Diagram: Merchandise

Types of Merchandise

Newspaper and magazine 11. Stationary 21. Whisky

Soft drinks 12. Wine 22. Tea

Milk 13. Beer 23. Coffee

Bread 14. Vodka 24. Sugar

Cosmetics 15. Cigarettes 26. Juices

Detergents 16. Manicure Items 27.Choclates and candies

Tissues 17. Greeting cards 28. Chips

Pet foods 18. Creamed rice 29. Ice-cream

Frozen foods 19. Oils

Meat items 20. Noodles

The Merchandising Diagram shows the staple merchandise in Best One convenience store. Different varieties of product are displayed in groups showing in counters, stands, shelves and fixtures. This type of merchandise is known as on-shelf merchandising. This type of merchandise help the buyer to touch, examine, tries on, reads, understands and hopefully buys. This not only presents the merchandise attractively but also displays the merchandise. So that it is easy to understand and accessible (Dunne et al.: 1995 )

The planning diagram shows the merchandise of Best-One. Merchandises are placed in shelves, counters, stands and fixtures. Staple merchandises are placed in the front part of the shop. The problem with this kind of product arrangement is, Customers buying staple merchandise may not tend to explore other areas of the shop, affecting other selling areas. It is important for the retailer to influence customers to explore entire shop. The staple items should be kept in the rear drawing shoppers through the shop. In Best-One merchandises are divided into many groups. It makes difficult for the customer to find the merchandise.

Second Planning diagram: Traffic Flow

It is necessary to facilitate a smooth flow of customer’s traffic leading throughout the store. Aisle must be easily accessible. The shelves should be arranged back to back in aisles which allow the continuous flow of traffic. This arrangement allows stocking of merchandise that can be easily taken by the customers (Diamond and Pintel 1996). The pattern in which customer flow through the store determines to the large extent about the efficiency of the retail space. The customer traffic differs according to the value of space because some location attract more customers (Ghosh1994)

The traffic flow of Best One is as shown in the second planning diagram. The customers enter the shop from the left side where staple merchandises are kept. Some part of the shop is congested. Customers find some difficulty in the left end of the shop due to this. High traffic is found in the area where staple merchandises are kept. Change in the arrangement of shelves and counters is needed in order to provide smooth traffic flow

Third Planning diagram: Lighting

Good lighting attracts the customer toward the shop. The level of lighting is very much depends on the type and size of the shop. Self-service shops mostly have a general lighting. The sources generally used in this type of shops are fluorescent lamps or high intensity discharge lamps. (Boer and Fischer 1981). Lighting is an important component for a successful store design. Retailer came to know that lighting has a great impact on increasing the sales. Today there are different types of light fixtures and lamps available. It is important to choose the best among them for the success of the shop. (Dunne et al. 1992)

The lighting of Best One is as shown in the third planning diagram. This shop use simple form of lighting for its design. The fluorescent lamps are only used for lighting. The lights are located on the top of the shelves directed at the merchandise. Some fluorescent lights are fixed on ceiling between the aisles.

Fourth Planning diagram: Visual display

The function of visual display is to show customers what the retailer offer to them. Displaying of merchandise provides the customers to handle and examine the product before buying. The method of display should allow the customers to see the important aspects of the product and product itself.(Newman and Cullen 2002). The visual display presents the store’s image to the potential customer. Off-shelf displays are used to create a visual impact with the merchandise. This type of display is mainly used to introduce and promote new products. (Varley and Rafiq 2004).

On-shelf and Off-shelf displays are used by Best-One for display. Floor-stand displays are used for displays which are placed near the cash counter and at the corners of the shop by utilizing the floor space effectively. Attractive Windows displays are also used for the display. This attracts the customers in to the shop. Posters are mainly applied on windows.

Introduction: Future

Effective store design is necessary for the success of retail firm. If the exterior and interior of the store is not proper for a target market to merchandise, it leads to the failure of retail store. It is essential to make sure that exterior and interior design of store are co-ordinated. Merchandise must be grouped according to preference of target market. (Bolen 1988)

By using the planning diagrams of Best One, I have made some changes and recommendation for future. The changes are made regarding merchandise, traffic flow, lighting and visual display. The changes are made to attract more customers in to the store and increase the sales. This part of the report will present the recommendation of renovation of Best One.

New Planning diagram 1: Merchandise

Types of Merchandise

Newspaper and magazine 11. Beer 21. Sugar 31. Biscuit

Milk 12. Wine 22. Tea 32. Chips

Bread 13. Whisky 23. Coffee

Soft drinks 14. Vodka 24. Costly chocolates

Cosmetics 15. Cigarettes 25. Juices

Detergents 16. Manicure Items 26. Chocolates

Tissues 17. Pickle 27. Candies

Pet foods 18. Creamed rice 28. Cakes

Frozen foods 19. Oils 29. Ice-cream

Meat items 20. Greeting card 30. Breads

The changes made in the Merchandise of Best-One are as shown in the new planning diagram. Strategic product category management is important in retailing. Product should be placed according to the operational convenience and grouped according to the shopping behavior of the customer. This satisfies the needs and wants of the customer. This mainly aims to maximize sales and profit. (Varley 2006)

In this planning diagram, staple merchandise like bread, milk etc are placed at the beginning and rear of the shops. Placing staple merchandise in the front of the shop attracts and encourages the shoppers to shop in store. The staple merchandise at the rear will make the customers walk through the entire shop to reach the rear exposing all the merchandise available.

New Planning Diagram 2: Traffic flow

The traffic flow of future store remains almost the same as previous store, due to the limited space available inside the store. In this layout traffic flow starts from the left side of the store where staple merchandises are placed. The changes made in the arrangement of furniture, this make traffic flow inside the store smoother. By strategically placing the staple merchandise throughout the interior of your store, retailer can balance the traffic flow throughout the store and increase the overall sales.

New planning diagram 3: Lighting

Good lighting provides natural and inviting atmosphere where people feel comfortable and enjoy spending time inside the store. It also creates ambiance for the store and attract more customers in to the store. (Raterman 2009). Lighting is the integral essential element of the stores interior and exterior design. It creates a favorable first impression of merchandises and surrounding part of the retail store. Moreover, it is the integral part of the merchandising display. Lighting attracts and encourages the customers to get in to the store. (Newman and Cullen 2002)

The changes made in the lighting of Best-One are as shown in the new planning diagram. Some changes are made in the position of fluorescent light. Fluorescent lamps placed at the top of the shelves directed at the merchandise and in between aisles. As spot lights work well for the retailer it is placed at the corners of the shop which attract the customers towards corner. Lighting has a main role in attracting customers towards the shop.

New Planning Diagram 4: Visual display

The function of visual display is to attract customers and make them interested to purchase the product. Various types of devices are used by retailers for display. Window displays are commonly used by retailers to attract customers in to the shop. (Diamond and Pintel 1996). Window display make the customers interested in merchandise and make them come inside the shop to make further enquiry about the product Visual display helps the customer to find and examine the goods they want. (Cox and Brittain)

Wall posters, Ceiling hanged pop-up and floor stand displays are used for display. Wall posters are placed on the window which attracts customers in to the shop. Floor stand displays are placed at the end of the shelves and near the cash counter by utilizing the available floor space.


In precise, the store design always plays an important role or one of the key factor in influencing the customer’s first impression which is always use to be the best impression and which turned to a loyalty to the retailer. The both exterior & interior appearance always gives a good appeal which influence while determining the place to shop. Based on the target customer segment the appearance, merchandise & traffic flow has to be defined or designed thoroughly. It is understood by analyzing & studying the store design, demographic profile & lifestyle, that the retailer is targeting both genders of all ages. The planning diagram for analyzing the store design gives us a better understanding about the position of merchandise, traffic flow and importance of lighting and visual display. There are some changes that can be made in the existing design of the store are recommended by using new planning diagram.


To conclude, writer suggests that retailers need to have more improvement while designing their store design by accounting the fast changing trends, demographic lifestyle, targeted segment & features of the product