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Customer Service Is An Integral Part Of Business Marketing Essay

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Customer service is an integral part of doing business today. Customer service providers must have adequate preparation to interact effectively with today’s customers. This preparation does not happen magically.

It is the result of a commitment to increased understanding of the customer service industry, knowledge of current trends, ability to interpret those trends, and development of the fundamental skills necessary to achieve excellence.

A new generation of customer service providers is emerging. This new generation is excited about what they can offer their customers and how they can help their organizations accomplish goals. They eagerly accept the challenge of expanding their understanding of the business world.

These customer service providers are well educated, open to new ideas, adaptable, and motivated; in addition, they possess superior communication skills and have an enlightened understanding of the multicultural marketplace in which business is conducted. Technology is an opportunity for greater efficiency and a tool to more effectively meet the ever-changing needs of customers. The desire for additional knowledge reflects a commitment to personal and professional growth.

What is Customer Service?

Customer service is anything we do for the customer that enhances the customer experience. Customers have varying ideas of what they expect from customer interaction.

The customer service provider must get to know his or her customers and strive to provide them with excellent customer service.

No matter how accurately we see our definition of customer services we still have to live up to what our customer thinks that customer service is. The customers’ satisfaction is the goal to attain.

Satisfaction of the customer services.

Customer satisfaction recognizes the difference between customer expectations and customer perceptions. Satisfaction may develop quickly or may be cultivated over a period of time.

Customers have many concerns; our job is to reduce as much of the customer’s stress as possible and to create a pleasant customer experience, while also providing current information and helping to solve customers’ problems.

Satisfaction may be a customer’s afterthought. The customer may think back on the experience and realize how pleasant or unpleasant it was.

Developing skills in customer services to fulfill the customer needs.

In addition to developing skills, organizations must assess their current level of customer service and determine if it appropriately meets their current customers’ needs. Customers are changing all the time.

In addition to the people, the circumstances that customers and organizations are required to operate in may change. If customer policies were established a number of years ago, or if the customer base has changed, current procedures for operation may no longer be effective.

Companies must develop strategies that meet today’s customer’s needs. Employees must be empowered to make decisions to benefit their customers. They must have managers who carefully hired the right people for the jobs and employees who are adequately trained to anticipate the challenges that may arise daily.

While customer service is more than having a great attitude, it does require having the right attitude. Some people become so involved in trying to provide excellent customer service that they lose sight of the little things that the customer would appreciate.

The use of technology and current information greatly facilitates the provision of excellent customer service. We live in an age of technology where a new and improved model is on the market almost before a new system is installed. Technology and information must work together to enhance customer service.

Many up-to-date computer systems, e-mail, fax machines, printers, and messaging centers have remained unused because the information needed for their use was not developed and distributed to the appropriate customer service personnel. The challenge of providing excellent customer service never ends.

Five Basics need of our client/customer

Every customer have a situation with different wants and needs. Theres are basics action for us to fulfill the customer needs , it is:


Customers always wanted a good service and in polite way, a good service will make them feel comfortable and respect. The service that we provides must contains friendliness and politeness


The cost is everything; perhaps it is important to doing business with customer. If is too expensive, the customer will not be satisfied and will be mad, we don’t want that to happen. So consider the price is very important for the customer needs.


Customer wants to purchase durable and functional item until the customer decides or choose to replace them. The item must have an expectations of good durability.


Customers need action when a problem or question arises. Customers are human beings and like to think that they are an important priority and that when a need or question arises someone will be ready and waiting to help them.


Customer would like to know that if we appreciate doing business with them. It is good to feel appreciate from someone we dealing to. Saying “thank you” to the customer through our words are very good action.

Others service that make the customer feel comfortable:


This is the basic action of customers needs, being polite is good for them to communicate with us.

Understanding and empathy:

It is very important to customers feel that the service person understands and appreciates their circumstances.


It is good when we have been treated fairly. Customers can be very annoyed and defensive when they feel they are subject to any class distinctions. No one wants to be treated as if they fall into a certain category.

Customer service







The customer is very important, we must give them a very good service and serve the politely until the very end, also now we have known the basics needs of the customer service.

Strong customer service is more important than ever, to fulfill the customer needs, try yourself standing in your customer’s shoes and experience your business the way they do, especially for a new buyer.

Pick up the phone and see how easy it is to find information or connect to the right department. It may be an eye-opener for you.


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Question 2

All customers have their own unique sets of expectations. Expectations may be positive or negative. Organizations must periodically attempt to determine what their customers expect from their customer experience. In a group, list and explain in details the top five expectations that customers would have of the following organization:

5 star hotel

International Fast Food Chain

Travel and tours company


Customer service is the art of serving a customer. It is by far the most important marketing strategy a business can use in its quest to capture and retain market share. Customer service isn’t the product of “smile training”. It isn’t a scripted, predetermined response to a menu of customer complaints.

It isn’t a magical transformation that occurs as a result of a one-shot corporate training program. It doesn’t happen because of corporate lip-service or directives and mandates from upper management demanding that customers be treated with respect and dignity.

Customer service is a way of doing business that is born out of genuine concern for the customer, and it involves every person in the company, from the chairman of the board to the custodian. It’s a not just a way of doing business, it’s a way of life.

Customer expectations

We ourselves are customers and as customers, what do we want? Satisfaction.

We expect the food to be delicious, the environment to be delightful and the service to be spectacular. Now that we’ve established that, we know what other customers want and what our next step to take is.

Whatever we do, we need to think like a customer. Only then we can achieve success.

If a customer make a reservation at our hotel, and soon the customer will be our guest, and before they arrive at our hotel, they surely make expectations how will be the services is, how the food, the accommodation, the environment and other stuffs is. By these expectations, we need to give our best, because it is so important what the customer will feel.

Expectations that customers would have in:

5 star hotel

A good services

Air – conditioner Lobby and lift

A clean swimming pool.

Nice environment

Great accommodation

International Fast Food Chain

Have a Drive-Thru purchase


Smoking area

A good compartment

Many cashier so that the customers don’t have to queue for too long.

Travel and tours company

More options on travel places.

Fast procedures on checking passport etc.

Free gift.

Good services

Friendly agent

Managing customer expectations

If you are a service provider, customer expectations can pose a major challenge. That is because expectations are wondrous creatures because:

They grow, they shrink, they change direction, they shift constantly, and they shift easily and how satisfied or dissatisfied your customers are in determined by these expectations and your performance in meeting them.

If expressed as a calculation, customer satisfaction might look something like this:

The process concerns how customers feel they have been treated. This is the human element of service. And touchy-feely though it may appear, the human element is exceedingly important in achieving a high level of customer satisfaction.


When I’m a customer, I want:

To be taken seriously

Competent, efficient service

Anticipation of my needs.

Explanations in my terms

Basic courtesies

To be informed of the options

Not to be passed around

Dedicated attention

Knowledgeable help


To be kept informed

Follow- through



Professional service



If you are a businessman, consider yourself a customer, so that you can define what is the customer really want, by knowing all the subjects, you can easily attract the customer and doing nice business with them, lastly, the customer are happy and you get your work nicely done.


Human’s expectation has no end so therefore, we just have to give our best to keep our customers satisfied.

By giving the best to our customers, we not only can make their day but it’s also good for business. A satisfied customer will turn into a loyal customer.

And don’t forget, our customers are also our publicity agent. When there’s a problem, be smart when handling it. We don’t want even a small problem to get in the way.

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