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Cross cultural analysis of brand consciousness

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People’s in Singapore are extremely aware of the various brands in the market, aware of products they use or spend extravagantly. And they also select their brand carefully, according to their requires, style, preference, etc. they also understanding a lot of independence in decision- making and effect the family buying action. In this objective study is make a effort to examine the brand consciousness level among the Singapore people’s. some of brand conscious studies have been conducted so far in Singapore. This research work is going to analyzes the impact of such brand consciousness among the all ages in Singapore. And also discuss about various technique’s in brand conscious, the role of Singapore government effect in brand.

The term brand consciousness is refer to the consumer is aware that product and they have a positive impression of the brand. Creating brand consciousness is one of the key steps in promoting a product. There are very small factors that make as different one product from its competitors.

Therefore, the products that control the more significant brand awareness compared to its competitor will normally get the high sales, and the implementation methods growing high in market s. consumer can get their product easily nowadays because of the brand name advertising.

Advertising is one of the main reason to develop the products. Today advertising play an important role to reaching the products into the people easily. Nowadays most of the people affecting more brand awareness . Because of the development in technology, people needs to recent information themselves. For updating brands are widely used. By brand awareness an individual can have in touch with their friends and family members.

Study background

The researcher will look on the brand awareness in Singapore and also research the factor affecting among the brand . In Singapore most of the people using various type of band. But still for a developed and small nation like Singapore the brand rate is still high compared to other countries in the world. In this research the creative ideas to more valuble the brand rate is serve in detail. The purpose of the research is to keep the standard of living and develop the brand standards by creative thoughts. Innovative ideas are need for the development of brand consciousness of the individuals.

1.2 Research Objectives

(i) To describe the effect of brand awareness in Singapore

To investigate the brand consciousness action in Singapore

The increasing effect of brand consciousness in middle of all age group in Singapore

To examine the activities of Singapore government dealing in brand awareness .

1.1 Research Questions

(i) Discuss the impact of Brand Consciousness in Singapore?

(ii) Analyze Cross-Cultural behavior in regards to brand consciousness in Singapore?

(iii) Factors  affecting the increasing brand awareness among all age groups in Singapore?

(iv)Discuss the role of Singapore government in the Cross-Cultural Analysis of Brand Consciousness in Singaporeans?

2.0 Literature Review

This study is reviewed from the source in the part of previous research work. Basically literature review is a collection of information from the sources and to assign by your point of view.

Brand Consciousness

The brand consciousness is mainly refers to the aware of the product names. That’s play an important role nowadays. Generally People who can easily understand the product by the brand name. The importance of brand in Singapore is well set up .

Brands are everyplace. Every companies are to prove their brand important more for reaching their products to the people. Brands loyalty and resources to invest billions of dollar to impress the consumer.

In Singaporean, brands are more important factor attraction consumer purchase decision( Liebeck, 1996). Well known brands, such as I-Phone, Samsung, etc being popular choice. Every companies target to younger age people for purchasing power.

They would not lend second thought of buying another product. Nowadays teenage females and males are fixed to buying their brand. In most of the markets resources have led to belief that young adults are more conscious consumer.

Generally companies understood the role of brand name analysis of consumer relation decision making by culture under age. Singapore participations will be more conscious than other countries because Singapore are more economly implement. In Singapore females are more conscious than male. And they search for more time about that products when they make purchase decision. Females will pay more value on brand names. Parents claim that high school students are most brand conscious(Leah Rausch)

2.1 Impact On brand consciousness

Brand image

Particular brands (e.g., Coca-cola, McDonald’s) are consider to possess “high brand equity,” resulting in higher market shares and prices than competing products (Badenhausen 1996). The thing have high consumer image, brand name consciousness, strong brand organization,etc.

Crucial reason of the brand image strength is favorable and unique identity and strong. These all the thing are mainly showing into the consumer. The brand belifs include all the association that consumers ping with brand, including but going beyond personality association.

Brand association creates brand image to strong by going beyond the perceived quality on functional products and services criteria. The processes by which create advertisement of the brand image. The moderators control the creation and the strength of the brand preferences (Rajeev Batra, Pamela Miles Homer, 2004).

Brand design

the brand experiences that will operate future successes. They believe that brands will go beyond corporate-designed experiences to emphasize individual control and the fulfillment of personal values and aspirations(Marco Bevolo and Reon Brand 2003).

Brand design involved by a group of thirty scholars based on the selection process by the member of subject scholar pool. The basic requirements for selecting scholar were carefully balanced and to consider several factors. A simple random selection for the subject scholar were made by the marketing discipline. It is recognized by basic concerns and small variance within direct distinction.

The top fifteen marketing scholars were used to identify the” lead scholar” within scholar pairs. The high level of general population of marketing academicians were intended to identify the scholar. After selecting 15 lead scholars from a group of 30 scholars, a “peer scholar” was identified to pair with each others. These pairing was done on the following basis,

The selected peer scholars must be from the same department

Both of the scholars from the same level of ranking.

They should not present in the top 15 journal ranking study.

These are the multiple scholars who can have the ability to pair with lead scholar in such cases a random number used to select the scholar to be peer for study. The lead design and peer scholar have several pairs from thirty scholars were provided with control for the level of scholar institutions for primary data collection case study.

The number of brand design can also be increased to collect primary data and it done line by line process. The expansion of the scholars have not only expanded labor factor but also the number of raters to evaluate these scholars. These is also a limitation to both the factor are coding resources and the number of raters 30 scholars from 15 pairs cannot give the expected results that’s why 15 subject scholar pairs from 30 scholars were used to generate the primary datas for phase study collection. This are the main thing to implement the designing a brand (Charles H.Noble, John P.Bentley, David Campbell, and Jatinder J.Singh, 2010).

Storytelling about the brands

In this world most of the brands use great stories. Few examples for brand stories. Steve jobs ,CEO of Apple says stories of vision and his ability things doing in different manner. And the another example, Nike showcase is the event of creativity who have the great victory to achieve their game.

The crucial planning for brand building is to make the brand stories that permit the organization, target the people and also create the conscious awareness. The major purpose of the brand story is to ping with the employee to consumers. Basically brand stories are lend some ideas to the organization, and its value. Brands are meant to cut down the quality of life decisions into consumer choice (Jerome joseph, 2010).

Brand usage

Brands are commonly used by individuals. Because of the development in technology people needs to recent information themselves. For updating brands are widely used. By brand awareness an individual can have in touch with their friends and family members. For socializing brands are necessary and for creating a awareness of the product. Most of the people want to buy new product daily and they mainly looking for the brand name first. Brand name plays an important role for implement any kind of product nowadays.

2.2 Analysis the brand conscious action

Brand stand out from the herd

Few years back all the peoples are predicted their brand via in the hands of the internet, people are buying their product but their not showing the importance to brands.

After this, web 2.0 came and replaces the brand reputation with the user services and to overtake big brands. By allowing buyer to express their true preferences -buying their products by really wanted(Tim riches, 2010). Every brands are developed step by step survive by the pressure. And the advertising companies got lot to reinvent and making a product fulfill the need among all age groups.

Most of the marketers have not enough money to access, brands became establish to the people by marketing and advertising into the media, this way many of the brands are usefull, and consumers are easily understand the products(Tim riches, 2010).

Brand Ride

For advertisers who can’t afford a spot on television, Show media gets them some rolling real estate(Zack O’ Malley Greenbug, 2009).

In Singapore more than 1000 cabs has ad displays on the taxi-top(Zack O’ Malley Greenbug, 2009).We can see 25% of all those on the streets of Singapore .Some of the popular ads are HP, Tiger beer and Long ago taxi-top ads were most popular among city news programs and clubs. Compared with the $15,000 a month for billboard on the city’s main road, taxi-top advertising is cheaper(Zack O’ Malley Greenbug, 2009).

There are creative ways to advertise in taxi-tops they are eye-catching three-dimensional displays and scrolling signs with an LED displays. It’s not like advertising is going to end. Smart people get stiff done in times like this( Zack O’ Malley Greenbug, 2009).

Enhance your training brand:

The brand power is the major issue in these days, by applying these concepts to our organization is really challenging but these process takes some time and energy for building our training brand, but it is very manageable and in the end it has well worth and the effort involved to appear greater or better. To get successful and effective branding we have to create and maintain a strong training brand. Every people have different answers about branding and most of them would be correct.

In those days the brand product create trust and potential among people but today it has been changed they are creating brand much more than creating trust. While we talk about a brand its not just their symbol or logo it’s about the entire look and feel of a company. A strong brand should show its uniqueness to their customers and it’s uncommon for a brand to create an emotional or sociological connection between company and consumers. A potency brand directly affects a company’s bottom line.

If the brand is week the company has to exercise and it would not take much time. By conducting the exercise with a group of current customers who have experiences with training functions, the brand which have a specific desired outcome in mind. They design their class materials, websites and customer interaction with those specific descriptors in mind (Amy Hand, 2011).

2.3 Factor affecting

Brand consciousness plays an important method to reach the advertising and other sponsorship effects. This brand functions are well established and related to consciousness of brand and advertising. In this researcher have control investigate among the various numerous media. The capacity of virtual advertising has gone relatively unidentified the marketing and advertising literature (Yosuke Tsuji, Gregg Bennett, and James H. Leigh, )

Brand un-consciousness

Brand is the leader for youth ,that appear marketing have been underestimating young age people. When it comes to state revealing the large number of products and services.

Mostly increasing on saturated market place. One of the famous journal to survey this, which was slightly 2025 young people between the age of 15 to 27 revealed amazingly that, nearly 53.4 % of the youth agreed, brand is most important when purchase any product or purchase decision(Phyllis Toh, 2008).

Although slightly 75.6% of youth go along with latest and high tech, near 85.9% are looking quality conscious and 86.2% having option for before purchasing, the product. In mobile phone marketing environment in Singapore is highly fighting differentiate their products(Phyllis Toh, 2008).

Generally youth minds are highly informed group, they will balance their feeling with logically and more involvement purchasing such as mobile phones(Phyllis Toh, 2008).

Young Children’s Brand Consciousness

Most of the children facilitate to brand quality started significantly before than their ability to past occurrence the same brand, children who have viewing those program on television related to n and they significantly makes positive brand state but not their brand recall(Moniek Buijzen and Valkenburg, Patti, )

Parental awareness was extremely related to brand recall, consciousness is kind active and passive knowledge of a particular brand. Children’s has focused their brand on two way Brand recognition and Brand recall. Both brands have been operationalized by displaying the kind of brand logo’s (Fisher, Schwarts, Richards, golstein& Rogas, 1991).

Two Focused Brand

Brand recall is refer to the children’s were inquire the name of particular brand when imperfectly learned brand events. Brand recognition i.e the number of option available and how children’s invited to choose the brand.

Although boys and girls do not differ in the number of brands and they are able to recognize or recall. (O’Cass and Clarke, 2001).

Forever mobiles

In Singapore slightly 80 % of youth having own mobile phones, which is 20 % greater than the other region, around 50 % of teenagers in Singapore have internet access(Phil Radford, 2007). It is also highest rate of the region.Teenager want to implement the brands, but they are open to change and new ideas and creation(Phil Radford, 2007).

Teenager speaks on brand choice

Teenagers are mostly looking for style, traditional, prestige, design, performance and easy to use . according to the global survey Singapore teenager are more lonely to their brand selection and very less by the friends choice of brands.

In 2009 one of the global habbs brand survey conducted the poll between 12 to 18 ages and 112,000 respondent polled, more than 30 countries teenager polled this survey (Ben bariocues, 2009).

One the favourite well known brand in Singapore is Coca-Cola, Nike , Mc Donald, Sony etc (Ben bariocues, 2009).

2.4 Role of Singapore government in brand

Getting strong on brand power

Singaporean government launched nearly 20 million Singapore dollars for brand pact program recently, the domestic companies would like to brand their products with the support of Singapore government. This initiative refer to the brand pact(Ted Tan ).

Brand pact is the short form of brand impact that will aim to develop brand among the various local enterprises and they try to implement within Singapore through the global m markets.

It aims to increase the consumer understanding of branding and consciousness and most of the competitiveness looking for the adoption brands and also planning to develop that with the help of International Enterprises(IE) Singapore and the standard. Productivity and creation these two major bodies are started behind their brand pact program. The brand journey and build up their own brand capability(Ted Tan)

Band pact

It contains both the firm level branding and implement similar to the companies who have branding effect across the world.

Brand training

Expector will arrange the brand training workshop to perceive mentally, what branding and how can create a powerful brand.

Brand assessment

Companies who have easily achieving indicative brand also with branding experts(Ted Tan, ).

3.0 Conclusion

According to me, the above research review definitely makes a success for a very long, in the brand consciousness. Brand conscious actually has best result on performance by implementing and factor affecting in brand. The principal function for brand is to perceive mentally complete customer satisfaction. Brand be successful only by employee’ by involving in band process and worked towards their goals of the organization.

Every brand succeeds on behalf its consumer satisfaction. Finally we believe that adoption of brand consciousness make successful in this competitive world.

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