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Critical Analysis Of Strengthness And Weakness Of Google Marketing Essay

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5/12/16 Marketing Reference this

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This essay tells about the importance and necessity of Google search engine for the entire world. It has become a great advantage to web users to go through the each and every information available in internet with in few seconds. In recent period Google was given name by two leading dictionaries, its meaning defined as “to use the Google search engine to obtain information on the Internet”. I also disclose about the competitive attractiveness, changes happened in the industry, critical analysis of strength and weakness of the search industry and so on. They must also obtain powerful criteria in order to select in this sheer size of the best data and to present the search results in an suitable order.

According to me I have some recommendation which I want to put forward to Google, which are

Advertisers and online marketing concern should end up doing trade with spammers. Google needs to be much more practical on this face. I don’t believe that Google is doing adequate to cut the backing of AdSense revenue to spammers.

Blogger could put restrictions on various activities. If the bound is high enough it should not influence the blogging activity of normal or even extremely active bloggers but it should stop spammers from leaving about their daily spamming.

Put a timed suspension on newly created blogs. Make it so that newly formed blogs will not be indexed by search engines or show up on Next Blog circle for the initial 30 days or whatever the fitting time may be. This will be sufficient to identify and remove spam blogs before it sees the light of day and do anything to spoil the search directories.

2. Introduction

It is unbelievable that the Google search engine has come to existance approximately since 1998, Sergey Brin and Larry Page starts developing this search engine from 1995. They give attention for a search engine that may finds out the interaction among websites will produce enhanced outcomes than former explore machines. Today, Google is a broadly operating business co operation that gives result to become the toppest and mostly utilizing explore machine in the earth, by an amassing value of initially the uppermost in its set. Currently the company is employing more than 7000 workers, which is mainly based under heap sight. Besides that it has a number of current head offices in United States and so on.

3. Mission and Vision of Google


“to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.


Hybrid intelligence, where computers learn from the search habits of people, will be the key

4. Competitive Attractiveness of Search Industry

The phrase market attractiveness derives from the business collection forecast system literature, which discloses that the companies should invest in markets with optimistic prominent features. The one largely established business compilation planning method is the Boston Consulting Group matrix, which divides businesses according to the two extents of market growth and profitability. In this simple matrix model, company Profitability and market expansion are calculated independent of each other, and market extension is useful as the only outer determinant for market attractiveness. Although, the attractiveness of Google market are prejudiced by a numerous factors than market growth of Google.

Firstly, here am using Porter’s 5 forces to clarify the company’s competitive forces to support the competitive attractiveness of the search engine.

5. Porter’s five forces

It make use of concepts created in business group economics to obtain 5 forces that set up the aggressive concentration and consequently attractiveness of a market. Porter described to these forces as the microenvironment, to differentiate it with the additional common term macro environment. They includes, those forces close to Google that pressure its aptitude to hand out its customers and build a profit. A modification in any of the forces generally requires Google to reassess the market place.

Figure 1 is given in the Appendix Page

Threat of New Entrants

The obstacle to admittance in the internet explore bazaar is very big. The existing participants contain a large number of servers working in all most every parts of the world and have build up a lot of year’s value of facts about customer practice. A new competitor should provide a improved explore grades with the help of high speed to retain in explore bazaar. At the time when Google was established there were Yahoo and some other search engines which controls the explore market and Google has given a cover to all others. The explore market has grown-up and the risk from the new competitor becomes low.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers

Advertisement scheme is a dependable foundation of revenue as both the advertisement creating company and advertisement delivering entity are clients of Google. So, how far the Google retains their market control by the help of their various products, seller negotiation influence will always stay behind. Google’s rate of income as a percentage of sales was near to 40% in 1997-98. For Yahoo also, almost this rage have attained showing that the two firms are uniformly competent at supplier and vendor partnership.

Bargaining Power of Buyers

Majority of Google’s incomes are originated from advertising. However, no particular account supplies above 2% to total income, and below 6% of the income is produced by some of agreed net associate sites. What it tells is that no individual purchaser has a domineering power. Many advertisers suggest on input words in Google system which retain the power of buyer in low level.

Threat of Substitutes

Recently, web has developed into the realm of information which trillions of people can gain different knowledge within few seconds. By considering this reality, there don’t exist any appropriate alternative for explore. With the help of date and different categories data can be predetermined in various customs, however Google offers gear to perform these activities and also help to explore. A alternative explore machine could be made-up in the next generation, but non apparent alternatives for arranging information in the web.

Rivalry among existing firms

Google’s main aim is to “organize the world’s information”, and to get advantage by creating many admiring stuff to their major web explore facility. Google’s prime cause of income are accumulated from the plagued advertisements relates on the facts they collect.

6. Critical Analysis of Strengthness and weakness of Google

Strength ness:

The most significant benefit which the Google could have above Microsoft is community awareness. A piece of Google’s viewpoint is “you can make money without doing evil”. Google had constructs a status on modernization and client support. The firm’s command centre – the Googleplex — is well-known for their sole facilities and headquarters.

Google’s place on the explore industry is concrete. According to one investigation company, they found, Google has more than 75% of the explore machine advert marketplace in the 3rd section of 2009.

Google suggests several applications like customers online output software, video and photo allocating services and facilitates map search also. 

Google holds up offline functioning throughout its Google apparatus commodities, it will not construct numerous desktop functions.

Google established their own browser: Google Chrome. It might be the initial footstep into a network support functioning method.


Google’s blind eagerness and impatience to include as many pages in the index as possible.

Another main weak point of Google is their background advertisements Spammers spot makers are continuously betting Google’s structure through the exercise described as Click fraud.

Google achieved a residence sprint by text founded promotion; although its succeeding hard work at monitoring substance contain go down. 

Copy right, in the observation of several public organizations; Google’s industry retains on taking advantage of satisfaction which the business act by them. Persons who recognize the stream of awareness and net transfer, Google in nothing other than a very effectual steer to the wastelands of web substance.

Customer knowledge, possibly the slightest of Google’s fears, is by what to build functions that results the clients recognize and really utilize. Various Google’s stuffs, resembling as news bulletin, map and gmail, are awfully unbeaten. A lot of Google’s commodities go unseen by the common community.

7. Changes happened in Search Industry

A dramatic change has taken place in the entire search Industry since 1998 by the introduction of Google. A behavioural feature of search has come, an intend and geo-targeting aspect of search has also introduced during this period. In 1996, users would check many pages of search results, but now they barely go past page 1. Overall, the whole search industry has become more competitive. This is due to several causes containing the additional options with social media and the reality that searchers have become savvier. We can call this as an “evolution” of the search industry that has carried about improvements, but the drawback is that search has become more intricate and technical. As search develops, these tendency are expected to increase. For better understanding here am Using PEST and SWOT analysis for both macro and micro analysis of Google search Industry.


In analyzing the macro-environment, the importance of PEST is vital- that classifies organizational surroundings in to Political, Economical, Social and Technological. Occasionally there is two more factors which influence the organization, that are Environmental and Legal, which makes it as a PESTEL analysis, but these topics be able to simply included in the another aspects. The study observes the force of every one of these aspects on Google Industry.


According to Google search industry, obviously there is no much political issues to face in their business carrier. And it has no touch with political aspects.


It shows a great stock market development with in a limited period. Today investors, who passed on the stock at $85, or even $135, are no doubt booting themselves. Less than three months after its IPO, Google’s stock has shoot up to $187 per share — 120% above its normal price and 52% above the midpoint of its first, apparently ridiculous prediction.


Google leans to not have a “face” for customers. Google approach to customer service is much mechanical, relying on user support forums, FAQs, and e-mail for more definite inquiries. That may work for free services like search and Gmail, but when people waste hundreds of dollars on a product they likely to wait for a higher level of service. Even if that results in just another annoying support call with a uninterested call centre employee, it’s at least a neck to squeeze.


When we are discussing about the technological improvement taken over in Google Industry, we should state that, Google set drift in search history, internet straight advertising, and portable applications. And more over, the innovations in web applications have also helps the Google industry.


There is no much aspect which relates to environmental aspects of Google search industry.


Click Fraud-It has become a typical security arms race. Google advanced its fraud-detection tools, so the fraudsters get increasingly smart … and the cycle go on. Meanwhile, Google is in front of multiple lawsuits from those who claim the company isn’t doing adequate precautions.

Google Bombing- Which reefer’s to training intended to pressure the ranking of particular pages in results returned by the Google search engine , so as to make it extra likely that people will hit upon and click on selections in which the person or entity appealing in this practice is involved.

DOJ requested search histories; Google went to court.

Fight on “Net Neutrality”

7.2 SWOT

Figure 2:


Brand Equity- Google has a high Brand Equity compared to all other search engines, and also Google has peaked a list of the world’s most powerful brands, with new research assessing its value to be $86bn (£43bn) [Mark Sweney,] Google’s rank has been determined by fantastic financial performance and equity value.

Innovative Initiatives:

Google Innovation model suggests to hire people who are innovative and get stuff done and also who come up with ideas and have strong engineering skills at the same time. Management’s job is to merely recruit those kind of people (innovator+engineer=Googler).

Comprehensive product mix:

There are main three classes in the product description of Google: Solutions for advertising, Solutions for business activities, plus the stores of Google.


Actually Google has introduced a large number of products in their search realm. Currently they have products that a great figure of customers doesn’t even realize exist.

And also, not focusing on customers “community” as core competency.

Google’s work environment is fetching similar to big cooperation. Google’s hiring process is currently viewed as interminable and wasteful.

Implementation of heavy processes which could hold back innovations, failure to maintain good quality level for Google products.

Internal disagreement between the members of top management.


Expanding Profit making opportunities- Google’s AdSense has helped to twist many hobbyist web sites into lawful businesses. They use targeted text supported advertisements according to the content on your pages. Earnings differ according to your content and the number of people that click on the advertisements. Google has a complete list of policies and terms and conditions, but we think they’re all quite satisfactory in order to maintain the honesty of the service.


Legal Threat- Google might continuously be subject to antitrust claims for not including companies from search results, over supporting in-house services, issuing unclear ad rates.

Google has been issued to copyright infringements claim.

Strategic Threat- Strategic and operational difficulties in obtaining new companies in future.

And also in future there may be a competition with current competitors, such as Microsoft and yahoo could combine, Google distributors could crack their partnership, new entrants in Google’s market like Apple search engine.

Other Threats- Recently, Google products such as Google calendar, G mail, Google Docs has faced an stoppage or failure of their services through out the web.

Problem relating to the Privacy is also become a immense threat to Google. As the amount of stored data is strongly increasing, privacy anxiety will increase too.

8. Major Changes may happen in Google Industry for next three to five years

Google is targeting China’s mobile market to introduce their two Android Phones. It reveals that Google will enter into the mobile internet territory with a high technological advancement to catch the Chinese cyber market.

They may launch their web pages in native languages in order to facilitates easy accessible of internet information to their customers.

Google will steps towards the iTV to become the centre of Home entertainment.

Creation of WebOS which is mainly web based operating system is also not inevitable.

Google may purchase or build a contract with CBS and National Basketball Association televisions to sell videos and to expand their online TV viewers.

9. Competitive Advantages

When a company retains profit that strike the normal rate for its business, the company is said to have a competitive advantage more than its competitors. The main aim of all companies’ policy is to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Because of simplest mode of usage and easiest way of clicking, more people likes to exploit Google than any other Search machines which the people doesn’t know. Though there is no additional expenses incurred on clicking, there might be a few emotional costs. So this emotional seize Google enclose on their clients is its one and only competitive advantage.

Mainly around there are no equipment economical benefit.

  With the help above description about the competitive advantage of Google, here am describing about a number of different strategies which Google is undertaking. Some of them are:

9.1 Product Strategy:

Google adopts a number of strategies on their various products. They are creating Relationship through their products like Orkut, Blogger, Blog search, Gmail, Gtalk, Advanced searches etc…

Providing Self Enhancement through Book Search, Translate, Scholar, Answers, News, and Alerts etc…

And provide Information through Directory, Toolbar, Web search, Catalogues, Web Accelerator etc…

Entertainment through Images, Movies, Video, Music, Picasa etc..

Commercial activities through Zeilgeist, Ridefinder, Finance, Store, Froogle, Adsence, Mini etc…

By providing all these facilities, the user comes into the centre.

In brief Google provides any thing we require, precisely during the time that we required, and from where we require.

9.2 Innovation Strategy:

They are introducing Techtalk. Techtalks are the sequence of instructive discussions which provide information concerning various topics.

9.3 Branding Strategy:

All most all branding aspects are depends upon emotional experiences. Its same in the case of Google also. Google alter its symbol throughout the festivals, celebrations and inventors. Google try to civilize product look and attempts to generate little sociable troupe icon and faith.

10. Conclusion

With the help of all the relevant information given above on Google search Industry we understood that how much this search engine has influenced the present world in collecting and distributing the needed and vital information all around the world. It was a very great advantage to the entire world to access to the web for getting all information about our universe with in few seconds with the help of Google. In this essay I try to disclose all the critical review about the competitiveness attractiveness of the search industry and also, macro and micro environment, strengthens and weakness, and different strategies adopted by the Google in their life period. This work helps me to recognize the significance and necessity of Google at present age and also in coming future. According to me, the development of Google will go on continuously by retaining their brand loyalty in the minds of customers for coming years also.

11. Appendix

Figure 1:

Figure 2:

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