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1.0 Executive Summary

The summary includes a concise, but complete, description of the market, the market's need, how we propose to satisfy that need and the projected financial rewards. Mission Statement Conscientious Consulting is dedicated to helping our clients achieve the highest level of efficiency possible by utilizing our wide range of expertise and resources to ensure that our clients achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

The Firm

Conscientious Consulting is looking to make an entry into the consulting business. We are a limited liability corporation with the objective of becoming a major participant in the components industry, targeting small to medium sized businesses. We will partner with clients in all sectors to identify high value opportunities to transform their business. This customized approach will cover operations management "from the basement to the boardroom" by offering expert opinion addressing matters such as information technology, marketing and sales, operations, organization and human resource management, just to name a few. We hope to be profitable by our XXXXth year by establishing strong relationships with clients, distributors and manufacturers. We established a strong work ethic and sense of pride in providing the highest quality of service at very competitive prices.


All start-up costs will come from a $200,000 loan secured on the equity of a home owned by a family member of the CEO, Stephen Shields. All funds will be used to cover operating costs. No salaries will be paid from start-up costs. Revenues or personal income will cover repayment of all debts. INCLUDE REVENUE/PROFIT. $150/HR.

Real Estate

We have secured a three year commercial lease to operate at 56 Roland Street in Boston's Charlestown neighborhood. We will be leasing 1,358 SF on the third floor at $18.00/SF.


Conscientious Consulting has five permanent, full-time staff members. Each member has a specialized skill. Any service requested that doesn't suit our skill set will be outsourced. Personnel may increase if there is an unexpected increase in contracts.

2.0 The Firm


Conscientious Consulting will be located at 56 Roland Street, Charlestown, MA 02129. This location is ideal due to its price, its proximity to the downtown area and its closeness to the highway.


Conscientious Consulting office hours will typically be from 9pm to 5pm. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis. Staff will provide their cell phone numbers to all clients to provide 24/7 customer service.* Our staff will meet clients in the field at times that may occur outside of traditional hours. These meetings will be scheduled to meet the availability of the client.


CC's volume of knowledge of critical business issues of every industry. Our approach to find solutions has led us to develop new ideas that will become the standard. We don't simply research to find best practices; we research to invent best practices. We will apply this tireless effort to the following business capabilities:

Information Technology

CC will help clients use data and IT to grow business performance by broadening the role of IT to utilize technology trends and maximizing the benefits of business innovation while remaining flexible to adapt when necessary. Outsourcing strategies will be our focus. CC will help clients determine how to decide whether work stays on or off shore. From there we will determine the appropriate countries and costs. Kevin Lynch will be the expert in this field.


Innovation is where CC will make their name. Innovation is vital to establishing a competitive advantage. CC will help clients build and maintain an innovative culture by defining innovation, how to measure it and how to modernize their business model. All staff members will be the experts in this field.


Branding and communication, consumer insight, marketing, sales and pricing are capabilities that are crucial a firm's success. Firms have an imperative to protect their brand. Key principles will be determined to build a successful brand that differentiates them from the competition in the long run while offering an approach to build cohesive brand architecture across multiple brands. Deep customer insight is crucial to developing and executing strategy. CC will endlessly research firm perception, the desires of customers to determine which are unmet, how they can be served and how the firm can grow. Although costs are important in all business areas, marketing gets special focus. Results must be measurable. The path of needs, objectives and strategies must lead to the goal. CC will align this path while incorporating new trends such as social media and traditional word of mouth. Price management is also a critical component firm's business. CC develops strategic approaches to pricing amid increased pricing volatility, towards declining demand and determining how to compete in price wars. Jason London will be the expert in this field.


This is where firms determine where the waste is. To succeed, firms must cut waste to become more efficient. CC will assist in finding new sources and will develop the capacity to meet ongoing change. New techniques will be sought to better manage inventory, payables and receivables. The ability to increase productivity while maintaining low operating costs are crucial to a firm's survival. CC will work with clients to eliminate unnecessary activities offering lower costing processes that will focus on removing unnecessary costs to improve revenues. Daniel O'Connell will be the expert in this field.

Outsourcing (non IT)

There are many challenges associated with today's global economy that can severely stunt the growth of a firm. Outsourcing is a major way to remain competitive in the global economy. Certain regions excel at certain business processes, and CCS will assist clients in determining how to best establish a global network. Daniel O'Connell and Paul Lentini will be the experts in this field.

Project Management

Project management is how to determine if efforts are being reflected in the bottom line. Successful execution of tasks CCS will work directly with project management to ensure that these efforts are maximized.

II. The Business

A. Description of business

All products/Services Detailed

Type of Business Structure

Operational overview - how will it work, where will you get your supplies/goods, how will your produce them if applicable and get them to the point where they can be sold

Overview of your company strengths and weaknesses

B. Marketing

1. Target Market must be identified, explained and quantified (demographics,

psychographics, etc.)

2. Research must be identified and explained. How did it change or enhance your strategy.

Primary Research:

This section MUST include results of your primary research survey. What did you learn from prospective customers.

Secondary Research/Industry Research:

This section MUST include an academic research component that details the industry in which you are entering. This will require library research from at least 3 sources.

3. The Four Ps

Reiterate products/service offered

Identify exact prices and pricing strategy

Detail your promotional plan (advertising, web promotion, sales, public relations). This must include specifics where will you run ads and why, samples of the ads can be developed and included as addendum)

Discuss your distribution strategy. How/where will your products be sold and why did you choose this option?

Everyone must have a web site for informational purposes at a minimum (directions, hours of operations, etc.). Your web site must be explained, including your URL and any costs associated with it must be identified.

C. Competition

Identify your primary and secondary competitors by name and detail their products/services, customers, prices and what makes you different or better.

E. Human Resources

This section should include all 4 components of Human Resources Management:

HR Planning:

How many people will you need. Identify all the Management positions in the business, what their responsibilities will be (job descriptions) and who will fill them if identified.

Identify all the remaining staff positions within the company, how many employees will be hired into each position and what type of salary and benefits will be offered.

HR Attracting:

Where and how will you find your employees

HR Training and Development

What type of training will they be given? Will you provide an orientation? What will you do to make sure they have and maintain the skills they need on an ongoing basis. Will you help them develop skills for future promotions?

HR Retention:

What policies will you have to ensure employees are happy and want to stay.

Management Philosophy

You must provide a brief statement (100-300 words that describes your management style and/or philosophy.

III. Financial Data

A written page is required identifying exactly how each cost was determined

A. Sales Analysis

B. Capital equipment and supply list

C. Balance sheet

D. Breakeven analysis

E. Pro-forma Income projections (profit & loss statements)

F. Pro-forma cash flow

IV. Supporting Documents

Copy of proposed lease or purchase agreement for building space

Copy of licenses and other legal documents

Copy of resumes of all principals

Copies of letters of intent from suppliers, etc.

Demographic statistics

Job descriptions for your staff

Sample customer research survey

Floor plan

Press Kit (separate folder)

Sample Web site Home Page

Project Plan

Works Cited must be included.