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This is the world largest company in the UK for 'Prêt a Manager'. He is master in fresh foods and drinks. In this company mix. Profit and loss. So he changes her rules. And then it's make profits. Now it is worldwide fresh foods and drinks. It is very perfect shop opening and closing times. At this monument this company economy is very good. We describe all things in blow.

Just talk about 'PRET A MANAGER'

Prêt a manager it means 'READY - TO - EAT'. It was started form 1986 and still it good position. The property law graduates Julian Metcalife, she is creative director and Director of Prêt Europe in is Sinclair Beecham. That time she was started from 45 stores and more than 7000 customers a week. And year 2000, the company makes it is first foray overseas with the opening of branch in New York.

And year 2002 prêt moves into the Asian market with the opening of outlets in Hong Kong and Japan. Now a day company is grow up.

Prêt A Manager Foods & Drinks:

Prêt A Manager foods are very good, test and healthy. It is sell different types of products and drinks. It is splices in every product. It is provide a special lunch. It is very big Manu, in this menu 100 of items.

Current economy:-

Now a day economy is very good and market responses its very good and also overseas responses. It is take more profit in food and drinks. But meal is very experience. But in hot food no more choices. In 2007 drinks are very top levels. But 2008 hot foods are top levels. 2009 drinks are medium levels. But, now hot food and drinks are very top levels.

New changes in this business:

It is new changes are below

Best team work.

Good talking with ever people.

Every day fresh foods. Not use old foods. Old food put in been.

Best prises campers to others.

Best Manu with goo doffers. Every session menu.

Perfect opening and closing time.

Everything is clean.

Every day new stocks and limited stocks.

Open maximum brunches and different types of please and country.

This changes after positive effects:

It is start earning more. This big group in the food market. So many employers are working. Now a day's big brands in foods and drinks markets. It is provide a more foods and drinks. It is providing a hot food. With best prices from others. Customer required more facility and quick services. Plates are very clean and net.

The changes are negative side effects:

The opening and closing timing is not well. Required more employment and proper wages. This food company not provide any type of advertisements. No big hooding. Tables are very small. And chares are very limited. And also self services. 5 to 8 % products are very costly.

Last five years experience:

Now, it has amazing experience for this line & lots of knowledge. Now he goes up and up. We go to as per graph in hot food market is not good. Others wise everything is quite good. Drinks are very support full in all of the year. Veg. Foods are very growing. But year 2005 all products are very top levels. But suddenly year 2006 all products are very down levels. Now year 2009 all products are very top levels.



In this case, this food company future is very good. They should carry on working style. They make more profits. They provide a good customer services. They make best relationship. Last five year experience is very good. Company menu is good. And last five years businesses are very up and down. The manager confidence levels are very strings and they have confidence for our products.


Own sours

Metro and evening sander news papers

Talk to prêt manager employments

Customers reply


From : Krunal Rawal (Manager)

To : M.D.

Sub : change method of earn money.

Date: 17-8-2010


This is a world largest company. It is very old bank in London. Maximum customers prefer this bank. Sometime this bank face many problems regarding government rules, low money, require good employment. Etc. Now this bank finical conduction is very good.

Barclays Bank

This bank started form year 1690, Mr. John Freame a and Thomas Gould start trading as goldsmith banks in Lombard street, in the city of London. James Barclay, john freame's son-in-low, becomes a partner in the business. And finally Barclay & company limited becomes Barclays Bank Limited.

What is provider of Barclays Bank Limited:

It is provide different types of accounts.

Small accounts

Higher accounts

Business accounts



Credit cards

Savings new skims


Gold and silver savings

Bank Lockers

Safe money

Current value:

Now a day Barclays Bank it is very big group.






Barclay Bank Limited is worldwide company. This bank branches are in ERUOPE, USA, ASIA.

Current economy:

This bank economy is growing up. Maximum customers in our bank. So many accounts in this bank. Now a day's large capital. And my market shear prices are very gain. So customers are very happy. But last 1 year's competes are very stronger. So change some rules and new idea as below.

Last Five Year Changes:Barclays cycle hire logo

Bicycle charges.

Key costs is £3, with membership costing a at £1 for 24- hours, £5 for seven days and £45 for a year.

The first 30 minutes of any journey will be free, and the next 30 minutes will cost £1, with rising costs for longer[3]

Open more blanches with good knowledge and super staff.

It's very big advertisements.

Attracted the public.

We develop the customers.

It is very cheap. And best quality.

We launch the bicycle many place.

No lock system, with tension. Any time you take it.

It is something new for our company.

Positive effect:

Maximum customers are hearing. Businesses are growing. Barclays bank rank in top10 bank list. They provide more facility. They open more branches. Require to more employment. World Bank provides more money. So we provide more customers 24x7 services. Minimum price make more account. Fast services & slow all customers' problems. Good images for World Bank. And World Bank is very happy with projects. In bank, bank and staffs provides very quick services. Customers are waiting for more than 3 to 5 minutes.

Negative effect:

Only, one bank customer big lean. But some time staffs are not provide proper services. Sometime wrong entries problems. Some time more paper works. And require more employment and with higher wages with more facility. With more expenses land and building work. Every year they start new skim so some time very difficulty.


So in this bank everything is very good. Changes are much effected. And the banks are growing. If you are any where you can contact bank very easily. Cycle services are very good. Provided free pen services. Company dress codes are same. Employments are very help full to all old and young customers. It is very effaceable bank.


With own work and make graph, summery.

Talk with bank manager

Metro and evening sander news papers


From: Krunal Rawal (Manager)

To : Managing Directory

Sub: Change Method of Earn Money.

Date: 17-8-2010


Now, domino's pizza very big hot food company in all countries. They provided best food with very quickly. They have good experiences. They cook pizza very well with different type of sizes. In this food company some good or negative things. Some time make more profits. In season they do work very well.

Domino's pizza:

Dominos pizza is the second largest franchised pizza china in the U.S.A. and the history of dominos pizza is similar to its rival pizza hutTom Monaghan

2 brothers started are with borrowed equity in the sixties. Tom and James monaghan bought a small Michigan pizzeria called Dominick's, which was jointly run by them until James traded his share for a second hand car. Tom revitalized the image by changing the name to 'Dominos Pizza'




THE 1960.

Domino's Pizza Foods & Drinks:

Now he provided loots of items.

Premium pizzas

Create your own pizza

Oven backed subs

Sumptuous sides

Delicious desserts

Choose your base & your cheese

Lunch deals

Meal deals


NEW - garlic mozzarella sticks

NEW - triple cheesecake selection

Current economy:

Domino's pizza saw online orders reach an all- time high last week as internet sales hit the seven figure mark for the time in the UK.

Between Monday 19 and Sunday 25 November, the UK 'leading pizza delivery company took an incredible £ 1 million pound worth of orders from web customers. The £ 1 million figure covers delivered sales via only and does not include the republic of Ireland, carry out sales, or domino's other e-commerce channels, which allow customers to order via SMS or interactive TV.

Robin Auld, Marketing Director at Domino's said: "Exceptional service is at the heart of our business and we are proud of our position as an innovative multi - channel retailer, offering more way to order than any other pizza company.

Domino's Pizza Awards:

Domino's Pizza, the pizza delivery expert, has scooped silver in the prestigious British franchise association (BFA) HSBC Franchise Awards 2010. Practice in the industry provides for its 135 franchisees in the UK and Ireland.

Last five year changes:

Domino's pizza reported a 29 per cent increase in first half pretax profit as sales were boosted by the soccer world cup and the comapny's sponsorship of tv phenomenon 'Britain's Got Talent.pepperoni and half onion/mushroom/pepper pizza

Domino's, which operates the British and lrish franchisesof the global delivery brand, made a pretax profit of 17.5 million pounds in the half year to june 27 while sales increased by 21% to 237.1 million.

" the comapany experienced very storng growth over the period driven by a combination of tactical promotions, the 3rd year of our Britain's got Talent sponsorship, the start of he football World Cup and the continued growth in sales through our e-commerce platform." It said in a domino's is paying an interim dividend of 4.5% per share, up from 3.5% the year before. Shares in domino's closed on Friday at 403% valuing the business at £648 million.

Last year inc. Common stock basic graph and volume:

Chart forDomino's Pizza, Inc. (DPZ)

Positive effect:

David A. Brandon, Domino's Chairman and Chief Executive Office, said,

"The bold steps we have been taking to re-ignite our domestic system helped us gain significant traction last year. We succeeded in our primary goal of growing traffic all four quarts of 2009. Traffic growth was the most significant in the fourth quarter: and this POSITIVE momentum has continued thus far in 2010, as sales and traffic have increased significantly since the lunch of our new core pizza".

This 53rd week POSTITVELY impacted the company's financial results in the fourth quarter and fiscal 2009. Management noted that this should be taken into account with 2010.

Net income:

In this business fourth quarters was up $12.7 m, [115%]. Additionally, the 53rd week positively impacted net income in the fourth quarter by approximately $2.6 million.

Global retail sales:

Were up 16.4% in the fourth quarter, or up 13.5% when excluding the limpest of foreign currency. For fiscal 2009, global retail sales were up 2.2% or up7.1% when excluding the impact of foreign currency. The 53rd week favourably impacted global retail sales by approximately 8.6% in fourth quarter and 2.5% for the full year.

Negative effect:

Now at this monument no side effect, some time people are very tired for leaflets. They all are sending to every day leaflets. And some time services problem. Otherwise everything is ok. Some time they cannot achieve the goal. They make more products. They have limited products.


So in the whole things dominos pizza business is very good. Maximum time they achieve her goal. We emanation all things from dominos pizza starting to now. We show to financial potion and everything. Ever people like pizza. It is very good health. Save time. Wait just few minutes.



Talk with dominos people and manager.{Mrs. Ammei}

Dominos Company financial reports:


Quarter of Fiscal

2009 2009

---------- ---------

Same store sales growth: (versus prior year period)

Domestic Company-owned stores +0.9% (0.9)%

Domestic franchise stores +1.5% +0.6%

-------- --------

Domestic stores +1.4% +0.5%

===== ======

International stores +3.9% +4.3%

===== =====

Global retail sales growth: (versus prior year period)

Domestic stores +7.4% +1.3%

International stores +28.1% +3.3%

------ -------

Total +16.4% +2.2%

===== =====

Total (on a 52-week basis) +7.8% (0.3)%

===== =====

Global retail sales growth: (versus prior year period, excluding foreign currency impact)

Domestic stores +7.4% +1.3%

International stores +21.6% +14.4%

------ ------

Total +13.5% +7.1%

====== ======

Total (on a 52-week basis) +4.9% +4.6%

====== ======


Company- Domestic Total

Owned Franchise Domestic International

Stores Stores Stores Stores Total

-------- --------- -------- ------------- -----

Store counts:

Store count at

September 6, 2009 481 4,456 4,937 3,949 8,886

Openings - 49 49 140 189

Closings (14) (45) (59) (17) (76)

Transfers (1) 1 - - -

--- --- --- --- ------- January 3, 2010 466 4,461 4,927 4,072 8,999

=== ===== ==== ===== =====

Fourth quarter 2009

net growth (15) 5 (10) 123 113

=== === === === === Fiscal 2009 net growth

(23) (97) (120) 346 226

=== === ==== === ===

Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2009 Highlights:

Fourth Fourth

(Dollars in millions, Quarter of Quarter of Fiscal Fiscal

Except per share data) 2009 2008 2009 2008

---------- ---------- ------- -------

Net income $23.6 $11.0 $79.7 $54.0

Weighted average

Diluted shares 58,206,371 57,101,782 57,827,697 58,339,535

Diluted earnings per

share, as reported $0.41 $0.1 $1.38 $0.93

Items affecting

comparability (see

section below) $(0.11) $- $(0.51) $(0.18)

------ --- ------ ------

Diluted earnings per

share, as adjusted $0.30 $0.19 $0.87 $0.75

===== ===== ===== =====


TASK - 2

Pizza hut


Pizza Hut Logo


From: Krunal Rawal (Manager)

To : Managing Directory

Sub: Change Method of Earn Mon

Date: 17-8-2010

Introduction and history of pizza hut:

In 1958, frank and Dan Carney had an idea for a great local pizza restaurant in Wichita Kansans. The small 25 seat restaurant only had room for 9 letters on the building looked like so pizza hut was born!

15 year later, we opened the first UK restaurant and since then we have become the biggest pizza company on the planet, let see listen pizza hut story from them!

1958 Frank and Dan Carney open the first Pizza Hut Wichita Kansas.

1972 1000 stores are open throughout the USA.

1973 pizza hut went international with stores in Japan, Canada and England. The first UK pizza hut opened Lillington, London.

2008 We bought Godfather's Pizza in Ireland with 28 stores.



Dominos pizza Business level

Dominos Pizza Pricing


Current economy


React to changes





Now company go very systemically. They all are going to stab by stab. Day by day they make more profit. They provide all facilities. They provide full falsity. They provide a pizza at home. They provide a pizza by car and by Bick. And most import thing is only 30 minutes.

Dominos pizza Business level:

Business level strategies are plans made to gain competitive advantage over its rivals in a market; hence all the businesses need to adopt business level strategies in order to compete in a competitive environment. If we take a look at the Pakistani market, there are no large competitor of competitor is very low as there is no internationals food chain offering pizza in Pakistan at present. Therefore present strategies adopted by pizza hut are keeping in consideration the present competition.

Dominos Pizza Pricing:

The level of competition a business face determines its pricing strategy. Sometimes a business has the scope to set its price and sometimes a business cannot. When a business has the scope to set its price there is a number of pricing strategies or policies it might choose. As there are no such competitors of pizza hut which could compete with the quality of pizza produced at pizza hut has adopted this pricing strategy as they want to hold maximum share of the market by maximum profit.


In our view to pizza hut we conducted research on PEST {POLITICAL, ECONOMIC, SOCIAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL}


Political issues include regulatory frame work operating in judicial system which may affect the business in different ways. There are not many political factors in Peshawar affecting pizza hut as is lack of competition.


If the county's economy is better so the GDP of the country will be good this is a green signal for the business as per capital income of the people will be increased and they will spend more money.


Pizza hut is a multinational and it is basically originated from America so the org. Is overwhelmed by western culture. There are social forms of society which consist of upper class, middle class, middle upper class, also lower class.


Now a day's technology is improving so as baking and heating ovens will be of new and efficient technology and will provide efficient service. Due to new technology there are now ways of marketing like internet: telemarketing and the org.

Current economy:


As there are no such competitors of pizza hut which could compete with the quality of pizza produced at pizza hut. Therefore the pricing strategy adopted by pizza hut has adopted this pricing strategy as they want to hold maximum share of the market by maximum profit. This is a golden era for pizza hut, as there are no competitors and hence, pizza hut is free to charge any price they want.

Market share -

Employment and Promotion:

The objectives of promotion are to introduce a new product, stimulate demand, change the shot - term behaviour of the customers, and encourage repeat or greater usage by current customers. Pizza Hut uses many promotional strategies. The main promotion is a coupon to purchase. They are using billboards on main stream please to get there customer. Advertising camping will creates awareness of the products in our target markets.

React to positive changes:

In this business future is very bright. Profits are very high. Investment is very low. But you put more money in this business; suddenly you are run this business. In small business more money.


Part of the largest restaurant chain in the world

100% owned by YUM

Sound financial situation and international turnover

Brand leader in the UK

Famous television advertising


Loyal customers are feeling that the satisfaction of the pizzas is declining.

There is lack of organic pizzas, which will limit the target market.


Pizza hut targets upscale products and downscale consumer base

New pizzas with different crust sizes and flavours.


Rising cheese costs threaten margins


Pizza Hut has many targets which it has achieve in a given period of time. The time- period is mostly a year. Therefore, in order to fulfil the targets different strategies are adopted by pizza hut. It can be concluded that these strategies have been successful and there is flexibility in the strategies, as they can be changed with the changes in the market conditions as well as the targets.




Cadbury logo


From: Krunal Rawal (Manager)

To : Managing Directory

Sub : Change Method of Earn Mon

Date : 17-8-2010


We talk about the world great company CADBURY. This company is very systemic and perfect work. Lots of people are working in this industry. This is worldwide company. So many branches in different types of country. They sell same products with SAME TEST and same style. Packing is very good. Prices are not high and lower. Cadbury products are very good.


Cadbury company chairman is Mr. ROGER CARR. We met or exceeded our financial targets during a period of economic slowdown and financial turmoil while at the group and the confectionery business.



Best flayers



How much profit and sales


React to changes





In this time the company make very proper work. They achieve the goal they should go quality way. Do not look for quantity Way. This Company run very well because of one factor working very power full, the factor name is good and best communication to the each and every people.

Best flayers:

Cadbury fruit and nuts chocolate

Cadburys 5 star crunchy

cherry mixed fruit

Chocó bites


Dairy milk

Flake chocolate bar

Cadbury gems

Strawberry lip balm

Fruit snacks

Pommel fruit

Kinas mixed

Welch's fruit mango fruit bars

Chick fruit cup


Cadbury is the largest global confectionery supplier, with 9.9 % of global market share.

High financial strength [sales turnover 1997, £7971.4 M and 9.4%]

Cadbury would realize several possible positive points in abroad. By penetrating a foreign the company make. With its brand name, Cadbury could counterattack the competitors it faces in the domestic market by attacking their national market.


At this company loss point is the market of USA. They need to change and different something like for location. They have it problems and also network. In this area market is very small. They think how to develop the business in this market.

This company production of the all chocolates which has go and run by the 24.5% between 1988 & 1991. Has little bit down in more recent years, of this production dairy milk which has been growing until 1991, they again remained fairly static in 1992, reflecting a fall in demand due to the gloomy economic situation?


The confectionery market is characterized by a high degree of merger and acquisition activity in recent year. Opportunities exist to increase share through targeted acquisitions.


Worldwide there is an increasingly demanding cost environment, particularly for energy, transport, packaging and sugar. Global supply chain in low cost locations.


Company environment is very amazing to compare the other company. They all are enjoying the all festivals. They are working one type of family. This is the part of family members. In 2008 we produce the award winning ECO EGG RANGE. Yummy Easter eggs wrapped simply in foil. The range includes Cadbury treasure eggs, with a 68% reduction in packing and Cadbury egg heads, with a 39% of reduction.

How much profit and sales:

UK people like the chocolate especially in the Cadbury and dairy milk products. And the good news is Cadbury Company more sell in UK. This company has attributed the 12% gain in UK sales. This company pre tax profits were £112 MILLION, which is down from the £143 MILLION it made in year of 2008. The company's profits are reported to have risen by the 24% to £262 MILLION. We reconfirm our guidance to deliver revenue growth around the lower and our 4% to 6% achievements range.





Malted Food




Cocoa powder and drinking chocolates




Employment opportunities:

For the new confectionary production, least to mention is to build viable positions in take first prioritized markets through organic develop and acquisition. Besides what is mention above, the Cadbury products has other development to have market more production in china, Russia, UK, New Zealand, and Australia. For the production and developing the "LOW CALORIE" line of chocolates and sweets, they also offer the "SUGAR FREE" line products.

React to changes:

Now this company, some changes in employment. And some of manager post level people. They launch new products in the market. All prices are very normal. Packing is very good. Quality is very good. They are increases the every people sealers.


This company transferred to the production plants. And he starts the new plant in Poland in England. So that the big chance for the job. They earn very well. Every people are working. Productions are very well. Also there markets are very well. So marketing are booming. All products are selling very well. They do more franchises. They have done her goal with new plants.


And the Finlay Cadbury to reach the peak of achievement the goal. The company would have to street on the global run of the product. But then again, careful considerations to look at its major competitors and obtain the rules of a certain country are equally important. In this task we talk about all criteria. You open new company you need this all things, and then you start your company.


On sources

Read news papers, metro, evening standard, times news papers.


TASK - 3

From: Krunal Rawal (Manager)

To : Managing Directory

Sub: comparison one to other company.

Date: 17-8-2010

Introduction: -

As a manager we compare too one to other companies. In this task we so to comparison two companies. We show to all things. How to develop the companies. And finally we show to same presentation show. What is the important of two companies? We show to the comparison for two companies.

We compare to two brand companies. 1) Dominos Pizza

2) Pizza Hut.



Where we use

Comparison for two company

Customers respond



Slide show - 3


What is "the eponymous manufacturing system designed to spew out standardized, low - cost goods and afford its workers decent enough wages to buy them". It has also been described as "a model of economic expansion and technological progress based on the mass production. The manufacture of standardized products in huge volumes using special purpose machinery and unskilled labour".

The standardizing of the product.

The elimination of skilled labour indirect production, while simultaneously paying the worker higher wages.

The use of special purpose tools and equipment via the assembly line.

Where we use:

Fordism is the part of the business. When you achieve the business and company goal so you use the fordism system. In manufacturing process and sanders product which can be manufactured east as well as can be required smoothly. This is very fames formula in the world. Most of uses in assembly line this work.

Comparison for two company:

Now we talk about the two companies.

Pizza hut

Domino's pizza

Domino's pizza

Pizza hut

This company colours are blue.

Dominos provide is Bick delivery.

Dominos training is very different.

Now customers are develop the new and maintain the old customers.

Opening taming is long

Dominos have maximum branches in London.

Dominos is international and domestic business.

Dominos employment wages are very high

Dominos rules and regulations is very strong. And if break the rules £ 10 penalty compulsory.

In dominos each and every products do not teach to land.

No sitting arraignments.

- Pizza hut colours are red.

- Pizza provides car delivery.

- Pizza training is very different.

- Now pizza is loss the customers.

- opening taming is short

- Pizza has branches and restaurants in London.

- Pizza is international and domestic business.

- Pizza employment salary is good, but not bed.

- Pizza rules is very quiet, no penalty systems.

- In pizza not rules.

- In pizza making process is very good.

- No sitting arraignments.


If you development the business. What is the weakness in this business? First of all you develop the business and your weakness. Your weakness is slow so you also improve the business. Start the positive things and how they develop the customers. This business is only for the internet and telephone. And online payment system. Pizza making system and test are same for all times.

Good advertisements.

Best offers

Discount skim

Luck draw

Good quantity and quality

Customers respond:-

In those business customers respond is very good. It base on customer respond. All targets are customers, so customers are happy and the business are increase and company growth is gone. Some time customers are very tired for continues leafleting. And some people complain to manager please put the leaflets properly and do not send each and every day.


So in this task we show to the how to develop the customer and what is the difference between one to other company. And then after, you need more profit so you want to go to assembly line. And then go this business makes more money.

Attachment slides

Slid - 1

SLID - 2

SLID - 3



- own sours

- Metro and evening slander news paper

- The mail new papers



TASK - 4

From: Krunal Rawal (Manager - internet sales)

To : Managing Directory

Sub : company comparison

Date: 17-8-2010


In this task show to the company comparison with different type of sales methods. Same business but different types of method and strategy use. We start the new selling how much the profit and loss the business. If you go to internet sales, suddenly change in your business for positive side.



Market Policy


Why is different for each other company plan

Company mission

Market value





Market dominance if you change the





Porter generic strategies

Marketing Policy:

Web marketing

Internet marketing

Professional internet marketing

SEO expert marketing

Search Engine Optimization - [seo marketing]

This is the internet marketing services. This is the main and most imports internet marketing line. No more investment, no more employment, no more spaces, no more expensive.

Modals marketing:-

1] Internet marketing -- "the marketing of products or services over the internet"

PPC Google Instant

Why is different for each other company plan:

Difference to A company to B Company and a company to C Company.

If you start an internet facility, so your business is booming.

Prêt a manager

Dominos pizza

Pizza hut

This is very different to this company.

Prêt a manager opening taming is very difference.

Food is very good quality.

Prices are very competitive.

They do not provide an online Service.

Prêt a manager provide dress

Prêt a manager not provide home deliver

Prêt a manager provide a setting arraignment

Dominos pizza is making a pizza and only food products.

Start from morning 10.00 to 12.00

Food quality is very good.

Prices are very good

They provide online good services.

Dominos provide a dress

Provide a home deliver

Dominos not provide a setting arraignment

Pizza hut only making a food and services.

Pizza hut taming is morning 10.00 to 12.00

Food is also very good.

Prices are some up and down.

They provide an online good service.

Pizza hut provide a dress

Provide a home deliver

Pizza hut not provide a setting arraignment

Company mission:

Good and excellent customer service

Care to our new and old customer

Feedback report

Shareholder statement

Manor to talking with people

Language translator

Lection out look

Good management

Best employment

Proper machinery

International and domestic marketing

If you have all points in your company you sour achieve your goal and you complete the mission. Then after start a new target.

Internet marketing value:-

Very high value in internet marketing in this global world. Now each and every place internet sales are super increase. If you have internet and you go to marketing, so you business are sour increase. Your working process is very fast. You receive quick result. In this globalization each and every people are touch in internet and then internet marketing. It is well develop business. Now a days and future internet value is very high.


Finally internet link is very good for all business and company. These are more progressive products. You are very familiar with new technology. These are very cheap and powerful. You connoting to whole world any time. International business man use only internet. It very effect. TIME SAVE


SLIED - 1:

Slid - 2

Slid - 3


Own souse.

Reading news papers and marketing books


TASK - 5


Are you working any company? After some day any changes, but this change is compulsory follow the all employments. And then after they accept this management. And start again new work, it call to change management.








Change management is the continuous adoption of corporate structures to changing external conditions. Today change is not the exception but a steady ongoing process. On contrast' business as usual' will become the exception different of turbulence. And change management comprises both, revolutionary one off project and evolutionary transformations.

Individual employees' objectives.

Corporate transformation or transformation



In this process is implementation caused defined processes to be performed routinely resulting in institutionalization throughout the organization. Process implementation assembles a whole product consisting of communication, process training a mentoring. Tool training, support mechanisms, metrics and infrastructure of continuous improvement in additions.





Sponsor Roadmap




Resistance Management



Connecting organizational and individual change management.

Individual change management - understanding how one person makes a change successfully.

Organizational change management - understanding what tools we have to help individuals make changes successfully.

A Awareness of the need for change

D Desire to participate and support the change

K Knowledge on how to change

A Ability to implement required skills and behaviours

R Reinforcement to sustain the change

Planning change management activates

Diagnosing gaps

Corrective actions

Supporting managers and supervisors


Finely and of the task, if you required a change in your business, so you should change it. Everything is new, after change effect of good. Employed are fill very comfortable. Environment is very different. People are work very fast. Start form low salary.


Own source

Metro news papers


TASK - 6


Now stakeholders are the base and image of company. In the business line, business person just look the company share value, and immediately decide, we invest in this company or not. What is the company future it is bright or only just side light.








Stakeholder definition; "in the business, group, company and employed can be affected by an organization actions"


Higher company for the Dominos Pizza, before company is good working

But suddenly he starts the stakeholder and then this business is growing. Now it is in top level and finely position is very good.

Top of Form

Stock chart for: DPZ

Bottom of Form


CHANGE -- 0.16(2.15%)

VOLUME -- 691.802


TODAY 'S OPEN -- 13.40

INTRADY LOW -- $ 14.30

INTRADY HIGH -- $ 14.52

REVENUE & EARNING -- 1405.05700


REVENUE PRICE -- 0.56299

CASH FLOW PRICE -- 8.64139

CARRENT RATIO -- 1.37000


Pizza hut take share effete is very good. Pizza hut next name is YUM the leading position in the US pizza QSR segment with a 16% market share. Yum operates in 92 countries with a total of 12,686 shops.

Share price - 46.50 [0.68] (1.48%)

Day = 46.09 - 46.75

52 week = 32.49 - 46.91

Vol. = 3.24M

Revenue = high - 11.1B

Net income growth = Avg. - 7%

Net margin = high - 9.7%

And of the year this business is increase and in market company reputation is very high.



The company name is UNILEVER. Now this company start our stockholder. You look at in chart; this company day by day go to up side. This company is very progricev. People have trust in this company. So inverter are put the money in this company. So company receive more money and they invest more.

Share price = 1836

Change = 43.00 [2.40%]

Last close = 1794

Target price = 2108.32

Vol. = 1373.965

52 week days = 1662.00 - 2007.00


It can be seen then that difference does exist between dominos pizza and pizza hut. This can be seen in the marketing variables which are the basis for segmentation such as age and geographic variables. In competitive market, both companies must identify and target different market segments in order to remain at the cutting edge.