Britannias Market Strategy and Competitive Strategy

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In this document, an in-depth analysis on the Britannia's Marketing Strategy and Competitive Strategy is illustrated. In detail this report contains the different marketing strategies adopted by Britannia to help them grow and succeed in the market. This paper covers many sections such as; PEST-G analysis, SWOT analysis, Growth strategy and Marketing Mix.

In view of the fact that Britannia Industries Limited is a food based organization which produces a large variety of Biscuits, Diary products, Rusk, Bread and Cakes, it is evident that they have now excelled in their business. Within this document the evidence of company's current position and success is at hand with a concentration on the marketing mix and the SWOT analysis of Britannia. In brief, we see that Britannia Industries Limited, continues to improve the quality of their products to meet the consumers demands and prevail over the competitive edge.

Britannia Biscuits was set up in 1892, in a very plain and ordinary house in Kolkata with the initial investments of Rs. 295. By 1978, Britannia biscuits had crossed 60% of the shares of the firm, followed by renaming the company to Britannia Industries Limited(BIL) and in 1983 it crossed Rs 100 crores revenue margin. Then as we know, in 1992 it celebrated its Platinum Jubilee. "Eat Healthy, Think Better" was revealed in 1997. It was gaining the status of 'quality and value' and in 1999, the "Britannia Khao, World Cup Jao" promotion made the consumers even more aware then before which helped them even more prominent in the market. In the 21st century it came out as India's largest and most famous brand of biscuit.

Now Britannia is no more just another ordinary biscuit but it is one of the most renowned and well known biscuit in the world. From a small fairy tale it reached new standards and from a small investment it has got a high margin of profit which has been very positive for the company investors. They have a variety of biscuits even considering the health and economy to the life-style oriented types.


Business Sector And Geographical Market.

Britannia Industries Limited is a public food industry, with its headquarters located in Banglore, well-known for its Britannia and Tiger biscuits. It now has around 300 stores spread, owned by Danone and Kalabakan Investments in India. As we know, they deal in Biscuits, Rusk, Diary products, Bread and Cakes.

The company, in 2007 formed a Joint Venture with Khimji Ramdas Group to expand and sell biscuits to the Middle East countries, as it's the most respected business and the key district players in selling biscuits. It now provides a large range of commodities under the brand 'Nutro', which is the primary brand name in Middle East.

PEST - G Analysis

Political Factors:

The Food regulations were put into practice at the State & Central level.

Severe TAX rules had been started.

Several other Government Regulations were put into action.

Economic Factors:

The Gross Domestic Products started rising at 8-9%

A raise in the disposable returns took place.

Rupee Appreciation was a great concern.

Social Factors:

70% inhabitants are lower than 35 years of age.

Good knowledge among the individuals of various things.

Technological Factors:

Process improvement and Product Innovation played a great role.

Innovative techniques were thought to be adopted.


Competitors - Parle Glucose also known as Parle-G (G for Genius) is manufactured in India by the Parle Products which is one of the oldest brand names and the biggest selling biscuits in India.

Market Share - Parle-G has a market share of 70% in the biscuit industry in India followed by Britannia, Tiger with 17-18%, and Sunfeast of 8-9% share.

Sales/Profit Trend - More than 50% of the company's turnover is estimated at around Rs 20 billion. It has started expanding to areas such as Western Europe, USA, UK, UAE and Canada.

Target Market - Parle has a target market which is focused in India, consisting of people of all category groups such as children, teenagers, family members and even old aged people as it is a popular biscuit eaten during Tea-time snack.


Market Share and Sales and Profit Trend

Britannia market position is very high due to factors relating to its pricing strategies, distribution channels and variety of products. They commence new products to satisfy the consumer's needs giving them new and alternative products to choose, which in turn benefit the company by having more potential for growth. So we understand that the company is not only growing, but also gaining profits. Their estimated market share is 38%. In the early years of the company, they received sales at an annual rate of 16% in market and their operational proceeds were nearly 18%. But now it has been increased to 27%, giving Britannia annual revenue of Rs 2,200 crore only from their biscuits. 10% is contributed by the diary products. They have an annual capacity of 433,000 tones of biscuits with sale while exporting up to $150.75 million.

Swot Analysis


Widely Distributed network and accepted by all age groups.

Innovative products like-Little Hearts, 50-50 Chakkar, and Nice Time.

Celebrity endorsements - Sachin Tendulkar, Aamir Khan.

The Brand Slogan of Britannia "Eat Healthy Think Better" is the key asset of the firm.

It is available in various different forms of packages.

The variety of products is an added advantage as they not only focus on assorted biscuits but also cakes, breads, Rusk and diary products.


Faces stiff competition from their rival Parle and Nestle on the basis of Price and Distribution channels.

The industry and technology requires high investments.

As too many different types of brands enter the market, they might loose focus.

Even though the prices are affordable, they might not be easily available to the lower income groups.


People are willing to try newer variants and hence it satisfies the taste buds by its newer variants.

It generates employment opportunities.

As consumers are very concerned about their health, it helps them to strengthen brands NutriChoice, Milk Bikis, and Tiger biscuits.

Competition increases.

This helps to enhance mergers.


They might sometimes be unable to utilize all the resources efficiently.

They may provide poor quality of biscuits for more profits.

As there are a number of biscuits in the existing market, they have large number of challengers.

Consumer demands may alter impulsively.

Government might come up with new restrictions without notices.


Marketing Strategy include anything from facts, events, procedures, values and personalities. Britannia nearly sells all their products all over India and even exports it other few countries. Their market rate kept growing every year in the Indian market. Therefore, BIL has implemented a Diversification strategy, so that it becomes the market leader in the food and biscuits industry. But they made sure that when they diversify, they make similar kinds of products such as cheese, diary products and even more bakery items. So the company can realize their marketing strategies by underlining the opportunities in the market. There are a various different strategies they adopted.

Segmentation - They believed in the best quality of products for the consumers as they are health conscious and so they fulfil this need of the consumers.

Targeting - The Company focussed on building a good relationship with the customers as they are they play the most important part in the sale of products. Not only did they keep up to the old customer's expectation, but they also try to make new customers as their retention plays a major role for the growth of their business.

Positioning - While manufacturing new products, they don't fail to remember their competitor's way of fighting against them, instead they pay even more attention to each and every step they take towards success as they want to be ahead of them and succeed.

Growth Strategy - Even though Britannia biscuits started off by selling their products in India, they slowly expanded and started to export it to other parts of the world. By doing so, they adapted to the different cultures of those countries and made plans for those neighbouring areas and researched and analyzed which product has more demand than the others and ways to improve their sales.

Promoting their brands is a very essential idea for their marketing strategy as it helps understand the consumers the variety of benefits they get while purchasing the product. They should advertise and publicize their message clearly stating the facts.

Based on the marketing strategies, we understand that building a brand is an important part of the company. They understand how to increase sales and profits in a short span of time while continuing to promote its variety of brands to create loyal consumers.



Britannia have a large variety of products to choose from, not only do they manufacture Biscuits, but they also make different types of Diary items, Breads and Rusk. They launch products which in gets good returns for the company through building a good brand and quality products which are supplied across different countries.

The main streamline of Britannia products include:

Biscuits such as:

Marie Gold


Milk Bikis

Time Pass



NutriChoice also available for Diabetic people.

Dairy Delights include few products like:



Dahi (Yoghurt)



Bread types have:




Assorted Breads

Benefits of Branding

As we all know, Britannia biscuits still have higher growth potential in the market as its one of the best-known brands in India and popular among other countries as well. Even though they have come up with new variety of biscuits, they still emphasis on their initial biscuit brands such as Tiger, Good Day, Marie, Treat and even more. Britannia has diversified by also making Breads, Cakes and other Diary products. Its brands are considered to be an excellent value by India's price-conscious consumers. Tiger Biscuit is one of the most distinguished brands and is extremely popular among the rural areas and consumers. Sports and sporting events also are a key channel for promotions. The company's "Britannia khao, World Cup jao" (Eat Britannia, travel to see the World Cup) campaign in 2003 was the most recognized sales promotion among all Cricket World Cup-related sales activity.


Britannia had started selling products in India, but now it has expanded overseas to places like Middle East and Sri Lanka.

They have even started to export their goods to places such as:



Saudi Arabia









Britannia has adopted the Market Penetration Method of pricing. It focuses on the quality of the products keeping in mind the pricing strategy. This helps improve and generate large sale volume for their products. It aims at maximizing the market share and to produce new product lines. A few examples are:

Vegetarian Cakes are available at Rs. 15/- for a 75 gm pack.

Nutrichoice Health Starter Kit is for Rs 100.

Britannia Tiger Banana packed with IRON ZOR priced at Rs.2, Rs.4 and Rs.10.


To attract the consumers of Britannia, they very innovatively came up with ideas to promote their brand in numerous different ways, and now they have leveraged India's two most successful passions of all times:



Nearly every Indian's dream was to be present at a stadium while India is playing cricket, during the World Cup, so Britannia created the 'Britannia Khao, World Cup Jao' contest in 1999. They made it very simple for their target market to enter this contest, which was to purchase more products to win a scratch and win lucky card and winning an all expenses paid trip to England to watch the World Cup Match. They held it again in 2002-2003 held in South Africa which successfully set a unique trend of their own. They even came up with another creative promotion of 'Britannia Khao, Cricketer Ban Jao' that was fuelled by the need of every Indian to be a part of the passion called Cricket followed by a promotion called 'Britannia Lagaan Match' in 2001 that revolved around a movie called Lagaan was based on a cricket match. This promotion gave the consumers a chance to interact with the film stars and also get to pay cricket with them. The match had over 40,000 spectators and made the headlines of leading newspapers and news channels and was found to be the most unbeaten promotional act of that year. So we understand that sports and the sporting events are the key promotional tools of Britannia.

Therefore we now know that Britannia promotes their products through various media's such as Events, Television, Magazines and Sales Promotions too.


Company's current position/success

Britannia Company releases on November 10th, 2010 that BIL obtained sales of Rs 10,948 MM with growth of 27.5% which shows an increase.

The company also releases that they received sales worth of Rs 9,128 MM during the year end, with a growth of 24.8% followed by a boost of 20% in the volume.


Now that we have an in-depth view of the company's profile, marketing strategy and marketing mix, it shows the different methods used to adapt to promote and publicize their products across India and other countries. Based on the information researched, we find that they focus on consumer needs to a very large extent. This is shown by the fact that, since consumers are more health conscious nowadays, they have introduced NutriChoice Diabetic Biscuits. It is also proven by their tagline, "Eat Healthy, Think Better". In conclusion, we see that how a small sized company has grown to be one of the largest biscuit selling brands across India and many other countries world-wide.