Brand Perception On Promotion Marketing Essay

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Judgments based on brand perception on promotion will influence the brand satisfaction on skin care products. Brand promotion is concerned with the active and positive communication of the brand and its value. Brand promotions observe that some consumers actively seek out promotion for preferred bands (Shankar and Krisnamurthi.1996). Brand means a mark (symbol or sign) or design or some combination of these used to identify the products of one seller and to differentiate them from competitive products. A registered brand is known as trade mark. According to Rowley (1998), brand promotion is an important element of a firm's marketing strategy. Brand Promotion is used to communicate with customers with respect to product offerings, and it is also a way to encourage purchase or sales of a product or service. Brand promotion is a common strategy that element intended to increase product awareness of marketing mix which is designed to inform, remind, persuade and influence the customers so that they purchase the brands of the advertiser company. Brand promotion perception is applied and persuasive communication used for informing and reminding the customers of the company's brands and serves as an immediate economic incentive to purchase a product (Honea and Dahl, 2005; Oliver and Shor, 2003).

Brand perception on promotion includes advertising, sample, testimonials or price discount towards brand satisfaction on skin care products. For brand promotion perception on advertising is the process of using a wide range of promotional tools working together to create a brand satisfaction. Advertising is a non-personal presentation of information in mass media about a product, brand, company or store. It greatly affects consumers 'images, beliefs and attitudes towards products and brands, and in turn, influences their purchase behaviours (Evans et al., 1996). Attractive advertisements in mass media such television, radio, newspaper, magazines and billboards shows that brand promotion, especially through advertising, can help establish ideas or perception in the consumers' minds as well as help differentiate skin care products against other brand in order to reach the brand satisfaction. Advertisement acts as a language to convey or expose information to public. In a first purchase situation consumer will have to rely on advertising in order to decide whether to buy or not (Peter & Olson, 1990, and Nilson, 1998). Using celebrities is another form of advertising. Celebrities are able to create awareness and good image of the own in the minds of the consumer (Seno and Lukas 2007) it enhance brand satisfaction of products and services.

Sampling characterized as sample experiences that influences the consumers and motivated the likelihood of purchase after trying (Heilman, Lakishyk, and Radas, 2006). Free sample or free gift is another important promotional tool of technique used by marketers. Marketing managers recognize the importance of product trial and direct behavioral experience with a product (Nelson and Chiew, 2005). They often mail free samples of products to consumers so that consumers can try the products for themselves, rather than just hear about the products (Kardes, 1999).Marketers used free sample for several reason: to stimulate trial product, to increase sales volume in the early stages of a product's life cycle, or to obtain desirable distribution (Pride and Ferrell, 1997). Besides, free sample had three clear effects, acceleration which was increasing repeat purchase, and expansion for new customer to buy the brand. According to Ben Amor's researches (2009), during the last ten years, significance of free samples as tools of promotion in the fields of skin care product has been on the rise. Sampling designed to be a powerful trial device to allow customers having a trial and hence speed up the adoption of new products (Block, 1996). Sampling tends to enhance the conditioning of the desired response more effectively and efficiently. Samples is one of the brand promotion methods will influences brand satisfaction on skin care products. Free Samples are a good way to test market response. According (McGuinnes 1995) considers product sampling as a brand promotion technique used by marketers to encourage "consumer trial".

According to Arens (2006) offer in-store display or testimonials materials able to build additional store traffic, exhibit and advertise the product, and promote impulse buying with use of designed advertising like device. It included the use of traditional retail setting such as windows and door signage, streamers and posters, and shelf talker to draw customer attention and excitement to products and support customers' queries with textual and graphical description (Mulvehill, 2008). The role of in-store display is to reinforce the product personality which able to tangibility brings the brand and advertising image at the point of transaction (Block, 1996). Furthermore, the eye-catching visualize effects and informative displays were important to nudge the customer into realizing and enhancing their need since display materials can offer extra selling information and make the product stand out from the competition with the consumer self-involvement purchasing (Arens, 2006).

Price discounts showed the immediate reduction of the regular price on a product's label on package (Kotler, 1997; and Pride and Ferrell, 1997). A price discounts is a incentives offer economic benefits to consumers, influence consumers' beliefs about the brand, and arouse positive feelings and emotions within consumers, which will increase consumers' brand awareness and purchase intentions (Ailawadi et al., 2001; Heerde et al., 2003; Raghubir et al., 2004).it use to distinguish informed and uninformed consumers, and also differentiate lotal users and switchers (Shi et al., 2005). Consumers were lured into the purchase due to the feeling of saving value gained from their decision. Therefore, price has a significant influence on the purchasing decision for customers and consequently higher the sales and profit for a firm (Teng, 2009). Researchers found that brand promotions perception (e.g. Price discounts) tend to positively influence customer estimates of the fair price of a promoted product, to enhance perceived value of the deal, and to increase brand satisfaction with a purchase and purchase intentions (Darke and Dahl, 2003; Hsu and Liu, 1998; Oliver and Shor, 2003).