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YouTube is a video-sharing service where the users are allowed to post or upload different types of videos. The videos are like entertaining, animation, personal, public, persuasive, etc. The first video (Me at Zoo) launched by Jawed karim (one of the founder) had around 3.24 Million hits ( The youtube videos has the facility for the users that they can post or tag videos and can watch, comment on videos posted by other users. For every video posted in YouTube provides a link for blogging to the users. Users have the facility to view the profiles that have posted and commented on videos, can add the videos to their favorites and can contact them.


YouTube was founded in February 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. It was launched in May 2005. These three founders are former PayPal employees. Chad Hurley had studied design at Indiana Univerity, Steven Chen and Jawed karim were students of computer science at the univerisity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (

Chad Hurley Steve Chen Jawed Karim

Facts & Figures

The Facts & Figures are taken in the timeline of Five Years of YouTube.


Facts & Figures


February : Founders register domain name and begin work on


April 23rd : First video uploaded to the site

May : Beta launch of YouTube

June : YouTube embeds enabled

December : Official launch (8 million videos watched a day)


March : Content verification program launched

March : Filtering technology launches

May : Video responses launched

July : 100 million video views per day;

65,000 videos uploads per day

August : First advertising formats launched:

Participatory Video Ads (PVA) and Brand Channels

October : Google acquisition of YouTube for $1.65 billion


May : First known instance of a Rick Roll

June : YouTube launches in nine countris

June : YouTube mobile site launched

July &

November : CNNYouTube Debates

August : InVideo Ads launched

September : Non-Profit channels launched

October : Queen of England launches YouTube channel

October : Content management system "Content ID" with

video identification launched

December : YouTube Partner Program launched


January : 10 hours of video uploaded every minute

January : YouTube Insight analytics tool Launched

March : YouTube Insight analytics tool launched

April : YouTube screening room launched

May : 13 hours of video uploaded every minute

June : Interactive YouTube feature Annotations launched

June : YouTube integration into Sony Bravia TV

August : : YouTube captions launched

October : 15 hours of video uploaded every minute

November : Promoted Videos launched

December : 720p HD launched


January : US congress and President channels launched

March : Disney deal signed

April : Peabody Award

May : 20 hours of video uploaded every minute

June : YouTube auto-share launched connecting YouTube

to social networks and Webmail accounts

July : 3D launched

October : YouTube announced more than 1 billion views per day

November : 1080p full-HD launched


March : 24 hours of video uploaded every minute

April : Indian Premier League cricket season live-streamed to the world

on YouTube

May : YouTube exceeds 2 billion views a day

Online Video Marketing

About Online Video Marketing

Online Video Marketing is marketing a product or service using videos. Using videos for marketing is one of the best strategies in marketing where videos communicate about the product, how it is used and their benefits to the audience in a very short span of time. With online video marketing the ads can be promoted with minimal cost and posted on their own organizations website or using other video websites like Google video or YouTube video.

Online Video Marketing tips

Once video is ready the next question how and where to promote.

How to promote videos

Provide the title and description of the video

Keep the video as short as possible i.e. between 2 to 5 minutes

Provide brief description

Provide search engines

Video should be clear, concise and straight to the point

Where to promote videos

Promote videos using video websites like YouTube, Google, Veoh, Yahoo videos, etc.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is one of the best & more popular website used for marketing. One of the reasons is the increasing number of video website users and other reason is YouTube is free for posting videos and not an expensive equipment.

There are four different types of videos to promote your business on YouTube.

The commercial:

This type of videos is basically used by the people who want to talk about why their business and their products are popular

The company videos:

These types of videos are produced by companies. This videos consists of their products, Services, offers, etc.

The vacation videos:

These videos are brought by the families or personals of their vacations by fixing them in their camcorder about the beaches, places, mountains, etc. so this home based business videos can be watched on their boring desk.

The tutorials:

These type videos provide information on anything. If the information is useful and helpful the users can repeatedly watch these videos.

Best Practices of YouTube Marketing

YouTube has developed many tools for marketing the videos. Here are some tips used to do marketing with YouTube,

Customizing Channel

Channel on YouTube is the page which contains personal information, videos, favorites, etc. and this page can be viewed by the public. In customizing channel the user can design, Add banners and URLs, adding the top videos. In designing the channel the user can change the background color, text color and size this helps profile in good looking. In Add banners and URLs the users can upload icons and banners. The user can also select the top video which is to be played when the other user visit the page.

Account type

There are different types of Account available in YouTube for different range of users like Comedian, Guru, Musicians, Director, Reporter and YouTuber. All accounts have the facility to share, uploading, commenting, etc. For every different account types have different customizing options. The users who are creating the account in YouTube should be very clear which type of account should be created this helps other users easy to search your videos.

Tag and Categorize videos

Tags are keywords used to help people in finding your videos. To do tagging some keywords are required, for picking up the keyword the audience should be targeted before like who, how and what type of videos are going to be searched. Categorize all the videos which also help people easy to find you videos.

Creating playlists

Playlist in YouTube is a list videos grouped together to play videos one after the other. When one video finishes the consecutive video plays automatically. These playlist are usually grouped by subject such as "Instructional Marketing Videos", this group contains all the videos related to SEO marketing. So, if you have number of videos to be posted group them by creating playlist this helps the viewers to find the videos easily.

Sharing videos

YouTube also provides an option of sharing videos. For every video on YouTube has a URL link, option of sharing directly on social networks like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, etc. So, the videos can be shared by sending email from YouTube inbox directly or by sending the URL link or directly sharing them on social networks.

Posting bulletins

YouTube has the bulletin feature where the video publishers can communicate with other subscribers by posting bulletins to their YouTube homepages. These bulletins can be sent directly 'Post Bulletin' field which is available on 'My Channel' page. Whenever a bulletin is posted it will be available on the homepage of all your subscribers. With bulletins the user has the ability to promote their own videos to all the subscribers right away and at the same time he can also attach a message by asking them to watch and share with others. The user can also check out the statistics of the video that how many clicks are there for your bulletins on YouTubes' insight area.

Comments or response

YouTube provides the users to check the comments, questions, or ideas on YouTube channel and can see which video is top on the list. The user can discuss on any topic with others and can have the votes on the best video and also can also comment on videos. The comments or response can be done on individual or with group of people.

Joining communities and groups

YouTube community is basically making few groups. For instance, if the user wants to share a particular video he can request to share on particular YouTube community group. It not just the use can only join in community he can also join on discussion with other YouTube members. Becoming a member in YouTube community group is very benefit because you can increase the contacts with other internet users who are on same interests as like you.

Active sharing

With this feature the user has the ability to see who's watching your video and also the videos currently watched by other users. The last six videos which are watched are displayed on your channel page and also when other users watch any one of this video they can see your name on "whos watching" box.

Good videos

This is one of the most important tips of all. When creating videos, think twice how it is useful and in what way it is help full to the viewers. Analyze before creating and uploading videos. The videos should be message transferable, good picture quality, clear voice, etc. this helps to attract the viewers.

Benefits of YouTube Marketing

For any user opening an account and uploading a video on YouTube is very easy and there is no need to pay a single pie for using this marketing campaign. It requires a little time, effort and creative on making the video.

There are many benefits using YouTube for marketing:

Free of cost

Unlike to other means of advertising, YouTube videos are shown for free. There is no budget required to promote and view the videos

Global Audience

As there is increase in online video website users, your video is watched all over the world.

Viral Effect

As there are many viewers watching and adding videos on YouTube. Get attraction to your videos and asking them to refer their friends to watch it. This is way how the "viral" effects.

Customized channel or customized based

Whenever a video is added to your account, it creates profile channel by itself. The viewers of this channel subscribe the video. Anyone can promote their websites further by sending newsletters by e-mails to these subscribers.

Googel SERPs

Basically SERPs stands for Search Engine Result Pages. The videos which are added on your YouTube account has own URL stating on you website. Many viewers visit the site to know more about the products and services that are on offer. So, the hits on your site

Comparison YouTube with Google Videos

Reasons why YouTube is better than Google Video,

YouTube was constructed with a Community in mind.

YouTube's user interface is vastly better.

YouTube's viral functions - "Share this video" and "tell a friend" - are ridiculosly easy.

YouTube videos always load and play faster than Google videos.

YouTube displays the number of times each video has been played.

YouTube's user account system is more robust.

YouTube's search functionality is vastly better than Google's.

YouTube displays three random images from each video for search returns.

YouTube displays trackbacks to each video.

YouTube helps users find the obvious: related videos.

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