Benefits Of Integrated Marketing Communication

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Using IMC method, it ensure that all forms of communications tools and messages are carefully linked together to tell, persuade, and influence buyers to buy a product. It also helps buyers move comfily through the every stages of the buying process include recognizing problem which is awareness of need, searching information about a product, evaluating of alternatives, making purchase decision, purchasing and post-purchasing . Through IMC, buyer can reduce their confusion when choice a product which can deliver superior value and satisfactions to them by presented in a planed sequence with communication tools. IMC also help buyers by update new information about a product or special offers; give reminders about existing product timely and others. Therefore, buyers and consumers can afford a new product within fastest time and repurchase a product when always persuade of communication tools like advertising.

Besides that, although IMC using various types of communication tools work together, but it can make intended information and messages including slogans ,quotes ,facts, and figures more consistent in the process of transmitting messages from producers to buyers on the other hand.. Therefore it create credible of a product or a company's brand to buyers when they make a purchase decisions and help to reduce risk in the mind of buyers toward their product or a brand. On the other hand, the messages will not be as effective without this consistency, even if the target buyers are exposed to several of the communication tools when in the process of buying a product. Lack of consistent of messages just may confuse or distract the buyers.

In addition, it also helps buyers to shorten their buying process, especially stage of search information about each alternative of products with different brand. Buyers can easily to compare the each alternatives outcome of brand. In succession, buyers can to obtain desired products which can satisfy their needs and wants.

In the un-integrated communication marketing, sellers or marketers always send out of jointed of messages and information to buyers. As a result, it directly dilutes the impact of messages and many messages will fail to arrive, misunderstood, simply ignored of buyers. Moreover, without using IMC method, it may bring anxiety frustrate and confuse of buyers, and then buyers will not have confidence and trust this brand of product. This also give bad effect such as transactions in market which cannot carry out with smoothly, sometimes, buyers may will unlikely to return to buy the product again because the performance of the product cannot meet their satisfactions. Then it affects volume sales of product, which also give bad impact of business objectives and aims as sellers did not achieve them. The problem of un-integrated communication marketing can be solving by using IMC method. Ability of sellers to use several communication tools for creates the messages and information in a form can be easily understood by the buyers which give reliable, inspire, reassure of sense to buyers in the buying process.

It will help sellers to build long term relationships with buyers because provide consistency of images and useful, relevant messages to buyers by using IMC method. As a result, this can bring advantages to sellers such as increase volume sales and profits when long- term buyers will loyalty toward their product's brand and then they repurchase products or buy additional services and products from the same sellers. In succession, sellers and marketers can be successfully to reach their objectives and purposes. Moreover, IMC also provides customer databases to sellers and marketers to identify information about buyers precisely and accurately. Sellers can know detail information such as which buyers need what information throughout their buying life, name and email address of every customers the sellers have sold to and also include what the customers purchase and when they purchase the product. Based on all information inside the customer databases, sellers and marketers can to decide which promotional strategy should to use with effectively. In other meaning, customer databases can be say is the best marketing tool in the IMC for to track buyer's interest precisely.

In the IMC method also include "relationship marketing" which is a form of marketing strategy emphasizes customer satisfaction and retention, rather than focus on sales transactions for obtain short-term profits only. "Relationship marketing" different from other types of marketing strategy in that it can recognizes value of customer relationships in long term and protect customers from intrusive sale promotional messages and advertising. Besides that, it also builds a bond of loyalty with buyers which can provide them protection from the unavoidable onslaught of competition in market. Sellers and marketers can gain competitive advantages when they can to keep a long-term customer for lifetime, offering greater customer value within IMC method.