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According BusinessDictionary.Com (2010), objective is mission, purpose, or standard that can be reasonably achieved within the expected timeframe and with the available resources. In general, an objective is broader in scope than a goal, and may comprise of several different goals. Objectives are the most basic planning tools underlying all planning and strategic activities. They serve as the basis for policy and performance appraisals, and act as glue that binds the entire organization together. From that statement shows that objective is returned on something which what we want doing for example a company which carried out business must be having specific objective to achieved so that all planning will successful with the existence of objective in their organization because they will try to achieve all the objective of their company.

1.1) Hierarchy of objectives for the Toyota Us

Figure 1

From the hierarchy above shows the objective of Toyota US need to achieve in each level to increase their sale, improve the quality of product and win back their customer. So, that was Toyota's first objective want to be reached due to sales fall those who displayed in The Star newspaper in day Thursday 4 march 2010 on Toyota sales' fall almost 9% in February from one has a year earlier low level in economy depth crisis, but fall do not as bad a few bad worried and their stock jumped 3% in Tokyo trade. Second objective is wants to increase quality and Toyota car safety because this was of paramount importance to increase back customer's trust on their quality car.

In the scenario shows that the US Senate Commerce Committee concluded that more than five hours of hearings on Toyota's safety problems with another rebuke for the world's top vehicle maker so they have to improve their quality safety car's to make their customer will loyal with their product in the market nowadays. The third objective of Toyota is win back customers; from scenario show that they want to battle reduces in sales which started January with safety recalls, Toyota said it would try to win customers with giving discount including financing nil during five years on to selling models like Camry.

According the H. Daniel, (2010), Toyota reputation for quality, credibility and treatment to customers is built around easy core principle namely, continuous improvement. Admitted mistakes, learn from them, implementing change which will increase efficiency, reduce cost, satisfactory customers and, by way, plant competitors cannot match they. That means the good reputation in Toyota company is including their quality, credibility and treatment to customers is built around easy core principle namely on their performance to improve the sales in the market.

1.2) Rational for having a clearly set objective in the process of planning strategies for Toyota

To be broken down into clear statements of what needs to be done at each level.

Enable objectives of the organization comprehensive may be carried out to resolve statements what have to shall be made in every level. In order to every more part and understanding of what should be done in every objective want carried out. For example, Toyota US must be having target in every level what should be done so that in every the level can more focused on what want to be done in corporate through objective was prescribed they want to be achieved.

To provide clear statements of what action needs to be taken.

To provide clear Statements what action need to be taking. As such, when Toyota company be able to see what actions that need to be taken for example from quotation given tell that Toyota US sales drops to 9% in February as such Toyota US company must take action to increase again sales they on market. For example, Toyota wishes to give discount and zero financing for five years such as Camry model. With this way objective want to be achieved will be successful when Toyota US take action appropriately to increase more their sales in the future.

To Provide focus for all activities

In to provide focus for all activity would be carried away in developing corporate performance Toyota US must become deep focus devote all activity want to be done so that Toyota car production will be rising terms of performance, image, and itself company proceeds of sale. Thereby, Toyota company have to go about suitable strategy in improving more corporate performance and cope further increase sales if they method used correct pursuant to their business.

Basis for evaluating implementation of plan

Basis to evaluate implementation of plans meaning in effort to achieve objective had been set by Toyota US Islamic law, they should having process and road to carry it so that what were being planned will be successful. With that, in implementing plans them must be doing study to company they a little that much can help in achieve the objective prescribed by Toyota.

To provide targets for both individual and group achievement

To provide targets for both group achievement and respectively they should achieving target company objective in individual and own the group must be strive no matter from any achievement aspect, ability or what way even in effort to improve performance company. Thus, with use objective had been set by Toyota Us Company to achieve they should carrying out their responsibility and seriously in performing responsibility in running their business. From that they can control actual performance in the organization to improve the company sales and image of company itself.

1.3) Conclusion

As a decision, base on scenario give Toyota Company US have the objective themselves by running business they. To have one fixed clearly objective in process planning strategies is vital to keep corporate performance and increase again company sales. Thus, with the existence of objective was prescribed, Toyota US would be able make planning to attract again their customer to buy their product in the market nowadays.

2.0) Introduction

Stakeholder played an important part in an organization which carried out business because they are influence the business results. According the BusinessDictionary.Com (2010), stakeholder is a people, group, or organization having direct interest or indirect in an organization because it could leverage on what which is done by organization such as objectives, and policies want to be achieved in that organization itself. Agreement holders major in one business organization including creditors, customers, directors, workers, government, shareholder, suppliers, unions, and community where they draw business resources. Although property usually is self confirm, all shareholders was not same shareholder and different are entitled for different considerations. From that definition shows one firm customer is entitled for good business practice but they are not entitled to the same consideration as the firm employees.

2.1) Strategy for Toyota to change Toyota's image in the mind of stakeholder

Alternative strategies that an enterprise could pursue can be categorized into a few types such as integration strategies, intensive strategies, diversification strategies, and defensive strategy. According Fred R. David (1999), alternative strategies that an enterprise cloud pursue can be categorized into 13 action, firstly is forward integration and next is backward integration, horizontal integration, market penetration, market development, product development, concentric diversification, conglomerate diversification, horizontal diversification, joint venture, entrenchment, divestiture, an liquidation and lastly is a combination strategy. For example, market penetration can include adding salesperson, increasing advertising expenditures, couponing, and using similar actions to increase market share in a given geographic area.

2.2) Intensive strategies new strategies for Toyota

From that statement above, the strategy that suitable for Toyota US in their current issue in the organization they should implement is intensive strategies. In the intensive strategies included a market penetration, market development, and product development are sometimes referred to intensive strategies because they require intensive effort to improve a firm's competitive position with existing product.

2.2.1) Market penetration strategy

In the market penetration strategy seeks to increase market share for present product or services in present markets through greater market efforts. This strategy is widely used alone and in combination with other strategies. Market penetration includes increasing the number of salesperson, increasing advertising expenditures, offering extensive sales promotion items, or increasing publicity efforts. For example, Toyota US must spending heavily on advertising to increase market share in the world because of their sales dropped so they must to take action with do the promotion and advertising that they want to do to give discount to the customer including zero financing for five years on top-selling models like Camry is the method to win customer back to buy their product in the market nowadays.

2.2.2) Market development strategy

Second strategy is market development strategy, the market development involves introducing present product or services into new geographic areas. For example, in many industries, such as Honda, Volvo it is going to be hard maintain a competitive so Toyota should implement the development strategy to make their product will increase in demand and can make their customers will satisfied with the new development on their product.

2.2.3) Product development

Product development is strategy that seeks in creased sales by improving or modifying present products or services. Product development usually entails large research and development expenditures. According to article from Toyota website US, (2010) about When Consumer Reports the issues announced on 13th of April 2010 GX 460 not pass they "Constrict launch" test, they halted immediate sell vehicles and start one energetic investigation. From that shows that Toyota fast to overcome the problem that they faced so the quality of product is in guarantee and customer will satisfied with that.

For example, Toyota US should present a new product to win back their customer and that including the high safety because of the last years issues that Toyota was forced to recall its cars from US market due to faulty brakes and from that shows they must to overcome that problem which is provide the high quality and safety on their cars production.

2.2) Conclusion

As a consultant, I found that Toyota US have to implementing new strategy for their company to increase performance they in automobile because with the existence of new strategy in improve company's performance they can make their objective that they want to achieved because to carry out suitable strategy by what they want do to attract again their customer in current market. Toyota US also should be taking action so that they rise above problem that is being faced in their company running business and from the implement that strategy they will successful in the international automobile because Toyota is the largest automobile in the world nowadays.

3.0) Introduction

External audit and internal own interest with on effectiveness to controls the organization. Both professions implement according the professional standards instruction determined respective professional by their associations website The Institute of Internal Auditors (2010), there is, however, main difference on relations they to the organization, and for scope of their work and objectives. Through the organizational audit it can help in planning Toyota US business to change ways of how it operates by align internal structures, processes, and system to strategy, while adjusting to external environment claims. The internal audit scope of work is comprehensive and it serves the organization by helping it accomplish its objectives, and improving operations, risk management, internal controls, and governance processes that all is concerned with all aspects of the organization.

3.1) Organizational audit

Organizational audit is a review of a company's operation and process for purpose of assessing compliance with environmental rules and regulation. In the environmental audits also cover on a broad spectrum of business and area, including the economic, competitive, technological, political, environmental, legal, demographic, supplier, customer, cultural and social. Below is a few factors to Toyota should to audit that factor on their organization.


Toyota US need to audit on marketing because from the marketing side they can do the strategy and plan the action that they want to take by overcome and increase their sale sin the market. For example, in the scenario shows that they want to do the discount and that the marketing department must do the advertising and promotion to make their customer aware about that discount. Thus, form that Toyota US can attract customer with the advertising and from that customers will desire to buy their product back because they including the zero financing on the top-selling model like Camry.

Research and Development

According the newspaper News Strait Times (2010), analysts said number not surprising give auto industry problem a year earlier as deterioration of the world economy reduce demand. Thus, that mean the economic of the country is influence to the demand of Toyota cars in the market. On the research and development side, Toyota should do the research and development on their issues nowadays including the economic factors, environment to make their customer will satisfied and get the customer feedback about their opinion about the Toyota product in the market nowadays. Thus, from that Toyota can know their customer want and need and they can take action on their feedback and complain about their cars. Otherwise, the information that they get can influence the organization performance to do the continuing development in the future.


Toyota needs to audit the purchasing because when they want to the promotion or development that will influence in the finance, cost and budget to do the development. From News Strait Times (2010), Regulators said it is usual for consumer complaints increased following one recalls major automotive. Toyota has recalled millions cars in recent months due to acceleration complaints that does not intentional. From that statement shows that Toyota Company should overcome the problem with seriously to make their sales increase back after their dropped on their sales a few months ago. Thus, from that the purchasing department must take action with analyze the cost that want to the promotion and give the discount to the customer and from there company will not bear large loss if promotion and discount going to be given would not be detrimental company so that what planned are well suited with Toyota goals to develop and further increase company sales.

3.2) Environmental audit

Environmental audit is to indentifying environmental performance and situation of universe around and in this way they can go about plan in improving more sales and corporate their performance. Environment audit should containing one environmental performance and situation to define what Toyota US need to be carried out to improve such performance indicators and position. The environmental audit is including the marketing, manufacturing, production or operation, distribution, purchasing, research and development.

3.2.1) Industry Analysis (EFE) External Factor Evaluation Matrix

Key External Forces



Weight score


Removal of international trade barrier




Arrival of new technology




Global market untapped




Increase demand




Growth economic









Emergence of new products




Shifts in consumer tastes away from the firm's products




Increased trade barriers




Increased trade barriers







From the Industry Analysis (EFE) External Factor Evaluation Matrix above shows that the total of weight score is 2.30 is medium means that the Toyota US response is outstanding to threat and weaknesses of the company. Thus, this is explanation for weight key external forces in opportunities is for higher important opportunities for Toyota is economic growth and increase demand on 0.15 weight for both because this is an important factors for Toyota come out and to improve their performance in the industry car manufacturer nowadays. This is because the economic and increase in demand is influence on the Toyota US to increase their sales and with the good growth economic Toyota can spend more in the production and make more sales.

For rating is that evaluated on the respond to the factors, and growth economic is the high rating is 4 because Toyota US need take action when growth economic in the country is good to make their production is going smoothly with the good plan strategic for development the company performance. The lower to give respond is increase demand is 1 rating because Toyota US cannot increase demand if the production or performance in industry have a problem that is because to increase demand the Toyota US Company should implement a strategic to make their increase their sales and can make customer satisfied with their product after that demand for their product will increase.

For threat this is explanation for weight key external forces in threats is for higher important threat for Toyota is competitor which is 0.20 weight because competitor is the important threat that Toyota US should evaluate because to compete the other product Toyota Us should have strategy to come out with the good and quality product in the market to compete the competitor product. Thus, the lower weight is increased trade barriers in rating 0.05 because this is not very important for Toyota US analyze because they only need do the improvement on their product so when the increased trade barriers that is not the problem because they have a good reputation and good quality product in the market. The high rating for threat with 3 rating is emergence of new products this is because when the competitors come out with the new product Toyota US need to evaluate and create a new product to compete their competitor to make sure their loyal customer and potential customer not buy their product than their product in the market. Below are a few external audits that Toyota need to audit in their company performance.


To audit the technology is important to Toyota to do a production development so by create new technologies creating new product and market opportunities that will increases their sales because with the latest technology customer will interested on that so they will buy the Toyota cars than other cars because Toyota provide the latest trend that will fulfill the customer need and wants in the market. For example, Toyota have problem with their faulty brakes so they have use the latest technology to overcome that problem and they will win back the customer with the new technology that they implement in their product.


Economic is very important to the Toyota performance because that will affects consumer buying power and spending patterns on their product. In the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is represents the value of money to all goods and services produced on specific period and in the size of economy. According the website Financial Forecast Center (2010), the U.S. Gross Domestic Product GDP Forecast on 2010 growth rate is 3.2% is increase from the last year is -6.40 which is a good for Toyota do more the production because in increasing economy in US the power of buyer will increase. Thus, from that by evaluate the economy of country Toyota will know the target audience to buy their product in the future. From the article Damodaran R. (2010), said that while the public remain support, growth expected to be driven by larger sector activity and strong external demand from regional countries. This is shows that the GDP in the country can influence on demand of the product in the market because when the inflation is decrease, the power of buying the customer will increase when the economic growth.


Toyota needs to know their competitive strategy and analyze the marketing strategy that they are doing to attract the customer. For example, in many industries, such as Honda, Volvo it is going to be hard maintain a competitive so Toyota should implement the development strategy to make their product will increase in demand and can make their customers will satisfied with their product than the competitor product. In the issues and problem that Toyota US faced now the competitor will take action to attract the Toyota customer to buy their product so from that Toyota must overcome the problem to win back their customers.

3.3) Conclusion

As a conclusion, the external and internal audits factors is influences the Toyota performance in increase their sales and to influence their customer to buy their product. According to F. Chris (1998), as a brand quality continues to improve and as brands grow on the shelves of increasingly larger supermarkets, so the number of decisions that a consumer has to make also increases. From that means the continuing the improvement on the brand image in influence on the Toyota performance on the market as a manufacture of car they have to continuing to make a new production development to fulfill the customer need and want on their product. Thus, by audit each factor in external and internal audit Toyota US can overcome and evaluate what they need to do to improve their performance in the organization. From that Toyota US can develop the strategy to fulfill customer need and want in their products in the market nowadays by evaluate the internal and external audit in their organization performance.

4.0) Introduction

In passing external environment and internal was an important part in strategic planning process. Internal environmental factors was to usually able firm classified as strengths (S) or weaknesses (W), and the external for the firm can be classified as opportunities (O) or threats (T). Such analysis strategic environment is referred to as SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis is information that is useful that can are being used by a company such as Toyota and ability for competitive environment where it operating. As such, it can help in strategy formulation and selection. Firm's strengths are its resources and capabilities that can be used as a basis for developing a competitive advantage. In some cases, a weakness may be the flip side of strength. Take the case in which a firm has a large amount of manufacturing capacity. While this capacity may be considered a strength that competitors do not share, it also may be a considered a weakness if the large investment in manufacturing capacity prevents the firm from reacting quickly to changes in the strategic environment.

4.1) SWOT matrix for Toyota US

The external environmental analysis may reveal certain new opportunities for profit and growth. Changes in the external environmental also may present threats to the firm. S-O strategies pursue opportunities that are a good fit to the company's strengths. W-O strategies overcome weaknesses to pursue opportunities. S-T strategies identify ways that the firm can use its strengths to reduce its vulnerability to external threats. W-T strategies establish a defensive plan to prevent the firm's weaknesses from making it highly susceptible to external threats. According QuickMba.Com (2007), a company should not continue more opportunities profitable because that may be having a better chance in developing a competitive advantage by identifying a fit between firm strengths and opportunities future. In some case, firm can overcome a disadvantage so that provide it to continue one compelling opportunity. From that statement shows that to develop those strategies regard SWOT profile, these factors can be set up to launch more own Toyota US's corporate performance. SWOT matrix for Toyota US Company is shown below:



Target customer high level income

Creative production

Strong brand names

Diversification in production

Good reputation among customers

Favorable access to distribution networks

High cost on production

High investment

High cost structure

Lack of patent protection.

Poor reputation among customers

Lack of access to key distribution channel.




An unfulfilled customer need

Arrival of new technologies

Loosening of regulations

Removal of international trade barriers

Growth economic

S1 O5

Can target customer when economic growth is increase

S2 O2

Creative production in market and can arrival of new technology on the product.

S5 O1

An unfulfilled customer need then they can take advantage because they have a good reputation among customer

W3 O5

When high cost structure Toyota can take advantage on economic growth.

W5 O2

Toyota has a poor reputation among customer and by implementing the new technology they can win back customer.

W6 O4

By the removal of barriers Toyota Us can improve to access to key distribution.




Shifts in consumer tastes away from the firm's products

Emergence of new products

New regulations

Increased trade barriers


S1 T1

By shifting customer taste away from the product because Toyota has good reputation among customer.

S5 T5

Strong reputation among customer and competitor cannot take advantage on drooped sales of Toyota.

T5 S4

Have a diversification on production then Toyota can compete with their competitor.

W4 T1

By shifting in customer taste away from the firm production because lack of pattern protection of Toyota cars so they should come out that problem.

W5 T5

Poor reputation among customer so competitor will take advantage on that Toyota should overcome the problem to win customer back.

W5 T1

Shift in customer taste because product has a poor reputation on Toyota cars.

4.2) Propose of strategic position for the Toyota US Company

Strengths and opportunities (SO)

S1 O5

Toyota can target customer when economic growth is increase because Toyota is an expensive cars brand the, Toyota US must have their target on sales their cars in the market nowadays. Toyota cars users usually is high level income, so when the economic growth the power on buying of customer will increase even the lower income also will spend their money to buy the Toyota cars is shows on the newspaper about the given discount to customer willing to buy their cars with zero financing in five year for top-selling car like Camry. Thus, this is as advantage for customer to buy the Toyota product with the suitable price and high quality product.

S2 O2

Toyota Company is one of the creative productions on their product in market and from that they can arrival a new development on product by implementing the new technology that can fulfill the customer needed on the following trend and latest global technology nowadays. Peoples in US is usually is have a good income and always consider on the quality and trend so they don't have a problem with the money and Toyota is one of the good brand of cars in the world because the power to buying is high in US people.

S5 O1

An unfulfilled customer need then they can take advantage because they have a good reputation among customer with come out the new production on their cars is as a method that can fulfill the customer needed in the market nowadays. Customer will satisfied with the new product with the high safety and quality so they will loyal on Toyota cars and the demand of Toyota will increase then the sales also will increase the profit of company.

Weaknesses and opportunities (WO)

W3 O5

When high structure cost, Toyota could pick up advantage in this economic growth because when improving economy Toyota Company have no problem with production cost and demand on market will also increase with cost existence in good economic growth and that one enable Toyota add more production product they on market. Toyota US also can successful on their sales when they have budget on their cost production so they can spend their cost on the promotion and development the cars performance of company.

W5 O2

Toyota having one poor reputation between customer and by implementing the new technology they can win back customer. Thereby, with the new technology that they implementation such as hybrid car, Toyota will get high demand on market because their competitor not much type of that car issued. Customer also would be satisfied with reform which is done by Toyota in reform carried out with implement new technology on their cars.

W6 O4

With removal Toyota US barriers can improve to access for major distribution because Toyota doesn't have a problem to further increase the production. Thus, that is easy for Toyota sales their product when they can remove the barriers which prevent car their manufacturing process and by that the sales will increase when Toyota successful to overcome the barriers that influence their performance in selling their cars in the market.

Strengths and threats (ST)

S1 T1

By shifting customer taste away from the product because Toyota has good reputation among customer. That is with far customer's taste change from product because Toyota respected between customers thereby Toyota US can meet customer's taste at their products and they can cater to what customer wants in their car now. Thus, with the existence of approach on customer's wish on their products, Toyota can assess how far their performance now to satisfy customer in world market.

S5 T5

Strong reputation among customer and competitor cannot take advantage on drooped sales of Toyota. That means the strong reputation between customer and competitor cannot use advantage in floppy Toyota sales. This shows that with the existence of strong reputation among customer, competitor like Ford, Volvo could not influence Toyota customer because Toyota product usually fulfill customer taste. From scenario has been given state that Toyota has fallen in their sales thereby Toyota US should take measures appropriately to prevent their competitor influence the Toyota's customer.

T5 S4

Have a diversification on production then Toyota can compete with their competitor. With the existence of diversity in Toyota production then can match with their competitor and this prove that with the existence of Toyota production's diversity can fulfill their customers' needs and able to further increase their sales in industry car manufacturing because now have been lots car brand increasingly liked by public and Toyota must be compete to find alternative can make their product being liked by clients from their competitors.

Weaknesses and threats (WT)

W4 T1

By shifting in customer taste away from the firm production because lack of pattern protection of Toyota cars so they should come out that problem. From that with shifting in far customer's taste from strong production because pattern lack of protection cars. Toyota must be diversifying type of car so that can fill what customer wants for their satisfaction and with the existence of various Toyota's car production pattern and type, customer will be more influenced with design which differs from their competitors.

W5 T5

Poor reputation among customer so competitor will take advantage on that Toyota should overcome the problem to win customer back this is because with the poor reputation between customers so competitor will take the opportunity in Toyota and as such Toyota should handle this problem to attract their customer's attention on their product in the market. From problem faced by Toyota US now, competitors try to take Toyota customer to buy their car than buy Toyota car. Thereby, Toyota must utilize strategy suitably to deal this problem such as further increase quality their car in current market.

W5 T1

Shift in customer taste because product has a poor reputation on Toyota cars. That means by shifting in customer's taste because they having perception that less wonderful Toyota's reputation in Toyota cars. From that, Toyota must be including a few inner side and external to further develop performance and Toyota image in car market now. That is because that because with the existence of approach on change production they with meet customer's taste is one of the ways to further improve their sales in the global market.

4.3) Conclusion

As a conclusion, to succeed or survive in this environment, the distance learning institution needs to adopt a process that enables it to gird its position against threats and weakness while exploiting opportunities and strength. Thus, a firm should not necessarily pursue the more lucrative opportunities. Rather, it may have a better chance at developing a competitive advantage by identifying a fit between the firm's strengths and upcoming opportunities then the firm can overcome a weakness in order to prepare itself to pursue a compelling opportunity. From the SWOT matrix above also can help Toyota may reveal certain new opportunities for profit and growth in their running business.

5.0) Introduction

According Keller, "to have a strategy is to put your own intelligence, foresight, and will in charge instead of outside forces or disordered concerns" (Keller, 1983, p. 75) from that statement shows that each organization must have their own idea to develop their performance. For Toyota US, by implementing the strategic planning process in their organization they will be successful if they follow the appropriate method to do this plan in their organization performance. Keller notes that "any organization with competitors, with aspirations of greatness, or with threats of decline has come to feel the need for a strategy, a plan to overcome" (1983, p. 75). This to the point observation captures the interior of the strategic planning and planning at all levels is an active continuous process, operating in and impacted by an environment with both internal and external factors and understanding and implementing this process is the key to success in the business.

5.1) Strategic Planning Process Model

Perform External Audit

Measure and Evaluate Performance

Implement Strategies about Management issues

Implement Strategies, Marketing, Finance, R&D, CIS

Develop vision and Mission Statement

Generate Evaluate and Select Strategies

Establish Long -term Objectives

Perform Internal Audit

According to Kotler and Armstrong (1991), strategic planning defines as the process of developing and maintaining a strategic fit between the organization's goals and capabilities and its changing marketing opportunities. From the strategic planning process model above shows the step and planning Toyota US should implement on their organization performance. Firstly is they must develop vision and mission statement for their company which vision is abstract image about the future state of the Toyota Company want become and mission is make the vision the purpose for the company to pursue in their organization performance. For establish long-term objective, that Toyota set in their objective of that they want to achieve such as want to improve the quality safety of their products and make customer satisfied with their and win back their customer. Thus, with the existence of objective, Toyota having target and make their strategy plan run smoothly by what they want achieve in the organization performance that the specific results that an organization seeks to achieve in more that a year.

By perform the external and internal audit, Toyota will evaluate with the specific area on the internal and external factors that can influences their organization performance to increase their performance and get back their image to perform in the marker nowadays. By evaluate with the specific area for example in external factors Toyota must implement a new technology that follow the trend of customers demand in the market nowadays. Thus, from that the development of production will successful if Toyota US can analyze with the specific area in external factors. For internal factors on the other hand, for example Toyota US must make marketing planning such as hold promotion to give a discount and do advertising about that is show either way Toyota Us can use to increase again their sales in current world market.

For next planning that Toyota should to after analyze the internal and external with the specific area they should generate evaluate and select strategies that suitable to achieve the objective that they want to do. For example, Toyota US want to select the appropriate method in external and internal such combine the marketing development with the technology factors that after they do the development on the production they select the marketing to do the advertising and so on. After that, Toyota US must implement Strategies, Marketing, Finance, R&D, CIS because development that Toyota do is also influence the finance of company because they want to evaluate the cost to do the promotion and production development Toyota need do reform and also are going to work on finance department about the cost budget to development so that what planned are well suited with corporate goals to develop and further increase company sales. Lastly is Toyota need to measure and evaluate performance that they want to doe and running in their business in order to they have no problem when they want to carry out plan were made and they could be successful with the existence of suitable planning with objective they want to be achieved in improving more their sales in market nowadays.

From the newspaper The Star Newspaper (2010), Toyota take full page advertisements in Japan major newspapers Wednesday to ask apology for large cancellation, and start setting snub obstacle for two cross models problem, as oppressive prolonged to build in car maker to be honest in defect. From that statement shows that the Toyota overcomes that particular problem with come out with the new product in the market. According the article from Detroit (2010) US car sales hurry seven month high in March presided by expansion 41 percent in Toyota Motor Corp after Japanese car manufacturers offer steepest discount in her history to win sales back disabled during it recently security crisis. Thus, that mean Toyota implement the strategic marketing on the problem when given discount to improve their sales back in the goal market nowadays.

5.2) Conclusion

As a conclusion, in the strategic planning process, if Toyota US properly executed, provides the answer to the challenges of today they will successful and can achieve a good performance in the business. However, Boar reminds us that the strategic planning process is more art than science and warns "the results of the process are only as good as the intellectual investment of the participants in thinking deeply about the issues. What makes the difference is insight, not rote execution of analytical steps" (1993, p. 15). Model outlined in this paper intended to give detailed line for new planner and from one direction to concentrate more planned and more seasoned, that will not only help in the process but Toyota must be comprised effort to be doing planning they succeed in future.