Analysis of the communication process

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No wonder you are live alone, with friend or with your family, you need to communicate with each other include friend, family member and public society, so that we do not feel alone and boring. Sometimes we may face some problem that cannot solve by ourselves and need the help from others people. Without a good communication, we will not have good relationships with each other. As a result, there are no one will give a hand to us when we have trouble. However, what do you know about communication? Communication can define as the process of relaying messages that is sent and perceived by the others. There are two ways of communication, that is verbal communication and nonverbal communication.

Verbal communication refers to the process of communicating words. It consists of words and arrange in meaningful ways. In our daily life, we can express many things in nonverbally but there are limits to communicate without the help of language. Language is composed of words and grammar. When we have discusses any events, ideas or abstraction, we need a symbols that stands for thought. The thought and words that we created need to arrange according to the rules of grammar and putting the sentences in correct sequences, so that the audience can hear what we have say.

However, the nonverbal communication refers to the process of communicating without words. On the primitive time, our ancestor is communicating to each other by using their bodies. Though the body language, we can know their emotion and feeling. For example, when they gritted their teeth to indicate anger; they smiled and touch to point out their love to someone. Nonverbal communication can categorize into a few types that is face expressions and eye behavior, gestures and postures, personal appearance, touching behavior, and use of time and space.

Advertising is mean paid non-personal communication from an identified sponsor using mass media to influence or persuade an audience. Every sales person must able talk to each customer about the service or product that being offered for sale. If the transaction between sales people ad customer is one-to-one, it is very expensive. Although most of the advertising is deliver though interactive technology, it may consider as personal and different from personal selling.

Define Q1

The Communication Process

The communication process can divide into six phrases linking the receiver and sender. First of all, the sender has an idea in their mind and wants to share it to the other peoples. Then, the idea has become a message. When we put the idea into a message that your receiver will understand and you will encode it. You can decide the message into a few way forms either in word, facial expression, gestures or postures, length, organization, tone, and style. All of this form is depending on our idea, our audience and our style or mood in that moment.

After all, the sender will try to transmit the message. To physically transmit the message to the audience, you need to choose your communication channel include verbal or non-verbal, spoken or written and a medium that's include telephone, letter, memo, e-mail, report, or face-to-face exchange. All of this choices are target and depend on our audience, where the audience location, the need of your speed and the required of formality.

Next, the channel and medium situation will be change to the receiver. The receiver will get the message from the sender. For any communication to occur, the receiver must first get the message. If you send a letter, you must ensure the receiver able to read it, before understanding the overall message. If you are giving the speeches, you should ensure the listener able to hear from you, and make sure them paying full attention.

Af7ter that, the receivers will decode the message. Your receiver must decode means absorb and understand the whole message. Then, the message will store in the receiver mind. If the process and the receiver interpret the message correctly, the receiver can transmit the meaning to your words as you intended and responding in the desire ways.

Lastly, the receiver sends the feedback to the receiver. After decoding the message, the receiver responds in different way and responds to the sender. This feedback enables you to know the effectiveness of the messages either successful or failure. If your audience does not understand what you means, that's mean you are failure.

Answer Q1

How to ensure intended audience receives the right messages

If a person has perceived something, the message is automatically registered in their minded; they will understand what we are talking about. It is harder to get the receiver to notice their messages correctly. If the receiver do not see or hear our conversation, then now matter how great the messages is, the receiver will not perceive it.


We should keep the audience attention, so that, they receive a right message. Attention is important to make our audience mind to engage and focusing on our topic. Low level of attention can create a minimal level of awareness. This means that the audience are not focusing and thinking something else. Attention can be aroused by trigger, something that catches the target interest. The trigger can be created in the message. For example, during the communication process, the trigger may be our pitch of voice (high pitch indicates the important words or phrases), an action orientated or capturing idea.


Our communication must be related to our topics that are being discussed. If we always change the topic that are not relate, the audience will feel bored and not patience to receive the message. Audience will only pay attention to the topic is relevance and worth to them.


When we fall interest on the communication topic, we will pay enough attention and directly receive the message correctly. You might be interest some element in the communication such as the model of the star or the promise made by the speaker. Actually, interest can be created by one of two things, either personal involvement or curiosity. Most of the element can get the audience interest are hobbies, description of a product that you wishes to buy or a career goal. Besides that, most of the audience will respond to with general human interest topic strike some universe chord such as babies, cuties animal as well as some touching and tragedy stories.


We can engage our audience mind though provide something curiosity. Whenever someone facing something new, they will eager to know or learn that's the period of curiosity. They will usually together with many question and doubt. Usually, the new information will to the audience will together with some phases such as "Have you hear this before". If the audience feels curiosity with doubt means they have entered in the interest state, so the message might be personally relevant.

However, it is difficult to maintain the audience interest. Interest is only occurring within a short period and it dies easily as attention shifts. A major communication challenge is maintain the audience interest so that they do not receive the wrong message. It is hard to maintain interest compared with arousing it. To maintain the audience interest, we should consider the pulling power. What is pulling power? Pulling powers can define as the ability of a medium to draw an audience. For example, if we start a question, then the audience will continue to find the answer. Storytelling is a good technique to hold the audience interest; they surely want to know how the ending of the story is.

Clear message

Whenever we passing the message to the audience, we should ensure the audience always understand and making it clear. A meaningful and useful message contain a large amount of information, as a result it requires a clear and relevant explanation. Our audience does not have patience if the message is confusing and vague. To solve this problem, we must present the facts in a way that make audience easy to understand the information.


If the audience does not understand our message, we should repeat our explanation twice or more time, to make the audience receive the right message and memo ability. As psychologist say, to maintain someone memo ability, they need to hear or see something at least three times before it crosses the threshold of perception and enter into memory. When we repeat the same phases, we should not bore the audience. So, we need to use Jingles memo ability device. For example, the famous Jingles in McDonalds are "Two all-beef patties, special source, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun".

Define Q2

A "Bio essence corporation" will soon launch a new product that is called "V deluxe Zenses". This type of product is special design for skin facial treatment purpose. As the product manager, I will plan the overall step and strategy to launch the new product, so that I can persuade the target audience to buy our product. I will have a meeting and do the research report with our staff to achieving our goal.

Banner Advertisement

Based on the advertisement, we are introducing the best Asian brand "Bio essence" with the new hydra spa energy. This content two sample packs of Bio essence Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask. There have a few benefits after using our product

Optimizes the biological skin regeneration process during sleep

Replenishes and locks in moisture

Notice a rosy radiance, smoother, suppler and more youthful looking skin the next morning

Provides moisture more continuously than a normal paper mask / moisturizer

There have some direction to teach you how to use this product. After you moisturizing your face, apply an adequate amount onto entire face as the last step of your skincare regime. Then, do not rinse off and leave the mask on till the next morning and cleanse face.

Answer Q2

Before we launch a product though the advertisement, we should have a planning first. An adverting plan means matches the right audience to the right message and present it into right medium to the right person.

Target audience

First of all, we need to target the audience, people who can be reached with our advertising medium and a particular message. Target audience almost same as targeting a market, but it is often include people other than prospect to influence audience to purchase our product.

Our audience can be describing in terms of demographic categories. These categories are often overlapping, so the process of describing an audience narrows the targeting. For example, we are using the descriptor such as "girl age 16-25" and "shopping center". Every time when you add a descriptor, the target audience will get smaller because the group is defined tightly. Demographic description is important to media planner as it function as comparing the characteristic of audience includes viewer, listener, and reader of a particular medium.


Besides that, researching on the marketing is important before promote our company product. One of major feature to attract customer to purchase our product is the price, then follow by its quality, style, and other feature. So, the first thing that we need to do is compare the price of our product with other brand product which has the same benefit and function.


After the product finish producing in the manufacture, we should not directly sale the product. We need to have a demo by giving our new product for a group of our staff to testing. They may find out some problem of our product and give the feedback by sending the report to our company. Then, we should overcome the problem and do the demo one more times to make sure our product is 100% perfectly.


A "reason and why" statement is a topic that we need to discuss in the meeting. We should think we are the customer and why we need to choose our new product compare with other brand. Actually the reason is unstated, implied or assume and it is based on logic and reasoning. This statement is usually started with advantages of using the product then follow with "because" statement to support it.


We need to find a suitable location to launch our product. That is no point for us to launch a product beside the pedestrian road and inside the village, because there are not suitable as our marketplace. Usually, we will promote our product inside the shopping center. This is because our target audiences are mostly teenager and adult who often spent their time for shopping purpose.

It is not enough to promote our product though the supermarket and local place, but we need to spread to overall country. So, we need to post our advertisement inside the newspaper, internet, broadcast media, transit and magazine.

Newspaper is a regularly scheduled publication containing news, information, and advertising, and it is printed inexpensive. There advantages of using newspaper to promote our product are it can allow consumer to compare our product with other brand. So, it is useful for advertiser that have product with an obvious competitive benefit. In addition, using newspaper are more flexibility, we can choose to advertise in some market only.

Method to promote the product

There have a few laws of persuasion techniques to persuade someone to buy our product. First, we are using the law of reciprocity. This law means when we give audience something of perceived value, they will desire but not reciprocate to give back something. For example, our salespeople will give a free sample of our new skin care product for try to see "how you liked them and take your order". Most hand lotion moisturize skin and if the fragrance is appealing, the customer especially women will try it and purchase at least one of our products.

Our product is skin facial treatment, so our salespeople should have a good look to make customer believe that our product can make their skin as moisture as possible. This skill is based on law of friends. Study after study show that people who physically attractive are able to persuade customer to spend money and buy more product and able to sell higher percentage of appointments than those who perceived average appearance.

Next is the law of association, means we tend to like products, services, or ideas that are agree by other people that we admire. If only our skin facial product without a "spoke model", it will not give any attraction. But a beautiful or handsome model using and promote our product, it can make customer willing to try and purchase our product. Logically there is no connection between "spoke models" with skin facial treatment product. Emotionally and associatively, there is a powerful connection in the audience mind. For example, SK II is choosing Hong Kong top model "QiQi" as a "spokes model". For our company, I suggest and plan to hire a Hong Kong artist "Linda Chung" as our new product "spokes model".


To persuade customer or audience to buy our product, we should make promises to them. If the promises say something benefit would be gain after use our advertise product. For example, if you use our facial skin care product, your skin will be visibly brightness, remove dirt, oil and impurities, smooth etc.


If we want to sell the product successfully, we need to have a promotion. For example, we may give a 30% discount for the first100 customer and if the customers buy any two set of facial treatment product, we will free them a makeup set. Such promotion will make customer feel worth to buy our product because it's not expensive. Giving promotion is not mean that our company does earn profit but just gain less income only and it will not have a big loss to our company. On the contrast, if we sell many of such promotion products, it will bring a big profit to our company.

Besides that, we need to make our product look more professional and creative. Customers are not only view the price but also viewing the packet. No matter how low price of a product, if the product look very weird and bad, it will not has a good sell in the market space.


In conclusion, there have six steps in communication process. Firstly, the sender has an idea. Then, sender encodes the message and transmits the message to the receiver. After that the receiver will get the message and decode the message. Lastly, the receiver sends feedback to sender. To ensure the intended audience receive right message, we should ensure they pay enough attention to the communication and our topic should related and does not bored the audience.

Without a good method to launch a product, it's difficult to persuade audience to buy the product. As a result, we should advertise our product though internet, newspaper, magazine and also do some promotion to persuade audience to buy it.

No wonder receiver or sender should focus on the communication, so that both can send and receiving the right message. I suggest to the audience that using our product will bring a lot of advantage to our skin.