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Advertising has now developed into one of the most powerful forces that shape our life nowadays. Starting from the day when we born till the day of our death, to every passing second, we are continuously bombarded with the ads to buy. Advertising has been the enabler of our society that helps in making the factories run and keeping the people employed, giving a reason to everyone of getting out of the bed to work harder and harder to earn that money that they really don't need. Advertising has always been a part and parcel of life since centuries however; the 20th century turned the tables around and gave a new life to advertising. Advertising is been explained as a non personal promotion delivered through some selected means of promotion devices that under major circumstances required the marketer to pay for the message that he intends to communicate to the audience. Advertising is been considered as a major means of promotion that can deliver a single message to a large audience. Nevertheless the promotional approach characterizes various issues that are exposed to advertising message it may also reach to those who are not the target market of the message so that may be termed as funds wastage. However, this concept is now changing as the newer technology of media make it possible that the message reaches to the potential customers (Knowthis, 1998).

1.1.2 Importance of Advertising:

Companies tend to invest huge amount on advertising. Zenith Optimedia quotes the stats to be more than $400 B. This huge amount of spending on the promotion of the product helps number of companies and also to the job seekers. In many countries most of the media outlets like TV, radio, and the newspaper may be out of the business if the sales haven't been generated through the advertisements. However, advertising is quite an important contributor to the economic growth; some marketing firms differ in their accepting towards the role that advertising plays. Some firm's thinks that little advertising should be done and instead of that promotional money should be spent more various options such as personal selling done by the sales team. However, this preference varies from product to product. Advertising may cover some occasional advertising on a smaller scale for smaller firms like placing ads in the newspapers. While most of the firms whether large or small heavily rely on some sort of marketing to create customers interest, as a reason they tends to engage in continuous use of advertising to meet marketing objectives (Knowthis, 1998). It includes developing advertising campaigns on regular basis that involves a series of decisions for first scheduling, developing, distributing and then evaluating the advertisement.

1.1.3 The Evolution of Advertising:

Every one now a day grows up in such a world that is bombarded by the mass media for example television, films, videos, the advertising, magazines, billboards, movies, music along with the use of social media websites (Latif & Abideen, 2011). From all of the means of promotion, advertising has the lasting impact on the consumer's minds (Katke, 2007). The advertising is considered to be the subset of promotion which is the most important element of 4P's of the marketing mix. Advertising serves to be the most important means in creating awareness about the product in to the mind of the consumer. Among the mass communication devices sales promotion, advertising and public relations are the devices available for the advertisers. Advertising tends to influence its audience by all the mediums. However, television is considered to be the strongest one due to its ability to reach to mass audience. It tends to influence the individuals attitude and behavior and his life style and even some times the culture of his country one way or the other (Latif & Abideen, 2011).

1.1.4 Advertising and its Impact on Consumer Behavior:

The goal of advertising is reach the maximum amount of potential customers and then influence their brand awareness, brand remind, brand recall and finally to the purchasing behavior. Because of that the advertisers tends to invest huge amount on promotion so that they can grab the interest of the consumers in their products and to be successful the marketers should further examine the reason why the consumer behaves in a particular way that they do. For this reason the marketers first have to gather in depth information about the consumers, after that they can maintain separate profile of the consumers and to search a common group to communicate a single message to them.

For this the marketers have to conduct a research on the consumer's behavior that studies their emotional and mental course of thinking. Furthermore, they should also analyze the consumer's actions through which they purchase and consume the product to satisfy their needs (Aren, 1996). To find out the behavior of the consumer a research was conducted in which it was tried to observe why they behave in such manner (Proctor, 1992). He tried to find out how can the consumer's action be controlled and which social and physical properties tends to influence their behavior. The economists have tried to study the relationship among the expenditures on sales and advertising and their focus has mostly been on sales due to advertising. However, the advertisers have put most of their focus to rectify this behavior. These are the reason that tends to observe the behavior of the consumer in the marketing activities to investigate the organized complexity of the tool (Adeolu et. al, 2005).

1.2 The Problem Statement

A number of researchers have conducted researches on the difference in the impact that a TV ad creates on the audience. Many researchers have also conducted research in many countries to study the effectiveness of standardized ads as compare to local ads and tried to study the consumer's attitude towards them.

By far no such topics are been covered. The researchers haven't yet studied the consumer's perception and thinking process. So to study the consumer's point of view this study will be conducted. The research will cover a survey that would compare the difference in the impact that a local ad creates in contrast to the impact that a standardized ad campaign would create.

1.3 Objectives of the Study:

The objectives are:

To find out whether Pakistani Ads creates more awareness of the message or Indian made Pakistani Ads.

To identify whether the consumer's interest level, about the message, increases more by a Pakistani Ad or an Indian Ad.

To analyze whether Pakistani Ads or Indian Ads creates more desire of the product.

To study the effect of Pakistani Ads as compared to Indian Ads towards the Purchase Intention of consumers.

1.4 Significance of the Study

There is a great significance of this research so as to know what consumers think about advertisements that are been run in Pakistan. As most of the companies nowadays shows Indian made Pakistani Ads for Pakistani Audience and this is been done due to better technologies, better ideas and the kind of professionalism in India regarding this industry. It is significant for all the companies to study that whether there Indian made Pakistani ads are been welcomed by the audience and whether their ad is impacting the consumer behavior towards purchase intention or not.

1.5 Justification of the Study

The media industry of Pakistan is still in its developing phase. That is the major reason why it tries to duplicate what is been done in the media industries of other identical cultures. But some of the critiques consider it to be equivalent to Indian media industry. The basic purpose of this study is to collect the consumer's point of view that what do they think of the ads that are been shown to them on Pakistani television. Can they identify that it is a Pakistani made ad or Indian made advertisement. Do they find any difference in both the ads and whether the Pakistani made ad or Indian made advertisement impacts them towards purchase intention of the product?

1.6 Scope of the Study

The scope of this study is to focus on:

To focus on those national and multinational companies that uses advertising as their promotional tool to convey their message.

This research of comparison between the ads will be conducted in Karachi.

There is a case that this research will be limited to be applicable for Pakistani environment.

1.7 Limitations of the Study

This comparative analysis will face some limitations in the form of limited access, as whole of the population of this country will not be covered for collecting the data. Furthermore, the research will irrespective to the various cultures of the country. Also it is to be noted that it is only applicable to those organizations that takes the advantage of advertising to convey their message.

1.8 Basic Assumptions of the Study

The basic assumptions of this study are: Most of the companies tend to put preference on TV ads to convey their message? The consumers are majorly influenced through Television ads when making their purchasing decisions.

1.9 Explanation of the Key Terms:


It is a form of communication that is intended towards persuading the audience to take some action. It may include product's name, its uses, and the persuasion to buy the product.

Consumer Attitude:

It is the study of feelings of an individual/ group in a particular way regarding a product, place, body, individual or a thing. It is measured to be a general attitude that may have some effect of marketing in a positive or a negative way.

Purchase Intention:

It can be defined as collecting the information regarding the purchasing behavior, the likes and dislikes that provides direction to develop the product and its advertisement.


2.1 Introduction

We are been continuously exposed to advertisements in our routine life. The form of advertisement and its role are usually for a purpose of admiration. Some of us view it as a mirror effect or maker of a culture. Still when it contributes to newer symbols that could shape us our future, its images represent some part of our present and the past. Some of them consider advertising to be economic activity having a specific purpose and that is 'to sell'. A number of advertising agencies believe and makes the firms believe that advertising can create 'some sort magic" (Russell & Lane, 1996). It was defined as the change of time the advertising has evolved itself and also changed the way in which it was perceived to be in past times. However regardless of all the changes advertising has always played a very strong role in influencing lives of the others from the starting time (Wright et. al, 1971; Jugneheimer & White, 1980; Wells et. al, 1995). Through advertising the marketers can their sales by having minimal expense. The advertisers make it certain that in a advertisement they, their store, and the company are been identified in such a way that they can gain benefits from it even when they are not present in person to deliver their message.

2.2 Historical Perspective:

With the changing time "Advertising" has also evolved itself from pictorial diagrams in the ancient times to the latest electronic medium of the 20th century (David, 2001). The procedure was designed on the basis of hierarchy of effects; it states that there are causal relationships in the transformation in the attitude towards a product of the individual and his attitude towards purchasing the product.

It acts in such a way that it follows a chain of events and every next event occurs only on the bases of successful occurrence of the previous one (Lavidge& Steiner, 1961; Colley, 1961). Advertising can be separated into four distinct groups on the basis of different theories (Krugman, 1965; Fine; 1992; Nazir, 2001; Tellis, 2004). These four responses are:

2.2.1 The Pressure Response Theory:

This theory is been borrowed from psychology, marketing, physics and some other disciplines of study on the relationship between sales and advertising, as advertising is assumed towards pressuring on the consumers, its impact, so that to achieve the purpose of promotional expenses proportional to, providing manufacturers develop the expenses of advertising, the sales of the product can be predicted on the basis of the theoretical concepts of pressure-response, but its scalability is quite wide, a number of advertising scholars by the virtue of the concept to put forward a number of conclusions to confirm the sales and advertising expenses (Simply Nigeria, 2001).

2.2.2 Active Learning Theory:

The active learning theory works in such a way that an algorithm is accessed to a group of unlabeled cases and then allowed to get a label on it on any example which should be choose from the pool. What is been done here is to get the individual to learn a system through which he can forecast the label of a case.

2.2.3 The Involvement Theory:

The Involvement Theory puts forward a newer theory about how advertising and other brand learning is been processed in is then stored in the minds of the customers. The theory is based on low involvement processing talks about how advertising generates brand association that drives intuitive brand purchase decisions. Low involvement is a cognitive process it explains that the more often the something is developed, the stronger the brand links will become, creativity helps in strengthening the links. Furthermore, the effectiveness of brand association in persuading the intuitive choice does not depend on the recognition and recall of the advertisement.

2.2.4 The Dissonance Reduction Theory:

The Dissonance Reduction theory states that there is a high tendency among the individuals to search for consistency among their cognition. When there is variation in between attitudes and behaviors, then there is a high need of changing something for the extinction of dissonance. If the attitude and the behavior are not consistent then the more chances are that the attitude will be altered for the behavior.

2.2.5 Consumer Behavior:

It is beautifully defined as the mental activities (in this case we intend to learn the thinking process of the individuals) and the physical activities (the consumer's intention to purchase the product and to consume it), which are carried out by the consumer to choose purchase and consume the product and services. In this research we intend to study the consumer's attitude in response to viewing up of the Pakistani made ads and in case of viewing the Indian made Pakistani ads. Being a consumer we can take the advantage of getting a better understanding of how the consumer makes the decision, so that we can draw a wiser conclusion. Marketers can take the advantage of getting the knowledge of consumer's attitude and behavior so that the marketers can predict in a better manner about needs and wants of the consumers and how to satisfy those needs (William, 2003).

2.2.6 Brand Image

In accordance to the marketing dictionary brand image is been defined as the qualities that the consumer associate with the brand, which are been shown in a particular way in the Pakistani ads. These Pakistani ads create a Brand Image of the product. However, the Indian made ads also successfully create the Brand Image in the minds of the consumer and in totally that image that is intended by the marketers. Both of the type of ads shows a desire to have that product, by showing the premium quality, price and usefulness of the product in particular situations. Like Mercedes Bens will summon up a strong image for the reason that it has strong physical and sensory characteristics along with its price. The image of Mercedes is not inbuilt but this image is successfully been created by the efficient use of advertisements. The famous book by Czinkota & Ronkainen (1998) stated that the brand name expresses product's image. In our study we try to study the Brand Image that is been created in the minds of the consumer either of the side, it can be positive or it may be negative. Through the specific characteristics of the brand that are associated by the consumers a competitive advantage of the brand can be developed which can be used to compete with the competitor brand and to gain the share from the market of that specific product.

2.2.7 Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty has been declared as the reason why the marketers invest this huge amount on promotions (Herbig, 1997). In our study we also try to study the Brand Loyalty part of advertisement. We will study that whether the Pakistani ads can create Brand Loyalty and the consumers will repurchase the product (again and again and whether they can demonstrate the repeat purchase behavior) among the consumers by exploiting our values or whether the message is successfully been delivered by the Indian made ads. It may also be possible that consumer displays some other positive behavior like advocacy of the product through word of mouth. A true brand loyal person involves himself or herself at least on some specific occasion to prefer the brand rather their own self interest. Brand loyalty is a step ahead of just simple repurchasing of the product. Consumers may be repurchasing the brand because of their situational constraints, may be due to non-presence of any other alternative. This is called the "spurious loyalty". However, hardcore loyal consumer is said to be the one that existed when the consumers have relatively high attitude towards brand that is exhibited by the repurchase behavior of the consumer (Herbig, 1997).

2.2.8 Culture

In this research the aspect of culture does not have a significant effect on our study. As the culture of both the countries are somewhat alike and the ads that are been made in India for the Pakistani audience are been taken under serious consideration before planning the concept for the advertisement. Before going into any detail let us have a look on what culture is and how has it been explained by the researchers. Scholars have defined culture as an active design of action to realize the characteristics of a person to operate in a precise method that is acceptable by other members of the society (Paul, 1998). According to White (1959) the culture and the body is up (not a genetic non-bodily) code temporal and cultural events, tools, instruments, equipments and consists of cloth of sequence, as described in clothing, jewelry, customs, institutions, beliefs, and rituals, games and arts and language, and so on. Culture is that glue that holds various groups. Lacking of cultural models, people who are struggling to stay together. Culture of human society, individuals and social groups are known. Beliefs and behaviors that people increased, not by heredity but in a society where cultural traditions are especially important in learning (Mooij, 2004) definition focuses Taylor. Common cultural beliefs, values and memories and expectations and differences among people are expected in thought and action (Kottak, 1999). Culture was started when our ancestors developed the ability to code (Leslie, 1959). A sign language some or nonverbal, language, or culture to maintain, is different. Cultural practices and beliefs random, collection, however, are not embedded system design. Customs, institutions, beliefs and values are related to each other, unless you change and other changes as well (Kottak, 1999). As it is been described before that the firm's projects and important interpretations of culture and work. Culture or their general plan members (including knowledge and rules) culture can work in a manner acceptable to other members (Paul, 1998). "Handshake" as the customs and traditions are the case of the cultural projects. Blue prints somewhat include non verbal set of communication in a way that how to assert a place from a line at some line in some checkout center (Arnold et. al, 2004). The reason of values or beliefs about life and it's important for them and for their community as well. This is helpful for values; we usually believe that qualities under each circumstance most of the people still can (People & Bailey, 1999).

Blue Prints:

Combination Rules

Active Knowledge




Non Verbal Communication






There are basic guidelines for good values and behaviors desired. And you'll be convinced that the Administration confusing. With or without this all human societies, traditional or modern, is Sperber (1996), with or without educational institutions and individuals themselves and their intuitive ideas about the natural and social environment have written rich. These beliefs with the environment and with others in the conversation tend to be. They learn by conscious effort and conscious learning from others (Atran and Sperber 1991) requires the educational work. Because some cases, the quality of the people, or what about the others, especially those with a particular focus in this case is the word of the government should work perfect, needs and ideas shared (or rules). (A, J, Bailey, 1999 G) Person's behavior of emotional feelings and actions are positive or negative for the sustainable management of an object or idea. People have attitudes toward almost everything: religion and politics and food clothen, and talks with them or something, and thinking approach connected or get out of it. (Kotler, 2003) To make matters more complicated, cultural norms, values, or a list of cultural elements, not less, despite the fact that most of them is very important in the culture. Language problem "comes in a variety of situations. We on the interpretation of languages and levels are a significant impact. Other language (a series of cultural forms and cultural main) different types of users different estimates comments and similar observations (interpretation) is (Arnold et. al, 1994).

2.2.9 Influence brand loyalty and consumer behavior:

It's not just a new beginning in the new century, is the evolution of human behavior in the history of our country to follow continuation. Decisions conscious or unconscious of brand loyalty, consumers expressed intention or behavior, bought brand. This happens because the consumer believes that the correct properties of branded products, and the quality of the image or the price level is correct. Consumer behavior in general and promote safe behaviors familiar. Unfortunately, many companies have a strong and clear message not only does not recognize the distinction brand of competition, but positively distinguishes the brand and advertising as memorable In fact, the company is not only light up the brand of a product or service, but as a global brand, and philosophy that the company should know. Brand identity is more than necessary, a person needs. Just get day care, and personal brand with that still easily recognize and foreign.

This detailed view of consumer behavior has advanced by a number of discernable steps since the last few centuries in the light of the newer techniques of the research.

2.2.10 Advertising Effectiveness

Latin root in a very real sense, advertising products or provide information to us or a change in service is to provide a positive sense. Advertising through providing information about products or services to potential customers in the transformation of "indirect method" to make a positive impression and announced him as a brand is positive. This brand cheap positive attitude helps consumers and announced route is to find products or services (Percy et. al, 2001). This is true regardless of whether it is as food, clothing, and shelter (basic needs), luxury goods (electronics, automotive and cosmetics products) or industrial products, such as consumer goods. You, "LG" What are you trying to do with the phone? We can really never guess what is in the original. In his mind's marketing strategy and creative ads without reading individual, the call to prayer in all parts of the world and the Islamic calendar alarm sounds, but declared the "LG" wants us to think the new plant, the direction of Mecca from providing the service provided is used by the Muslims. The fact that the "LG Mobile" is not explicitly ask to buy now, and even positive emotions and help create brand attitude. This positive attitude is renowned shopping identification and working successfully to explain. The "show" is necessary. A place where I read the letter to prospective buyers see or hear properly potential buyers "the" (North) if one or more of the various elements (words and simple explanation is the effect without images). Photo of a particular company or service (Percy, L. et'al, 2001) is attached as sustainable solutions brand, by consumers respond quickly enough to meet the strong need for "effective communication is" in turn more sustainable. Resulting impact is communication, and specifically as a response to consumer branding and lead to the dissolution of whether or not a message associated with the "measures" such as the purchase of a brand. Usually, we talk about performance, it is required participation -

Coherence - beliefs and values shared.

Adaptability - the need for change and the desire for change is the ability to recognize.

Based on the effectiveness of community values and beliefs.

Policies and practices used by members.

Core values and beliefs, the successful implementation of behavior.

Translation of core Values into Practice

Values & Beliefs


Society's Environment

Policies & Practice

Values & Beliefs Translation of core Values into Practice Effectiveness Policies & Practice Society's Environment Advertising is all about communication. In order to be effective, it must be based on:

Provide a brief definition of the "audience".

A good understanding of the message.

A little bit understanding of what is been expected from the communication (Wibnshurst et. al, 1999). Whom to communicate Understanding about Effective Advertising What to communicate Expected Affect of Advertising.

Understanding about

Whom to communicate

Effective Advertising

What to communicate

Expected Affect of Advertising

2.2.11 Impact of Culture on the effectiveness of T.V Advertising:

Culture influences the effectiveness of TV advertising plays an important role. View the discussion. Daily life of a building, often romantic, funny and violent elements and fantasies, dreams and everyday experience of reality from imagination to escape the stress shows (Craig, 2005). They failed to ignore the activities that were used to understand the differences. The problems that were because of cultural differences when translating a message via potential customers led us (H. Paul, 1998). Cultural effects vary depending on products from other cultures as products in the international market acceptance of products on line with the values and belief systems depend advertised in advertising (Rogers, 1995). Cultural forces, particularly in international markets, many failed to consider the impact of errors is returned. (1993 Ricks) is essential for companies such factors as functions promote a product internationally.

2.2.12 Responses:

The response of the consumer after watching the Pakistani made ad and Indian made Pakistani ad is of very much importance in our study. A response tends to use a wide range of public communication for each message. In the complete definition of advertising we discuss process, commercialization process, a social and economic process, a public relations practice and the application of giving information and then to persuade the consumer (Arens, 1996). Researchers found that ads dynamic view, therefore, that companies, nonprofit organizations and individuals that any communication by an employee, not personal, as explained by the different media. The advertising message is identified, or some members of the audience to inform, celebrate. Morden (1991) believes that to establish advertising products or services in the minds of potential users of the awareness and knowledge base of the structure is used. Technological developments, new products and services that did not changed, but changed the meaning of many words. Media, increasing the effectiveness of advertising that was less traditional means. Users in the age of digital media and marketing and advertising messages were chosen not to follow. Users about what they want, when they want to control. As an advertising strategy, advertising, product knowledge and buying decisions for the mood of a potential client is a major source. Brand, advertising and their relationship between cognitive responses are directed. States influence the advertising literature, even in attitudes and behavior towards different types of media and branded products (Muehling et al., 1988), ad marks on a review of the relationships of behavioral support. Media and advertising material consumption and material costs (Abidin et al., 2011) to provide updated information. O'Guinn and Faber (1989) has made clear that, once seen, a purchase transaction, even after selling the harmful effects of individual faces are difficult to control.

2.2.13 Emotional Response

In our research the Emotional Response covers that aspect of advertisement on which it is been made. Whether the ad encourages consumers to buy products emotionally or not? It has quite close relations with the distribution modes of entertainment and it also lack in having a clear guideline between entertainment and advertising (Moore, 2004). Theory has a greater impact in the field of market research and attitude towards advertising - Advertising. However, influence the formation of attitudes to help explain the attitude of consumers to brand themselves as an intention to purchase (Goldsmith & Lofferty, 2012). Statement of multiple convictions is more important. Such property and the desirable properties such as beauty and get understanding and the emergence of happiness than material possessions (and Zainal Abidin Latif, 2011) is after the traditional theory of consumer behavior position from the position must consumers in buying consumer brand, and love more than others. Therefore, the relative importance of the appeal of the brand to the consumer, the decisions depend on the products, increase brand awareness (Keller, 2006) leads to do. Grâce not know Mark, the origin of the brand to the quantity and freshness of memory brand believes that the situation created in the purchase of emotional responses to advertising (Holden and Lutz, 1992). However, the use of the person, if you buy different signal to the announcement of the brand and entertainment brand, are more likely to be recovered to any buyer, if you combine the different attributes of the brand, creating a brand association (Romaniuk and Sharp, 2004). Habitual element had a positive relationship between the optical density and the verbal text and the media and emotional reactions are also found (Bezijian-Lavery et. al, 1998).

2.2.14 Environmental Response:

Behavior is in the context of the theory of environmental attitudes and beliefs, and custom vehicles. Environmental concerns and point of view that will determine the cognitive structure in large part should be considered in the reaction and not fun (Heberlein and Wisconsin, 1998) of the signal. He suggested that marketing and consumer research, which is used to promote products or services and environments sale offers a unique experience (Adelaar et al 2003). In particular, I tried Environmental Research in stores, retailers and the highest level of the background (Morris, Bonn, 1998) and Music of the effects of different environmental conditions to explain. In our society, and cultural climate there is a desire to accelerate to maintain the benefit of reflecting social norms (Wood, 1998). It can produce continuation awards such as the purchase, judgment, and self-exploration tenure (Greenley and Foxall, 1997) at the request of the material after the purchase, according to other variables. Although the buyers who want to buy products, but not the brands, trademarks and logos have traders rushing towards them, they also decided (Lofferty and jewelry, 2002). The purchase of products that are considered to be a modern life shopping having limited responses or having limited personal opinion is majorly the resonse of the buyers (Tirmidhi, 2009). In this case, a retail store for customers to use the information, products and methods of comparison shopping decisions (Stern, 1962). Furthermore, continuing this behavior can be determined as the individuals continue to buy the product (Adelaar et. al, 2003). It is by far the subsequent method and type of sensory information. Environmental psychology model of sensory processes and hearing, and touch, and who can inspire the user experience. For advertising information, and can kind of information to influence consumers. So, are closely linked to this style of music and song text, image, video, and music, and advertising. Are classified environmental psychology model environment (such as trade), which is the desire, arousal and dominance if you buy (Adelaar et. al, 2003). It also provides emotional state producer. Study the information to a media source noise, contact the exhibition is represented by a set of offers. Environmental stimuli verbal and visual information affects a person's vision.

2.3.1 Overview of Advertising in Pakistan:

Since its establishment in Pakistan for almost a decade, and in the control of foreign sand leading advertising agencies advertising brought a small number. It was in the ads. Trained technicians and skilled production and a significant reduction were almost inexistante.ont. At the beginning of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry has experienced in the first decade after the creation of Pakistan remains physically weak growth. In the coming years, the situation began to change dramatically. There is a rise of new commercial and industrial projects. Consumer market began to take shape and the best of modern advertising and has a growing demand. The rapid development of media (Advertising Central, 1988) and replaced. Radio Pakistan in November 1964, Business Services, was the first public television channel of Pakistan Television (PTV) started up in Lahore. Pakistan Television Network TV (with all shares of the company with the Government of Pakistan) dominated almost 1990 when Pakistan STN viewers (TV craze, June 2005) are available. Since 1999, the creation of Pakistani media significantly grew in terms of number of channels. Previously, the official Pakistani television channel PTV Global PTV 3 and 25 belonging to Pakistan Limited TV (PTV Network) (Cyber City Line, 2004). In the 80s, Islamist Pakistan military dictator General Zia-ul-Haq long, and censorship of the media and politicians have impressed many rules. For example, the electronic media is very strict:

No physical contact between men and women - mother and son or between brothers and sisters, it is not.

Couples share a bed from that exposed to tele-novels.

Use was blocked word Drama "(democracy) jamhooriat.

Harness or even the army has no right to criticize the clergy.

Minimum allowable singer singing on television exercise.

Women presenters and advertisers were not allowed to show.

Gum ads jump or not to lick ice cream cones model.

Total trade in women (Piracha, 2005) can be expressed as 30 percent.

Ads in strict media laws may affect the long-term plans of the firm to take the advantage through the ads. The strict media laws sustainable through centuries had a significant impact on the advertisement. If this is not one censorship law is exactly the content, but very carefully as confirmed private television and broadcast television are young. At the beginning of the new century, electronic Pakistan (PEMRA) electronic media and many private TV satellite TV Mount License lack of new demand in the audience recognized the authority of international standards expected range electronic media, TV, (held in June 2005). Shahnoor advertising industry veteran Ahmed, the scene in the seventies and advertising industry is a world of difference between today. In the sixties, advertisers send a copy printer, independence and climate change can be transmitted, to advertisers printer (previously appreciated, June 2005) I had to go. Usually this Officials from various agencies compete typographer services (past, June 2005 defined) may be involved in feel. Also, this time, was under the impression that the dominant medium for most campaigns. Pakistan television channel PTV was just too difficult for advertisers to follow strict rules were developed. In the past, if he knows where he is today in Pakistan a number of factors that the advertising industry. Even at an early stage, multi-national companies based on the investment climate in Pakistan as seen. Industries and companies significantly beyond regional borders have increased their activities highlighted. In the 1970s skilled workers from Pakistan's large-scale emission Middle East, significantly increasing purchasing power in the country. Equally important, the expansion of globalization and international press, the Western concept of consumption by the people of Pakistan addressed immediately because of their cultural superiority and also gives a sense of wealth as well (Aslam, 2000).

2.3.2 Advertising Scenario:

Pakistan came on the map of the world since last 60 years of his life is on the market for consumer goods, consumer durables, capital goods and services grew strongly. This is a great achievement for the country practically scalable infrastructure was more than half a century. This increase in market size and consumer demand is not limited. A level marketing tools and trends in the rapidly developing market and is considered to have world class skills. In addition, Pakistan's economy grew by 7% in 2006 and most dynamic economies in a place between Asia. Michael Maedel, President, JWT Asia believe some of the world's strongest economies, led by China and India of the leadership in this order from Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, the country's next generation). Most formal market research campaigns and yet do not use widely. But Ammar Rasool creative director JWT Pakistan, Pakistan set to investigate their marketing efforts will be based on many multinational brands. On the other hand, the maximum ads those are targeting consumers in Pakistan. If you are still in the kitchen, use, and display advertising products for housewives, house described more than once, and stereotyped roles (personal communication, August 2, 2007) shows. In Pakistan, it will signal that a number of awards on the international stage (water prices in India, for example) should have considered. Modern communications, especially the new international telecom companies like Telenor, Warid, Zong joined Pakistan in 2004 and after, writings into many new multinational companies in the country. Advertising industry has witnessed rapid growth and development. In addition, PepsiCo, P & G, Unilever, and other markets in the face of jinn blast media spend millions every year many viewers new channels and print media options. From 19 October 2006, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) gave the 14 new licenses (Daily Times, 2006). This sudden increase in the list of private TV channels outside the monopoly of Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation television network television quality has led more than 5 decades. Although unprecedented social and economic development of Pakistan is affected by globalization, still considered as a step backwards, and after such a long time very little is known.

2.3.3 Current Trend:

Recently we have observed the Indian faces on TV ads. Media people have used Indian talent to create ads for Pakistan for many discussions. Some people do not sympathize with the local talent. Succeeded in the past used by employees in India, for example, reminds us. We have compiled a list of campaigns. India is concerned word.

Different Surf like (Unilever) and Always (P & G) have been shot with the Indian team.

The Shampoo (Clear) of (Unilever) appointed Indian crew for the shooting of Pakistani 'fear factor'.

Pepsi & Coca-Cola initiated this trend and still continue to do it now adays as well. The Coca-Cola campaign of "Kha Le Pii Le Ji Lay" took the services of Indian on and off camera both.

All the touchy ads of Nestle 'Everyday', in which the husband offers his wife to make the Tea that day with the tag line 'Banay hain eh dosray kay liye'. In that ad the male model as well as the female model both of them is Indian.

The Banaspati ads of Kashmir Banaspati with the tagline 'Bas yahi hay achi Zindagi' is totally made in India.

Telenor also used the Indian made ads in the initial stages of Talkshawk. The easy paisa launch campaign 'Zindagi asaan hoi' is totally made in India.

The Mobilink's Jazz campaign of 'Apna hay' used an Indian face from Star plus serial.

A few years ago, launched Lux (Unilever) with Aishwarya campaign that has been used in India and Pakistan. Recently, Katrina is used in our posters.

Alokozay tea with a banner campaign.

Paradise fabric launches its summer collection that India Kareena Kapoor excited a lot of discussion, as is the case here. Were killed in the campaign in a foreign country, and cash color Pakistan mad and extensive.

Love Giselle today film Gul Ahmad Khan Ali Saif with one of the main problems of impressions representative of women. Hiring staff is a clear trend upwards in these days.

We both restrict technological and professional and business before the debate about the differences, "Why do companies and models of houses against advertising by contacting production in India?" And it came to ask an expert. Amir Atta (2010) and his campaign, Mobilink Jazz new logo "in my Hi all TVC apparently filmed in India, according to the guidance developed by Indian team management PTCL is the first time in the media in preparation for his campaign used a house in India, but by Mobilink desi model casting for a somewhat bold move. Where it ends - an uptrend View Karina textile Paradise, Amitab Bachchan for the competition in an ad for clothing company Deepika Padukone was seen on boards and councils? When? It is about technical devices. He emphasized that Pakistan produced world-class, high-quality video tapes, and even India, why can not we do better than TVC? The Indian model in general and especially in the scene where the industry was already suffering losses are signed local industry. For example, recently the actress Saima Red gives one of his campaigns. By Saima said that India was better than her. TVC production in India said the benefits of access, word choice, and that said. TCF estate professional who is soon shot in India, where the operations are very soft, and only 2/3 full days for TVC. He urged Pakistanis to companies and local talent, goodwill (Amir Atta, 2010) is estimated. Following the creation of Miller's views as director of the agency accounts: When a team, and considering our options carefully to ensure that the message has struck a chord with the target audience the idea. If people outside, and the answer is going against the current. At the same time, not a foreign talent means that local talent is not good enough. Accordance with the terms and requirements of the clients you work is subject to availability. We met very few managers are DOPS Leave a CVT that is very important. Often customers save time pressure. Consumer goods and telecommunications companies and good managers in the local area for more than 5 ads not wait hours sometimes clear "you may prefer other options. Our industry is still very weak in terms of talent; customers are unable to meet the demands. For years, we see the same face at the foot of the ramp and make announcements. TV actor for a long time, and one company or the other is used. She has appeared in ads faith thousandth time. Shahid Afridi for a period of less than three big names are brand ambassadors. Including multiple ads each and glory as anyone - without restriction Mobilink, Pampers, and Ronaq spice. Our industry needs to inject resources. And board director and designer representatives and other members of the set, various types of local production team to select companies to make it easier. It is very common for new faces. Modeling cultural taboos out of the question is one of many new faces. An environment for industrial development is important that international law and practice at all levels to promote new talent is as follows.

2.4 Research Gap Filled by this Research:

The content that this research carries is the view point of the consumer, the people who will purchase the product after viewing the advertisement. Many of the individuals have done researches on the topics like celebrity endorsement in which they have studied the impact of those ads in which celebrities are endorsed. But none of them have covered this topic in which they have compared the consumer's point of view that whether they like Pakistani made ads or ads that are been made in India for Pakistani audience. The major objective is to study that whether the consumer identifies an ad to be a Pakistani made ad or an Indian made ad in the absence of any celebrity or renowned person. In this research we will not cover the media agencies point of view that why do they now prefer ads to be shoot in India.

2.5 Area for Future Research:

This study carries the consumer's point of view about the advertisement. However, the point of view of the media agencies should also be taken under consideration. Furthermore after these researchers have been conducted the future researchers need to study and identify the steps that should be taken to improve our own media industry.


3.1 Research Design

3.1.1 Research Philosophy:

This study entails the behavior of the consumer of Pakistan while watching advertisements on television. The researches have done a number of researches on standardized ads and localized ads but in this case the ads are been made in a separate country and is been shown to the audience of other country.

3.1.2 Research Approach:

The approach in this research is been kept a quantitative type. It starts with research question, developing of theoretical framework, driving hypothesis and collecting data from the audience through the use of questionnaires.

3.1.3 Research Strategy:

The research tends to study the consumer behavior in response to getting exposed to Pakistani made advertisements and Indian made advertisements. Do the consumers see any difference in between the ads and whether they can identify which ad is Pakistani made and, which ad is Indian made.

3.1.4 Research Choice:

This study is consumers oriented that means the results will be collected from the consumers for whom the advertisements are made. The data will be collected through questionnaires and then the results will be analyzed and concluded.

3.1.5 Research Time Horizon:

The time horizon for this research is one year.

3.1.6 Research Technique:

The technique that will be used in this research will be quantitative research that means the data will be collected through questionnaires.

3.1.7 Research Procedure:

Identify the Objectives

Find out the variables

Develop Hypothesis

Gather Secondary data

Gather Primary data

Analyze the data

Publish the results

3.2 Research Structure

3.2.1 Research Objectives:

The objectives are:

To find out whether Pakistani Ads creates more awareness of the message or Indian made Pakistani Ads.

To identify whether the consumer's interest level, about the message, increases more by a Pakistani Ad or an Indian Ad.

To analyze whether Pakistani Ads or Indian Ads creates more desire of the product.

To study the effect of Pakistani Ads as compared to Indian Ads towards the Purchase Intention of consumers.

3.2.2 The Problem Statement

A number of researchers have conducted researches on the difference in the impact that a TV ad creates on the audience. Many researchers have also conducted research in many countries to study the effectiveness of standardized ads as compare to local ads and tried to study the consumer's attitude towards them.

By far no such topics are been covered. The researchers haven't yet studied the consumer's perception and thinking process. So to study the consumer's point of view this study will be conducted. The research will cover a survey that would compare the difference in the impact that a local ad creates in contrast to the impact that a standardized ad campaign would create.

3.2.3 Research Questions:

Q1) Does a Pakistani Ad or an Indian Ad have a stronger influence on consumer's mind?

Q2) Do consumers respond more positively towards the Pakistani advertisement strategy than towards Indian advertisement strategy?

3.2.4 Conceptual Framework:

Independent variables Covariates Dependent Variables

Awareness of the message

Interest in the product

Desire of the product

Purchase intention

Pakistani Ads

Indian Ads

Cost Effective Strategy



3.2.5 Research Variables

Independent Variables:

Pakistani Ads

Indian Ads





Dependent Variables:

Awareness of the message

Interest in the product

Desire of the product

Purchase intention

3.2.6 Scale for Measurement of Variables:

Multiple Regressions will be used for the tests to study the degree of relationship. As the independent variable is more than one so, we will use multiple regression method.

3.2.7 Hypothesis:

The hypotheses are as follows:

H1: Pakistani Ads create more Awareness of the message as compared to Indian Ads.

H2: Pakistani Ads create more Interest in the product as compared to Indian Ads.

H3: Pakistani Ads create a better Desire of the product as compared to Indian Ads.

H4: The purchase intention of the consumers will be positive due to exposure to an Indian made Pakistani ad or the Indian Ads.

H5: Pakistani Ad implements a more cost effective strategy as compared to Indian Ads.

H6: Pakistani Ads are more creative as compared to Indian Ads.

H7: Pakistani Ads are better executed as compared to Indian Ads.

3.3 Research Tools and Techniques

3.3.1 Justification for Selected Tools and Techniques

Primary and secondary data will be collected. The primary data will be collected through questionnaires. The secondary data will be collected through research paper, journals, magazines, articles and internet.

3.3.2 Population and Target Population:

Population would be all the people residing in Karachi. However, no specific areas will be targeted within Karachi. So the target population would be general pubic of Karachi regardless of their race, sect, religion or profession.

3.3.3 Sample Size

The population for the research study will be the 384 individuals.

3.3.4 Method of Sampling Selected and its Justification:

Due to number of problems like lack of time and bad political situation 'Convenient sampling method' will be used in this.