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A descriptive research to study the influence of the change income levels among Malaysian men aged between 25 and 45 on the demand for health services of the spa in Kuala Lumpur. (A case study on Senjakala Spa)



Now days, Malaysian lifestyle have been changes day to day. Men are also become like women that need something different for themselves relaxing body and mind. Malaysian mentality is no longer exist that spa is only for women. Besides that, men also known as one group of people that always busy with their work and having many problems in their daily routine. They might be face all of this routine for the whole day, and what they can do are to visit and use the spa services that can help to reduce their stress after the whole day working.

The metrosexual cloak doesn't mean the death of men who are sensitive and attentive to their physical appearances and general well-being.  Call it vanity all they want but with the availability of numerous urban spa for men, it is more than just a positive indication that men are now demanding what they have been missing all this while; which women have enjoyed for ages.  More than anything else, it's an affirmation that Spa is the new cosmopolitan lifestyle for men.


Based on Bernama Article "The Health Ministry will prepare a memorandum for the Cabinet, seeking help from the relevant government ministries, agencies and departments to ensure that Malaysians become more health-conscious and switch to a healthier lifestyle". So this business dedicated from the healthier campaign Malaysia, Jom Lebih Sihat!" By the government in order to make sure that men in Malaysia can stay healthiest all the time. Men are now realizing that they need to take better care of themselves. Corporate execs, as well as athletes, prefer to have well massage, facial, body scrubs and body grooming and ingrown hairs are no longer just part of being a man. They can be prevented with the right products and treatments. Spa treatments not only make you look better and reduce stress, they can also slow down the aging process. And now, men are getting their own places by choosing spa.

1.1.3 INCOME

Based on, "Currently Malaysian per capita income was AS$6,244 (RM21, 500) a year, one proud achievement contrasting many developing countries". Income generally defined, is the money that is received as a result of the normal business activities of an individual or a business. So what we can see here, to purchase anything will not be a problem to Malaysian wtih the above income per year. This will educated people to pay for getting massage and facial avalaibale for men instead get it at home. No matter how the price it, they still can afford it. As for men in Kuala Lumpur, working in this huge city they may come with big income, so instead relaxing at home they still want external body care especially after tired the whole day working.


According to K.Malhotra N and Peterson.M, hypothesis (H) is an unproven statement or proposition about a factor or phenomenon that is of interest to the researcher. So before we continue our research about the above topic, hypothesises should be stated as an answer to the research question. This hypothesises are important to know whether variables included or not in our research design. Hâ‚€ is the control hypothesis that is actually tell us the neutral situation


Hâ‚€, Influence of the change in income levels among Malaysian men aged between 25 and 45 affect on the demand for health services of the spa in Kuala Lumpur.

Now a days, mentality of the Malaysian men have been change towards spa services that been promoted in market as one of the common services for them. Besides since our economic stability changes to better once, all level of incomes of men between 25 and 45 demanded to have better look of them. Based on International Spa Association, around 30% spa guests are men and there come to the spa absolutely not to do massage but also to try the entire package provided for their charm. The total of that for sure have been increased.


H₁, Influence of the change in income levels among Malaysian men aged between 25 and 45 giving positive effect on the demand for health services of the spa in Kuala Lumpur.

Men aged between 25 and 45 usually have income levels above RM2500 so the prices factor is not a problem to them. They want to be come younger not just for self but also people around them. Going to spa is not just for outside look but also for our health. Plus the men of that aged that faced many problems at their office or work will visit spa to relaxing instead doing it by themselves at home.  


Hâ‚‚, Influence of the change in income levels among Malaysian men aged between 25 and 45 giving negative effect on the demand for health services of the spa in Kuala Lumpur.

Perception about spa for men in Malaysia is still in lower level because the issue of "pusat urut gay". There will be a lots of question will be questioned by people outside there whether this kind of business are fully authorized by the government. Furthermore in Malaysia just a few businesses of men for spa and have a approved licensed. Spa for men is seem likely just for men that come with big income, so for men in Kuala Lumpur that just work in factory may prefer to have the traditional massage at home.


In a group of 4 people, we have been giving to do a research and based on our research topic of Spa for Men. The location of research is at Jalan Pudu Lama, Kuala Lumpur. We had chosen this location after finding any spas at Kuala Lumpur using the internet tools and requested to do the research by sending an email to the owner of Senjakala Spa, Encik Nasir. Luckily the owner agreed and gives the permission, and we decide to choose 15th April 2010 to do personal interview. Three days before the interview, one of the groups preparing and printed the questionnaire for Senjakala Spa's customers and the owner. At the day of 15th April 2010, four of us went to Kuala Lumpur by Nur Atiqah's car. We are not having any problem in finding the spa. Regarding the 30 sheets of questionnaire, we are giving permission to passing up to the customers who came to the spa but the limitations are till there. Because our main research is to prove one of hypothesises regarding the income and age, our respondents must age between 25 to 45 years old. In completing task 3 in monitoring the plan, we had to go to the cybercafé to use the Microsoft Office project to do the Gantt chart. There are no too much limitations for our research project group in completing this research.


The scope of research all about spa services just for men in Malaysia especially in Kuala Lumpur that depending on the income of men between 25 to 45 years old This spa is a place whose sole purpose is to help individuals develop a healthy lifestyle especially men area Jalan Pudu Lama. Plus this spa is surrounding by big building such as Menara Maybank, etc. Conducting market research does not guarantee that spa industry or Senjakala Spa will make a correct decisions. So to test whether the research being successful or not successful, descriptive research will be conducted by us. The descriptive research will presents an overview of the primary phases and steps involved in our research project.


Business research can be define as an organized, systematic, data based, critical, scientific inquiry or investigation into a specific problem undertaken with the objective of finding answer or solution to it. In order to solve the topic that been choose, researcher will use the research process as a guideline for them in order to find the answer.

The figure shows the research process that must be go through by the researcher to complete the research. After identifying the definition of the problem, the next stage is to choose the suitable research design to be used by the researcher in order to collecting the primary data.

Research design can be categorized on three categories that are exploratory research, descriptive research, and causal research. These three categories have been classified according to the objective that been set for the research. Exploratory researches usually use to solve the unclear problem. It may help to identify the best data collection method and the best research design. This type of research usually will conclude on supposed problem that somewhere not exists. Descriptive research usually pointing on the clear problem that needs to be solved. Descriptive may seek to describe about the problem. On this research, the researcher should define the question, doing a surveyed, and also starting to collect all the data. Causal research usually will be used by the researcher if the problem that been identified is specific problem. It also required the researcher to find cause and effect that might impact on the problem.


For the topic research that been choose by our group, we decide to use descriptive research design as methodology to completed our research. According to Key J P, 1997 descriptive research is used to obtain information concerning the current status of the phenomena to describe "what exist" with respect to variable or conditions in a situation. The methods involved range from the survey which describes the status quo, the correlation study which investigates the relationship between variables, to developmental studies which seeks to determine changes over time.


Survey is the most popular method that usually use by the company or any products to collect the information from the consumer. According to Malhotra N K, 2006, survey method consist a structured questionnaire given to a sample of a population and designed to elicit specific information from respondent. Using this method, respondent will be asking for some question. This survey also can be done using either verbal or written questioning. Usually, the question that will be ask to the respondent are regarding their behaviour, intensions, attitudes, awareness, life style characteristic and many more.

This survey methods are usually use by the researcher to get the information. On the survey method, the researcher will use the questionnaire. Researcher will used structured sequence question to be ask to the respondent. Respondents may take a responsibility to read and answering the question. If the respondents have the difficulty to understand the question, they can ask the researcher for the clarification.


In order to collecting the survey data or information there is various methods that can be used. Broadly it can be classified as telephone, personal, email or electronic interview.

Sources from Basic Marketing Research: A Decision Making Approach, 2006.

From all the typed of the survey method that can be used, our group decided to use personal interview as method to collect the primary data. Personal interview method is personal form of research. In this survey, the interviewer will works directly to the respondent to get the information. The interviewers might have the opportunity to ask the follow up question and in the same time, interviewers also able to look the opinion or impression of the respondents toward the brands, product, and the question.

Telephone interviewing is most common survey method that be used. Telephone interview give ability to the researcher to gather information rapidly. This survey give a chance to the interviewers for some personal contact, this survey are similar like personal interviews and also allowed the interviewers to ask the follow up question. This method can be dividing into two ways that are traditional telephone interviews and Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing.

Other survey method is mail method. Respondent will receive the questionnaire through the mail. Based from the response from the respondent, it wills shows are the data reflects to the population not only with strong interest in survey. Mail method can be divide into two categorized that are mail interviews and mail panels.

Electronic methods also can be used to do survey. There are two categorized that can be identified in electronic method that are e-mail interviews and internet interviews. For email interviews, the researcher must have a list of email address. The way of the email is written within the body of email message and send to the respondents. The questionnaires can be sending to the respondent in a minute. For internet interview, the researcher will use the internet and website to do the survey. The researcher will use HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) the language of the web and are posted to the website. Respondent can answer the survey online. Sometimes, respondent maybe are asked to go to some particular website to complete the survey.


By using this method, the organization can have an advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages of survey methods is able to collect a large number of respondents. Survey method is an efficient ways for researcher to collect the information from a large number of respondents. The data collected will be useful if the researcher able to get a lot of information about the response of respondent toward the product. Besides that, the cost by doing this survey method also inexpensive. Survey method shows that economy in data collection due to the focus provided by standardized question. Only question of interest to the researcher maybe asked, recorded, codified, and analyzed. Time and money is not spent on tangential question. The researcher can make a survey to all people all over the world with the low cost and in the short time.

However, there also some disadvantages on this method such as respondent not willing to provide the information needed. It is because sometimes respondent may not understand about the questionnaire in the survey. Researcher may need more time in order to explain about the questionnaire to build clear understanding on it.


Human observation will use human as the observers. Observations of human behaviour need the researcher to look at the non-verbal behaviour of the respondent. Non-verbal behaviour is the communication symbols that can be read from facial expression or body movement of the respondent. After that, observer will record all the non-verbal communication symbols to explain the conversation or reaction. Besides that, direct observation also can be including under human observation. A direct observation is the straightforward attempt to observe and record what naturally occurs, the investigator doesn't create any artificial situation. Contrived setting observations are against direct observation. This observation shows that the investigator create the artificial environment to test the hypothesis. Observation of physical objects can be described as the physical evidence trace. It will show the visible mark of some past occurrence.

Mechanical observations use a machine design for specific observation task. Now days, there are the new technology that can be used for observation. Such as galvanometer, tachistoscope, eye camera, voice pitch analysis and many more. Galvanometer are use to measure the emotional arousal induced by an exposure to specific advertising copy. Besides that, galvanometer also uses to measure autonomic reaction. Tachistoscope is an device that provides the researcher timing control over a visual stimulus. For eye cameras, this device is to study eye movements, which respondent reads advertising copy.


Same goes to othe method of collecting the information, observation also have their own advantages and also disadvantages. One of the advantages is Data can be collected where and when an event or activity occurring. This observation method can be done at anywhere and anytime in which there are and activity or event occurred. This observation method can be done without planning. As long as there are some activities related with the objective the observation can be done there. Beside that, this method can be done naturally. It is because the data collections are based on behavior of the consumer. It usually show naturally not lied. So that the data will be more accurate with what are really happen outside.

However, there also several disadvantages for this method such as the cost to do this observation is expensive. In observation method, there can be expensive and also time consuming compared to other data collection methods. It is because researchers have to go to the place of activities to do the observation. They have to spend the cost to go there and in the same time it also may take a time to complete the collection data.


Our group has decided to use descriptive research in order to complete our research. Descriptive research usually pointing on the clear problem that needs to be solved. Descriptive may seek to describe about the problem. On this research, the researcher should define the question, doing a surveyed, and also starting to collect all the data. This research methodology allow us not only to study on the certain variable that been identified but we also able to gather a lot of information by doing the research. Besides that, we also able to study on the income and population of men at Kuala Lumpur with average aged 25 to 45 years old.

By using this methodology, we need to identified and showing the relationship between the two variables that may impact on the topic. However, if the two factors no directly influence each other, we have an ability to search others factor that may giving an impact to the research topic. On other word, we can identify third factors that related with topic.


A literature review is an account of what has been published on a topic by accredited scholars and researchers. This literature review is more often as a part of introduction to an essay, research report or thesis. The purpose in writing this literature review is to convey our readers the idea and knowledge have been establish on a topic that are the descriptive of study on the influences of the change in income level among Malaysian men aged between 25 to 45 years old on the demand for health services of spa in Kuala Lumpur. It also included the strength and the weaknesses of this research topic.

One of the definitions of a literature review:

"... A literature review uses as its database reports of primary or original scholarship, and does not report new primary scholarship itself. The primary reports used in the literature may be verbal, but in the vast majority of cases reports are written documents. The types of scholarship may be empirical, theoretical, critical/analytic, or methodological in nature. Second a literature review seeks to describe summaries, evaluate, clarify and/or integrate the content of primary reports."

Cooper, H. M. (1988), "The structure of knowledge synthesis",

Knowledge in Society, Vol. 1, pp. 104-126

Now days, one of the best ways to relax and refresh our body and mind is get a massage at a spa for a person who can't relieve their stress. Majority in the spa industry is monopoly by women spa and services with all girlie and un-masculine and structured around a women's need. For this reasons, the growth of the men spa is increase by time because majority of them also want to release their stress in life by doing massage, body scrub and other treatment that can recharge their body. Oils and aromatherapy also can influence them based on therapeutic properties and do not smell terribly "girlie". The mentality toward men who get a treatment that are strange activities had change from time by time.

Basically treatment in the spa will may be effective in promoting the health of anyone especially in men life. They always do unhealthy activities like go to the pub or hang out with friend to release their stress of work but they didn't know the effectiveness to anyone willing to get value of life in the appropriate lifestyle. Spa services and treatment is one of the ways to promote relaxation and the incentive massage technique as fantastic experiences. The basic treatments in spa are facial, massage, body scrub, exposed of toxic and effective type of therapy. With the special spa for men they can come to enjoy the benefit without any respects of women.

In additional, there are many trained professional in this spa industry who can work by effective type of treatments and will focus on the technique of the particular section of body to get satisfaction felt afterwards. Besides that the busy lifestyle to achieve life goal and want to set some time aside and indulge in relaxation is one of the influenced of spa growth.

Based on, In so far as Kuala Lumpur is the capital of the nation, its economic catchments encompass the entire country. It is an appropriate place to our group makes researches towards men spa in this industry. Besides that, one of the demographic factors that can influence this topic is the location of spa.

At the same time, Kuala Lumpur and its conurbation (KLC) form a region that is the most industrialized and economically the fastest growing in the country. Furthermore, the development of the KLIA at Sepang, the creation of the MSC, which includes Putrajaya and Cyberjaya, and the expansion of Port Klang has reinforced the national and international economic significance of the City.

This table above show GDP for Kuala Lumpur (at purchasers' value in 1987 prices) has increased from RM21,157 million in 1995 to RM25,968 million in 2000 and an average annual growth rate of 4.2 percent. Malaysia's GDP average annual growth rate during the same period was 4.7 percent.

Median Salary by City

Country: Malaysia

According to, this chart above is show the salary of the population in Malaysia especially for Kuala Lumpur that is our main area of this topic. There is a strategic area to influences men involved in spa world. It is because when this activity becomes popular, other city in Malaysia will be a competitor and on the other sides, men spa has a standard rate with women spa industry. As a researcher, we have to conduct a questionnaire to know the opinion of the customers toward men spa industry. By this survey we can conduct their influenced toward spa men opening based on Malaysian men monthly salary.

In the chart, we can see the median salary by city based on some research and survey. As we can see in chart, Kuala Lumpur have two point but both of these shows the higher median salary because of the population and percentage of employment is increase by year and from that it also influences them to spend some amount of their salary in spa treatment as their healthy activity. Following the statistic of the graph, second higher of the salary are in Shah Alam, follow by Petaling Jaya, Georgetown, Johor Bharu and lowest median of salary is in Kuching. It is because as a largest city in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur have to employed more employees to be a growth city in the world.

By this growth economic and the increasing the number of population, we can conclude that the men in the Kuala Lumpur have a stability level of income that can influence them to increase demand toward healthy spa and services. The Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER) also forecast of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth for Malaysia at this year to be at 3.7 % and it is an advantage to spa industry to promote more services and promoting to create awareness towards these services.

Majority of the spa provided high price to get their services and it can be a problem to the lower level of income and in the table above GDP seeking the improvement of customers economic to involve in spa lifestyle. Kuala Lumpur is the strategic place to increasing growth of rate of their salary and gives a good sign of customers to involve in spa treatment field by take their first movements. The lowest income level will exclude them to get this treatment as a routine because many factors like cars, house, and monthly payments need more attention.

In our research, we had to establish the influences of the change in income level among Malaysian men aged between 25 to 45 years old on the demand for health services of spa in Kuala Lumpur. Their income level in the target aging group will be our research topic that can influence them increasing their ability and willingness in spending money to reduce their stress of work. The ratio of employments of population is increase by year based on the table above and usually men are major employments that present high involvement.

By looking at the table above, it shows the age structure of the population in Kuala Lumpur as our main state of research because it is a government centre and approach on aspect of economic fastest growing of country. As a general information, spa services for a men is a new lines in the spa industry and to become a popular activities it need to growth consistency beginning with the largest area.

In the table, the birth rate for Kuala Lumpur has resulted in the decline in the percentage of below 15 years old at 1980 as 33 % to slightly less than 27 % in 2000. As a continuing the working group of 15 until 59 years old increased from 63 % in 1980 to 67 % in 2000. Usually, increasing percentage of the working group had a positive influenced with percentage of employment and rate of economic growth. The old age group also shows the increasing percentage from 1980 to 2000.

Malaysian men between age 25 until 45 is in the middle group in the table. The increasing percentage of the population is show that they were working because the rates of growth are increase by year to year. From this table, the change of the income level by growth of rate with change the mentality of men to choose spa services as routine in their life. Thus, the expected that the percentage of the aged population be higher in the urban than the rural area and this change in the demographic pattern of the aged population will also influence the distribution of health care resources.

In this group of age they want to get the healthy treatment but the factors like out of confident, introverted and other will be a treat to them because of the minority of men spa in this industry. The physical and social changes in the life will associated with ageing are combined will give multiple, acute and chronic diseases effect to our body. So, by the increasing number of growth in spa men industry they can reduce the effect of diseases in their life.

Based on, the chart below will show the percentage of the employees between female and male and the random type of work of Malaysian men in the age between 25 to 45 years old.

In the gender of employment, the percentage of men show 89 % of the employees in Kuala Lumpur compare to female that only show 11 %. From this graph, men are the biggest influences of salary in employment industry. In the pie chart beside of that, that is the percentage years of experiences. The highest is for the men who work in the 5 until 9 years of experiences. By this information, compare to our topic we can agree that the Malaysian men in the age from 25 until 45 years old is in between 5 to 9 years of experiences and the graph below will show the type of employment with the average income in a month. For the customers in the 25 years old we can assume that they in the 1 to 4 years of experiences and it also show the second highest of percentage.

Median Salary by Job

Country: Malaysia

In general, the people in the years of 25 to 45 basically have a stable type of income and they will able to get the highest month of salary. In the graph we can see some work like senior level of engineer, consultant, and manager as a majority or popular type of work to customers

in the average type of 35 above. Other works that are state in graph is lecture, HRM manager and first level of engineer for the customers in the 2 or 3 years of experiences in work field. The median income that had state in the graph shows the ability of them to spend some money in the spa and they don't any problem to this activity.

After all the research are completed, our group can conclude that the factor of the economic growth rate and change in income level among Malaysian men aged between 25 to 45 years old will influenced them on the demand for health services of spa in Kuala Lumpur. The healthy spa will be a big influenced to the person who care about their body well establish world wide as a placed of the renewal and relax with a fantastic experience to approach of mind, body and soul harmony.


Data collection is very important in any research study. Every research data must have their data to be collected and also known as primary data. The functional of primary data is to test the researcher's hypothesis is true or wrong. Data collection can get from sampling of research. According to, 2010 Data collection methods for impact evaluation vary along a continuum. At the one end of this continuum are quantitative methods and at the other end of the continuum are Qualitative methods for data collection.


Many choices of methods can be used to collect the primary data. The researcher must choose the effective method to make sure the data can be collected on time he or she need. To identify an appropriate method, the researcher can prefer their hypothesis of research topic.

There are many methods of collecting primary data (observed or collected directly from first-hand experience.). Published data and the data collected in the past or by other parties are called secondary data. The main methods of primary data collection include:



Focus group interviews


Case studies


Critical incidents


The primary data, which is generated by the above methods, may be qualitative in nature (usually in the form of words) or quantitative (usually in the form of numbers or where you can make counts of words used).


For this research, we used a questionnaire and a personal interview as a methodology to collect the data. We choose this type of methodology because these methods are cheaper and easy to collect our primary data. The personal interview is completed by our group with an owner of Senjakala Spa. The questionnaire is in a survey form is for our sampling of respondent. PERSONAL INTERVIEW

Before we design the questionnaire, we did a personal interview with the owner of Senjakala Spa first. The type of personal interview we did is face to face interview. The objective we did personal interview with Encik Nasir, the owner of Senjakala Spa because we want to know more about Senjakala Spa. In addition, we want to get more understanding about the men spa. The information of the type of customer in Senjakala Spa is important to design the questionnaire in order to test the hypothesis. Interviewing is a technique that is primarily used to gain an understanding of the underlying reasons and motivations for people's attitudes, preferences or behavior (brent.tvu, 2009). This personal interview has been done in a Senjakala Spa itself on 15th April 2010. From this personal interview, we got a lot of information about Senjakala Spa services and their customer. The record of this interview has been attached with this report.



Questions of interview for owner of Senjakala Spa owner, Encik Nasir

How did you get an idea to open a business of spa service?

Who is your target customer? And, who is your majority of your customer is from corporate person or common person?

What type of promotion that has you doing in order to attract your customer comes?

Which treatment is mostly had been choose by your majority customer?

What is your target market for this kind of business?

I knew that your spa launching in Mei 2002, can you describe the pattern of your customer on increasing and decreasing demand from launching date until now?

In 2008 and 2009, Malaysia facing the economy crisis, is there any impact to your business? Especially on number of people gets your service?

How you prevent this situation?

How did you able to make sure the price of treatment in your spa is affordable by Malaysian people?

Is there any factor that you think may giving either positive or negative impact to your business?

What is your comment regarding the hot issues of "Pusat Urut Gay"? QUESTIONNAIRE IN A SURVEY FORM

The objective we using a questionnaire method because we choose a sampling population is a customer of Senjakala Spa group sex which is Malaysian man in a group age between 25 years old until 45 years old and they have a middle income our target respondent. The types of sample our group choose is a quota sample. This is because our group determine more specific because based from our research hypothesis;

The design of our questionnaire is based from the hypothesis of topic research. We complete this methodology of questionnaire in Senjakala Spa, thus the question design is include about the Senjakala Spa services. This questionnaire in a form of survey for customers of Senjakala Spa and have been done throughout by 30 customers of Senjakala Spa.



NAME : .......................................................

OCCUPATION: .......................................................

Where are you come from?


Which age group you represent?

Below 25 years old

25 - 35 years old

36 - 45 years old

46 - 55 years old

More than 55 years old

What was your estimated gross income in a month?

Under RM 2000

RM 2001 - RM 3000

RM 3001 - RM 4000

RM 4001 - RM 5000

More than RM 5000

In my free time, I prefer to spend my time ……………………

In a typical month, how often do you visit Senjakala Spa?


2 or 3 times

More than 4 times

Which of the following package have you purchase from Senjakala Spa in the last month?


Body scrub, wraps, and masks

Facial for men

Spa ritual package

Body grooming

Others ……………..

Do you think Senjakala Spa offers better services, prices than other spa? From 5 starts, how much will you rate?






How much have you been invest for Senjakala services?

Less than RM 100

RM 101 - RM 300

RM 301 - RM 500

More than RM 500

Do you intend to loyal with Senjakala spa or change to other spa in the near future?

Yes, loyal to Senjakala Spa

No, I will change to other spa

I don't know

How did you know about this spa?

From Senjakala Website ;

Search engine [ Yahoo, Google, etc ]


Flyers, voucher and advertisement

Others ……………………..

What do you expect from Senjakala Spa?

Promotion package

Affordable price

High quality services


What is your main purpose using the spa services?


Health Treatment



Others …………………….

This question survey is design to analyze the group of by the customers in Senjakala. From the bar chart, our group defined that most of the customer of Senjakala Spa's are come from average age of 25 to 35 years old out of 30 respondents, 14 customers are from this age of group. The second higher average group of age represented 11 out of 30 respondents from 36 to 45 years old.

Many customer of Senjakala Spa or respondent of our research have a good level income. This is call as a middle income level. In Kuala Lumpur, RM 3001 until RM 5000 can be considering as a middle income because the high cost of living here then other city. 10 respondent have RM 3001 to RM 4000 gross income and 9 respondents have income more than RM 5000.

The bar chart shows 19 respondents out from 30 respondents like to do a healthy activity during their free time. 11 respondents have not answering the question of survey.For the time being, men have come to the spa once in a month. This is a good towards of the business spa services. Before this, a year ago, men might come once in 2 months. This is because in year 2009 Malaysia has a crisis of economic. When they have problem of income, the demand of spa services will be decrease.

Customers of Senjakala Spa more like to purchase a massage services. This is because many options of massage can be choose by the customer. The selections of massages are from traditional massage until the modern massage.

Overall of the customers satisfy with the service in Senjakala. This is based from the rate are given by customers of Senjakala. Senjakala give them a better service with a good price.

18 respondents invest around RM 101 until RM 300 in Senjakala to get a better service for their health. In average RM 301 until RM 500 and less than RM 100 both are 6 respondents. None of the respondent invests more than RM 500.

More of customers will loyal to the Senjakala Spa. The total respondent will loyal to the Senjakala Spa are 20 respondents. Another 10 respondents choose the answer with don't know whether to loyal with Senjakala or not.

The above bar chart shows that 20 respondents of Senjakala Spa visited by target customer after being recommended by the friends of customer. With using the Senjakala website only 6 respondents find out about Senjakala Spa. Only 4 respondents knowing Senjakala Spa by using search engine in internet.

From 30 respondents, only 3 respondents expected they can get a promotion package when come to the Senjakala Spa. For the services given by the Senjakala Spa, 18 respondents expected they can get a high quality services. 9 respondents want an affordable price when come to Senjakala Spa.

21 respondents visit Senjakala for relaxing purposed and 6 respondent for their health treatment. It is only 3 respondent visits Senjakala Spa with a routine purpose.


Based from the results of survey, it's give a positive result of our research hypothesis of H₁, influence of the change in income levels among Malaysian men aged between 25 and 45 giving positive effect on the demand for health services of the spa in Kuala Lumpur. More man from age 25 years old until 45 years old is demand the spa service in Kuala Lumpur. The hypothesis also can be accurate until 93% because most of respondents from Kuala Lumpur.

Our group's hypothesis is truly and we can conclude that 63.3% accuracy based from 19 respondents has a middle level income out of 30 respondents. 20 respondents answer that they want loyal with Senjakala Spa. This is can be conclude the sample respondent have a demand of the spa services that is related with health service.

From the questions of the respondents hobby during free time, mostly shows they like to do a healthy activity. The percentage from 30 respondents is 64% men do a healthy activity. This is shows men mostly think about their health now. The test of our hypothesis is positive but not too accurate until 100%. The accuracy and reliability of our research hypothesis is over than 60% and maybe until 90% accuracy.