The Young Killers

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Case 1: Leopold and Leob (1924) and the cause of crime

Case Summary

The case talks about murder of a fourteen year old boy, Bobby Frank who had been ruthlessly killed by two young men driving a by two Willys Knight Automobile in the late afternoon of 21st May, 1924. Names of the two killers are Richard A. Loeb and Nathan E. Leopold.

Both are the young blood with wonderful academic record and from highly rich families. This case is bit tough to understand because the motive behind the murder is just not understandable. The victim is just selected at random. Bobby Frank was not the first chosen victim, first victim was Armand Deutsch. But on the day of murder, he was picked by his family chauffer for the appointment to the dentist. It was a fate that came in between and took away the life of Bobby Frank.

The case is very much interesting as the cause of behind the murder, according to the two killers was nothing and there was no bad intention but at the time of murder, two young killers asked for ransom money for the life of Bobby Frank to his father but till father arranged the money, they killed his son. After few days of the murder both murderers were caught with the help of sunglasses of Leopold dropped at the place where murder was caused.

As both the killers were from very rich families, therefore they hired Clarence Darrow, one of the most famous criminal lawyers of that time in order to save their son's lives. Darrow was considered to be the best of that time; the case was referred as million dollar defense by the reporters. With his pleasing defensive techniques, Darrow pleased the judge to give them life time imprisonment instead of death whereas the two charges on them, murder and ransom may lead to death sentence.

The parties and court jurisdiction(s) involved in the case

Parties and court jurisdiction involved in the case are as follows:

  • Accused: Richard A. Loeb and Nathan E. Leopold
  • Defense Lawyer: Clarence Darrow
  • Judge: John R. Caverly
  • Bobby Frank's Father (victim's father)

Importance of the case

The case is very much important as well as interesting and this is the reason that it is considered to be one of the five most important and unusual cases of the century. There are many reasons because of which this case is really important. These reasons are as follows:

  • First and foremost reason is the motive behind the murder. When both the young killers were from very rich families then ransom that they asked for was of no use for them. They did not have any fight with the boy, he was just eleven. The most interesting part of the case is to note that they chose the victim at random. It may be called as Bobby's bad luck and Armand Deutsch's good luck that however Armand Deutsch was chosen at first for the murder but somehow they could not catch him and Bobby had to pay the price. Motive behind the murder as said by Leopold was that they did this crime in just in order to have an experience that how it feels to commit big crime. They just wanted to challenge the society and law with their cruel intensions. They did not commit this crime for money, they did not commit this crime for spite and they did not commit this crime for hate. They just killed the boy as if they would have killed an ant or a spider, just for an experience. They made their mind in that way and this was the only reason they killed Bobby. According to the accused there is no one in the world who can tell the purpose of the murder.
  • Another reason that makes the case important as well as interesting and the reason which supports to the fact that the murder is done with the pure intension of not harming the society is that both the killer were from a Jewish family and the victim chosen was also from the Jew family. This plan was made was absolutely logical and made deciding the fact that the media and religion support are so much corrupted that even if the intension was not religion, they would have made it religious if they would have killed a Christian guy. If a Christian person was killed by the murder's then the case would not have been limited to the court, it would have come on the streets resulting in the riots between Christians and Jewish in the city which would have led to the death of various people in the country and all over the world.
  • One other reason that makes this case very much interesting and important is that both the criminals were highly educated. Then what was the need to do this criminal activity when they were very much capable of doing some handsome job which would give them big name in the society and a lot of money.
  • The case become of national importance. Any other case in the city or in other cities remained unattended. Leopold and Loeb were considered to be of high importance. The trial was considered to be the trial of the century as it took a lot of time to hear whether both the criminal would live or die. It became the case of the media sensation.

Case 2: Alger hiss (1948), the House un American Activities Committee, and the Courts

Case Summary

This case talks about the perjury trail of the Alger Hiss in 1949. This case is considered to be an interconnection between the annoyances of the time, operation of process of justice to the criminal and consideration of politics in between. Trial of Alger Hiss for perjury is considered no that much relevant among the ruthless killing trials because this just a perjury case. This case may not be considered that cruel because the root of the topic, in spite of the illegal charge, concerned with peace time intelligence by the government worker for a foreign country which was the intimidating enemy of the nation. This case talks about Alger Hiss who was the rising star in the political planet with huge credential in this profession.

This case is mainly about two people, Alger Hiss and Whittaker Chamber. Whittaker Chamber was the person who accused Alger Hiss. This case was played alongside a background of deep anxiety in United States of America with the hazard of Soviet Communism and the terror that spies among the people in United States were endangering the national security. Whittaker Chamber calls the case to be an epitomizing drama in which Chamber and Hiss were archetypes. They both were representative of their own ideology which was absolutely opposite in nature and they had different philosophical position as well. In the case Diana is a commentator representing the society, who found that there is fight between the two people, Chamber and Hiss, having opposite principles and ideologies.

The parties and court jurisdiction(s) involved in the case

Accused: Alger Hiss and Whittaker Chamber

Alger Hiss Lawyer: Lloyd Paul Stryker

Alger Hiss's Opponent: Richard Nixon

Importance of the case

This case does not involve ruthless killing or murder of any body by any person but still it is one of the most interesting and important case of the century. There are various reasons that make this case important. These reasons are as follows:

  • Fist and the foremost reason that makes this case important is that this was a case of threatening national security and disloyalty with the nation. This is a different type of case in which the accused had not harmed anyone but still he is considered to be a big criminal of the society because he passed the documents of government of United States to Soviet Union. This is done by one of the most popular and rising political leader of the country. All the conversations in White house were recorded.
  • Another reason for this case to be important is that this is done by that person who had excellent credential and has led a gilded life, as observed by one of the leading biographer of the country. He was cold, proud and high and mighty in the country. Hence it looks really surprising that how come a person like him do disloyalty to the country when he knows that it would hurt his pride.
  • The importance of the case lies in the fact that among the two people, Chamber was ready to accept all the claims against him.
  • It is one of the major sensation criminal cases of the century. Hiss, whether he was guilty or not guilty was used in the future for making political ambition of those people who pursued him. His state of affairs came to represents the terror and abhorrence of Soviet Union that ruled the decision of big sections of American Population and the government.
  • Hiss came out as one of the huge frauds before the law and he was very bold which can take away anyone's breath. He was the biggest fraud of the century with his fraud activities going on around for fifty years. He looked innocent which was the major reason of him to be not behind the bars for so long.
  • He was considered to be a master piece for dishonesty. He was much more successful than Richard Nixon in this activity, who was his opponent in the case.
  • But there are not all the people for whom Alger Hiss was accused of harming national security. There is a drift in this situation as well because these people considered Alger Hiss to be victim of temper of time. This part of the society thinks that he was one of the speedily rising political leaders of the country but time denigrates him to be a infamous liar who did not even remember when he lied and how he did that. According to this part of the community. Alger Hiss should not be accused for such a big crime because he is not a person like this.
  • The case is important because it reveal the difference between the public image of a person and his private behavior. Like in this case, it has been seen that Alger Hiss was a person who probably contained a very high public image in the society. He seemed to be a very sensible public servant who just lived for serving the country and his citizen but in actual this person was full of lies and frauds. His past was not known to any one which consisted of his strange personal behavior. The case is absolutely a tragedy because this shows that how a man with high power in the country and with high social image brought to zero in the eyes of the society.
  • The case is important because till the end it was very much difficult to understand that among the two people, who was lying? This question became the question of the century. Importance of the case is that it deals with such an issue where the results were very much difficult to be found out and this was what happened in the case. But the point is that a person having a huge social image was ruined.

Case 3: O.J. Simpson (1994): Can the Rich buy resonable doubt?

Case Summary

This case talks about the murder of Ms. Nicole Brown Simpson, wife of Orenthal James Simpson, who used to be a footballer and then later a media notable person. They were recently divorced. This case also talks of the murder of a man, Ronald Goldman who was social acquaintance of Ms. Simpson he was a waiter in the restaurant where the couple went to have their dinner in the evening of the same night when this incident took place.

This case purely predicts the victory of the money and sympathy for the emotions of the people in context to religion. In this case, a husband murders his ex wife and another person and it has been proven in the court of justice with all the witnesses but still the case goes for more than a year in the country with around seventy two witnesses supporting that O.J. Simpson is not guilty.

This case should be considered as the most indistinguishable case of the century because here money has done its entire job. O.J. Simpson was a black man and was a very rich person. With his richness he buys all the court of justice and extends the case up whatever time he wants.

And after a complete witness is found out by on spot witness Allan Park and his DNA reports then he cleverly turns the case by comparing his work with Adolf Hitler and saying that he is fighting against those people who are racist. His marriage was an interracial marriage and he claims his wife and his friend to be the main culprit as they were racist.

The parties and court jurisdiction(s) involved in the case

Accused: Orenthal James

Victim: Ms. Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman

Defense Lawyer: Cochran

Witness: Allan Park

News Channels and Newspapers

Importance of the case

This case is considered to be of paramount importance and this is the reason that this case is among the five most astonishing cases of the century. This case is important because of the following reasons:

  • This case was important because of the most important reason that this case was somewhat unpredictable. Because this was a murder case with murder of two people in a single night, the verdict would surely be death but still this case went for a long time. There was a huge amount of money that was spent in the case but still it took big amount of time to reach to the decision. The importance of this case lies in the fact that O. J. Simpson became the most famous personality ever prosecuted for home murder cases. Reason behind him to be the most famous was not only that the case was really sensitive and hearing could not have been done at right time and case went for a long but also the reason that this person was itself a popular person among the people of city as he was a football star and came in several advertisements.
  • The case was important because of the fact that decision for Simpson to be hung up until death or to be released un guilty was becoming very tough because after more than an year of trial, prosecution has seventy eight witnesses and the defense council had seventy two witnesses with nine attorneys. The fight was really tough between the defense council and prosecution.
  • This case forced the jury members of decision whether television should be there in the court rooms, should juries be confiscated and is it necessary to have unanimous verdicts in the court room at the trial that are not that much need in the criminal trial. Money became the major concern because Simpson's case had an expenditure of around 6 million U.S. Dollars by the defense council and 9 million U.S. Dollar by the prosecution. This was not all; there was an extra expenditure on 2.6 million U.S. Dollar on housing, feeding and sequestration of juries. These were the extra expenses that were involved in the case. Money was one of the major reasons that made this case very much interesting because this was a huge amount of money that was spent on any case. This made the an important in history of all the criminal cases in the century.
  • There were two distinct trial of O.J. Simpson simultaneously. One trial was running in the court and other was with media. Newspapers and all the major channels on the television were broadcasting in detail whatever happened in during the session of trial in the court. He became the famous personality as each and every channel was covering his news making it difficult for the court to decide. Every news channel was focusing on the expression of the people sitting in the court including juries, prosecution and defense and also activities of the judges. News that these television channels showing to the public was exactly different from lawyers and judge's decision. This changed the scenario of the case because it was not only the telecast of the what ever happened in front of the judge but these channels also showed the clips of fights between the lawyers when judge was outside the court. This was making this case very much popular. Intermission of the court was filled with commentators and news reporters. Instead of a murder trial, this case was going in some other direction and was becoming the case of national publicity and became a good source for the media to earn money.
  • This case is important because in this case Cochran came up with the suggestion when he compared the case against O.J. Simpson to that with the work of Nazis. He compared O.J. Simpson with The Hitler because he was fighting against those who are doing racism. This case turned into a racism case which was absolutely out of the scope of what ever would have been discussed in the case. Media gave it air.
  • This case shows the searing episode of domestic violence and it was more or less a television drama.


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