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The role of the new age manager

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5/12/16 Management Reference this

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Managers work in a dynamic environment and must anticipate and adapt to challenges”. With regards to the

above statement, discuss the role of the new-age manager by taking an example of any Indian organization.

Different challenges of a managers:-

It’s not possible to invest time in something that’s not on your radar. Some kind of valuable radar enhancement is needed.

Solution of the challenges for manager is Systematically . When you’re far enough along with your current alternative try to pick another good alternative that fits the new you and the needs of the then current reality. Repeat some kind of loop similar to the preceding. this help to manager they don’t spend a lot of time in one work.

Over booked and mismanaged resources:

Project teams often complain that they do not have accurate or up to date information about their resources and what they are working on. Many project teams have more demand for projects than they have team members to execute the projects. If resource allocation is an issue, then a decent mid-market or high end solution may be the only options.

3 Supply Chain Management:

In supply chain management manager faced a lot of problem which include strike of politic parties , as well as With the increase in outsourcing and globalization, managing the flow of supplies and raw materials, as well as finished products, can now extend across thousands of miles, dozens of time zones and numerous language barriers.

4 Human Capital Management

One of the other challenge of manager is human capital management . Because a company’s operations can now exist across various countries and geographic areas. When brain drain occur at that time how manager manage these type of worker.


how can the needs of workers in China be met as effectively as the needs of workers in Los Angeles or Minnesota. Further more, what is the best way to meet the needs of these employees and also best utilize their skills and talents to keep the business functioning smoothly. Figuring out these challenges is a constant struggle faced by many businesses, and one that will not likely go away in the near future.

one of the example which is occurring in Canada , both in response to, and in anticipation of climate change impact.

Adaptation initiatives have been undertaken at scales ranging from individuals and community groups to industry and governments. Much of this adaptation has been achieved through informal actions or strategies in response to specific events or circumstances, and where the capacity to take action existed.

There are also some examples of policy initiatives that provide a more structured approach to adaptation, such as the New Brunswick Coastal Areas Protection Policy and British Columbia Future Forests Ecosystem Initiative.




. Northerners are more frequently using insect repellents, bug nets and window screens to deal with the increased proliferation of insects.

. Residents of remote coastal communities are better prepared for shortages (i.e., power, food, transportation) due to recent experience with inclement weather conditions. 


Thermosyphons have been used in the construction of several major infrastructure projects in the North to induce artificial cooling of permafrost under warming conditions.

.Agricultural producers purchase crop insurance to offset losses caused by inclement weather.

Hydro Québec has modified its forecasts of electricity demands based on new climate scenarios.


The municipality of Sept-Iles has regulated new residential construction along the shoreline to prevent damages due to shoreline erosion. 

Water meters have been installed in the Southeast Kelowna Irrigation District and several Canadian cities (e.g. Kelowna, BC; Sudbury, ON; and Moncton, NB) to reduce water consumption.

Newfoundland is undertaking a thorough review of emergency management practices and response mechanisms.

This is the factor which occur Several adaptation initiatives address current risks and take into account the likely impacts of future climate change. These include most major new infrastructure development in northern Canada, such as mine sites, pipelines and large buildings, where adaptive solutions include the use of Thermosyphons to induce artificial cooling of permafrost under warming conditions.

The role of the new-age manager by taking an example of any Indian organization.

ICA stands for The institute of computer accountant. Mr. Ashok Tekriwal he is the branch manager of the institute.


About ICA:

ICA start with Account Training and ends with a Guaranteed job. The organization was formed by a group of professionals with considerable work experience in the field of accounts and taxation. The journey started in 1999 and after ten years the institution was spread up its wings to more than 300+centres with 3 zonal offices and 30+placement offices across India with Head office at Kolkata. The ICA family includes more than 3000+competent staff members and more than 2,00,000students.


Main road Ranchi,

Opposite big bazaar,

Near over bridge, Ranchi.

Contact no :0651-2332103.

Role of manager:

* To have contact:

One of the basic role of ICA manager is to establish and maintain a contacts with many people both within and outside the business. The persons with whom he has regular contacts within the organization include his subordinates, fellow managers and so on. Government officials , staff , that include marketing staff , placement staff etc.

* To have attain Target:

One of the basic role of ICA Managers is work under pressure most of the time as they have targets to achieve. This is particularly true in the case of admition of student ,Placement of the student as well as good service for the student.

* To act as a Leader:

One of the basic role of ICA manager is he always stand each and every person in front of any challenges or problem. He has to set an example to his subordinates. He must be sincere , honest and committed to his work. Only then, he will be able to guide and motivate the subordinates under him.

* To ensure the proper use of resources:

one of the basic role of ICA manager to ensure the proper use of resource which is directly related to the student as well as for the institute such as men, machines, materials and money are optimally utilized.

* To resolve the Conflict:

One of the basic role of ICA manager to Whenever there are conflicts between the employees over certain organizational matters, the manager is expected to resolve all such conflicts and arrive at an amicable solution.

* To handle Situation:

One of the basic role of ICA manager is also expected to handle crisis that may arise in the organization .such as salary not paid of worker ,some problem between the worker etc. In such a situation the manager has to act swiftly and wisely and find remedy.

Question. Approach any small size company in your city, contact the HR manager and get the details of the organization structure

with names. Then chalk out the main functions of the top management, middle management and supervisory management with respect

to that company and discuss their roles and responsibilities.


New Image

About us anand rathi.

Anand Rathi is a leading full service investment bank founded in 1994 offering a wide range of financial services and wealth management solutions to institutions, corporations, high-net worth individuals and families. The firm has rapidly expanded its footprint to over 350 locations across India with international presence in Hong Kong, Dubai & London. Founded by Mr. Anand Rathi and Mr. Pradeep Gupta, the group today employs over 2,500 professionals through out India and its international offices.

Anand Rathi has been named The Best Domestic Private Bank in India by Asia money in their Fifth Annual Private Banking Poll 2009. The firm has emerged a winner across all key segments in Asia money’s largest survey of high net worth individuals in India.

Top level management.

* Board of Director.

MR. Anand Rathi.

Founder & Chairman

Prior to establishing his own company, Mr. Rathi headed Indian Rayon & Industries, as Senior President. In his 40 years of being in the corporate world, Mr. Rathi has held several key positions on various regulatory and professional boards, including, President, Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), and Member, Central Council of Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI). As President of BSE, Mr. Rathi played a key role in the expansion plan of BOLT, the online trading system of the Exchange and setting up of the Trade Guarantee Fund. He was the moving force behind setting up of the Central Depository Services (India) Ltd. He is a gold medalist Chartered Accountant.

Mr.Pradeep Gupta.

Co-founder & Vice chairman.

With over twenty years experience in the securities market. Co-founder and key driver of the Retail and Institutional Equities business of the group.

Mr. Amit Rathi.

Managing Director

A rank holder Chartered Accountant and an MBA from Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University joined the group in 1998.Calling him a ‘financial guru’, the Times of India group, listed Amit rathi in 2008 amongst the top 51 young Marwaris in India (under the age of 40).

Mr. V. Srikanth.


Mr. Srikanth association with the group of has been of just over year now. Previously Senior Vice President with HSBC – Wealth Management. With over 12 years of experience he has worked with organizations like Citibank and Zürich AMC. A PGDBA (Finance & Marketing) and a Diploma in Business Finance (ICFAI – Hyderabad).

Middle level Management.

Under the director.

There is thirteen regional director.

Regional director is director of all sell.

Regional director is direct reporting to the Director. Regional manager provide all the feedback of all the branch.

*Branch Manager.


*Cross sell.


*HNI {High network individual}.

*Branch Manager:

According to Anand rathi there is Branch Manager They are responsible for the administration and efficient daily operation of a full service branch office, including operations, lending, product sales, customer service, and security and safety in accordance with the Bank’s objectives provides a superior level of customer relations and promotes the sales and service culture through coaching, guidance and staff motivation; achieves individual and branch sales goals through new business sales, referrals and retention of account relationships.

Branch manager direct reporting to the regional manager. Branch manager provide all the feedback of branch to the regional director.

* Franchise:

A system of distributing goods and services in which one organization (the franchisor) grants the right to another (the franchisee) to produce, sell or use its developed product service or brand. A franchisee is a retailer licensed franchised to sell or use the franchisor’s products.

According to anand rathi the main function of franchise holder is opening a new franchise. Trading as well as investment.

The income ratio of franchise to open a new franchise is 60% & 40% for the company.

* Cross sell

Cross-sell is a marketing term for the practice of suggesting related products or services to a customer who is considering buying something.

According to anana rathi the cross sell manager selling or suggest to the customer which Life insurance(LI).mutual fund,

Tax saving bond are beneficial for the customer.

*Operational head:

The design, execution, and control of operations that convert resources into desired goods and services, and implement a company’s business strategy.

According to anand rathi operational head solve over all operational issue.

*High network individual(HNI)

A classification used by the financial services industry to denote an individual or a family with high net worth.

Lower lever management


A person or business firm acting as a middleman to facilitate distribution of securities or goods.

According to anand rathi He got a order to buy or sell equity commodity as Well as account opening.

* Financial planner(FP)

Financial planning is a systematic approach where by the financial planner helps the customer to maximize his existing financial resources by utilizing financial tools to achieve his financial goals.

According to anand rathi FP are selling mutual fund.they work in insentives basis.

*Relationship manager:

A professional who works to improve  a  firm’s relationships with both partner firms and customers Relationship.

According to anand rathi RM also involve in account opening like Trading account etc.

*Staff boy

According to anand rathi staff boy transfer a file and other important paper one table to other table.

Name- Vikash kumar goswami.

Program-MBA CN.

Reg. no.-PU11MCNO 007.

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