The Link between strategic management and leadership

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The concept of leadership is as old as the concept of organization activity. Leaders lead organizations and defined as a presence and process carried out within organizational role.

Effective leadership is usually proceeds by effective followership. For any organization excellence is the journey and perfection is the destination. A leader is a coach, mentor, communicator and champion.

Leadership ability is to carry others to follow direction, to motivate, to inspire. So integrity, credibility, humane, follows principles, organizational interest must be in leader. Who can communicate within and without organization, seek for feedback and respond positively, who can forgive, who has positive thinking's, who can teach in a helpful manner, who can collaborate, who can motivate that let go and grow and then gives reward, who is not arrogant, who can trust to employees, who is innovative, who is initiative, empowering, bring new ideas and take change, who can resolve the conflicts effectively, builds others self-esteem, who can become a team member, who can listen, who can act without being told, who can focus on their strengths, who can identify their weaknesses and make them irrelevant and being able to formulate strategy. Leader control all managements such as marketing, quality control management, financial management, supple management, research and development management, human resource management etc.

Management activities are planning, organizing, directing and controlling to complete specific goals and objectives within organization. Normally management directs a group of people to complete specific task. Manager responsibility is direct to others and assures that given task within the organization are completed effectively and efficiently.

Not all managers are leaders, best managers could be leader. Leadership and management role are accountability, responsibility and authority. They obligate to answer for one's action and complete what you have agreed to do.



Managers administer.

Leaders innovate.

Follow the established course.

Establish the course that managers follow.

Ensure that people do things.

Ensure that people want to do things.

Ensure that people do things.

Ensure that people do the right things.

Ensure that people do things better.

Ensure that people do better things.

Source: international business-society management by Tulder, Zwart.

Literature review:

A leader is defined as someone who has the capacity to create a compelling vision, and to translate it into action and sustain it.

(Bennis, 1989)

There are significant differences between ordinary management and leadership, although functionally they can be combined in the same individual.

(John Kotter, 1990)

"In business, we see an evolution of the concept of leadership. For decades, the term leadership referred to the people who hold top management positions and the functions they serve. In our common usage, it still does. Recently, however, business people have drawn a distinction between leadership and management, and exercising leadership has also come to mean providing a vision and influencing others to realize it through non-coercive means."

(Leadership without Easy Answers by Ronald A. Heifetz)

Example of Martin McColl:

Martin McColl is UK based corporate company. Martin McColl has a democratic leadership where subordinates involve in decision-making. Company has a board of directors and (NAME…) is a head of directors. Under the (NAME....) Leadership management is very successful. There is a strong link between leader and management. Leader and managers keeps link through video conferences, mails and telephone. On 28 Nov 2010 major snow fall hits Scotland. There were problems with many routes. Managers must come on time that's manager's responsibility. On the day of snow martin McColl managers came on time in all branches while travel was very difficult due to the heavy snow but all managers reached on time and have done their work because it was not easy for anyone to come out house. So that was a great achievement under the best leadership.

: Impact of management and leadership style on strategic decision in Martin McColl:

Now a day's organizations have made progress in addressing the strategies divided by seeking to develop new management and leadership styles. These all approaches has some command and control capabilities. For example, when rapid decisions are essential in a crisis while also need a more inclusive style that involves and encourages employees. Clearly autocratic style fit very badly. In that situation leadership and management styles and behaviours need to change.

Effective Leaders and managers know that healthy organizational culture need many years to accomplish.

Managers are also leaders. Link between leaders and management has strong impact in decision making in organization and this impact effect in every place and every area in organization such as finance, marketing, policies.

So good management, leadership and proper decision on time leads organization to success.

Transformational style encourages the achievement of high collective standards, through a sense of purpose mission and vision. In transactional style the leader and managers motivates his followers by reward and benefits that they have done well. The transactional style leaders and subordinates involve in negotiation and laissez faire style allows subordinates to take the decision.

If we talk effectiveness of leadership and managers styles in small companies so transformational style has positive impact and transactional and laissez faire style has negative impact.

Literature Review:

Leader must draw on their personal vision, inspiration and intellectual stimulation to create a board organizational context of constructive conflict management.

(Bass, 1990).

The conflict between the securities of routine way of doing things versus the need for change (i.e. new technologies) can be managed by the transformational leader who installs the importance of the old ways, united with the needs to meet the challenges the future holds.

(Tichy & Devannah)

Impact of different leadership styles in decision making groups remains largely untested.

Humer is used by managers to achieve three particular goals: 1) stress reduction in the work place: 2) assisting employees to understand management interests and concerns by improving communication: 3) motivating followers. (Amason, 1996)

Example of Martin Mc Coll:

Merger and acquisition continued in martin McColl. In 1998 Forbuoys acquired Martin Retail Group which was before RS McColl. In 1999 company launch new convenience concept McColl's. In 2004 the company acquired Dillon stores. In 2005 company changed its name to Martin McColl Retail Group and now martin is the UK's leading neighbour retailing group.

These changes allow leaders and managers to makes good decisions which give the strength to business. These changes brought many changes such as economic condition been changed, development changed, competition increased this changes brought new markets like stationery stores, specialist card shops. Furthermore supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury's were selling everything that Martin did. So there was a big competition.

Knowledge sharing and strong communication always been there so the strategy of Martin was focus on its core activities and increase, improving buying power sell higher margin items and makes their with sales of newer lines. Company have a wide variety of roles at two head offices in Scotland and Brentwood. Here company centralise core business divisions including Central Retail Operations, Trading, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Business System etc.

In 2010 Martin announced project, which is all about how we move towards the future, its mean that they are Managing for Success and Leading with Impact. Last year they launched the first phase of this training programme for the line managers. Management and training programmes help to provide employees with the skills necessary to load others.

Right decision on right time gives more strength to business. As now Martin business is very successful.

: Leadership style adaptation to different situation Martin McColl:

Literature Review: