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The HRM practices of Warid telecom

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Executive Summary

Warid Telecom is founded by Abu-Dhabi group which led by His Highness Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan who is Federal Minister for Education of the United Arab Emirates. He is the Chairman of Warid Telecom‚ Wateen Telecom‚ United Bank Limited‚ and also the Founder Chairman of Bank Alfalah Limited.Warid telecom is committed to customer satisfaction and success is determined by success of its organized and united team work. In order to make their customers continue use their services they have to earn their respect and trust regularly. Company’s success is a result of loyal, dedicated, creative and productive that helps in fulfilling company’s vision of industry leader. Warid desires from every employee throughout the hierarchy to give his best in his job and make the company achieve their goals.

Warid is an equal opportunity Employer wherein it does not distinguish employees on basis of caste, color, creed, gender or nationality which shows company’s fair employment policy. There are fixed work timings with proper number of holidays and leaves available to employees. All line managers keep track of employees’ attendance and if an employee is getting late very frequently with an unacceptable decision then he is brought under disciplinary actions. Use of company property for personal purposes is strictly prohibited and employees are expected to maintain a proper and descent work environment. Employees have to maintain confidentiality about the company policies and passing of information outside the company is considered as a crime and employee may have to face serious consequences in such regard.

There is a dress code for company employees, for both men and women except on Saturdays when they are allowed t wear anything of their choice.

Key strengths of Warid telecom

The Network: to provide quality product it possess most state of art network.

Service beyond Comparison: Here Customers are considered major stakeholder and so served with best voice quality and most reliable and transparent billing information along with a choice to select from multiple billing options.

Innovation: Innovation has been its one of the key strength and it has helped Warid in providing customers superior professional services than any other competitive.

Evaluation of HRM practices practicality

Chief HRM Policies

•Providing Equal Employment Opportunity and a Safe Workplace: They work on concept of equal employee opportunity and there is no discrimination based on any race, religion, caste, creed or gender. In spite of different kinds of people being hired they all live together like a family. Employees are given ample space and equipments to relax during work hours itself. Moreover environment is peace and calm at the place.

•Planning and Recruiting : there are no specific number of vacancies but depending n forecasted measure of economy, actions of competitors, and change in technology , analyzing the work skills of different kind of people working in office. They set their long term goals depending on labor supply and demand. Their maximum employees are permanent. They hire only permanent labor if they hire temporary and he performs decently he is made permanent. The employee is selected either from employees themselves or an advertisement is published or rigorous process takes place. It has never downsized its employee strength.

•Selecting Employees: whenever a department requests an employee HR department comes into being and application and resumes process. They select an employee and basis of work experience and knowledge. There is aptitude based test, communication skills testing for selecting an employee. For a normal post a Manager conducts the interview but for a high level post higher authorities like board of directors, chief executive officers are brought in.

•Training Employees: Company believes a job related training given to a newly hired employee helps him understand job environment, enhances his skills and makes them aware of latest trend and technologies. Training is like a learning intervention. There are in house training sessions apart from employees being sent to well reputed prestigious and specialized training institutes within and outside Abu Dhabi.

•Job Design: The HR Department designs jobs analyzing every aspect of performance and conduct of job along with tasks to be undertaken during its performance the four phenomenon of Job that is practiced in Warid Telecom are given below:

•Job Enlargement: to some extent at managerial level.

•Job extension: many times.

•Job rotation: how to some extent in Inter-department.

•Job enrichment: many times.

Work timings are fixed as most of work is done in teams.

•Customer Services: As customer service is required 24 hours a day, and depending upon operational requirements timing for customer service differ. A positive, cheerful and lively environment is required for best customer services. Employee should behave in a professional manner and should be polite in dealing with customers, visitors, vendors and clients.

•Job Evaluation: New hired employees have to undergo probation period where they are carefully observed and if performance is not up to company standards he may be terminated. All such decisions are made in consultation with HR Department. Each employee is given a grade according to which he is given salary; his performance improves hi grade and so salary.

•Salary Structure: The Company’s salary structure consists of salary grades and salary ranges. The existence of structure allows differences in performance and contribution to be rewarded at different salary levels. To retain employees and maintain competitiveness of salary structure company has to review its salary structure every year. It depends on how competitive company is when compared to the market and how is global economy turning, apart from this salary structure also depends on government norms and how company is growing. The criterion which is used by the company for deciding the salary of an employee includes the following:

•The employee’s skills, knowledge and experience, performance and designation.

•The employee’s contribution to profit of company that his relative performance over last year.

•Internal and external pay equity.

•Pay relationships: where to position the employee’s base pay relative to others within the department who are performing similar work.

•Compensation and Benefits: Employee is also given compensation for any accidental or medical cause and other benefits.

•Employees Conduct and Ethics: ethical values are the ones which help in creating a healthy work environment and helps in company’s success. Some of the ethical values include:


Promise keeping



No employee is given any preferential promotion only his performance is rated.

Evaluation of HRM practices conceptualization

HRM works on concept of PROBLEM SOLVING

Strategy used is: “DO IT”

•D: Define Problem

•O: Open mind 7 Apply creative techniques.

•I: Identify best solution.

•T: Transform.

Next Approach is problem finding, defining it, finding ideas, selection, planning and selling ideas and action.

Implications on the UAE economy and society

Increasing competence of citizens may produce positive developmental implications. Furthermore good HR management can set standards and norms for other actors in society and strengthen the social capital of nation. Company having such a large work force, giving training to so many people will help a country increase its GDP and human capital. Grants given by company to its employees also add a smile to family of employee.HRM also brings competitiveness in business world of country.


HRM contributes a lot to the growth of company. It is also responsible for welfare of its employees and helps in maintain a proper work environment. Warid telecommunications with its policies of Equal Employment Opportunity helps not only helps employees but also contributes to social and economic welfare of country. It helps in increasing human capital of country through its training programs. HRM is major factor for Warid in maintaining trust of its customers and makes them continue use the service of Waird telecommunications.

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