The Current Situation Of Employee Satisfaction Management Essay

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1.1 The current situation of employee satisfaction

With the wide acceptance of importance of Human Resource, employees who are no longer a kind of cost for the companyare playing an critical part in one company. To a large extent, whether the personal development of employees is highly concerned determine the future of the company,especially in the abilities of avoiding risk during the economic recession.As for a employee, what are most important to him is the salary and satisfaction. Sometimes, it is hard to decide which one is more important to the other, but the employees often pay more attention to their satisfaction while their salaries has met their expected demands. A report from The Conference Board found that the percentage of satisfied employees has decreased from 61.1% to only 40% now. The downward trend in job satisfaction could bring geat troubles to engagement and productivity of employees. In the slow pace of economic recovery, the circumstance seems to be more serious due to much more stress and reques form management. Most employees have not been optimistic to their present job, and feel hopeless about improved work conditions.

1.2 The main problems caused by employee dissatisfaction

Actually, the dissatisfaction from job can rapidly trigger much more serious conflicts than satisfaction which may need time to contribute to company productivity. An especially dangerous trend noted in the research¼šmany of day's workers are mentally checked out of their jobs--their workloads are increasing,but they have no interest in challenges or opportunities to learn new skills. As a matter of fact, satisfaction and dissatisfaction are relative, and in practical management of HR employers often focus on the importance of getting rid of dissatisfaction factors but ignore to promot the level of satisfaction.

Another danger sign is that most stagnant and nonstagnant workers do not have leadership aspirations which can enormously incentive the point of satisfactin.In a reccent survey, 58% of all respondents said they would stay in their present role.

2.0 The impacts of employee satisfaction on employee behavior

employee satisfaction means the general attitude from an individual to his or her job. In the view of social psychology, attidute can not decide behavior, but to a large extent it indeed affect behavior. Los of researches show that the employee satisfaction has close relationships with job performance, separation rate and absenteeism rate.

2.1 Degree of satisfaction and job performance

In early 20th century,some relevant scholars proposed the model of 'happisess is productivity', which is the first description to the relationship between satisfaction and job performance. However, there are no obvious evidences to clarify that degree of satisfaction can contribute to promoting job performance of employees. The company with low degree of satisfaction advances to a higher level, which can not only meet the wokers' demands, but also can make them work at the level of full potential and try to devote all time and energy to his company.

2.2 Degree of satisfaction and separation rate

Separation rate refers to the proportion organization's staff provide of the total number. Research has shown that the degree of satisfaction is in negative correction with separation rate, which means that staff with low degree of satisfaction due to lack of interest and work without approval, or constant conflicts with bosses, may be more likely to qiut or intention to leave. The separation of employees will be to have a great influence to enterprises, especially the core staff enterprise pay massive cost to train up. Once such employees go, the result may be disastrous to the development of the company.

2.3 Degree of satisfaction and absenteeism rate

Employee absenteeism is harmful not only to the enterprises' management of employees, and in the long run, it will also affect the form of good corporate culture. The employees with low degree of satisfaction often do not acquire enough stimulation from their work, and even lose interest fo working. A study accurately represents their relations.between the job satisfaction and the rate of work is negative correction.

3.0 How to promote the degree of employee satisfaction

3.1 Establish the corporate culture of "people oriented"

This kind of corporate culture see the employees as one of the most important resources. Employers are often requested to care their employees and their family.Most companies also help employees draft their career plans which include self-position, training and career development goal. In addition, employees' training and self-development should be paid more attention to. With the rapid development and change of today's society, the speed of updating of technique and knowledge needed in work is being accelerating, and training has bocome a efficient way to enhance working efficiency and competitive power. From the perspective of employees, Own development has become a measure of their own living quality. Training provided by companies can not only meet the demands of self-development, but also promote the level of employee satisfaction. Meanwhile, it bring long-term great potential for companies.

3.2 Create a business environment of fair competition

In work, justice is often one of the most important factors to decide the employee satisfaction. Justice can make staff workvoluntarily, and believe that their hard work will pay off, in order to strengthen the sense of fair competition. Justice is reflected in all aspects, the fair of such as recruitment, the fair of performance appraisal, a fair pay, the fair of promotion opportunity, etc. Welch said that, GE does not care where staff came from, which school they graduated from, and which country they were born in. General Electric has the intellectual elite and the young people here would get more opportunities to promote without waiting the superier first. Thus, this can greatly improve justice and transparency of the personnel management and improve their competitive consciousness and organization ability,to enhance the staff's job satisfaction.

3.3 Understand psychological contract of staff

Job satisfaction (also called employee satisfaction) is usually determined by the difference between individuals' work expectations and acual conditions. From the prospective of psychology, except the formal contract, there is a kind of psychological contract between enterprises and workers. That is to say, enterprises and employees have certain expectations to each other, if the man's expectation is consistent with the actual conditions, the man's job satisfaction is high, on the contrary, his satisfaction is lower. Therefore, understanding the expectations of the staff is the first condition to increase the degree of satisfaction. Managers should keep an unbiased attitude for the employee expectations rather than too much subjectivity. Too many managers think they have a good understanding, actually, employees' real needs is far more than what the managers pretend to understand. In the investigation of American industry, managers are requested to list the orders of their understanding of staff needs, in the first three of the work was high wages, stability, promotion and enterprises develop; and let the workers to sort their needs, the first three was appreciation from work, commitments to the matter and sympathy and understanding of personal problems.Thus, some managers radically don't know what the staff's real needs are. In addition, in the psychological contract of enterprises and employees; Some expectations of the staff are not a reality, and impossible for companies to meet. Facing this condition, the enterprises should have a complete and adequate commucation with employees, and explain the reasons why they can't meet these needs. More importantly, they should guide people to form a reasonable expectation, and workers must be made to realize what expectation they want.

3.4 Make comprehensive management of employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is essentially an attitude and required a long time to form. The increase of satisfaction should be a systematic process, and it runs through all the stages from recruitment to completion. Every stage of the administration have to focus on the stage of the coordination with each other. Furthermore, employee satisfaction is also dynamic, and it' downward trend is much quicker than it is to be, because the staff's needs are constantly changing and updating. At this time, enterprises need constant attention to the staff's satisfaction. For recruiting is the first stop of satisfaction and is the filter of the staff into business.

The effect of shilter will have a direct impact on the stage management. The enterprises hiring should be loyalty-oriented and pay more attention to the personal qualities and values and their requests to enterprises. Take consideration into the differences in value between them and enterprises, and make it one criterion for recruitment. Enterprises provide good working environment and working conditions and establish fair and reasonable remuneration system and promotion regulation, pay attention to the employee development and implementation of humanism. Managers must periodically to make satisfaction survey and understand the needs of the staff, and guide or satisfie it. With a long time of the staff working, employees accurately understand their abilities and the situation of the business operation. It is beginning to go into the period of quit, and the staff who consider the satisfaction enterprises provide worse will intend to leave and this situation should be strictly monitered. The core staff must be provided to make proper adjustment, and promote their satisfaction, as far as possible to meet the need to avoid the loss of the core talent. In addition, there's not the staff enterprises must keep who have the intention to leave, and enterprises should try to keep the core staff.who master core technologies and management.