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Requirements for Organizational Performance Management

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“Performance management is a process for establishing a shared understanding about what is to be achieved, and how it is to be achieved; an approach to managing people which increases the probability of achieving job-related success.”


Performance Management is not yearly assessment for an organization it does worth more than that. It’s about turning dreams into reality. Performance Management not only rely on individual employees, but also on group work, programs, procedural, processes and the organization itself. An organized Performance Management program considers individual as being a part of organization and organizational performance matters are fundamental to create a well and effective results-oriented culture for the organisation. Public agencies have a bigger challenge to define and measure results than private sector organizations, whose results are almost entirely related to financial goals. Its required for public agencies to comply with complex regulations that govern their performance management programs. Effective Performance Management will help organization to enhance individual performance effectiveness, provide ongoing employee fee back and supervisor development, and increase overall organizational effectiveness as outcome.

Organizational Effectiveness Tools

With the help of these tool we can easily find out that for ensuring organizational effectiveness organizational performance management is very important.


Culture Alignment

“Culture trumps strategy every time.” An organization’s culture ultimately reflects what kind of production will be produced by this organization. If You can have the best policy, but if you don’t have the right culture, your enactment of that policy will be useless.

Organization Design

If your organization is not properly designed and determined to support your vision and strategies, success can be like a bubble. In an organization ensuring that the right people are working at their right place.

Performance Management

 The performance management system is designed to support the fulfillment of business strategy, cultural norms and values, beliefs and provide accuracy and liability at the right stages.

Change Management

‘There’s no reason to change unless there is a good reason to change.’ Often, change management efforts are not motivated in such a way that works longer and soon run out of steam. They can become ‘flavor of the year’ and all efforts prove fruitless.

Succession Planning

Each organization require unique, and a well-designed management process begins with defined organization’s vision, strategy, values, and culture.

URL: (

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a decisive step in managing any organization, irrespective of the level. Changing and considerably increasing demands for programs, products, and services and greater demands for accountability and good governance are several of the many reasons that public organizations have adopted to strategic planning and strategic human capital planning. Strategic planning is a field in which effort to produce essential decisions and activities that shape and guide what an organization is, what it does, and why it does it. Strategic planning should not stop with a formal plan. (U.S. Office of Personnel Management.,2019)

 To relate organizational outcomes with an individual performance so the strategic plan and per annum progress report should be compared with individual liability. Evaluation of performance in a regular and organized way is an important activity related to management, because it not only provides opportunity for evaluation but also provide further directions. well defined goals combined with regular assessments of individual performance defining the communal competencies and exploring the major skill gaps that serves as a useful contribution for designing the human resource development plans for the employees. However, in many organizations there might be a gap between the intention and actual practice of performance evaluation. Especially in Asian organizations, prior research highlighted the fact that, the existing performance management systems though provides for use of appraisal data for administrative purposes, but in actual practice there is missing link between the appraisal outcomes and subsequent design and procurement of developmental program. Considering all these facts, an effort has been made by the researchers to assess the perceptions of employees regarding the organizational effectiveness. A survey report has been conducted though a questionnaire along with focused group discussion to examine the efficacy of performance management as a tool of human resource interventions with 200 purposive sample professionals employed in Indian manufacturing industries. The analysis confirms the association between performance management and organizational effectiveness. However, there are difference of perception between line managers about PMS and where agreement exists; it is not associated with superior outcomes because of lack of clarity in the existing system. By analyzing the discussions, it was concluded that, there is distinct differentiation of involvement of different levels of management in the performance appraisal mechanism. Moreover, the reciprocal trigonometric relationship between the PMS, competency management system, and training and development is also emphasized. (Jindal journal of business research)

(Rajib Narayan SahuLalatendu Kesari JenaSubhas Chandra Parida 2016)

Role of Organizational Performance Management

Performance management helps for the assessment of your current performance and Development of performance plans regarding with organizational assist in writing elements and all those standards that include dependable measures of performance, design of performance, rating metrics that effectively differentiate levels of performance within an organization. According to integration of performance management an agency’s strategic planning, rewards, succession planning, and career development programs leads to its effectiveness and betterment. There is a dire need to train the supervisors staff and the supporting staff on performance management skills such as setting goals, reviewing performance, and delivering feedback. It’s important to identify organization mission, vision, values, and strategic goals to enhance the effectiveness of performance. The next crucial element is that to develop an organizational performance program for human capital plan to implement strategic mission and goals for the organization. (Cameron, B. and McCusker, M..,2019). Organizational performance can be measured with the help of operational effectiveness. With the help of an outstanding formula managers’ decision making, planning, and discussion with internal and external collaboratives can be improved. (Kenneth L. KraftLawrence R. Jauch.,1992)


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