Managing a Web-Based Environment

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Managing a Web-Based Environment

Topic: Management Report supported by a Website Audit

                                                      Table of Contents


1 – Introduction …………………………………………………………3

2 – Web Audit ……………………………………………………………4

3 – Issues and Recommendations ……………………………..7

4 – Corporate standards …………………………………………..10

5 – Browser, Device and Platform Compatibility ………10

6 – Security Report …………………………………………………..11

7 – Speed Report ………………………………………………………12

8 – Figures ………………………………………………………………..13

9 – References ………………………………………………………….23


A website is a platform where you can promote your business in today’s world, they are no longer business cards as they were fifteen years ago. The key component of a marketing campaign is a website. Targeting traffic to the website with suitable content and online campaigning on the site helps for the growth and success of the business (Donovan, M. (2018)). To establish and make a business popular among the people, the website should be deployed, maintained and monitored.

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Website deployment looks like a simple thing, but in practice it is not an easy task to perform, moving a website from a local environment to live servers takes place during Website Deployment (Coyier, C. (2013)). After the deployment phase, the website should be monitored regularly, there may be some issues during regular checks and some content may be edited or added to the website which can be done by a Web Manager.

As a web manager, a combination of skills which are writing, and technical skills are needed. Working with developers, editors and managing the Content Management System (CMS) of a business organisation, conducting web audits to identify gaps and redundancies are some responsibilities that are part of web manager duties.


A process that is performed prior to the deployment phase on an existing website or a new website which provides core information about the suitability of a website to the development team is known as a website audit. As for how an MOT is important for a car, the health of the website is also important, otherwise, the health of a website can also deteriorate without proper servicing (Hodgson, J. (2017)). The areas of interest during the audit process are

Audit Process of

1.)   Overall impression, particularly from the home page

From viewing the home page, the website appears to be poorly constructed in design, menu page doesn’t look good as it can be aligned with a menu bar with submenu instead of displaying all the submenus with bad text. Space is left out on the website, where more space can be used to display more information for the subsite. The header, footer layout is not the same for all the subsites, it varies from page to page, and in the result, users feel awkward seeing different layouts for different pages within subsites. The site fails to entice its target audience and therefore due to its unprofessionalism, users leave the page in a matter of seconds.

2.)   Page Content

The page content for the website should be taken care and should meet certain quality standards. The page content in the home page is not well structured and hasn’t got enough information what this website is about, No proper headings and subheadings in tutorials, personal, archive pages and subsites within these pages. There are many subsites with session’s information containing in the subsite. If a session link is clicked, it results in showing a page with a different heading but there is no clear information which session page is clicked and there is no clear mark-up for different contents, labelling should be different for different paragraphs, lists and tables.

3.)   Graphics and Media


Graphics and media content is not well organised on the website. In the home page, heading has a University Logo and an image in the body content which doesn’t give any descriptive information about the picture. There is another image in Classic ASP page where the image is placed after the author’s name. Graphics and media can be used a lot in these academic pages, but there aren’t any informative images in this website. Image layout isn’t good in various pages, height and width of images are in wrong fonts.

4.)   Usability and Navigation

Navigation to different pages from the homepage and navigating from subsites to home site is important in the website. The menu is placed in the left where there are links which don’t give clear information about whether they are submenus or just links. If we try to access a different page in the website like if the XHTML page is accessed in the tutorials page, it doesn’t give any information about how the home page can be accessed back from the current page. For good navigation throughout the page, the search box is important but no search box can be seen in the site.

Usability is another important aspect which can indirectly affect the search engine rankings. Usability is very poor on the site, the page should be optimized for mobile and various device platforms, but the User interface is not correctly implemented for it, in the result, the page cannot be easily accessible for users accessing the site through mobile and tablets. Some text on the pages is small, the text should be in the same font in all the pages of the website. Some of the Links and buttons on the page are too small where it will be difficult for a user who accesses it through mobile. There is no contact form on the website for user queries.

5.)   Accessibility


The website should be accessible for users with disabilities. The alt attribute must be added for every image element which helps the users to know about the picture when the picture doesn’t load, the text content must be readable and understandable for all users. Height and width of the images must be increased.

6.)   Look and feel


A corporate website needs to have a good design which attracts users. The website layout is not the same for all the pages, the subsites within the website have a different layout which looks odd to the users. Users cannot navigate between pages and cannot return to the home page from other pages. Some of the subsites on the website doesn’t have a proper layout as well.

7.)   Technical Issues


All the Academic Links with module information are broken links which are not accessible or taking more time to load the pages. Some of the links come up with page cannot be found when we access them. There is a server error when accessed to Mexico page within the Personal page. Server error in world art simulator page when the preview button is clicked.


8.)   Search Engine Ratings


Keywords are important in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Keywords in this website are having a very poor rating, Meta description tag is missing in the page which is important for search engines to understand the content on the page. H1 tags should be widely used for Search engine rankings.

Topics like Visitor experience, Hosting requirements, Performance and Functionality will be discussed in issues and further topics.

Issues and recommendations:

  • The menu items on the website are not listed properly and the user will not understand which submenus are

These can be fixed using sitemaps which helps the users to navigate to different pages within the sitemaps.

  • There are different layouts for different pages as the header and footers are not the same for every page on the website.

Layouts can be fixed by creating a master page with header and footer tags same in

  • User feel difficulty navigating through the website easily

This issue can be fixed by showing a clear way to return to the homepage like the clickable logo.

  • Bad user interface for IOS and Android devices


Creating mobile viewports with relevant CSS for mobile and tablet devices helps for good user interface for multiple device platforms.


  • Missing search option on the website

A user should not return to the main page to search an information. Search option should be provided on the website.

  • There are module links in the Academic page which are broken or took more time to respond.

  Links within the website should be checked before the deployment phase as they are working or does they need any authentication to access some links within the site.

  • Missing Meta Description Tag within the code

A Meta description tag must be added within the code which helps the Search engines to understand the content of the page.

  • Keywords are not distributed across the HTML tags

Keywords must be included within the title, Meta and header tags which help for improved SEO ratings.


  • Amount of Content is low in some pages

The pages should contain more content with valid information which helps for higher ranking otherwise lacking content would result in lower ranking.

  • Image Alt Attributes are missing for some images.

Alt attributes must be placed within Image element which helps users with disabilities know about the images.

  • Missing analytics on the page.

Analytics must be included in a website which helps to improve traffic to the website by measuring and analysing.

  • Missing Mobile viewports in the page.

Mobile viewports are also important as Meta viewports to ensure that the page sizes respond to different devices.

  • Bad use of font sizes

The use of wrong font size effects particular users, all the text must be reviewed and must be ensured that the font size is the same for all text on all pages.

  • Missing GZIP Compression

GZIP compression must be enabled which helps to reduce the page size and speed up page loads for users.

  • Optimize images

Images must be formatted and compressed for better page load performance.


  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is not found.

SSL encrypted (HTTPS) must be ensured in the websites to secure the transfer of information and also being used by search engines as a ranking signal.


  • Missing of Social media links

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn etc. must be enabled on the site which can be used as a marketing channel which helps to bring more visitors to the website.

Corporate Standards:

Standards are important for any authoritative agency or professional or recognised body. Standards like brand name, colours, fonts, logs etc. have an impact during website design. As per the University Of Chester corporate guidelines, the fonts used by departments must be Arial and Universe and the recommended size is 11pt. The colours used for the university logo are Red, Gold and Black. The font used on the website is Verdana and the size used is 10. Due to the small size, it may be difficult to read to users with some disabilities. The logo on the website is not according to the standard guidelines of the university.

Browser, Device and Platform Compatibility:

Critical issues have not been found during the compatibility check for various browser and device platforms. There are minor issues like the layout that needs to be sorted out for different platforms and devices. Use of mobile ports helps to design correct layouts for IOS and Android devices.

Security Report:

Communication through the web browser and server is not secure, it can be configured with HTTPS which encrypts the communication between the server and web browser.

Information about the software platform used must be eliminated which helps the website be secured from attackers.

HTTP headers like X-Frame-Options, X-XSS-Protection and X-Content-Type-Options which helps to prevent Phishing attacks, Cross-Site Scripting attacks and Clickjacking must be added to the website which protects the website from Hackers.

Speed Report:

The speed of the website is high. The website can gain more speed by eliminating render-blocking resources. Instrumenting User Timing API to the site helps to measure the sites real-world performance during key user experiences which also helps to improve the speed of the website. ‘Scotty.css’ file is loaded with high priority, reducing the length and reducing the download size of resources also helps to gain more speed.

Figures of Report Findings:

Screenshots of broken links

Screenshot of accessibility checker

Screenshot of speech check


Screenshot of Usability Report


Screenshot of the Compatibility report

Screenshot of Security Results


Screenshot of Rankings of Keywords

Screenshot of Social Results


Screenshot of errors in HTML validator


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