Interaction of human resources with the line manager

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The aspect of Human resource manager and line manager to the development of its work responsibility in an organisation are vast and précised, but the most relevant of any manager succeeding in its operation within the organisation is the ability and capability to handle employee effectively.

The manager would need to be familiar with the social and human development skills and have the ability to relates with employee because without employee an organisation would not exists and no activity to be identified with.

Mullin (2006) "suggest that it is the responsibility of management to manage. But organisation can only achieve their aims and objectives through the coordinated efforts of their employee, which will involve the effective management of human resources".

In other to evaluate critically the interaction between human resources manager and line manager to have a good relationship with their employee it will be necessary to examine their definition, role, function respectively so as to promote cordial interaction amongst the employed and the managers in question.

There is yet to be a universal accepted definition of human resources management but a definition by two authoritative authors will be relevant for discussion.

According to (storey, 1995:5, cited in Beardwell & claydon, 2007) defines "Human resources management" as a distinctive approach to employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage through the strategic deployment of a high committed and capable work force, using array of cultural and personal techniques."

Another theme(author) emphasis "the nature of human resources as the process of acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating employees and attending to their labour relations, health and safety, and fairness concern". Dessler(2003).

The line manager are answerable to a superior, but assigned authority to give orders and direct the work of subordinates Ivanovic(2003:158). This simply means that they are in charge to influence employees working towards the organisation goals (example are hotel, construction manager, sales manager).

The role of human resources management is at the middle stage and actively

Involve in directing the strategic part. An organisation should take part, to

Keep its Competitive, productive and efficiency position Invancevich (2003).

Human resources managers are general managers that their duty is to

assists in advising line managers on recruiting and hiring.

The role of human resources is to develop integrated a strategies which

Comply with the achievement of organisation goals. Its impact should depend

On the ability of human resources 'guru' to do things correctly.

Accordingly to Armstrong (2001). Cited in Armstrong & Dawson (2002:125)

Human role should be directed towards organisation for:

"Enabling the organisation achieve its objectives by embracing initiatives.

Making available guidance and effective delivery service on issue that concern every workers in order for the organisation to deal properly with everything that concern the employment, develop relationship that existing between management and employee.

Also create environment which gives the people to improve their capacities and to discover their potential to gain from the organisation and to themselves".

Another major role of human resource by Ulrich (1998).cited in Armstrong (2002:125)

"To have a partner with senior and line managers in execution of strategy planning.

Represent the concern of employee to senior management and also contributing to the increase employees commitment to delivering a good result.

Human resources management is a symbol of transformation shaping processes and cultural that increase the organisation ability and capacity".

Line Managers must put together their commitment to the technical aspects and recognise the symbolic nature of elements of managerial role (Foot & 2002). "The line manager is one of the most often cited attributes of human resource management" (storey & Session, 1993).

Relationship between line manager and staff manager?

It is important to know and understand the relationship between lines

Managers and Human resource manager to its employees.

Firstly, all managers are in turn with human resource managers. Since they

All undertake activities like recruiting interviewing, training. Better still for

Some organisation they separate their human resource department with their

highest manager. The question is how this Human resource manager and its

employee do relate to "line" managers for us to get this answers we shall be

Looking at line manager and human resources manager.

From the above discussion, it is important to know that certain employees are

answerable to line manager i.e. line manager is someone's boss. Where as

human resources managers are permitted to support and advise line

managers in executing its set of goals. Therefore, human resource

managers are also known as staff managers which are accountable mostly for

assisting supporting and providing line manager in some areas with what

could be done such as recruiting, hiring of employees. Dessler (2003: 3).

It is more pictured to understand how human resource manager interact

With line manager by relating it with a conflict between two employee of a

Reputable printing press, with over 250 employees including human resources

Managers and line managers of various sections responsible and accountable

for specific task. The company was given a job with a dead line by

Electoral commission for one month's to be delivered, failure by that date, will

result to revoking of the job. Mistakes were discovered by Mr Machine

Operator while, printing the job. This lead to conflict between Mr

Computer operator who slapped Mr Proof reader, saying that the job was not

Properly corrected by him. But against him Mr proof reader said it was

properly done that Mr computer operator did not effect the changes made.

The line manager who is answerable to top manager boss called to

here from both parties. He ensured after here view from both that Mr computer

operator who raised his hand on Mr Proof reader be giving a warning and not

dismissed for his misconduct. The line manager may seek the opinion of the

human resources manager on what judgment should be passed to such


Since Line manager is concern with the organisation goal in spite of the

misconduct by Mr computer operator it should be kept at the back of our mind

that the purpose of line Manager and human resources managers is to guide

the organisation structure.

Therefore, any reporting relationship between line and human resources manager is allowed but different in terms of line manager not reporting to human resources manager (drafke 1998).

However, line managers can report to line Managers, Human resources Manager to Human resources manager , but line manager never makes a report to staff manager. This is because line manager duties are directly in relation to ensuring the execution of the objectives of the company.

Appraisal as the comparising of human resources management

The key future of an organisation's moving towards competitive advantage through a steady performance is appraisal. This is a process that provides over view of someone capabilities and potentiality for decision. Bratton & Gold (2003).

The most rationalization for appraisal is to improve individual employee such as:

Identifying training and development opportunities for employees

Discipline for employees

Counselling employees

Selecting people for promotion within the organisation.

In conclusion, Human resource manager cannot direct line manager but can only support, advice and assists line manager. This should be considered first. They could only direct employees to work effectively and efficiently in line with the organisation goal. They should see the need for perfomance of manager as directing and supporting employee. McGregor(1957:89) "reported that a key reason why appraisal failed was that managers disliked 'playing God; indicating as judgement about the worth of an employee."

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