How To Be A Good And Efficient Leader Management Essay

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A leader is defined as one who guides or is in authority or one in a position of influence or importance according to the Webster Dictionary (2001). But, what is a good and efficient leader? What are the characteristic of a good and efficient leader? Leaders are recognized to contain their own leadership style and can be said to be different from any other leader. Although this is thought to be true, studies have shown that people in leadership positions are thought to be or characterize more as men over women.

To be a good leader it means that you can motivate everyone to follow your example, willingly and gladly. A good leader will both inspire confidence and give a strong example of what we should aim for. Among several characteristics of a good leader are; positive approaches towards problem solving, effective communication, new ideas, keeping commitments, share expertise and knowledge, immediate appreciation, decisions taking attitude, and delegate responsibility and authority.

The purpose of this study is to discover how to be a good and efficient leader. In order to do that, I would be looking into the different characteristics of a leader. Furthermore, I will be talking about one leader in particular and describe his qualities.

Characteristics of being a good & efficient leader

A good and efficient leader has a positive approach towards the decisions and has a positive approach to the things happening around him. He also has the ability to keep the environment fresh & healthy. He should be a perfect guide to his subordinates, and should be able to convince people about the decisions he is making.

A good and efficient leader should know how to solve problems. He has the right techniques to solve the various problems. He should always see the problems will be solved and people should be satisfied with the techniques and methods used by him. He also must have effective communication skills. He must be good at convincing people. He should be confident enough in approaching any issue.

A good leader always has new ideas having the perfect idea for any problem that they are facing so that the people under him will have a challenging attitude and be satisfied with his guidance.

He should be good at keeping commitments knowing the depths of the given responsibility and act accordingly. He should also be a good motivator as well as an anticipator.

A good leader shares expertise and knowledge. He has a lot experiences and knowledge to build good applications and successful projects. He is keen to appreciate immediately when someone does a good job. However, if someone has not done his job according to the expectations, he should discuss with him in person and ask what the problem is and teach on how to tackle or solve it. He has a good decision taking attitude. He should be a balanced person and a guide to his team, and does not easily lose his calmness on minor issues. He should be a team builder & efficient leader. A good and efficient leader delegates responsibilities and authorities. He should delegate responsibility and authority to his members and this will help to build their confidence.

President Barack Obama, a good and efficient leader?

With the world watching his every move, President Obama continues to carry himself in a self-assured and confident manner for which he is known. He has displayed the quality and conduct of a leader since day one of his campaign, and has shown powerful lessons on leadership which have been commendable.

The presidential election was won based on the passionate expression of a vision which is relevant to all of the Americans' lives and their children's lives. He knew that the people has lost trust in the country's leadership, President Obama reassures all the people to gain hope. He assured them social stability and confidence.

Faced with a never ending list of tasks, the President expressed early on the importance of not only hiring, but empowering the right and most qualified people. He knew that his brilliance must reflect on others, who in turn will reflect their brilliance upon him. This is said to be the best collection of minds ever assembled for a White House administration.

Another characteristic that the President has is a good personal relationship towards the people. He made sure that he addresses the Americans whenever he has the opportunity to do so.


After looking into the possible characteristics of a good and efficient leader, I conclude that the most important leadership quality is to gain confidence and trust of your subordinates or those whom you are leading. Without this trust, no one would want to listen to you let alone follow you.

I believe that every person is a leader in one way or another. In the family for example, our fathers are the natural leaders. They are not just the decision makers but, they are also the building block of the family. They keep all the members tightly bound together.

In the school, our teachers are also considered as our leaders. They are the pillars of our learning and a big influence in our education and future.

In the community, we have different leaders to ensure the safety of all the people living in the vicinity. We have the policemen, the government officials, the firemen, the law enforcers and many more. They serve as the building blocks of the community.

Question No. 2


Every person strives to be successful in so many ways. A child struggles to be the best in every game and competition with his peers. Every student strives so hard to gain high marks. Every adult strives hard to earn a living. But how do we define success? Do we gain success if we have a lot of money and fortune? Do we say we are successful because we earned a Bachelor's degree or a Master's Degree or a PhD? Are we considered successful when we have a career and has a high salary? Is having a happy Family a success?

Every individual has his own criteria for success. Be it career and high paying jobs, family and relationships, good education and happiness, success is a personal thing.

The main objective of this assignment is to describe the qualities or achievement that I feel justified in calling an individual successful.


Some said that to have a successful life one must have a Career; to get a job and earn high salary to support their families and to get what we want and what we need in their life. Like me, I want to have a good education first so that I can have a good job and build a stable career because I want to support my family specially my sister. She is finishing her high school in two years time and she wants to take up medicine. She wants to be a Doctor and this course would be very expensive so I must strive hard to get a job and perform well in my work to get a high position and high pay at work.

My Dad claims that to be successful, you should have a good education first. He got this from his parents. They told him that education is the only treasure that they can leave with them and the only treasure that could not be taken away from them. He also said that with great effort, one would definitely succeed.

My dad comes from a family of two children. They live in a small village in the southern part of the Philippines. His mother is a teacher and his father is unemployed. They have a small farm with cows and goats. Every morning before going to school, he has to feed the farm animals and take them out to the fields. He did this every morning until the animals are ready to be sold. Although with difficulty, he persevered and strived hard to finish his studies. Even if he had to work in order to sustain his life as a student, he never complained. He had a goal in mind which is to finish his studies and he worked really hard to do it well. Today, he has a stable and a good paying job which sustains us. I definitely see my father as a successful individual.


Achievement, simply put, is accomplishing whatever goals you've set for yourself, not necessarily earning a lot of money. Achievement is doing what you want to do within the bounds of the law. It is the pursuit of dreams. It is liberty from the chains of fear and unbelief. It is a recognition of what makes you unique and what you have to offer to others. It is the realization, the substance, and the tangibility of a dream fulfilled. However, it is important to know that accomplishing your goal is done through the fire of your will.

Without a strong will, you will not believe. Therefore, you will not achieve. Yes, you will want to achieve but there's much more achievement than simply wanting to. Achievement requires drive and, in many cases, single-mindedness. Once you've truly made up your mind, once you have a vision of where you're going and how you're going to get there, you must speak and act as if it's already done. In spite of what you see, in spite of what you hear, you must continue to speak and act on your vision. Why? It is because we believe what we hear and we act on what we believe. Fear and unbelief are the main ingredients of failure. They reveal the internal struggle that causes so many to quit before they see the fruit of their labour and experience the joy of accomplishment.


Personally, I believe that success is quite simple. It is achieving everything I wish in life in full harmony with my love/relationships, work, health and spirit.

To be a successful does not need big accomplishment. One just have to set a goal for himself and once that goal is achieved, he is deemed successful. For me, a successful individual is someone who is happy, content with his life and is continually improving. A person who has achieved his dreams and is living his dreams is successful.