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Enforcement Agency


This paper describes about three different law enforcement agencies of the USA, which works on the different approaches. I choose Alpine Country Sheriff’s Department, Alameda Country Sheriff’s Office and Antioch Police Department as the three agencies of California to discuss about their organizational structure. These agencies have different organizational structures and administration methods to accomplish their projected work. The prime focus is also different of these agencies.

Alpine country Sheriff’s Department

Organizational structure: This agency is located in Alpine country and committed to serve the general public of Alpine. Headquarter of this department is situated in the Markleeville. There are about 10 officers in the department of Alpine Sheriffs. This agency works to provide safe environment to the habitants with effective services. Rest of the officers performs different assignments such as petrol duty, narcotic & vehicle enforcement and search & official duties.

Administration: This is the important component of the alpine agency and the officers perform it by serving as an agent & adviser and provide analysis of different issues. It also handles media relations and maintains personal files of the employees. It also plays the role of purchasing agent for the country (Sheriff, 2008).

Alameda Country Sheriff’s Office

Organization structure: Alameda Country Sheriff’s Office is located in Oakland. This agency provides all of the law enforcement services and credited through different agencies such as National Commission on Correctional Health Care. It also provides health care services to the prisoners along with safety services to the general public. It performs the civil service along with the task of handling the laboratory of criminals. The agency has fifteen hundred employees in its offices including both sworn officers and professionally trained staff.

Administration: This agency is organized in five sections and each section has accountability for the functions of public protection. It has various work locations, which are spread throughout the nation. There is a team of officers, who perform various tasks such as initiation, investigation and conclusion of the investigation to handle with the internal affairs (Alameda Country Sheriff’s Office, 2007).

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Antioch Police Department

Organization structure: This agency is located in Antioch near the hills of Marina and provides a wide range of services such as professional, innovative and caring to the public of Antioch. There are 124 employees of sworn category and 59 employees of nonsworn category in this agency. This department consist two sections one is field service and another is support service. Field service section involves policing of the community, petrol and bureaus of traffic. Support service section involves investigation, administration and work related to the animal bureaus.

Administration: The officers of this agency advice the city counsel on different matters such as regulatory and litigation. The officer’s works on different assignments by implementing the concept of team work writhen the system. The agency maintains the records of public laws and administers different meetings to discuss the issues (Antioch Police Facility, 2008).

Summary of the prime focus

Alpine country Sheriff’s Department: The prime focus of this agency is to serve the community with its fuller dedication. The work of this agency is based on the approach of providing professional and civil services to its community in an effective way. The assignments of the agency are focused to provide high quality services to the public. Employees of this agency are committed to provide a sound and healthy environment to the public of alpine. To fulfill the focus the agency views the department as a growing organization and develops the approach of following ethical standards.

Alameda Country Sheriff’s Office: The prime focus of this agency is to provide secure life to the community of the country by making the fuller contribution of its various services. The main focus of all the employees of this agency is to protect the life & property of the citizens of this country. It also focuses to respect the rights of the people by identifying their cultural diversity in an effective manner. It also provides a consistent and humble service to the persons in their custody and enforces the criminal laws.

Antioch Police Department: The prime focus of this agency is to develop a teamwork and spirit among the members of the agency to fulfill the goals of providing professional, innovative and caring services to the community of the country. The assignments of this agency are focused on the teamwork to provide effective services to the public. It works on the approach of giving a safer and protected environment to the public of the country.


From the above discussion it is concluded that, to ensure a safer and protected environment it is necessary for the agencies to implement innovative idea within their organizational structure. These are the agencies, which accomplish different procedures and methods to protect the life of their citizens. The mission statement of these agencies is focused on the cultural diversity of their habitants. Apart from this the organizational structure of these agencies are formed to serve the community effectively along with proven ideas and suggestion of the agents. Most of the agencies are credited from authorized communities of the California.


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