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There was a sensible development of the car industry during the 20th century. Land Rover, as a one of the successful and well known company around the world, with a huge background through the history set up its own position in the particular business sector. The company trades in almost every region around the world and its main target is to create the customers satisfaction and justify their loyalty. As the paper already mentioned, the famous name 'Land Rover' has entered in almost every culture, however this essay will demonstrate company's marketing decisions in Georgia. How the company operates to advertise the famous name in Georgia and make significant influence on the Georgian customers to procure their loyalty. Therefore, the paper will discuss the marketing strategy of the 'Land Rover'. Generally it will describe one of the Land Rover's successful brands 'Land Rover Discovery', "Why get a car, when you can get a Land Rover?" ( 2010). Here the company expressing and makes people believe to have aspiration for 'Land Rover' cars, which produces cars concentrated for different kind of customers. This kind of advertises call to demand to purchase with 'Land Rover' and follow to use the company's latest creations.

As it is mentioned in introduction, the paper will illustrate the marketing strategy, particularly it will describe and evaluate an advertising media used by 'Land Rover' centre's marketing group in Georgia. After the face to face discussion with the chief of marketing group of 'Land Rover' Demur Apciauri, the strategy of advertising became clear which will be illustrated in this essay. Apciauri argues that, the company uses several of advertising methods, such as billboards, magazines and so on. However, Apciauri thinks that according to the customers' decisions, the most successful and influential choice of advertising in Georgia is an action, which have been carried out by the 'Land Rover' centre. The actions represent several tours by several cars around the Georgia, as the country is very famous by its historical places and beautiful nature the tours take place to the well known places around the Georgia. Demur Apciauri points out, that at this time the participants of these actions are approximately 20-25 Land Rover cars which are taking car tours around the Georgia. Also Mr. Apciauri designates that, the tours usually are filmed by the very famous Georgian broadcasting company "Rustavi 2", which makes program about cars and the 'Land Rover' more than once has been the programs main visitor.

Therefore, as the marketing manager Demur Apciauri illustrates, the most successful and beneficial advertising 'car tours' will be approximately three times profitable compare with the spend of the company for organize these kind of actions, because the marketing group hopes that, Georgian demand is a bit different than the customers from other cultures, which implicates that Georgians prefer to see the real experience of the car driving. Apciauri argues that, the real experience for example of 'Land Rover Discovery' which is the suitable for extreme driving on even very dangerous roads makes people "love Land Rover Discovery" and they do believe the 'Land Rover' advertisement "why get the car, when you can get Land Rover". That is why, this concept becomes more reliable for customers and beneficial for the company. Nowadays, as the most popular Georgian car trading website ( 2010) cites, the most of Georgians choice are "Range Rover Sport" and "Range Rover Vogue". However, the company is accented to make more popular the new car 'Land Rover Discovery 4' and many other brands as well by these organisable actions, which are very beneficial to occur customers' loyalty.

According to the marketing group of the 'Land Rover' centre, it is obvious that the product is high-touch positioning, because it became clear after the discussion that 'Land rover' in Georgia sells it car mostly on imaging, that means that most of the customers are interested on the visual side of the car and most of them pays thousands of dollars only for 'Land Rover' status. Very often customer just does not know what are the latest improvements and successes of the car, however they still buying it because the famous name 'Land Rover' and its' visual appearance. That is why the paper can argue that, product in Georgia use high touch positioning, as it is apparent that the customers of the 'Land Rover' in Georgia must be very wealthy to buy such kind of luxury car as it is 'Land Rover Discovery'.

On the other hand, according to the Georgian forum website ( 2010), the Caucasian region which includes three countries: Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia are working on the new loyalty program, which will contain 'Land Rover' cars from those three countries and this combined project will take place around the Caucasian region, where will be very hard roads to cover. As ( 2010) illustrates, the Land Rovers will be driven by professional drivers, therefore the tour will be very extreme and of course it will be definitely very interesting for 'Land Rover' customers, which will expand loyalty of customers.

One of the significant customers of the 'Land Rover' centre in Georgia is the main fire station of the city, which bought several Land Rover Discoveries for the station ( 2010). The cars are usually used for small fires, for example they use it for small fires in the forest before it become wide and more dangerous, it is easier to get their by the Land rover discovery and extinguish the fire ( 2010).

The 'Discovery' series of Land Rover has been the elegant and classy side of Land Rover since 1989. Based at Gaydon, Warwickshire in England, the business was sold, along with Jaguar, to Tata Motors of India in 2008. As (Thurston 2010) cites, Land Rover first came into being as a company manufacturing four wheel drive and utility vehicles in 1948. Originally build for utility and not particularly for style, the Land Rover is second only to Jeep in being the longest surviving 4WD brand of vehicle. The first, with a nickname of "Centre Steer", used a Jeep chassis and was build of light and rust-proof aluminium alloy and magnesium. According to the (Thruston 2010), this material, called Birmabright had to be used in to post world war two shortages (however, abundant supply of aircraft aluminium after the war). These vehicles were impervious to corrosion and rust, making it stand apart as a tough, long-lasting four wheel drive vehicle.

Those early 4WD vehicles were also restricted due to the fact that light green was just the only colour to select from in the left over aluminium paint from war planes (Thruston 2010). Early Land Rovers, like the Series I, were created to run on banana oil over thousands of miles. Most the modern variations run on diesel. As (Thruston 2010) points out, a basic two and a half litre four cylinder engine become most useful and popular with the British Army. They found it extremely easy to maintain and it was a power house of a four wheel drive vehicle, offering all the torque needed while on manoeuvres. A huge five litre V8 that can crank out three hundred seventy five horse power and three hundred seventy five foot pounds of torque proves to be among the major improvements to come along on this SUV, which has a long and glorious history (Thruston 2010).

There are plenty of video clips, which show how durable LR4 is. The company also advertises itself on popular video websites, such as and many others, which shows car LR4 adverts and makes customers totally to feel the car ability. For example, according to the ( 2010), the video shows that the company produced four series of 'Land Rover Discovery' during the last 20 years. Discovery 1, Discovery 2, Discovery 3 and discovery 4. Therefore it is obvious that, during this time the company refined the car's possibilities and it is shown on the clip, how attractive is the car and how it influence on customers choice.

The main competitors of the 'Land Rover Discovery 4' could be Mitubishi "Pajero", Japanese well known company, which builds the same style car as 'Land Rover Discovery', which are also very famous and sellable all around the world. However, Land Rover uses its huge historical and very famous background and tries to win back a huge amount of customers from its competitors by its advertising, which accented on the car status and very famous and massive history. That is why 'Land Rover' and particularly LR Discovery is more expansive compare with its competitor jeeps. As the famous car magazine (Autocar 2010) cites, the medium cost of the Land Rover D 4 hesitates from 56 000 $ to 76 000 $. Also as an advantage of Land Rover discovery 4 could be seen a new updated iPod connection and shares Jaguar's brilliant system which charges the iPod when it's connected and allows you to skip through songs via the touch screen or steering-wheel mounted controls. The radio has DAB, which will be handy when they switch off analogue in 2015... And handy just about sums up the new Discovery. If you want Surrey plush, go for a Range Rover. If you want Manchester bling, it's the Range Rover Sport. But if it's a seven-seat, do-anything vehicle, it's time to Disco.

Therefore, as the paper discussed and analysed the marketing strategy of the Land Rover Discovery, particularly in Georgia, it became apparent that the major advertising are carried out by the actions which contains car tours around the Georgia. As the chief of marketing group argues, the profit must increase dramatically. Therefore as Apciauri hopes, the sales must increase approximately three times than it was before. Thereby, the paper demonstrated the action advertising, which is more reliable for customers, because as it is already shown in this essay, real experience is more costly and expensive for Georgians, and it becomes definitely more beneficial for the company as well.

In my recommendation, the Land Rover Company in Georgia should worry about expand the sales of the other brands, except just Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Vogue, that means that the company have to demonstrate cars to the customers and show the real quality of the Land Rover and not just visual side of the car.