Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

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Students with disabilities education is a standout amongst the most intensely controlled regions in the education field. IDEA is known to be The Individual with Disabilities Education Act; it is a government law that demands schools to provide service to any qualified students with disabilities. According to UFT, “The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), a federal law, guarantees children with disabilities aged 3 to 21 a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) that emphasizes special education and related services and prepares them for further education, employment and independent living (UFT 2019, p1).” The reason for the IDEA is to secure the privileges of students with incapacities and allow guardians to be heard when dealing with their child’s education, despite the fact that not all special needs children qualify. Rhim states, “Since the authorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA, in 1975, the national approach to not only ensuring access but also providing quality special education and related services has been a work in progress (Rhim, Sutter, and Campbell 2017, p2).”

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From reading, exploring, and pondering on IDEA, I have obtained knowledge about disabilities and management in the classroom. I realize that a classroom is intended to have instructors that are proficient in knowing about various disabilities along with the course materials. The instructor is aware of the environment of the student’s learning condition and provides a safe environment that the students feel comfortable in. 

According to Nicole Eredics, “the physical arrangement of a classroom environment will largely determine if and how inclusion will happen. Therefore, creating an inclusive learning environment isn’t just about changing attitudes, support systems, and activities. It is also about rearranging the physical space to accommodate the various needs that exceptional children have (Eredics 2011, p1).” So as to make a triumphant inclusion classroom that contemplates the students along with the exceptionalities that occur among them, the instructor should make an environment that gives learning and passionate advancement. The students must feel homage and that they reserve the privileges to express their contemplations in any case on the off chance that they have a disability or not. “Although attitudes, teaching styles, and inclusive activities are important components of inclusion, the special needs child’s physical environment can help or hinder the process. This, in turn, can affect feelings of belonging, success, and self-esteem. Carefully planning out the physical space of the classroom strongly supports an inclusive learning environment (Eredics 2011, p2).”

For academic success, I would make sure my classroom is not a distraction. Nicole states, “An inclusive classroom needs to be decorated in a way that does not create a distraction and sensory overload. Too many bright colors, posters, clutter, and furniture can easily distract the most focused child (Eredics 2011, p2).” For an art room, it will be hard because Art teachers such as myself want a room that depicts the subject, but it can be accomplished. Another suggestion would be to create groups or centers. Groups and centers will allow the students to have discussions and collaborations amongst each other.

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To ensure compliance, every student will receive the same services, and no one treated unequally. I would not dare separate the special needs students from the regular education students because it would be better to integrate them with the regular education students. The special needs children can learn from regular education students and vice versa. This can help them become independent and social. This past school year, I had my first class where the special needs class was a part of my regular education class. I observed how the special needs children loved working with regular education. They want to be looked at as a regular education student and do not want to be pointed out or treated differently.


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