Displacement camps that the Darfurians live

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“Since 2003 an estimated 200,000 people have died in Darfur as a result of the conflict and some 2.5 million people have displaced inside Darfur or into neighboring Chad.” (Williamson qtd. in Kellerhals). Failure of the Sudanese government to protect the millions of displaced Darfurians from diseases, caused by the poor living conditions, and the vicious militiamen, who kill them and rape women and children, has caused the Darfurians to live in constant shame and fear. The displacement camps that the Darfurians live in are extremely dangerous to live in. Not only is there not enough food and clean water for the millions of people living there but there is also constant violence. Militiamen are constantly attacking the men and women who live in these camps.

A U.S. diplomat in Washington says that the crisis in Darfur has only gotten worse, there is more violence in the air and the number of displaced and killed people has only gotten bigger. (Kellerhals). We can only expect the situation to get worse; we have put in a lot of time, effort, and money into trying to help resolve the crisis. The U.S. can only do so much to try and help the situation in Darfur.

What really got this whole crisis started was when a rebel group attacked an al-Fashir airport in 2003 and destroyed a bunch of military equipment in the process, says Sikainga. This attack really took the Sudan government by surprise. The government wasn't expecting any kind of attack and they did not react to the situation correctly. The Sudanese government has been accused by many people, including some human right activists, of supporting the militia group known as the Jajaweed. The Jajaweed is why so many people have died in Darfur. They have killed over 300,000 people and displaced more than 2 million innocent people (Sikainga).

There was a peace negotiation 2003 in Kenya. This gave people around the world high hopes that the violence would cease in Darfur.  People strongly hoped that it would end the sexual violence as well as the murders. But in fact the killings and rapes have escalated since then.

The displacement camps where the Darfurians live are in extremely poor conditions. These camps really need to improve otherwise more and more people are going to die. There is basically no food or clean water for them.  Not only does the food and water supply need improvement, but the medical supply as well. Biden says that “the World Food Program announced that it is going to have to cut rations for people in Darfur in half because so many of its trucks are being hijacked that it cannot maintain supply lines.” (qtd. in Kellerhals) Some roads are so dangerous because there are shootings and this makes it difficult for food trucks to go through. Contaminated water is also a big danger in the camps. The contaminated water can be contaminated with Cholera.

One of the biggest issues in Darfur is the rape of not only women but children as well. Thousands of women have been raped since 2003 says Woolf. The Sudanese government still claims that there is no rape in Sudan. The rape has gotten so bad that women have started to accept it as a way of life. Men have become afraid to accompany women because they are afraid of being killed if they even try to defend the women. Not only are women being raped, but children as young as four as well. Some teens are raped while out doing little things such as going to school or running errands for their families. In Darfur a raped women is a “ruined” women, the rape is considered to be her fault and only her fault. Some women who have been raped are kicked out of their homes and are forced to live on their own.  People are afraid to stand up for the women, especially the relief workers. They believe that if they speak out then the Sudanese government will force them to leave, but they want to stay and help the Darfurians. The use of sexual violence as a tactic of war is a crime that the state can be held responsible for (Woolf).

Because more and more women are being raped, more babies are being born too. These babies are usually abandoned by their mothers. “as many as 20 babies a month are dumped in one camp or 22,000 people” said CNN reporter Nic Robertson.

The dangers that these displaced Darfurians face every single day is obvious to see. People are being raped and killed every day and there is nothing that they can do about it. If they try to speak up and defend themselves they are killed and gang raped. These memories stay with them forever. As if that was not bad enough they don't have good food to eat or clean water to drink. Put all these things together and it's pretty much hell for the millions of displaced people living there.