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This is an assignment of information technology in which we are going to discuss that in which way a head manager of shell ltd can use the available knowledga in a more efficient way.his CEO asked from him to prepare a report on this topic. As we know the computer is one of the most important machine in which we can do apprxoimately every thing. There are a lot of softwares and drivers in computer and which are used for different functions. So as many softwares are available, the most functions are available for us to do things in a short time with a efficient way.we can use the knowledge by using different drivers and softwares in a more quick way. That is why computers makes our life very easy. Laptop is one of the modern type of computer which has a good speed and reliable as well.the all things which we are discussing in a introduction . there are a lot of benefits of computers like productivity, it is also very helpfull in decisioon making and is also very good in cost reduction. There are many benefits now present in a computer, laptops and new mobile phones but we are going to discuss the productivity factor .there are some components of computers which are hardware software and people . We will discuss them in detail in main body of this assignment.

(2) Main Body:

As the computer is the most helpful machine in order to use the knowledge in a efficient way, so we are going to talk about what is computer and its drivers and softwares in detail.. Computer is a machine that we can programme, we can receive data and save it on the computer, We can save it for a short time and also for a long time it is upon us as we wish to do. Now we are vgoing to discuss the softwares of computers. There are a lot of softwares but we are explaining few one with examples.

(2.1) Software:

“It is like we can say that these are the instructions given to the hardware, so here the source of giving information to hardware is software” (Clements,p. 2001)

For example if we need to take out a print of a document, we have a printer but we dont have a software of a printer, then we are not able to take out a print, we have to buy a software of printer in order to take out a print, the software which we will buy will have a driver and software as well, and it will give information to the printer which is hardware about taking a print out.

(2.2) Hardware:

We can define it like any equipment which is attached or assosiated with computer is called as Hardware. Example of hardware is given below.

Mouse is a hardware. We need to put the wire of it in C.P.U system. Key board is also a hard ware. We have to put its wire in C.P.U system in order to make it work able. Printer is a hard ware as well, lets think for a moment if we have a printer software but we don,t have a printer, then the software is of no use, because there is no hardware or we can say output device. All like above speakers, fax machine, scanner and webcam these all are hardwares.

(2.3) People:

People are also the component of computer. They are the programmer of the computers who write or manage a software that how it will work. On the other hand users use the softwares by buying them from the market. For example if any student do not have the installed software of microsoft office and if he buy that software from the market then he will be called as user. (Notes given by Teacher)

(3) Processor:

It is a central processing unit which executes and interpret all the programs. It is like a brain of computer and we ccall it in short as C.P.U. The computer only understands the binary language like 0 , 1. So when ever we type any thing in computer in order to send something to any one or if we transfer a file to anlother person, the computer will first change our language into binary language . This stage is called as Encoding. When receiver receives our message , the computer is again converted its language in to our language in order to make it understand able for us ( receiver) This stage is called as Decoding. Then again when receiver understand the message he gives feed back, then message again encoded and decoded by sender. This will happen again and again as the conversation between them will continue. As this whole process is cyclic and messages again and again encoding and decoding so according to the name we called this process as a Cycle machine Cycle process. This process is happening in sending every message or receiving a message.

(4) Mother Board:

Mother board is a circut board of your computer or we can call it main board. The shape of mother board is like a large peice of silicone, C.P.U , ROM, RAM, PCI slots everything is attached with it. The control of mouse, keyboard, hard drive, CD drive is connected with mother board. Mother board is controlling and managinig every thing in CPU system. The all things which are working together in a same time are due to the Mother board. Mother board is providind connection to every thing in computer

(5) RAM:

It is a random access memory. RAM is a place where a computer can save data for a short time and processor can read or provide data in a more efficient way than reading from Floppy drive, CD drive or hard drive. RAM only saves data till the computer is on or workiong, if you turn off the computer the all data which was temporarily saved on RAM will be lost. The next time when you switch the computer on the RAM will show the data which is saved on hard disk.

(6) Operating system:

“It is a set of different programs that remains between application software and hardware. Its main system is to control computer resources such as C.P.U. disk drives, printers and much more. Its one more important function is to provide and change the program for application software” (Hansen,P.B 1973)

(7) Application Software:

We can define this as a software which is designed in computer in order to help or complete different operations doing by any user. From this software we can manipulate the text or graphics. There are some examples of application software which are defined below.

(7.1) Word processing software:

It is a software that makes user able to change or edit the text. He can write everything which he want to write or can change it. Microsoft Word and notepad are the best examples of the word processing software.

(7.2) Database software:

It is a software which collects data in sequence or we can say in order. Computer database cannot work properly or is not able to show data in order, so database software enable us to view data in sequence. By using database software we can store or interpret in it . the examples of this software are MS Access , Oracle and many more.

(7.3) Multimedia Software:

In this software users are able to create a new player and can play a music. They can also edit the software which they make. For example window media player is a player of both audio and media. Audio converters and players are the forms of multimedia softwares. Media player and real player are the examples of Multimedia softwares

(8) Storage:

There are two types of memories in a computer. One is primary storage and other is secondary storage. These two are defined below.

(8.1) Primary storage:

It is a storage which is for a short time. It is a memory of computer in which any document can be saved for a short time. For example if we are doing a assignment on a microsoft word the assignment or any work is saved automatically by microsoft word software. This saving is for a short period or we can say it is a temporary storage.

(8.2) Secondary Storage:

It is a storage which we can save for a long time or we can say that it is a long term storage on a different drives and it is called as secondary storage. We can save any data for a long time on a Magnetic Disk, Optical disk. and more.

All the things which are discussed above are the basics of computers and from all of these computer can work properly.

(9) Network:

It is a system that uses a device of communication in order to connect resources like service provider and communicationn with other computers. There are some types of netwoks like

Local area network (LAN)

Wide area network (WAN)

Metropolitan area network (MAN)

These three areas are discussed below.

(9.1) Local area network:

It is a local area network between short distances like in between two houses or two bulidings. It is commonly used in the offices which connect every one with each other.

we can share or can provide the data or we can exchange the data between each other. For example: LSC london school of commerce is an institution sand they are using local area network in orderf to communicate with each other or to share or provide a data from one office to another one.

(9.2) Wide area network:

It is a wide area network which is usually used in between the towns. For example two workers of a same town can share their office work with each other at any time. That is a good advantage for us. Wide area network is more spreded or we can say it has more range from local area network but has a less range from Metropolitan area netwok.

(9.3) Metropolitan area network:

It is a network which is present in between the cities, so it is a long area network than local and wide area network. It is good if one worker is on leave from Job and go to another city. But at the same time if he want to take some data , he can take if someone or his provide him by using local area network. It is usually used by the office workers.

We are discussed these nertworks because they are sucessful and providing us a good advantage of sharing data at any time. These networks are very beneficial for head manager of shell ltd because by no matter vwhere ever he is, but he can show his work to his CEO by using these networks or can receive any important message or documents provided by his CEO by keep remaining in other city for some days.

(10) Conclusion:

We discussed the main components of computers which can help the manager of the shell ltd in order to use the knowledge in a more efficient way. We discussed all the main working parts of computer that how thyey usually work togther and how a computer system can help us to do work in a quick way. From this report we come to know that computer is based on different softwares and components which altogether make a computer and makes our life easier because it is modern technology and able to solve the different types of problem in a few minutes and hours based on the complication of data that how dificult is problem to solve. The manager of shell ltd should use the computer or laptop in both home and office as well. By using different softwares he can use his data in a more efficient way. For example if his CEO said him to prepare a report on any topic related to IT, he can able to make his report by typing on Microsoft Word. As we know webcam are also very popular in communication or making a video calls or do a video chat. Another example is that , if head manager is go to london on meeting from liverpool, after completion of meeting he can make a video call to his CEO by using webcam and can show his emotions about meeting that whether the meeting was successful or not and can satisfy him by giving information about what happend in meeting by showing him live.

(11) Recommendation:

This shows that how much importance is there of computer or laptop now a days for everyone. We just discussed the few parts of IT and its advantages, but there are a lot of uses that we can take from computer to use our knowledge in a more efficient way.IT is like a important part of everones life now and the person who do not have the knowledge about it or he or she is not using the information technology is means that he or she is disconnected from the world. Hope fully by using these new technologies every one is able to use his knowledge in a quickest way and if the head manager of shell ltd will use computer and laptops and those things which contain new IT technologies, he will find his life easier than before and can satisfy and impress his CEO as well.

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(Notes given by teacher)

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