The Communications process in Organizations

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Communication is importances for each organization nowadays and the communication also much is have the effective communication, in an organization the communication must be effective and how the organization can lead the communication effective? Therefore that needs to follow the process of the communication. Furthermore, an organization must have to use the varies skill and technique to make other parties understand and be understood. The communication is the process that exchange the information between the sender and the receiver and between that have the medium which results in shared feedback.

Moreover, the effective communication is needed to follow the communication process and that is very hard can be ensure that the intended audience has received the right message. Therefore we need to use some techniques to ensure the people have received the right message. Because many massage are sending out and inform to other parties at the end of the result will be different and wrong also, this is because the distortions in the communication between sender and receiver. When the distortions in communication that mean the sender and receiver does not have the good communication the distortions can be duel too many factor. Therefore we need to have the very prefect communication skill and that can be easy to ensure that the intended audience has received the right message.

Communication process

Figure 1.1

Communication process that has five step processes and the communication is the process of the sending and receiving information among the organization people. The five step communication process with is encoding, send, medium, decoding, and the last step is feedback. All communication also has to follow all thus process, because this process is very basis step that can make easy between sender and a received for the massage. For the additional information the communication process diagram have show in figure 1.1.


The first step in the communication process is encoding, wish mean before the sender have send out the massage a sender must has an idea regarding the massage, what information or massage the sender want to inform other parties. This step is the massage are haven’t sending out to the channel, that is just the idea of the massage only such as the content of the massage. Furthermore, the massage also hasn’t planning when the massage needs to send.

Planned, Organized, and Sent

In this step the massage have ready to sent it out and before sent the massage the sender need to organized the massage first such as make the correction in the massage that have some error and check the grammar error, spelling and so on. Furthermore, the sender also need to planned the massage such as date when the massage need to send it out, send to who, and how to inform the all thus receiver. Therefore the sender need to planned and organized the massage before sending out, after the sender have to done the planned and organized the massage, than the massage can be sent already, and what type of channel or medium will be in the next step.


In the communication process step in the medium is the channel and this medium or channel is between the encoding and decoding, at the same time this step the sender have to make the decision what type message the sender need to use and is sent through a channel. The medium which is the sender passed the information and understanding to the receiver. Moreover, the channel can be a writing communication of paper, POS, and human also, because the channel is who are helping the sender transfer their massage to other parties. Therefore, in the communication process the sender must be decide what type of the massage such as sms, Email, and other more. And the sender also has to choose one channel to send the message out to the receiver.


The decoding is the receiver has success reacts to the massage, therefore the receiver can be understanding the massage but the receiver is not necessary can be received the right massage, because some time between the sender and the receiver that will have some communication distortion during the communication process, if the massage are send by emailing or other technology that massage sure will be true, but if the massage is send by human and fact to fact transfer the massage that will have many communication distortion. Therefore the sender must choose the best channel to sending out the right massages. For the additional information, the sender need how to ensure the intended audience has received the right message will be discus after finish the five step communication process later on.


In the last step of the communication process is feedback. This step is the receiver reply to the sender or feedback to sender. In this step the receiver can be direct feedback to the sender without medium. Therefore when the receiver reply back to the sender they will counteroffer become sender and the original sender will become the receiver, and sending out to their feedback massage to the receiver. Therefore, the feedback want reply the step is most easy compare to the original send who are create the massages. Furthermore, the effective communication is result in shared feedback. The feedback also which is essential to make communication, a successful one. It is effect, reply or reaction of the information transmitted to the communicate.

Body language

In the communication we also need to ensure the intended audient received the right massage. Therefore, from the sender we can use the body language to increase the understanding to the reviver. Body language can be make easy understanding to other parties. The body language is way that communicates nonverbal to each other parties, using the body language can be an eye contact, and an action. A body language makes the clear massages to each people.

Adapt technology and system

In order to make the effective communication and ensure other parties can be received the right massages, we can use the clear mobile phone reception, and faster we also can be using computer for emailing instruction, therefore everything have the better communication and will not have any error duel the communication process. If more consistent we also can regularly reporting routines and more efficient is reporting by the exception. If in the firm level want to effective the communication in the organization, and ensure other parties can be received the right massages, the firm can be use the computer communication software also, such as intranet.


Ensure the intended audient can received the right massage when during send out the information must be not overloading people with information they will not be able to get through or take in, in time available. Furthermore, the effective communication for not overloading also must not giving other people too much information, if people get too much information at the same time, therefore the people cannot be capture the right information, we need to give the accuracy massages to the parties. Therefore we must not overload the information when giving to each people.

Avoid Jargon

During the communication among the people the sender must try to avoid jargon; jargon is the language that is specialism. Therefore during the communication the sender must use the basic language and try to make it easy understand to other person. If the sender always use the jargon, that will cost many people misunderstanding what the sender said. Moreover, people from the different job or specialist backgrounds such as IT experts and Accountants that have the difficulty in talking on a non specialist.

Avoid Conflict

In the organization the communication must be avoid the conflict, there is conflict between individuals or departments, and therefore all thus conflict must be avoid in order to effective the organization communication. Because in the organization every departments that sure have many conflict, therefore the top management much have the very good communication skill such as avoid all thus conflict in the organization.


In order to have the effective communication all the sender must have the good communication technique skill to communicate to each other in the organization, and the sender must have the ability to avoid all thus noise, massages distortion, and other conflict between the sender and receiver. Therefore, I have some recommendation for effective the communication in the organization, in the communication in the organization the firm better have the communication application or software; in order to avoid all thus error massages and massages distortion, because the application can be very accurate and effective to communicate with each other.

Furthermore, for make the communication betters in the firm the top management should be send the staff to the training, and learn the way for effective communication in the organization. And the sender also must be use and simple word to communicate with each other, because in the communication not necessary want to using the professional words, the importance for the communication massages is use all the word other people can be easy understand.

As the Product Manager of a soon-to-be-launched product*, explain the methods, the mediums and the vehicles that you would use to communicate with your target audience to persuade them to buy your product. Produce one (1) advertisement for your product.

*student may decide on whatever product that they wish

2.0 Introduction

We as a product manager and our company has soon to launch the new item product in the market, and this product is very shortage in the market, even though in ecommerce such as, there does not available for this item. Our new product is the notebook vacuum cooling fan; this item is very different compare to other notebook or laptop cooling fan. Therefore, this is our opportunity to promote this notebook cooler in the market place.

In order to capture and attract the consumer to buying this item we have to use the advertisement method to attract them, and the advertisement also is one of the method that can communication about our product information to the consumer. Therefore, when our company has established the advertisement must be make sure the broacher can be communicating to each other. And not all the advertisement method can be suitable for this product, therefore we need to find the best method and suitable to advertised our product.

Furthermore, for this notebook vacuum cooling fan item, the advertisement method we have to use broacher to communicate with the consumer. Because most of the computer accessories that also advertise in either broacher or newspaper. We using broacher are because that is more cheaper compare advertise in the newspaper, saving the cost also is one method to gain profit for the business.

The following will be explaining details for the notebook vacuum cooling fan broacher and the product specification and thus functionality.

Advance Heat Extractor Cooling Fan

The Advance Heat Extractor Cooling Fan is the title for our broacher, the product name most people are caller vacuum cooling fan, therefore I have redesign the most attractive title to Advance Heat Extractor Cooling Fan. The title of the broacher must be bombastic, when the consumer already see our broacher at the same time have the bombastic title, there will have more interested for our product. Furthermore, this is a strategic of design the bombastic title to attract more consumers. Because most of the consumer when they are received the broacher the first impression giving to consumer is the title fist, after that they star to read the broacher at detail, at the same time when go to the detail also must have something special words inside the broacher.

The Intelligent Technology

The word of The Intelligent Technology inside the broacher is also use to attract the consumer, but this is different with the title of the product, and this The Intelligent Technology word is just need to show the product is the high-tech technology of the market, and also can show the company have the very good idea and intelligent to create the good product in the market. Therefore, I have using this word into the advertisement and try to communicate to each other, because sometime we have to using some of the word that is short or just a simple term to communicate to the consumer, and this can most easy to understanding for the consumer who are see the advertisement.

Highlight the Keyword

In order to most easy and simple way to communicate with the consumer by using the advertisement broacher, we must list down or highlight all thus the product keyword beside the broacher. Therefore, beside my advertisement broacher have eight highlight in there, the has Brushless, Adjustable, USB powered, Revolutionary, Ultra compact, Power efficiency, Quiet operation, and Screw include. Furthermore, the highlight also can be influence the consumer to make their purchasing decision, because the advertisement have outline the product highlight of the functionality, so the consumer will interested of our product and the highlight point must be easy and special in order to attract the consumer.

Product Picture

Most of the peoples that will be affecting by the advertisement are affecting be the picture of the product. Nowadays most of the advertisement some product that must have the very nice image, and colorful. For my advertisement I have using the original product picture and will be look attractive at the same time my picture will be look like very high-tech and useful. Therefore, the image of the product is very importance, if the advertisement without any image of the product the consumer will not be communicates and influence by the advertisement. Because many people are looking for the product picture first, in the product picture and can give the consumer more information and understand what is the product our promote. For example: If the presenter during their presentation they will put some picture include the mean of what the presenter want to present later, therefore most of the people will looking for the image first than to the word. This is same as advertisement also. We need to find or design the nice picture into our advertisement.

Compact, Stylish, and Innovation

This tree word also one of the strategic to attract and can be easy to communicate with the consumers. Because they just tree word only and include the color also, the color also has their mean for the item. In the Compact is represent the product is easy to use and nice design and quality also and I have putting the red color inside the box, red color is mean by compact. The Stylish is represent the product design is very nice and special looking for the product, and I have using the pepper color to mean by the stylish of the product, this is because the color also special. And the last is the Innovation; the innovation mean is the product is the very new and different with each other cooling fan and also special compare to other product. The color of this box is using yellow to represent, because the yellow color is like light color, mean the company can think a lot of new and special product.


In advertisement I have using the price strategic to attract the consumer; this also is a promotion of this product. In the advertisement I have show the original price and the promotion price also, just need to show the different price only. Because this can be communicate the information about our product pricing to the consumer. And in the broacher I have cut the original price and put the new price to attract the consumer, because most of the consumer are very consider the pricing when there purchasing.

Product Specification

The product specification is this product can be allowed the notebook faster extraction all thus hot air out in the motherboard, and always make the notebook temperature is stability. And this product also using the USB power that is save energy and the fan is running faster at the same time can extraction faster the hot air inside the notebook and laptop. Furthermore, this product is very weight only just a 60g only, and that is very easy to curry compare to other brand cooling pad. And this product have the very nice design and stylish at the same time have build in LED in the cooling fan. 180-degree rotatable wind positions and two-speed cooling control allowing you to switch freely for fan speed and angle.

For the additional, the product specification must be have to list down in the advertisement, because when we have list down all the product specification this already is the communication to the consumer already. If the consumer has interested this product they will go to read the product specification, therefore the product specification is the good way to communication to each other


Lastly, communication with the consumer about our company have any new information is not necessary want to using the advertisement broacher, that also can using other method such as emailing, media, and other more. And the advertisement method is very depend on the product, because not all the product can be suitable some advertisement and communication method. The advertisement method we also need to use the most efficient and make sure can be communicate with the consumer.

Furthermore, for our product advertisement method is using broacher to communicate with the consumer, and this is not necessary can be success in the business. Because this is just one method to communication and advertisement, in order to make the product is the market leader, we must do a lot of advertisement method not just use our broacher to promote this product. For me I will use the additional method is internet marketing, advertise in new paper and also media. Because all this method also can help us to grow the business and also can lead the product to the market leader.