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Software as a Service | Analysis

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Software as a Service (SaaS), What is it?

Software as a service, also known as SaaS, is software made available only online by the provider (Invest NI, n.d.). Websites offer SaaS as a subscription service for a monthly or annual cost. SaaS costs less, updates more, and has better accessibility over traditional software. SaaS offers monthly and yearly subscriptions spreading the cost out over time. SaaS also provides differently priced options for different level access to their software. Therefore, you are only paying for what you need. Traditional software you pay for upfront along with maintenance and upgrade costs.

What is productivity software?

Software that assists users in producing, reading, editing information in both their personal and work lives is what productivity software is. It helps people solve different problems. Word processing software to spreadsheet software, and many more are all types of productivity software.

Word processing – Word processing software is the most used software application today. Word processors allow the user to write and store text electronically. It is presented on a screen, and they also allow the user to edit and print the papers. Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, and Microsoft Notepad (IntelligentHQ, 2018) are the most famous examples of this type of software.

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Spreadsheet – Spreadsheet software is best known for its ability to organize, examine, and store data in a table format. The format of spreadsheet software is made up of rows and columns that make it easier to arrange and calculate imputed data. The most commonly used spreadsheet software is Microsoft Excel. An excellent free option for spreadsheet software is Google Sheets (Computer Hope, 2019).

Presentation – Presentation software allows the user to present information excitingly and dynamically. Presentation software provides the user with tools to add and manage text, add and manage graphics, and a system for the slide show to present the content. Microsoft’s PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote (Technopedia, n.d.) are some of the most popular software for presentation.

Database – With database software, the user creates and manages data. Database software can be used for anything from organizing employees, to keeping track of the product. Database software helps store, back up, and recover data. It helps manage communication, data security, and can be accessed by more than one user. As database software can be used for a multitude of tasks, there are many database software programs. The most used database software’s are Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle (Quick Base, 2019).

Note taking  Note-taking software allows the user to replace a pen and paper with the software and an input device. Note-taking software stores all its information digitally. Having notes stored digitally enables the user to better access to their notes. It also can add a video such as a recording of a lecture. It can be used with multiple users at the same time. But the best part is that with note-taking software, there will be no more need to trying to decipher your handwriting.

PIM or Personal Information Management software

 PIM software, or personal information management, stores and organizes your personal information. Email is an example of one of the most used PIM software (Technopedia, 2019). Another good example would be Google Calendar, which the user can add appointments, activities, and important dates into and have a reminder set for those dates. Have you ever had or been offered to have a username and password saved for reuse on an internet browser? That would be a type of PIM software. PIM software is an essential software for companies and employees. Companies can have business email accounts for each employee. They can also use an address or contact book to keep clients organized.

Helpful software for small businesses?

Open-source software can be the most beneficial to a small business.  Open-source software is free, which can save small businesses money to put into growing their business. Small businesses will need accounting and database software. G suite would be an excellent software for a company, although it is not open source. It has different price options for various sized business needs and offers multiple types of software, like business email, shared calendars, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. (Online Finances, 2019).

Helpful for large businesses?

 With large businesses, SaaS programs would work well. With SaaS, big companies can typically get a better price for multiple users. Some of the software that large companies focus on are security software, operation software, and relationship software (Tech News, n.d.). An excellent example of security software for large businesses is ESET. ESET has offers for businesses of 1000+ and lower (ESET, 2019). Overall, big business would do well with SaaS for a multitude of users.

What are software licenses?

 Software licenses are authorized guidelines for the distribution and use of software that a provider sells. To use the software, the user would have to agree to and buy the license to the software. Many users do not realize that when they are purchasing software that they do not own the software, they have the authorization to use that software in the way that the license lays out (Lewis, 2017). If you need software on more than one computer, ensure that the license that you are buying allows downloads for the number of computers you need and allows multiple users. This is especially important for businesses. A business would not want to buy a software license to find out it will only let one download and one user.

How do I determine which versions of software will work

Each software will have a list of the operating systems and requirements that it is compatible with. The user’s operating system must be at or above the minimum requirements for it to run. The determining factor for which version of the software for business computers are, how many computers can it be downloaded on, how many users can use it, and what the software includes. SaaS offers a wide variety of software for different needs, and it comparable with most devices. For example, Office 365 offers SaaS from as small as 365 Business Essentials, to Office 365 Enterprise E5 (Finances Online, 2019). Office 365 would work for any size business as well as being compatible with all devices that can connect to the internet.


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