Rules when dispensing medicines

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A system for automated dispensing of a packaged pharmaceutical comprising good medicine labeling standards is vital to ensure the safe use of medicines. The intention of this study is to evaluate and compare compliance towards labeling standard for dispensed medications between community pharmacists and general practitioners. The medicines for human use Regulations 1994 specify the requirements for the labeling of relevant medical products which are supplied to patients. Dispensed medicines would normally require being added number of details at the time of supply. But much of the information about medicines will be available on the label of hospital manufacturing unit.

The regulations has amended to allow for a reduced dispensing label requirement to cover the patient name, date of dispensing , dose or volume , direction to use and cautionary steps to follow. The medical product has to be prepared or dispensed in accordance with the prescription by the given practitioner. The assembled product is for retail supply or circumstances corresponding to retail supply. The assembled product must be sold from that pharmacy or at any other registered pharmacy forming part of the same retail pharmacy business. The assembled product cannot be advertised.

  • The over label must not obscure the printed text of a licensed pack in any way.
  • The label has to apply to the blank area designated on the original pack for the dispensing label.
  • In cases where an original pack does not have provision for a dispensing label, the over label should be firmly attached to the pack in a manner that is easily readable and does not obscure the licensed text nor interfere with the safe and effective use of the medicine.
  • Original packs over labeled in accordance with these principles may be supplied direct to hospital pharmacies, health centers etc without the necessity for formal variation of the Marketing Authorization by the Marketing Authorization holder.
  • Breaking bulk (manufacturer's original pack) will require a variation to the respective Marketing Authorization.

It would be normally good practice to add the date of the supply; it can be form as a following diagram.

The dispensed container should me labeled with the following information

  1. Practice name, address and 24 hour telephone number(s).
  2. Should specify the intended users.
  3. Client name, patient name and client address also.
  4. Purpose of the drug prescription, Drug name and Strength.
  5. Number if tables or volume incase of liquid.
  6. Date dispensed.
  7. Direction for use like dose, frequency and method taking the drug.
  8. Relevant information and warnings, and the process of preventing the danger if the drug has taken accidentally.
  9. Labeling of investigational medicines

This paragraph is about the standard labeling for the investigational products which are used in clinical trials. The trail has to be conducted with in the Member states conducted by study. The planning of trail doesn't require any particular manufacturing.

In addition to this quantity of dose (number of tables/capsules) is also to be added.

It can also include

  1. Name of sponsor, means name research organization /investigator.
  2. Trail reference code specifying the identification of the trail site.
  3. It would contain the information on the product, dosage, storage conditions, and batch number etc.

Interfacing With a Standard Accounting Package

The pharmaceutical wholesaler "Padma Agencies" can have its account part integrated with some standard accounting packages already available in the market instead of reinventing the wheel again. At present its mode of payment is as shown below.


  • All the payments done by cash and cheques on company name.
  • If shop had a credit to particular company the M.D doesn't receive original receipt.
  • The shop keeper get the original bill after he clear the payment, up to they had a duplicate.

Instead of making all the modules in the pharmaceutical application, the application can be integrated with a standard account package. All the functionalities provided by accounting packages can be reused if we can seamlessly integrate our application with that. This is possible provided standard interfaces given by the accounting packages' vendors that support integration with the applications developed in other languages.

This integrates accounting, accounts receivable, and inventory management systems, which allows the distributor headquarters to operate with minimal staffing. Each step of the process is self-contained and modular allowing rapid and flexible geographic expansion.

Web Links to Drug Manufactures

From the application we can provide the web links to different manufacturing companies across the world. So if some specific product is not available from local market that should be purchased from the manufacturing company. For that if required product has selected and makes a request than the manufacturing company web site will be explored.

Pharmaceutical involves manufacturing of drugs and equipments in healthcare. Development of drugs is a costly process in pharmaceutical. And the drug producing companies should have commercial license for research and development according to the rules and regulations of the drug license standard body. And distribution and marketing is also a vital role. The pharmaceutical market of India has achieved a tremendous growth in technology and infrastructure.

The sites can introduce you about the pharmaceutical industry. And site will provide the information about the latest innovations and developments and future scopes of the pharmaceutical industry. And the different aspects of the pharmaceutical industry have been explored. Moreover it provides history information about pharmaceutical industry along with its future scope.

In addition to manufacturer information it is also provide that the product information, complete description of the product, its usage, storage conditions, ingredients ration, and whom should use under which circumstances.

The pharmaceutical wholesalers are having a vital role in supply of medications. For ethical pharmaceuticals wholesaler provides a link between pharmaceutical manufactures and retail outlet pharmacies, dispensing doctors and hospitals and promoting the new innovative medications.

The responsibilities of the Pharmaceutical wholesaler

  • Pharmaceutical wholesalers provide distribution and stock holding functions.
  • And for customers the products should be provided according to their daily requirements. So that avoiding customers having large stock.
  • Retails pharmacists and dispensing doctors have to keep normal working medicine stock.
  • The wholesalers have to efficiently supply on a daily basis or even within a shorter period after receiving the orders from their customers.
  • Full line wholesalers can stock and sell a full range of pharmaceuticals.
  • But Short line wholesalers should sell only fast moving products; they should not contain all the products stock.
  • They can import these products from manufacturers or foreign wholesalers.
  • According to the estimations of National Association of Pharmaceutical distributors (NAPD) almost 65% of supply is done by pharmaceutical wholesalers. And 25% of supply is done by manufacturers directly, and the remaining 10% is done by short line wholesalers. These products supply may fluctuate depending on the volume of parallel products.
  • In addition to medications the pharmaceutical wholesalers also supply health related goods, but this proportion is very less in their profit.
  • A pharmacist must also maintain stocks of very less demanded products.
  • In UK the majority of wholesalers provide Monday to Friday, twice daily to the pharmacies they serve.
  • And the important point here is around two third of the orders are placed through computer terminals and the remaining by telephone.
  • Generally pharmacists place their orders before lunch time, with delivery during afternoon.
  • To provide an effective service to the patient, the pharmaceutical wholesaler provide a wide range of products nearly 10000 items , twice daily.
  • For the meet the quick demands in addition to normal supply there will be usually an emergency service.
  • And other information provided by pharmaceutical wholesalers is providing technical information on matters relating to drugs they supply their specialization, marketing services, financial support and in-pharmacy computers.

Some of Our Features

All the products will be arranged in a category manger. So it is easy to select the product and give online order. The category is shown as bellow. The patients can get the information about the products online. The information provides the product name, quantity, Package, and how does it work etc.

Shop by category:

  • Acne-treatment
    • Acromegaly
    • Allergies
    • Anemia
    • Anesthesia
    • Antacidc
    • Anti-aging-supplement
    • Anti-asthma
    • Antibacterial
    • Antibiotics
    • Anticoagulant
    • Antidepressant
    • Antiepileptic
    • Antifungal
    • Antihelmintic
    • Antihipertensiv
    • Antihistamine
    • Anti-Infection
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Antilipsin
    • Antimycotic
    • Antinausea-and-vomiting
    • Antineoplastic
    • Antiperistaltic
    • Antipsychotic
    • Anti-Radiation
    • Antiseptic
    • Antispasmodics
    • Antithrombosis
    • Antiviral-agents
    • Antivirus-bird-flu
    • Anxiety
    • Arthritis
    • Baldness-treatment
    • Birth-Control
    • Body-Care
    • Cardiology
    • Chest-Pain
    • CholesterolReducers
    • Cold-and-flu
    • Contraception
    • Diabetes-medicine
    • Diarrhoea
    • Disinfectant
    • Diuretic
    • Ears-dropper
    • Eczema-Treatment
    • Endocrinology
    • Endometrios
    • Eyes-dropper
    • FoodSupplement
    • Glucocorticoid
    • Headache
    • Heart-Disease
    • Hemorroids
    • Hepatitis-B
    • HIV-infection
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    • Hypotensive
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    • Immunosuppressant
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    • Memory-improvement
    • Men-health
    • Meniere's syndrome
    • Migraine
    • Muscle Relaxant
    • Neuroprotective
    • Nicotine-dependance
    • Oncology
    • Ophthalmology
    • Osteoporosis
    • Other
    • PainRelief
    • Pancreatic-insular-diabet
    • Parkinson-disease
    • Parodontosis
    • Prevent-ulcers
    • Progestins
    • Psoriasis-treatment
    • Rosacea-reduction
    • Sclerosis
    • SedativeMedication
    • Stomach-Ache
    • Stomach-Ulcer
    • Surgery
    • Varicose-veins
    • Vitamins
    • Weight-loss
    • Women-health
    • Wrinkle-evening-ou

    Price - The price can change dynamically we won't publish the products price before. So we always provide the latest prices in a timely manner, the day you are going to order for the product. The price for transportaion/shipping will depends on the location you live, order amount etc

    Packaging - Our packing specialist will ensure your goods to arrive always in perfect condition. Every order, from a fragile box to a container load, is given the same care and attention.

    All specific conditions, under which the product should be shipped, such as "Cold Storage", will be kept. We sell both branded and generic medications.

    Freight - We are able to propose you any way of shipment, by road, sea and air. If it is needed we can supply you with the necessary documentation: Airway Bills and Ocean Bills of Lading, Certificate of origin.

    Some List of Products and Services

    • Anti Allergic Drugs
    • Anti Diabetic Medicines
    • Antidepressant Drugs
    • Antifungal Drugs
    • Antiseptic Drugs
    • Bulk Drugs
    • Cardiovascular Drugs
    • Disinfectants
    • Drug Formulations
    • Essential Oils
    • Fine Chemicals
    • Herbal Drugs
    • Micro Crystalline Cellulose
    • Multivitamins
    • Nutraceuticals
    • Pharmaceutical Bulk Drugs
    • Pharmaceutical Chemicals
    • Pharmaceutical Raw Materials
    • Stearates
    • Steroids

    Regulation of the pharmaceutical market

    The department of health will control the pharmaceutical wholesale market. In addition to this two types of control which have an effect and the market. These are

    • Wholesale dealers license
    • And Pharmaceutical price regulation scheme.

    Wholesale Dealers License

    Under the medicine act 1968 and regulations made under that act, all wholesalers of ethical pharmaceuticals have to be licensed by the Department of Health. For these particular considerations will be taken into account such as storage space available for products, arrangements made for securing the sage products etc.

    Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme

    All pharmaceuticals are prescribed to the patient under the scheme of National Health Service (NHS) which bears the most of the cost. And PPRS is intended to prevent the pharmaceutical companies earning excessive profits. PPRS can decide the discount on some products depending on the usage of patient. The discount rates vary as illustrated bellow.