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Management of the research project and presentation is one of the important activities in business organisation, to compete with their competitors in the high competitive environment, organisations needs to look into several issues, and come up with the best and optimal solution to the problems and issues they are facing which can provide then a leading edge over their competitors, and a good market place for their products and services in the market. So organisation needs to look into all the issues related to their business, both the internal and external business environment of the organisation through proper procedures and presentations.

Business-We-Do Services

Business-We-Do Service formed 10 years ago in Pakistan and provides change management services ("CM services") to commercial businesses, not-for-profit charity organizations, and the government (both local and central). BWDS's headquarter is located in Islamabad Pakistan and also operates from two branches in two other major cities of Pakistan (Karachi, Lahore). BWDS is staffed by four founder directors, twelve management consultants and six administrative staff. Members of the Board of Directors ("the Board") are Finance Director, Marketing Director, Operations Director and Human Resources Director.

Roles and responsibilities of directors in BWDS

The following table shows the roles and responsibilities of the directors in BWDS


Roles and Responsibilities

Finance Director

Responsible for the strategic financial planning of BWDS and she advises the Board whether or not any project is commercially viable

The Marketing Director

Responsible for promoting BWDS to both existing and prospective clients and he advises the Board on the growth prospects of emerging and existing markets.

Operations Director

Is responsible for ensuring that consultants deliver on all contracts to BWDS's clients and he works closely with the Marketing Director on promotional and service delivery strategies.

Human Resources Director

Is responsible for all staff planning, recruitment, training, and welfare matters. The HR director works closes with the Operations Director on capacity planning.

Table: Roles and Responsibilities of Directors

Assignment Task 1

The requirements from assignment task one is to acting as Project Manager for the PMT services business expansion project, and has been mandated by the Board of BWDS to prepare a project business case, in order to determine the costs/benefits of the proposed business expansion project.

Objectives of Task 1

Following are the main objectives of task 1

Identification of the development of a new product, service or process in terms of overall profitability.

Preparation of the project business case using a standard format for that.

Conduct cost benefit analysis of the propose project of business expansion.

Business Expansion Report

This report in contains the information needed by the organization management before going into physical change in the structure and ways of operation they are doing their business in market, in this report the focuses on different issues about the organization current situation (current situation analysis) and the changes which the organization management want to implement, the cost associated with those changes in organization, and what will be the benefits the organization will get after the successful completion of the project.

Report From: Usman (Project Manager for the PMT services business expansion project).

Report To: Board of directors BWDS

Topic: Business report on PMT services business expansion project.

Date: Friday, October 01, 2010

Background and reasons

Business expansion in organization means the expansion of organization business operations, products and services, making entry to new markets and getting involved with new customers, adopting new ways of doing business (from a shop environment to online sales), introducing some physical changes to the organizational structure or making changes (increasing / decreasing) management levels in organization all these terms can be defined as business expansion or change management in organization.

As the organization (BWDS) is successfully working for last ten years providing Change Management (CM) services to clients from different backgrounds like both for profit and non for profits organization, charity organizations and other public and private sector organizations.

Goals and Objectives

The organization goals of the BWDS are to provide help, consultancy and solutions to those organizations who want to bring changes in their structure (physical change), management levels, business operations, products and services.

The goals and objectives of this document (business case) is to provide overall information about the organization current business, the way they do their business operations, the areas of their business operations, information about the risk associated with process of change for which the organization in looking, what resources will they need from inside the organization and outside the organization, and what will be the cost associated with those resources. What will be the benefits that organization will get after the implementation of the propose project (i.e. cost benefit analysis).


BWDS has the options available to implement the project (business expansion phase) under the authority and management of the organization management, while the case of getting some consultancy from well reputed firms internationally on change management and business expansion is also open.

Key deliverables

The key deliverables in this process will be the document contain the scope of the project, appraisal of the organization resources needed for the implementation of the project, project document history, the business case of the project, cost benefits analysis, and some related information on the development activities which will be conducted after the final implementation of the project at the end.

Scope of the project

The current situation of organization business is limited to just local and national clients, but the proposed project scope is also addressing to deal with international project and assignment, or those of multi national and international organizations who work also locally in Pakistan. The main target region of the project will be Pakistan (origin of the organization) and UK (where the organization is looking to start their business operations).

Stakeholders Analysis

A stakeholder can be defined as "Any individual, group, or institution who has a vested interest in the natural resources of the project area and/or who potentially will be affected by project activities and have something to gain or lose if conditions change or stay the same." [1]

The stakeholders for the proposed project are those individuals and organization who will be directly or indirectly effected by this project regardless of the good or bad influence on them.

Project Organization Structure

Figure : Organization chart of BWDS

Assumptions and constraints

For the implementation of the project it is assumed that all the stakeholders associated with this organization (especially with propose project) are fully informed by the board of directors and change management team. The constraints on the process are in term of some legal problems, when a foreigner organization (BWDS from Pakistan) wants to start their business operations in United Kingdom.

Risk / other issues

The factor of risk remains there in each project and especially when the project is about the change in organization or expansion of the current business operations. But the important thing is that the organization management must be able to make proper analysis of the risk associated with the problems, and try to minimize its impact on the overall progress and process of the project.

Investment appraisal

It means the total investment that organization will need to make in order to perfectly and successfully implement the project. In case of this project the total worth of this project is £100,000; this includes the cost of managing the BEP from start to completion, and training of up to six of the existing BWDS's employees to achieve certified project management trainer status.

Time period

For every project to be successful it is very important to complete within available resources and specified time. As for this project of BEP the time period is of nine months - from 1st June 2010 to 28 February 2011.

Benefits of the project

This project will help the organization in becoming an internally recognized organization, and a well place for counseling on organizational change and project management training services ("PMT services"). It will also help the employees of the organization to be updated with latest and updated knowledge and information; it will also improve the personal and professional skills of the human resources of the organization. An at last but not least it will make the organization a prestigious institution.


It is a very important step and activity in each project, to evaluate the success toward the achievement of the goals and objectives of the project. For this purpose different organizations uses different concepts and techniques, but the most common and widely used technique is to set different milestone and measure the performance against those milestones and mark the organization progress, and if they are not on the right track, then they make them recognize to work on some contingency plan.

Task 2

In the given scenario it is stated that both the Operations Director and Marketing Director has offended the business case presented in the first task of the assisngment by saying that we have already capture local market, just launch the services internationally and we will be succesffull. The requirements from this task of the assignment are following.

Review and discuss relevant project management literature that supports your business case in task 1.

Discussion should be made under the title: 'The case for a project business case at BWDS'.

The case for a project business case at BWDS'

Project management is not a new management fad; it is a professional practice that has reached wide acceptance in many industries from government to technology. Organizations that have adopted project management as a key competency have benefited from improved project outcomes to significant competitive advantage. Most of the information available to development organizations focuses on the funding and monitoring and evaluation process; but there is little information about all the management competencies, methodologies and practices required to manage a project from beginning to end.

Development organizations are facing increasing demands to do more with less, from becoming catalysts of change in the communities they serve to deliver the project on time, under budget and in the quality not only expected but demanded by donors and beneficiaries. Many authors (Lawrence, 1954; Maurer, 1996; Strebel, 1994; Waddell and Sohal, 1998, among others) stress that the reasons for the failure of many change initiatives can be found in resistance to change. Resistance to change introduces costs and delays into the change process (Ansoff, 1990) that are difficult to anticipate (Lorenzo, 2000) but must be taken into consideration. Resistance has also been considered as a source of information, being useful in learning how to develop a more successful change process (Beer and Eisenstat, 1996; Goldstein, 1988; Lawrence, 1954; Piderit, 2000; Waddell and Sohal, 1998). Undoubtedly, resistance to change is a key topic in change management and should be seriously considered to help the organization to achieve the advantages of the transformation. [2]

The changes in organization of BWD are evolutionary, incremental, or first order changes. These are small changes that alter certain small aspects, looking for an improvement in the present situation, but keeping the general working framework (Blumenthal and Haspeslagh, 1994; Goodstein and Burke, 1991; Greiner, 1972; Levy, 1986; Mezias and Glynn, 1993; Nadler and Tushman, 1989; 1990). The second type of changes are strategic, transformational, revolutionary or second order ones. They are radical transformations, where the organization totally changes its essential framework (Blumenthal and Haspeslagh, 1994; Ghoshal and Bartlett, 1996; Goodstein and Burke, 1991; Marshak, 1993; Nadler and Tushman, 1989, 1990), looking generally for a new competitive advantage (Hutt, Walker and Frankwick, 1995) and affecting the basic capabilities of the organization (Ruiz and Lorenzo, 1999).

Unlike the conventional 'arms-length' approach, most activist investors use their ownership stakes to engage with companies which under-perform, rather than excluding such companies from their investments. They have therefore effectively turned from 'exit' to 'voice' (Parkinson, 1995) in their relationships with unsatisfactory companies. Institutional investors - notably pension funds, whose fiduciary duties mean it is difficult for them to exit in response to performance concerns, fit more closely the engagement model of investor relations. [3]

As the situation in organization demands (for the project the organization is concern i.e. opportunistic business expansion) this definition encompasses many situations that should be distinguished by applying certain dimensions to establish 'typologies of change'. We will refer to the scope of change, because it is one of the most used variables in literature to design change typologies. That way, changes can be defined along a continuum starting in low scope or evolutionary changes to high-scope or strategic ones. With the aim of making the use of this dimension (scope) easier, we will describe both extremes of the continuum, but we should always keep in mind that real changes are not a pure type but a mixture.

Importance of business case

As the literature review on the organizational change and expansion (physical change in organization paradigm) suggest that the change process should be very well planed, documented and structured. So it is only possible through adopting the suggested business case in the task 1 of the assignment will only help the organization in grabbing the max benefits of the internationalization project.

Task 3

It was stated initially in the problem statement of the assignment that BWDS's Finance Director, Human Resources Director, and Marketing Director all exercised some reservations and doubts about the commercial viability and market prospects of the Operations Director's proposal; i.e. to expand into domestic and international markets by providing PMT services.

Following are the requirements of assignment task 3

Investigate both Pakistan and UK markets competition for project management training services. Based on your investigation, write a persuasive report to the BWDS's Board.

Project Management Services in Pakistan

All the organizations working in the era of modern management strongly believe in the system of enhancing their employees skills and abilities to make them able to carry out the roles and responsibilities of and also improve his / her personal and professional skills in order to make them able to achieve the goals of their professional career and also make the achievement of organizations goals and objectives realistic through active participation.

The organization in Pakistan are also highly effected by globalization and being as a part of the globalized world the organization in Pakistan are very much focused on the project management, different large scale organization (especially in telecom sector) have very structured approach for the project management, their also exit large scale consultancy organization both local and international(from Europe and US) which provide consultancy to the organizations on project management services in Pakistan.

Different educational institution offer certifications and diploma courses in project management and organization often sent their employees to those institutions to get the updated knowledge of project management and then offer that in their job role at organization.

Project Management Services in Pakistan

As a very advanced and developed country, United Kingdom's organization are very rich in having professional in all walk of life, similar is the case with project management services. All the large and well structured organization (Tesco, Bank of England) they have very experienced and skilled professional for the project management duties and they often use their skills and knowledge when the organization starts new projects or provide them opportunity to work on the current assignment at different units in organization.

In United Kingdom there are many professional institution which provide education in the field of project management, most of the university taught special courses at graduate level on project management issues and practices, so it mean that the country is very rich in this regard, as large number of consultancies and freelance project management service providers are also available to the organization. For our organization it will be not an easy task to go and make our place easily, the competition is very tough, the market is very mature, the number of competitors is high, and most of the organization are there for long time, so we will have to be very clear about the objectives and areas when want to target and then make our trainer and management personal able and skilled enough to meet the demands of a high competitive market.


Following are the main points discussed in this assignment

Change management is a very important activity and organization needs to manage it very well in order to grab the benefits of the change process and transition from one state to another.

Preparation of business case is critical for each organization when they are looking for change in their organization of expansion of their business.

It is necessary to have proper analysis of each and everything that organization will need to implement a process, like they will need to have analysis of the cost and how much it will benefit them (cost benefit analysis).

Taking on board all the stakeholders on issues is a very good practice, and it is very necessary when the organization want to launch a new project or looking for change.

Before entering to new market it is very important to have proper analysis of the market, study of the strategies of competitors, strength and weaknesses of both your and competitors organizations, and core competencies understanding is very important.

The research project should be very planed form its start, and it is important that all the stakeholders stick on the plan till final stage.