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Role of Institutions in Maintaining Data Privacy

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Published: 8th Feb 2020 in Information Technology

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In a globalised world like today, a huge amount of data is accumulated and processed. These data contained large amount of sensitive or personal information about person health, status, financial conditions and many other. The big firms take care of these data and Government, Business and individuals rely on these organisations for sharing the collected data to other individuals. Though this is efficient way of sending the data but there are some security concerns and issues. In some case, the data is collected of Government, business and individuals which can’t be controlled by them. In that case, ensuring the security of data, which is controlled by service provider is very important.

In this essay, we will compare and contrast the role of Government, business and individuals in maintaining data privacy.

For an every action, event, moment data is collected from business and individuals. For individuals it is easy to play or download any game but for business it is important to look after security so that there competitives can’t get any advantage by breaching their data.

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According to Ginni Rometty Chairman and chief executive officer of IBM corporation, stated that there is 80% data which is sitting in various business servers i.e. non searchable whereas 20% data which is searchable. These issues can be misused by the bad people who are living in a data driven world to spread fake news, rumours or use them in politics such as according to New York times, Facebook has deleted 32 pages of fake accounts which have secretly played the major role in the previous elections in US. If these kind of issues keep on continuing then we will lose billions of dollars to maintain data privacy claimed The New York Times. These data breaches can be avoid if every individual or firm enter in the broad commitment (Rometty, 2018)

Every person has the right to protect their data in order to prevent data breach. To protect the users of data breach, Australian government is responsible for ensuring security of data.  The Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1998, established rules and regulations that enable individual or firms to carry out their data work which is secured by the Australian government. There are several principles which is accessible to everyone to ensure their data privacy such as-

The First Principle ensure that data must be transferred or shared in a transparent way so that firm, individual and Government must be aware of data and can apply sudden steps in case of data breach. The second principle demands the corporation of individual and firm in order to follow right practices, procedure, system in a correct way. There are 4 steps which should be followed by everyone in order to lead good privacy practices of our firm which can build big reputation in business and increase the level of efficiency and productivity in every firm. The first step is Maintaining a culture privacy, Second step states the following of correct system and practices or rules. Third step tells that these rules and regulations should be followed effectively in order to reduce data breach. And last step states that privacy issues security should be enhanced.

These set of rules and regulations can protect you data upto some extent but what will happen if your data is hacked by the private individual or a company? What will you do? Then there is one scheme or act that is Notifiable Data Breach (NBD) in which workplace and affiliations controlled under the Australian  Privacy Act 1988 ( Privacy Act) are required to tell impacted individuals and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)  when a data break is most likely going to result in authentic underhandedness to individuals whose singular information is locked in with the burst. The NBD plot applies from 22 february 2018 to all working environment and association with existing individual data security obligations under the privacy act. It was setup by the territory of the Privacy Amendment (NBD)  Act 2017.

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There are 3 assessment procedure which are provide by OAIC , First is to Initiate : It is done by allocating the role to the person or a team to the problem so that they proceed to the next step that is Investigate: The allocated team then investigates or tries to find out the problem and had to gather all the information and evidences that what has happened to the data. Then last step involves Evaluate: It is done by collaborating or combining all the evidences and information if it will cause any serious harm to the data or not. This procedure should be done in 30 days if not then it must be registered. If the breach is likely to do serious harm harm to organisation or individual then team must convey the identity or the firm so that Commissioner so that Commission must find ways to tackle it. The NBD plan also apply to the workplaces and affiliations that the privacy act requires to figure out the individual or an organisational identity. This joins Australian Government associations and not income driven relationship with a yearly turnover of $3 at any rate million credit reporting bodies , TFN recipients among others. This is done by detecting data breach, updating security and response plan, changing  policies and creating a prevention plan. Other than OAIC and NBD the person and an organisation can also seek help from Australian Cyber Security team, ASIC, APRA, or to ATO and Police.( OAIC)

To conclude, it is not difficult to say that no body can provide your data with 100 percent security but there are several ways which adopted by Australia to ensure security through  blend of government and territory laws. The Federal Privacy Act 1988(cth) ( Privacy Act) and its Australia’s Privacy Principles (APP) is applied to the private division and earns profit or turnover in any occasion. Under the  preview of privacy act, the privacy commissioner has to examine the coordinations , implementing new ways in order to reduce data stealing or hacking which can cause serious harm to persons, firms and government.



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