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This document will be a basis of introducing a new online shopping website for the Jones Lang LaSalle supermarket group. As the IT project manager at Jones Lang LaSalle supermarket group, I am charged with the responsibility of efficaciously working to co-ordinate and handle the taskforce acting upon the project to achieve the set objectives, goals and standards for the completion of the same. It is therefore inevitable that as the project team we have to work round the clock by utilizing our personal knowledge, skills, tools and techniques in the project to ensure that we accomplish the requirements of the project (Schwalbe 2006). Planning, scheduling and organization and proper control of the activities and resources will come in handy for the successful completion of the project.

Executive summary

This project management plan is for the creation of a new online database management system linked with the shopping website for Jones Lang LaSalle supermarket group. Much is anticipated upon completion of the project, which is to be a typical e-commerce site that will provide a platform that will enable customers have an easy time carrying out their purchases as well as giving them convenience based on their schedules and their physical locations. It is also expected to handle employee information and in this way be used for efficiency in carrying out routine tasks such as payroll processing.

Jones Lang LaSalle supermarket group is a prominent enterprise characterized by an ever growing clientele base both upper class and lower class. Over time this has become so plethoric to the extent that for instance using the handed-down approach of serving customers in crowded hall rooms has to some degree proved ineffectual. This is also coupled by the fact that the supermarkets are opened only within given time limits, which may not favor some of the customers.

An elaborate system is thus required to ensure all customer needs are met without necessarily having to straining the available resources and work force alike. In addition, much time should be redeemed for proper service delivery (Thomas 2009). The system shall also be in a position to maintain up to date records in the enterprise. These will include records of new items in the market, all records related to stock keeping and records on customer transactions.

Given the above information, it is quite inevitable that the system has to put into consideration all the sections of Jones Lang LaSalle supermarket group.

Project Title

The project shall be entitled 'New Online Shopping Website for Jones Lang LaSalle supermarket group'

Project Description

Jones Lang LaSalle supermarket group requires a new online shopping website designed for them. This is to be linked to an online database management system installed for the same purpose. This is to be installed on a central server housed at the Chief IT staff offices and linked to the company's website. It is also to be accessed at all the company's supermarket branches through a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). It is worthwhile noting that in addition to the requirements of the company, an efficient mode of networking will be available as well. In the long run, the company's efficiency and ease of information management will be increased (Schwalbe 2006).

Sponsor details

Name: Danielle Kathleen

Profession: IT Consultant Dearborn Drive,

Company: Dzeng IT Consultants

Address: Postal address 019 - 4849 93

Telephone: (03) 382 282


Project team



Phone Number



Danielle Kathleen

(05) 7837 7383

Project Management Consultant

David Watson Reagan

(05) 5453 6352

Project Management Consultant

Wilbur Previne

(05) 6378 1832

Project Management Consultant

Brian Watch

(05) 4635 7786

Project Management Consultant

Kelvin Keith Jr.

(05) 3213 0955

Project Management Consultant

Annabel Bright

(05) 7095 5663

Scope of project

This Project Plan is prepared for the project NOSWLSG (New Online Shopping Website Jones Lang LaSalle supermarket group project number IST-2000-4368)

This text file was brought forth under Work Package 1.1 (Administration Management) of the current project.

This is the very first issue of this document that presents the partner and project details prior to the start of the project in April 2011.

This document is aimed at addressing all the personnel involved in the project.

The scope of this project will be laid down by the project team after undergoing the following phases:


There will be an initial scope meeting with the client to determine the preferences of the client, presenting an opportunity for the team to give suggestions to the client. The requirements of the project will also be devised at this stage (Thomas 2009).

Design process

At this stage the system requirements and the final solution will be determined. It is also here that to the point solution and design documents will be produced.

Risk management process

Most likely risks of the project and their chances of occurring will be identified at this stage. Amicable risk contingencies are also to be sought in this regard.


Relevant hardware and software will have to be purchased. In addition, proper network topology will be agreed upon. A functional test environment will also be worked upon.

Test solution

Before any test is carried out, the testing procedures and requirements will have to be formulated out.

Change request

The client's change request will be analyzed and its consequences reviewed. At this stage the team may decide whether to consent or disapprove the change.


Changes in the scope will have to be implemented at this juncture. The appropriate hardware components and software will also be installed. There will also be need to install the network components as appropriate. It is also at this point that staff will be trained to ensure their proficiency with the new system.

Final sign-off and project-hand-over

The project team should provide a document to be signed that authorizes project completion and the subsequent handing over to the company management. This document also validates the conclusion of the project team's duties (Thomas 2009).

Project synopsis


The project NOSWLSG aims at coming up with a state of the art website that will be instrumental in automation of the company's operation hence providing a user friendly interface for both the customers and the company's staff for more efficient (Schwalbe 2006).

Measure of success

The measure of success of NOSWLSG will be in line with the following predetermined standards:

Technical - Seeks to meet system requirements in proof of the approach and technical design

Requirements - During the demonstration period the user tests will be gauged against the pre-determined criteria of administering the same

Feedback - The feedback from the users during the demonstration period will be reviewed

Dissemination and feedback - This will be used as a measure of the concern given to the project from other projects and other bodies.

Project organization and schedule

Overview of organization and schedule

Project Phases and Milestones

The project will be carried on in three phases

Phase I: Necessities and analysis

Phase II: Software development and testing

Phase III: Evaluation and validation

The implementation of the phases of the project will be over a span of 8 months

Phase I: Month 1-2

Phase II: Month 3-6

Phase III: Month 4-8

There is a milestone on completion of each phase for the purpose of submitting deliverables to the commission. A two month overlap exists between phases two and three.

Work packages and deliverables



Thirty five (35) brand new computers

Thirty (30) bar code readers


Scope document - It gives an overview of the entire project work covered (Thomas 2009). It will indicate the areas that the document will cover and areas clearly state the limits within which the project is to operate. It will also give a vivid description of the expected outcomes of the project. In addition, it will also elucidate on every matter that concerns and forms part of this project.

Project Management Plan - will contain all the details of the project complete with budget and timelines. It will highlight all the activities to be undertaken during the implementation of the project. The project details will give an outline of how each website development concern will be taken care of in the project and most probably state the reasons as to why such a measure is important to the company (Schwalbe 2006).

Solution requirements specification document- It is the document that determines how the documents to be prepared later on are to be like. It describes the requirements of the website operations as well as the specifications for its end products.

Solution Design Document - This describes the design of the project, giving the developers the stepwise procedure of approaching the project. It will state and provide a workable outline of the methods to be applied in the installation and implementation of the website to ensure strict regulation and control of information (Thomas 2009). It will also cater for the discrepancies that may arise in the course of implementation and how they can be offset to bring about balance.

Research Reports - They give the justification aspect of the report. The information provided will seek to account for the practicality of the designed tools. It will also cover details on the efficiency of the tools designed. It will relate the proposed online shopping website and other already tried methods to justify their effectiveness.

Risk Management Plan - It discusses and provides an analysis of possible setbacks in the project.

It outlines the magnitude to which the threat may rise

The most likely chance of the threat to occur

The impact of the threat to the project in general

Possible prevention measures for the threat

Change request documentation - these are documents in which all the change management information the developers come across is recorded (Thomas 2009). The initial change request is to be found here. In addition, the responses to the change request are also put down. Such may have to include the technical, economic feasibility among others. It goes further to outline the design implementation and evaluation effects which the change causes. As stated earlier, this project has been developed by applying assumptions in some areas which might not turn out to be true during the project implementation. Therefore this section has been designed to give measures to be adopted in the cases where such changes emanate.

Test plan - it specifies the various tests that are to be done. Considerations in this case may include;

The various tests that are to be done

The expected results

A full list of individual and the role to be played by each as far as the required tests are concerned

A clear list of what each individual will do

Team diary and meeting minutes documentation - It gives a full set of records ever since the establishing of the project (Schwalbe 2006). This will greatly help in keeping records and make it easier to trace back how the discussion has been progressing thus bringing about clarity of information.

User documentation- It guides the user, be it a programmer, new programmer as well as the end user (Thomas 2009). It is a manual that ensures that whoever is given the obligation of maintaining the project does it as per the specifications and the guidance provided.

Quality assurance

The project is to integrate ISO 900 grounded quality assurance procedures. However, the entire degree of the ISO 900 procedures may not be necessarily followed given the fact that the actual ISO 900 auditors will not formally evaluate the project. As such a formal quality plan will have to be drawn, this will address:

Mission statement

The project's mission statement will be excogitated and all partners will be expected to work in line with the predication of the same.

Seeing to it that specifications are met

The project deliverables will first have to be affirmed in line with the prior objectives.

Addressing quality reviews

The partners will be expected to see to it that their deliverables are of the highest touchstone possible. The quality brush ups will have to be covered in the schematic agendas of PCC and comprehensive meetings and even at the referees.

Material logging

The project archives will be used for purposes of logging meetings, email discourses and deliverables.


The development teams will be charged with the responsibility of reexamining detail variants and the reports of tests of the demonstrator (Thomas 2009).


This project plan provides a skeleton representation of what is to be undertaken by this project. It has been developed theoretically hence it is not likely to suitably address the client's requirement hence subject to alterations (Schwalbe 2006). The project has been theoretically designed basing on assumption in most of the areas involved. After meeting the client and getting exactly the prerequisites of the project is what will make the project workable. It is therefore very important to meet the client and understand his or her expectations for the project so as to come up with the necessary adjustments especially on the budgetary allocations and the work schedule. In addition, the client might not disclose all the required information concerning the entire organization which may be vital to the successful implementation of the project. Therefore, if these hypotheses emerge out to be in line with the client requirements, the project will then continue as per the schedule.

Conversely, if it turns out to be different from the client requirement and the actual situation on the ground, it will then force the project planner to go back to the drawing board and make the necessary adjustments. It is therefore upon the project team to make sure that the company policies and regulations concerning information access are understood together with the other specifications that may be provided by the company (Schwalbe 2006). Concerning the budget, this project has been designed and estimated to cost approximately $25,000.

However, this does not give an indication of the actual cost but a rough estimate of the same. The project might turn out to be slightly lower or higher depending on the adjustments made on the initial plan. After the necessary adjustments are made, this project stands a higher chance of successfully reaching completion.