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Wireless Data Entry System Analysis

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Grand Wine Limited is a dealer to supply various types of Wine through sales representatives around 400 independent wine and liquor store in the state. Through sales representatives they collect data and information about the requirement of delivery of Wines to the customers by shipment.

Device which is able to store data or pass the data wireless to remote server is wireless data entry device. This is a very popular device in today’s market for data entry system. In the market there are various wireless data entry devices available but we have to select such particular device which is affordable as well as can cover our task requirement. Since our sales representatives are suffering some problems with data transferring from client to our head office which is taking time and more effort, we are going to implement a wireless data entry system so that with out loosing time and loosing any data out representatives can contact to head office easily. For this process we require a remote server located in our head office and wireless data entry device for each representative so that they can connect to company’s central database in Sydney. Sales representatives can collect data from various retailers in Sydney and pass the data to server in no time so that it saves time, effort, travelling cost as well. Through this process there is very less chance of data loss because data storage system by humans can create human errors but this system directly stores data in device as well as server. Sales representatives can double their work as they don’t have to come back and through to store data and send sent it to central data base. In fact it will reduce cost by reducing faxing and phone call which can be benefited to company for long term.

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1.2.2 Wireless data entry system and its function –

As we know the term wireless means with out use of wire, so wireless data entry system will utilize wireless technology to receive and send data from server. As per networking principle we will be using a remote server which will be located in the company central data base office Sydney. Each sales representative will be provided with each particular wireless data entry device to perform their task. We will be using a device called SPT 1800 as our wireless data entry device. SPT 1800 is a portable wireless device which uses palm operating system. It has got wireless WAN, Bluetooth and WWAN functions to connect to server. As it has barcode reader capacity also representatives can easily find the details of product by scanning and sending to server so it minimises the data loss or error. Being a portable device staffs can collect data in any place and any time and send it to main server in Sydney.

1.3 Justification-

Wireless Data entry system and important features for Grand Wines Limited-

The wireless data entry system implementation on Grand Wines Limited can be very beneficial in various aspects. When wires data entry system is used first thing is company can cut few staff that was doing processing of data to and fro by fax, email, and phone or by post. There will be no time delay to send data from representatives to company office do start the business. Company can save huge amount of money on use of fax and post as well. When wireless technology is implemented there is no more need to fax the data or email data or post data. In other hand the time frame of data transfer is also slow with current system that’s why company is not able to do proper business. There is wastage of time between a representative send data to Company office and they again respond back. In fact when a store is running out of particular type of Wine today, the representative can collect data and send to Central office so it takes some time or day so that company gets order and place shipment of product. In this way company is delaying its delivery. But with wireless data entry system a representative can contact or send required data to Central database system so it takes no time to implement the work in time. So it seems more effective and profitable for Grand Wines Limited in overall view.

2. Business case study for Grand Wine Limited in wireless data entry system project-

Grand Wine Limited has realised various demerits of recent data entry system which directly or indirectly caused loos to company. As the management of this company decided to change the recent data entry system with new market demand, they have planned to implement wireless data entry system in the company. 20 sales representatives, who are collecting various data like stock needed from various retailers, can send the data instantly to Sydney based head office so company can do delivery quicker. So company can go ahead with other business competitors as well increase their business more.

2.1 Business Objectives-

For Grand Wine Limited the implementation of this wireless data entry system will ultimately leads to business growth and profit. This technology will decrease the delay time for the stock delivery to retailers so company can cope with market demand properly without loosing customers.

2.2 SWOT Analysis-

2.2.1 Strength:

As the delay in delivery time will be reduced from company to retailers, this technology will directly increase the sales and make customer happy. All sales representatives can communicate to company for stock delivery, stock available and other important data in no time so it can save company other cost like faxing, telephone, etc using wireless technology.

2.2.2 Weakness-

Use of wireless system may reduce the directly contact of sales representatives to Main Delivery Office like phone and fax which can be cause for some misunderstanding between deliveries. In the time of network error there might be problem for transferring data, which can lead to loss of some data as well as delay in delivery.

2.2.3 Opportunities-

Implementation of this wireless system will save the time of sales representatives to go and through the received data in-order to send the data to Central Office for implementation. So that sales representatives can go and collect more data in same time and process the data to Company. And also Sales representatives can know when the stock is arriving or any further details needed to be collected which can save lots of time as well as money for like transportation and communication. They can process data 24/7 so there is very less chance to be delayed for stock delivery.

2.2.4 Threats-

Company might need to hire a server supervisor which can increase company cost. As there is no physically contact between sales representatives between companies after implementing wireless system every data will be transferred by wireless technology, so there is more threats that data errors may occur like sales representative may order certain item by mistake but still company will send the delivery which may cost extra for company.

3. Project Charter-

Project title- Wireless data entry system

Start date of project-01/01/2011 Finish date of project-01/06/1011

Budget- Available budget for project is $100,000

Project Manager- Om Ghimire, 0401782576, ohmghimire@gmail.com

Objective of the project-

Wireless data entry system and its use in Grand Wine Limited is to decrease the loss of time between sending and receiving data from sales representatives (who collect data from various retailers) to head supply office for the required shipment of the needed product on time. This application can be effective in the incensement of orders because there is high risk of loss of data or chances of human error in old data entry system. Delivery speed, accuracy of order, available stock including satisfaction of customer can be main objective and out come of the project. There is high necessity of coping with other emerging companies for Grand Wine Limited by increasing its capacity and ability with advancement of technology use.

Success Measures-

. Project completes with in 01/06/2011

. Project completes with given budget that is $100,000

. Stake holder of this project is satisfied at the end of project

. Increment of sales of Grand Wine Limited by implementation of this system

.customer satisfied




.Surveying about the use of remote data entry system

.Develop software to check if the some information in data entry is missing

.Analyse the appropriate pay back period of Grand Wine Limited with reduced cost.

.Train customer service staffs about the use of remote data entry system and device.


In this all above stakeholders should sign in the respected part in the table.


“As a project manager I will allocate all the resource available according to need of project, so I will need all staffs working as my guidelines.” Om Ghimire


Part B- Scope Management

1.1 preliminary scope statements-

Title of project- wireless data entry system

Date: 01/01/2011 Prepared by: Om Ghimire, PM, 0401782576, ohmghimire@gmail.com

Justification of project- The wireless data entry system implementation project for Grand Wine Limited will save lots of money and time of the company. After completion of this project the company will definitely increase its income or sales because the sales representatives will be able to order the required stock in shortest amount of time for delivery. The budget of this project that is $100,000 has least time of pay back period.


1. Server- For the implementation of this project, the remote server is required in head office for data storage and transfer.

2. Application- For the use of server we might require data entry software or application in our server as well as data entry devices.

3. Hardware- As hardware we will need some computers as well as wireless data entry devices.

4.Security- As wireless technology is with high risk about security system, we need some security mechanism to monitor our system as well as data

5.Ulternate power supply and back up or disaster recovery plan- Computerized data entry system needs continuous power supply, so we need a alternate power supply incase of power failure and we need back up of data in case of system failure.

Project Deliverables

Deliverables related to Project management- business case study, project charter, contract, scope statement, work breakdown structure, scheduling, budgeting, presentation of final project, report for project, report of lessons-learned, including any other resources or documents required for project management.

Deliverables related to Product: like hardware, software, research and reports, etc

1. research or survey- research or survey can help to acknowledge the features and contents of project

2. Resources- All necessary information on use of wireless device and wireless data entry system should be available for stakeholders.

3. Testing: Before the launch of the system testing of the system will help to identify the problems and bugs reported to system.

4. Analysis of various wireless data entry devices available in the market.

5. Expenditure on products: Wireless data entry system should invest around its half of budget available to products like device, software, etc.

Project Success-

Wireless Data Entry system project for Grand Wine Limited will be considered a successful project if the project is completed with $100,000 and with in 6 month that is before 01/16/2011 with the minimum pay back period that is with in 2 years. In the mean time if the project goes little longer or with little more budget and still the project outcome is good (good payback period) the project will be considered a successful project.


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