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Have you faced a problem, the computer is not working quickly as we want. The answer may be Yes, I hope. Why does it happen. There may be many reasons but the main reason is that there are a lot of data on our computer. See, we have to manage it. Firstly, we have to perform defragmentation on our computer. Have you heard about "Defragmentation"? I think so.

The more data on our computer, the longer we have to wait while we are performing defragmentation. So, we may need to have a schedule. I mean we don't need to perform it while we are processing and doing our work. We can leave it when we are free.

Well, it's easy to do it. We can go there clicking on "My Computer" icon, choose a hard drive that we want to perform, right-click on that icon, choose Properties and select the "Tools" tab. There, we can find Defragmentation. Click on the "Defragment now" button and you can start it.

Secondly, we have to manage out virtual memory. Why is virtual memory important? Can anybody give me the answer? OK. Of course, when we run large size of application, our RAM can't support it. At that time, the computer creates a space in hard disk. We call that space "Virtual memory". We can increase the performance of our computer by increasing the virtual memory.

Another effective procedure is that we need to delete temporary files, recent files and prefetch files when they get too many. You see, the longer it takes, the more number of those files will be on our computer. We can easily do this. First, click on the Windows button, click on Run. The run box appears. Type "%temp%" and enter. You will see a page. Delete all those files. Next go to the run box as mentioned, type "recent" and enter and as usual, delete all files in it. Finally go to the run box again and type "prefetch" and enter. Delete all the files again. In this way, you can increase the performance of your computer. Let's see you can do this by following these procedures.

Second, I'd like to talk about common boot sequence error codes that we face when we start the computer. There are many of them but of which I'd like to talk about are as follows.

"209 - Memory Detection Failure". Have you heard of it? Yes, this indicates that your computer can't detect your memory card, the main memory.

During this problem, you can also hear the beep, 1 long and 1 short. Be careful and hear it.

Now you see what it means and let's see how you can solve that problem. Power off the computer and open the system box. Get your memory card out of it and use eraser to remove the dust on the place that is made of gold. Don't that the circuits. Now, you see what to do. After doing so, install your memory card onto the motherboard again. This time, turn on the computer again. And you have solved that problem.

What's the next problem? Ah, Keyboard Error! The error code is "301". This problem is usual but not serious. This error is due to Keyboard failure. It's not difficult to solve this. Turn off the computer, and then reconnect the keyboard. If the problem still continues, get another new keyboard from the shop.

When the battery in our motherboard is short of charge, the system can't recognize the information that we have set in our BIOS. Most popular error code is "163 - Time & Date Not Set". You will hear 2 short beeps. It means "Invalid time or date in BIOS". So, enter the CMOS setup and correct the time and date. But when this gets frequent, we have to buy a new battery and replace the old one with this new one.

Nowadays, there are a lot of viruses which harm our computer and our process. When a virus deletes NTLDR file or it is deleted for various reasons, the Boot System cannot be started. When this case occurs, you will face the Following Fig (6.1) "NTLDR is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart", when you start your computer.

Fig - 6.1

If this happens, you will have to copy that system file from Windows XP installation CD-Rom and paste it to your system. But you can only do this with DOS, I mean the command line. Let's see the procedures.

First, enter CMOS utilities and set the first boot device to CD Drive. Then put the installation CD into the CD-Drive, save the work and reboot the system. When the system reboots, and when you see "Press any button to boot from CD", press any key you want. Wait till the installation menu is ready.

Fig (6.2) "Windows XP Professional Startup" will appear. Press R to repair the Windows XP installation using Recovery Console.

Fig - 6.2

After pressing the R, the following Fig (6.3) will appear. Then, type 1 and press Enter to enter the C:\windows.

Fig - 6.3

Then, the following Fig (6.4) will appear. Here, type the administrator password and press Enter.

Fig - 6.4

Then, the following Fig (6.5) will appear. Type "map" to find the file location.

Fig - 6.5

Then, the following Fig (6.6) will appear and type your CD Device Path: (e.g. E: or F :). Then, press Enter. After pressing Enter, type "dir" to find the file directory. Then, press again Enter.

Fig - 6.6

In the Fig (6.7) as seen, type "cd i386" and press Enter.

Fig - 6.7

The following screen will appear. Type "dir ntldr" and press Enter.

Fig - 6.8

The follwing screen Fig (6.9) will appear. Type "copy ntldr c:\" and press Enter.

Fig - 6.9

Now, the lost NTLDR File is copies to the system. Type "exit" to exit from the procedure.

How wonderful! In this way, you can repair this problem.

Well, that's enough for the topic "Common boot sequence error code

Now, I'd like to talk about the pros and cons of wireless internet connectivity.

Firstly, I want to talk about the advantages of wireless connection. Have you all used wireless connection before? Well, I think you have. When we use internet with cables, especially for me, I don't like too much cables and of course, my room is small. There are a lot of cables muddling in my little room. I don't like that. Now, the wireless technology has evolved and I can solve that problem now. This advantage is more significant in a large network where there are a lot of networked computers. We can save a lot of space and we can put some other useful things in those spaces.

When we use internet with cables, we can't easily move our computer to somewhere. Why does it happen? It's because we are connecting with cables. Even with enough length of cable, we can't move it easily as we wish.

Another benefit is that it is the best and the easiest way to communicate or send some data overseas within fraction of a second.

And the main benefit of Wireless Internet Connection is you can access the internet from any places you wish but that place must be within the range of internet connection. So, you can say that wireless connection is the most flexible among internet connection.

But on the other hand, it has disadvantages, also. The main point is "Speed". Actually, its speed is much slower than other connections. And its speed is not as fast as those connections with cables. To say the actual speed, it can support to a maximum of 54 Mbps while the cabled networks support at 100 Mbps. This is about speed. Why? Because its bandwidth has to be shared out among all the other connection.

As it has to communicate through air, there may be some data lost due to this problem. So, the users need to protect their networks with security tools. And this kind of internet connection is not very safe as anyone can break through the signals and there are possibilities that you lose some of your important data. That's the security point.

Well, it's very happy for me to participate in this presentation. Thank you very much for attending. Oh, one thing... Have you got any questions? I'd be very glad to hear that and give answers.

Thank you very much! And have a nice day!

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