The Positives and Negatives of Technology

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This paper will show the impacts technology has in our society; I will show both the positives and negative sides of technology. I am in no one sating that technology in itself is bad. However, how it is used can cause serious issues of privacy, theft, mental anguish, digital forgery, cyber bullying to name only a few. However, on the other side when technology is used to benefit mankind best interest, technology brings us, new techniques in surgery, E-Commerce, professional hackers, collaboration, Instant communication via email, complete weeks or even months of research in hours or days.

Benefits of Computer Technology

Technology has made our lives easier; the greatest technology to date has to be the computer. The computer serves people in all occupations. Computers are used in every area of work. Computers are in our homes, telephones, washing machines, cellular phones, microwave ovens, refrigerator automobiles, etc. Businesses of all sizes use computers and software to assist in their businesses, Learning institutions, libraries, and supermarket. Computers daily affect our lives.
Just think there are telescopes that allows scientist to see other plants with clarity. Calculations are done that could takes weeks or even month with pencil and paper. Now instead of having to run to the bank, stand in line we simply insert a magnetic card and do banking transactions. Hand free telephone calls, and automobiles' with braking sensors.

(Thompson 2009)

I recall a time when I would look in the mailbox, and receive handwritten letters and post cards from friends, family, and associates, now its junk mail, bills, and bank statements. We pay our bills online, file our taxes online, and communicate through e-mail or instant messengers.
Computers in our lives, allows us to get things done faster, the dangers of this technology are we give the outside world a bit of ourselves. We give up our privacy; we unknowingly open ourselves for investigation.

Open to surveillance, having our pictures taking without consent, by not only our government but our friends and neighbors, Can you imagine having an embarrassing moment in your life posted online for the world to view. It has happened, someone with a digital camera that has video capability. Our identities are stored computer chips, in databases that store vital information about us. I personally do not use, supermarket cards, scan your card a get a discount, sounds good until you really think about what you are selling for the discount.

Places like the supermarket, CVS, BJ's, Costco, or input your card number, in order for you to save and at the same time making it possible to store in a database everything you purchased, your address and other personal data are stored in a database.

Dissolving Kidney Stones by Using the Latest Technology

There are panel of dedicated doctors who does research and develop new tools to be used in all methods of healing the human body. Two such inventions are the tools that assist surgeons in the removal of Kidney stones, which are very painful to pass.

The first is called the extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy; there are two versions of Lithotripsy. Ultrasonic Lithotripsy, this is used to dissolve and melt the kidney stones.

Electro Hydraulic Lithotripsy this is a probe that is inserted and cleans the kidney stones' up.

Both procedures allows the patient a quicker recovery time, fewer days in hospital, and patients experience less pain.

The second medical wonder is called the Percutaneous Nephrostolithotomy. This procedure is more evasive the surgeons use a wire and needle, which make direct contact with the stones in kidney. This procedure requires a much longer stay in hospital, at least two weeks. However, the cost of this surgery makes it desirable for those who cannot afford the higher medical cost. [Admin 2009]

Medical technology that benefits humankind, Robotics allows surgeons to perform difficult surgeries using computers form miles and even countries apart from the patient. Tools that assist disabled individuals use computers while others aide them in household appliances.

Google Plans to Make PCs History

PC's the thing of the past; Google has tried to keep it quiet but their new technology the GDrive will allow you to dispense with large amounts of data on your computers. Google has plans to allow you to up load your data onto the Google servers. You would not need to worry about loss of data; these servers would be backed up frequently.

Having all of your images and data up in Lala land, or as they stated ‘cloud computing' would make the cost of computers drop. Computer designs would need to change to act more like portals.

Google hopes to design the WebOS to run like the Android software that run on the cell phones. [Smith 2009]
On the face this seems wonderful, however when I look beyond my initial beliefs, I am consumed with issues of privacy, and theft. When most of us think about online databases, that store information about us, or cookies that are constant tracking our travels on the web, we cringe. But the majority of us will be willing to take the risk, and give our personal and business lives, over to Google. How much higher are the risks to run our lives or our businesses from online?
Here is where I see the problem, people;
• Employees; even the most honest person can fall into temptation can happen in many forms a sick child, a medical procedure that cannot wait. Selling business, and personal secretes, sabotage.
• Privacy; State v. Westbrook, an employee of Gateway looked at files on the computer of Robert Westbrook. “The court stated that The State asserts the trial court should not have suppressed the evidence because (1) Westbrook had no expectation of privacy in the contents of his laptop computer once he delivered it to the Gateway store for service, and (2) the Gateway computer technician had authority to consent to the police search of the computer.” (Hudson, 2005) So it is very possible for employess could look at your files, pictures, and folders.
• Hackers; gain access to Googles databases, they could post information online, sell information on businesses.
• Subpenas: Government or other legal agaencies subpena All of Google data bases.
I do not believe The Fourth Amendment would not be able to protect us.

National Worker ID card

Debates are heating up again, about the so called worker ID card which is claimed to be forgery-proof, these cards will be secured with biometric data such as fingerprints, is an idea favoured by Senator Charles E. Schumer (Democrat New York), the new chairman of the immigration subcommittee. ," Schumer wrote in his 2007 book, "Positively American." in his book he writes that all people citizens and non-citizen workers and non-workers should apply for the new ID cards
Businesses are split some businesses are opposed to the mandatory ID system, to be known as E-Verify the system will allow employers to check immigrant status. Business leaders spoke about the concerns of the high cost and probable liabilities from the new system, there are other business and community organization embrace the ID Card.

The ACLU's technology and liberty project, Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, both expressed concerns about the card and the infringements of rights of the cardholders. Some activist believes that this could spilt the immigrant rights' community in the middle. One side of the community feeling it's a good compromise to help the approximately Eleven million immigrants that are not registered Others who support the Workers ID Card argues that it will assist employers from having to guess if the social security numbers and other forms of ID are forgeries. [Watanabe 2009]

Biometric identifiers, the card itself may be forgery proof, but this would not stop hackers from breaking the code and revealing all the information stored on the chips inside the cards. Privacy would be affected, Depending on the information; it could prevent cardholder from gaining employment and other things.

On the back of our Social Security Card it reads not to be used for identity but it is the main source of identification, up until a few years ago Massachusetts used it on the drivers licenses, even though that has changed you must submit your social Security Card in order to get your license. They assign an identifier number, on your license but once that number is input into a database your social security number and other information come on screen.

Now with this new system, there will be fingerprints and other records of identifiers directly imprinted on to the card itself with a computer chip. If the card is lost or stolen the personal data stored could be sold.

Brain Scanning May Be Used In Security Checks

We have learned from EEG that brain waves differ from a person to person, and new technology Biometric scanning will allow for security persons to use brain scans as identification. Experiments with including sensing seat where a sensor is placed in the seats of trucks to learn the drivers seated posture. They hope that this information can be used to eventually stop or know if commercial trucks had been hijacked. UK airports already use facial recognition on travelers going through Manchester and Stansted.

Human Monitoring and Authentication are evidence of biometric is penetrating all areas of our lives. UK Officials says that facial recognition, finger print recognition and iris recognition with vein imaging are already being used. Moreover, biometric sensors will be deployed in every UK embassy around the world to protect embassies. Security's experts feel there is a need to develop biometric devices that depend on more than one way of determining identification, offering a choice makes the scanning appear less invasive. [Bowcott 2009]

This technology like all technology can be good or bad; this technology could be used as a surveillance tool, and along with facial recognition could be a great assistance in fighting terrorist, security in corporate offices. Biometrics like DNA is biological characteristics that are unique to the person. This could stop identity theft, secure computers, your home, and office, with a simple touch of a monitor or a device as small as a doorbell.

Oakwood Virginia Man Admits Making Online Threats

A Twenty-eight year man by the name Allen Sammons pleaded guilty to online threats. Allen posted threats stating he would travel to universities and will make the pass school-shooting look like a walk in the park. Sammon was charged with five counts entered a guilty plea.

It was important that information between local, state, and federal agencies work together, this investigation would have not been successful without the corporation of each agency. Sammons sent emails and posted the threat on is a social networking site where individual can post their thoughts, sharing with everyone or only with friends, other are able to make comments on post.

In one of Sammon's post he stated that he would kill and hope that he would be killed When Sammons PC was searched the law enforcement people located a hit list it named people and addresses. Sammons said he traveled to the University of Illinois to confront some students he had words with while logged onto Live Journal but after waiting outside for a time he changed his mind. Sammons could face healthy fines and upwards of 25 years in prison. (Department of justice 2009)
For any agency to be able to subpoena records of databases and membership list would make being online very unsafe big brother could search records under any guidelines, to gain access to databases' on the hopes of maybe finding someone doing something wrong. Whatever happened to privacy and freedom of speech? Even though it is, clear here that Sammons, threatened people and made other fearful. I still do not know if I am comfortable with agencies gaining access to databases.

Collaboration between state and federal agencies, gaining access to personal logs, friends list, and the privacy of individuals and freedom of speech may be at risk.

Craigslist Killer Appears in Court, Shouts Not Guilty'

Craig's List was founded in 1995 and Incorporated in 1999 (Friedman & McPhee, 2009) Craig List was designed to allow users to sell, trade, and give away all forms of products and services, products could range from automobiles to refrigerators and washing machines.

However, here recently we have seen several cases where unexpected users have been injured or even killed as in the case of Markoff a young Man that was going to medical school who was accused of murdering a young woman he met on Craig List the young woman advertised in the erotic section of Craig's list.

Another similar case took place in Minnesota where a woman was fooled into believing she was going to be baby sitting for a couple. She was tricked into coming to the house of Mr. Anderson, who then killed her. (Simmons 2009)

Cases like the two I have cited Has gained a lot of attention not only from the general public but also government agencies, who already made several attempts to gain access to company databases of online services.
The fear of online users may be willing to give up the right to personal privacy for safety, but I do not believe that allowing access to online businesses would do anything to make us any safer. It is our responsibility to act accountable when online, we should not assume that everyone is honest, and sane.

When crimes like this happen it raises several questions one of which is venue, who is to prosecute. This crime could go across United States borders or countries borders. Another question is the First Amendment freedom of speech, Terroristic threatening is not covered under the Freedom of Speech Amendment.

Live Cam

All over the commonwealth of Kentucky are live web cams, which means our daily activities could be monitored, below is a complete listing as of this date. Our cities are surounded by live cams, they monitor our roads, highways, and freeways for traffic conditions. At toll gates, stop lights, as well as tunnels. Would it surprise you to know that they monitor construction sites, public parks, colleges, ATM machines, and supermarkets. Just about any place you go it an opportunity for you to be caught on cam.

Do we give up expectation of privacy when we leave our homes? Survallence without warrant is possible, your daily activities are time stamped and dated, I have to wonder whatever happened to the Fourth Amendment. I bought into monitoring the traffic saves time and headaches. However now we are monitoring, constrution sites, so if I happen to walk by I am caught on digital media.

Most stores and business have digital monitoring devices, we know that every major state, city and town has them mounted, highway system tool booths. These cams were suppose to act as deterrants against crime. But the majority of people caught on these miniture spyware are every day people like myself.

GPS Tracking For People

Every day, there is news of a missing child, children have a tendency to wander off, but most times someone has snatched them away. GPS personal tracking systems can now be worn as a pendant, on the belt of a child in their shoes. It is small and light enough that it could be worn daily.

You will receive real time information of the location of the child or individual who has the device. Some of the GPS devices have built in panic buttons, once activated, the service provider will notify authorities, to the location the speed and direction of the individuals.

There is also a backup system for older children that drive, this system can provide you with information concerning your child's driving habits and let you know where the child is located or at least where the car is located.

Clearly, this is not only an intrusion on personal privacy, for the child, but I would think for the parents as well especially if the child is 5 years and younger the same technology you are using to safe guards your child is acting as a homing device to keep tabs on you the parent. (Power 2009)
Your child is under continuous surveillance, a database of this activity is stored some place, which one day be subpoenaed and used to gain information about you and your family. The GPS systems that can be worn are a lot less invasive than the tracking devices that you implant under the skin. In any case freedom from intrusion is one of the three aspects of privacy. The same laws that suppose to protect adults should also protect children.

Six Ways to Protect Your Wireless Network

Wireless Networks are popping up everywhere; it is non-expensive and easy to set up. Many venders are offering wireless kits already preprogrammed, it would be a good idea to check the security configuration of the wireless routers.

Use WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) encryption instead of WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) encryption has weaknesses that make easy to crack the encryption and access the wireless network. WPA, which provides much better protection and is easier to use, WPA support is built into the most modern wireless hardware and operating systems.

You need to set up the administrator pass word, change it from any default password that may be set already, sometimes there will be no password at all, and if you leave the wireless device without a password you are making an opportunity for someone to hack into your systems and make changes without your knowledge. On the other hand, you may even inadvertently download malware that can make changes to your computer without you knowing. Some of your devices may not support WPA, if you decide to turn the encryption off; it would leave you wide open for an attack and is not advisable. (Thompson 2009)

Wireless technology has freed computer users from their desktops; you can take your work to the park, coffee shops, and libraries. We can access the internet on our cellular phones; check our email while on the go. No longer are we required to stay in the office or at home to run our businesses. Convenience, everyone in the household can share the internet at the same time.

Protect Yourself with Proxy Sites

Proxy sites are some of the easiest of tools for the internet, schools and libraries often lock out sites like Facebook, Myspace and other sites like these, if you want to be able to get onto these sites then use the tool proxy.

Proxy sites not only protect your privacy from the school administrator, who may want to know where students are logging in, it also protects your surfing in general, allowing you to surf online with privacy while at the same time, the school servers also will not be able to track the sites that you visit. All they will see is a record of your visiting the URL of the proxy site, but no more than that. It is a handy solution if you do not want the school administrators nosing about your internet activity.

Proxy sites will also help you maintain your anonymity once you begin browsing through the Internet. Websites nowadays are able to take note of your IP address and, with a couple of extra steps, track down your location, and all but identify whom you really are. (Fortuna 2009)

In accordance with the principle of freedom of expression and the right to privacy, use of anonymity is legal. Someone may wish to access data and browse anonymously so that personal details cannot be recorded and used without their knowledge. Any user that chooses to stay anonymous should not be required to justify anonymous use.
Police and prosecutors want laws forbidding anonymity on the Internet, civil liberties organizations, want laws for protection of anonymity on the Internet. There are times when a public official or employer claiming defamation could get a court to disclose the name of an anonymous Web author simply by filing a lawsuit,” said ACLU National Staff Attorney Ann Beeson, who litigated the case along with attorneys from the ACLU of Pennsylvania's Greater Pittsburgh Chapter.

Cyber Bullying

There was a time when cyber bullying was something that kids do, but there is a growing trend where this bullying has reached universities and colleges across the nation. Using blogs, text messaging, emails and instant messages, sending offensive pictures quickly that could have been captured with a cell phone. Personal computers and the Internet, tend to give the cyber bully a sense of anonymity that tends to make him or her a lot bolder, which makes their offensive behavior more vicious.

Someone uses your identity and puts an account up on Facebook or Myspace then proceed to use this account to post Welcome to Cyber bullying 2.0, the adult version of the meanest pastime on Myspace and Facebook. In recent years, the dangerous game has grown up and grown calculated, and its consequences now include adult-sized miseries — dashed career opportunities, ruined professional relationships, crippling anxiety, even thoughts of suicide.

In 2007 lawsuits was filed against Yale University by two female students, they sued for money, and real names in the same year a woman was harassed by her ex-boyfriend for two years on Craig's list. The psychological impact of cyber bullying can be intense. It's very intrusive on people's lives,” she says. “It leaves them unable to concentrate on their academic or professional work. They feel helpless, foolish, and vulnerable. It is hard even to suffer in silence because everybody knows about it on Facebook. It is public humiliation. There is no place to hide.

Social networking is very popular but things can go wrong quickly, from someone pretending to be someone else, freedom of speech issues.

Search Engines

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This is only a small sample of free downloads for movies, games, and music which makes me believes that it would be impossible for any agency to govern the internet and protect the rights of those who creative works are stolen daily. Granted some of these site ask for a fee for joining and after the fee is paid you would have unlimited access to download whatever you want.

The Author's Guild et al v. Google Inc.

Plaintiffs The Author's Guide. Herbert Mitgang, Betty Miles and Daniel Hoffman sued Google Inc. for reproducing a digital copy of plaintiffs' works without the copyright holders' permission and in violation of the authors' rights under the copyright laws. New York Southern District Court Copyright Filed: September 20, 2005
Plaintiff:, The Author's Guild and others... Defendant: Google Inc. The Last Docket Filed: August 20, 2009 Google wants to settle but the final decision cannot be made until the appeals court hearing. What will happen to Fair-Use arguments if Google settles? (Calter, 2009)
Intellectual Property violations, I don't see how they can claim fair-use in the case of assisting people to downloading free movies.

DVD Copy Software Review Copy Your DVDs with Ease

“DVDs are an amazing yet costly investment, which over time can become scratched, damaged, and even completely unusable. With DVD copy software, you can quickly create backups of your entire collection.” (Top Ten Reveiws Tech Network, 2009)

Copying your personal DVD's and CD's for backup is a common practice. Advertisement all over the web from pop ups and of course search engines will provide you with venders of software and or hardware to assist you in making identical copies. Cable, Dish Network, and other such venders offer TIVO or something similar so you can record your favorite programs. Listed below are two items that allows you to copy your private DVD collection. The first Kaleidescape System that is software and hardware, the second is software.

First The Kaleidescape System simplifies the way you collect, manage, and enjoy movies and music, once your personal entertainment collection is stored on the Kaleidescape System. (Kaleidescape System Products, 2007)

Second RealDVD save your favorite DVDs to your PC Go anywhere with RealDVD Take your DVDs with you and leave your discs behind. Save and play movies at the same time - with a single click. Browse by title, genres, and actor. Find and play movies and TV shows instantly. Protect your discs from scratches and damage. Save your movies legally, and with confidence. (Real Network, 2009)

Each one of these situations should be covered under fair-use but the court has ruled against Real Network And even though the Kaleidescape Systems has been brought before the court, Kaleidescape System has won their case. However it is being appealed.

Robot Online at Facebook and looking for Friends

The robots name is Ibn Sina; this is supposed to be a month long experiment. The creator has placed a profile on facebook in hopes that people would interact with Ibn. The experiment is run by Nikolaos Mavridis and the United Arab Emirates University's Interactive Robots and Media Laboratory.

Friend invitation extended to John Connor. Depending on how you feel about robots, this is either a major step forward or a sign of the apocalypse. A month-long experiment is going to be run on Facebook where a robot, complete with a profile, will be used to see if humans are willing to make friends with the machine. The experiment is being run by Nikolaos Mavridis and the United Arab Emirates University's Interactive Robots and Media Laboratory (IRML), which explains the bot's name and appearance. Details can be found on the IRML website and a paper is available (PDF) from (Roboto, 2009)

Web4.0 The Technology Singularity simply stated it will be a time when where computers are so smart that humans will not be the main source of great inventions. At this point machines will be the ones creating the most important breakthroughs, with or without, human input.

There are scientists believe machine intelligence will surpass human intelligence within a few decades, which is being called the Singularity. Ray Kurzweil who is an inventor and author explains this phenomenon as "technological change so rapid and profound it could create a rupture in the very fabric of human history." Introducing Ibn Sina, to the public to see the interaction between human and robot puts us one step closer to technology singularity.

IBM Scientist Create DNA Computer Chip

IBM scientist and a collaborator from the California Institute of Technology have produced a computer chip making use of synthesized DNA molecules. The DNA acts as support where millions of carbon nanotubes could be dropped and self-assembled into meticulous patterns that affix to the DNA particles, and may provide a way to conquer the challenges of common technique to construction of sub-22nm chips. The fastest PC chips today are manufactured using a 45 nanometer process.

To make the chip, the scientists first create the patterns from which lithographic templates are made, using long-established chip making techniques at IBM. Then, they pour a DNA mixture over the exterior of the silicon and the microscopic DNA nanostuctures such as triangles, squares, and stars line themselves up to the patterns etched out where they hold fast to form tiny integrated circuits. (Jablonski, 2009 )

The fourth Amendment would be in jepordy, Identity theft


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