Personal Development Plan And Job Application Information Technology Essay

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The report gives detailed information about Personal Development Plan and the Job Application Process which ranges in different tasks.

Firstly, the report will give a concise introductory summary on the "practice case scenario", stating the main objectives or goals of the project to be analyzed, definitions, and ethical professional dilemmas and so professional ethics Code of conducts. In related conclusion, I will define the problem solutions and the risk to implement them respectively.

Secondly, the report includes my "Personal Development Plan", giving an over-view on strategies and approach's my studies. Furthermore, it explicates on the development plan evaluation and justification on how I overcomes my weaknesses.

Lastly, the report elucidates on a "Mock Job Application" including all relevant documents such as cover letter, CV and my certificates.


With the success of the documentation in mind, I have drawn up several objectives that became the base research direction for "Personal Development Plan and Job Application Process" assignment. These objectives not only became the drive for the assignment but also became the limiting factor in ensuring that the assignment is completed within the given time of one month as set by the module lecture. The objectives are as follows;

To be compliance faster and active.

Vividly understand the case study (assignment scenario).

Research, read and understand Personal Development Process and Job Application process.

Searching for the potential to implement the assignment.

To be proactive to comply with regulatory requirements.



The theme of this professional case report study is Software Assurance research project. With the ongoing competition between the two universities, Gatonbury University and Alta Vast University respectively, both embarked on a student smart card project.

The aim or purpose for the project is to determine the methods to be used to produce error free software on the larger scale for both universities, Gatonbury University and AltaVista University to achieve certain efficiency and remain competitive.

Basically, upon the executive's observation, the project scope will mostly focus on the violated professional ethical issues and codes of conducts violated from the scenario. Furthermore, the professional ethical issues and code of conducts are many and different based on the organization and field which employees are obligated to attain. Therefore, not all ethical professional ethics will be defined, thus only the ones defined in the case study.

So, from the case study, the violated professional issues are of privacy where an invisible information gathering by the school is done to keep students information without their knowledge. Secondly, confidentiality is another professional ethic defined in the case study. Lastly, security breach, professional ethic is also observed.

Due to the breach of these professional ethical issues and codes of conducts, the following are the recommended solutions to be implemented in order to protect against privacy, confidentiality and security breaches;

Both Universities should implement strong authentication measures for stakeholders to gain access to all authorized departments such as biometric authentication i.e. the use of finger print scanners.

Similarly, Extensible authentications protocols can also be deployed on each computer nodes enabling them to use hardware devices to gain access i.e. smartcard reader.

Encrypting information stored on the students card such that only specific and authorized people should be able to access students information.

Cardholder PINs to protect on-card personal information.

Enforce all professional issues that all stakeholders or professionals should abide to such as never to reveal any confidential issues, honest, trustworthy, efficient and effective, and so responsibility, and free and honest speech and many others.

In contrast, implementing these will also bring in some risks to the project. For instance, over expenditure, meaning the universities will spend more money to the unbudgeted project of deploying security measures. In addition, postponement of the project in implement can increase the project cost.

Another issue is that, there will be resistance from the universities who will use the smart card system to monitor student's behavior defying school rules. Furthermore, encrypting the cards information means only the one encrypted it will be able to decrypt it other than the owner.

To sum up on the risks, not all the professional ethical issues and codes of conducts will be followed by professionals.

Basically, these recommended solutions to be implemented are advantageous to both Universities carrying out their projects. Some of the benefits are that it will provide protection to keep investment and data safe so as to concentrate on business-not technology behind it. It will also offer confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information to un-authorized users.

In conclusion, for the project to thoroughly be implemented, the Universities, Gatonbury and Alta Vast respectively needs to deploy the recommended solutions to the emerged professional ethical issues discussed earlier.


The primary purpose of this research is to determine the methods to be used to produce error free software on the larger scale for both universities, Gatonbury University and AltaVista University to achieve certain efficiency and remain competitive.

The scope of this research involves the use of software configuration tools to be used to develop well quality software. It also focuses on the professional ethical issues and code of conducts which stakeholders are obligated to attain to.

The scope of the scenario does not include testing the impacts of best practices on challenges within the research study units.

The research has also not assess the personal information of all the stakeholders involved in the project


This research will be conducted as a combination of content analysis and case study. The case study data will be used to implement the content analysis research.

The content analysis will involve gathering of information from the internet through research and so obtaining some views from the stakeholders through Joint Application Development (JAD) session in which all stakeholders will sit on a round table to discuss on their discoveries and some relevant information for the project.

Basically, the content analysis is the primary data source and will examine various source materials.


The amount of literature written about software assurance and quality is vast. In the time available for this research, it is not possible to explore all it all and consider everything that is identified as a problem.

This research is only limited to the sources that are identified in the terms or topics from the case scenario.

Basically, software assurance is a broad topic that simply cannot be sufficiently be covered in one thesis.

Similarly with software assurance, the professional ethical issues and code of conducts are many and different based on the organization and field which employees are obligated to attain. Therefore, not all ethical professional ethics will be defined, thus only the ones violated in the case study will be defined.



Right of persons to decide what information about them will be shared with or withheld from others, OR, the collection of personal information about someone without the person's knowledge.


This is defined as "ensuring that information is accessible only to those authorized to have access".


It refers to the relationship between a professional and his client in which the client may assume that his disclosures will not be passed on to others except under certain circumstances, and then only for the specific purpose.


This is the gaining of unauthorized access to restricted places and information.


Information Technology Schools of Gatonbury University and Altavista University

Project Champions; both Universities are champions to their respective research project as they will provide with time and resources to the project.

Alex Smith, CEO`4r56

Project Manager

Associate Professor James Garlick

Researcher and Operational manager

Andrew Harry "Programmer"

Research Assistant

ASFIX Computer Service

System Analyst; they will provide with a system proposal to the Gatonbury University containing all system specifications.

Jack Howland "Business Systems Marketing"

Project Marketing Director


Users; students are the end users of the to-be developed system.



One of the Ethical and Professional dilemmas being observed from the case study is Privacy. Form the scenario, there's a breach of student's privacy. This is done through the invisible information gathering.

For instance, the University will be storing pages of student's data in the card without their knowledge.

An important conclusion flows from this later observation. That is, they can only create confidentiality or secrete rules based on guesses of all end users who are students.

The better way to protect privacy is to distribute decisions about how personal information is used to the people affected.


Confidentiality is one of the cornerstones of information security. From the case study, Andrew was more interested to read the confidential memo which he was not authorized to.

Similarly, Alex Smith wrote Jack Howland, Business Systems Marketing, of not disclosing the superiority of their system to Gatonbury University. This confidential information which is not supposed to be revealed to any other, basically, defining who must report and what must be reported to main an extensive competition.

To sum up this point, confidentiality is an ethical concept in which all concerned parties have obligation to respect the client's privacy and to protection of information disclosed without consent.


Last but not least, there is also breach of security discussed in the case study.

For instance, Andrew accessed Alice's office and desktop computer without rightfully being granted permissions to do so. Andrew finds it easy way of accessing Alice desktop computer since there's no password protection.

In summary from the above discussion, the Universities should deploy strong measures to protect student's privacy, project confidential information and security to implement a competitive, efficient and effective system.


Maintain professional competency and integrity


One needs to consider its social implications, applications and consequences to his behavior.

Never reveal pertinent information from other members of the development team.

By no means reveal the secret corporate knowledge of an employer

Be honest and trustworthy, efficiency and effective.

The Company expects an employee to make the best use of the available resources, which means working efficiently and effectively, avoiding waste, extravagance and improper use and maintaining high standards of professionalism, probity and performance.

Free and honest speech

Strive to honestly speak and report on any known or suspected illegal behaviors to the proper authorities.

Create a value and a quality system to clients in a timely fashion

Respect confidentiality and integrity.

Duty of employers and client users

Professional should discharge their obligations to the employer or clients. This means that work must be carried out to a proper standard and that practitioners must not exploit their position to gain personal advantage.


Implement strong authentication measures to grant access control.

Biometric authentication measures such as a finger print scanner, in which employers will be scanned their finger to gain physical access to authorized areas. Only with matched prints will be granted access.

On the same point, implement Extensible Authentication Protocols (EAP) to all computers of the organization. EAP enables computer systems to use hardware identifiers such as Smart-Card Reader for authentication.

EAP categorizes the devices into different types depending on each devices authentication scheme. These types enable the device to interact with a systems account database.

Users provide their credentials such as name and password in addition to the physical authentication.

Encrypting information stored on the students card such that only specific and authorized people should be able to access students information.

Cardholder PINs to protect on-card personal information.


The main risk of implementing the suggested solutions is expensive. This may led to the over-expenditure in purchasing some of the authentication tools i.e. finger print scanners and smart card leaders for all affected project departments.

Resistance as well as over servicing. Difficult to implement some of the security and privacy policies in the University who have their own policies.

For example, the University is implementing the system which will help them to monitor student's behavior defying school rules.



A good Personal Development Planning will help me to achieve my potential for the next two years since it will help to identify skills gasp. Basically, having a personal development plan helps me make sure my knowledge, skills and abilities are constantly upgraded. This will enable me to find what my life needs are, thus, goals or objectives for my life.

Among other things, it involves identifying what skills I need to learn, the aspects of myself needs to be improved, abilities that are I'm lacking and areas which needs to be given priority for improvement.

Basically, it is an easy way to use in analyzing and identifying challenges which can apprehend me from reaching my destined objectives.

Proper planning will significantly help me to isolate the options or considerations to focus on to achieve what I want in life and so the environmental factors can also be considered to determine how to succeed, such as what people surrounding me should do.

Furthermore, Personal development plan will also enable me to verify if I have proved successful to the asserted goals following exceptional methods.

Journal writing is one of those wonderful, simple strategies that I have incorporated into my daily life, as part of my personal development plan in order to keep all important information together for future use or taking notes of all beneficial information to be used in planning my goals.

Mistakes and Lessons - very often I'll make mistakes along the way. I don't write them down to beat myself up over them, I write them down because we learn so much from our mistakes.

Success and Milestones - Just as I note my mistakes, I also celebrate my successes.

For example, the inclusion of the table below in a "dairy progress journal" in which I will be filling in, taking records of all key personal training activities including course work or other relevant information related to the course curriculums in trying to maximize my knowledge and keep information for future reference;






KL Lions Club Lessons

Communication Skills

Sign Language

MDM Soraya & Gina Kuck


Lecture Class

Professional ethical issues and code of conducts

Mr. Mohd Noor Husyairi


Lecture Class

Developing a system request

Mr. Marshal


To identify my weaknesses, I used the SWOT analysis tool which helps to define all my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

These are most weaknesses I almost daily faces.

Procrastination of school work.

Lack of information on some topics.

I tend to be short tempered with some smaller issues and get over-emotion.


Poor time management.

Spend most of my time on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter, rather researching on course related information. Basically, its waste of time.


The following are the strategies and approaches I will have to adapt to improve in my field of study hence removing all the weaknesses.

Set daily goals.

These everyday goals will be in line with my short, mid and long term goals, which when build on one another can be as a stepping stone to achieve the long awaited goals.

Besides the everyday goals, I will also endeavor to have the weekly based goals.


Forget procrastination. Persevere in developing this trait because it will help me to be disciplined.

There's no limitation with determination, meaning I will always be focused towards completion of my course work no matter how hard the challenges would be along the way.


Obviously I will need to form habits waking up early. This will allow me to accomplish many tasks in a day. Actually, this is the first strategy that I must discern. It is the foundation of my goals.

I will also have to improve on my time management and organization so that each task can be accomplished as asserted.

Respect all my lectures, staff and so my peers, and also proper personal behavior.


Meditation will enhance the ability of me to focus. It may not be easy; however, with the right mental attitude and discipline, I will reach my destination.

Reading books and internet research.

Choose and reading books that are relevant to my current field of study to achieve goals in life.

Research and news follow ups can help me to expand my knowledge and check-out the new evolving technologies coming out.


I have divided my goals into two phases. First the short term goals which will define my current position and the things which I have to achieve in a short time. So, as a student, my short terms goals are the goals that I have to accomplish in a short time, for instance, weekly, monthly or per semester results.

Secondly, long term goals will look at the life after college. So the short term goals are the foundation of all my long term goals.

Both these terms, short and long, can be updated once I am satisfied with the achievements I have made in order to allocate new challenges.


My short term specific goals include the following;

Pass with excellent grades, A's in subjects.

Socializing which involves;

Learning other people's culture such as languages, ethnicity, and religious beliefs.

Meet new people from different backgrounds.

Exploring or discovering new places.

Stay healthily all times.

Develop my Christian or religion faith.


The following are my listed long term plans. These are the things that I currently determined to achieve in the next two years.

Graduate with excellent grades.

Develop my own "quality software and website".

Be a competent software engineer.

Get good job or get employed in a good working company.


For me to reach my target goals there are a number of measures and steps that I have to take in order to succeed with each objective at a time, thus including both my short terms and long terms.

So, to attain these objectives, the following are the things that I must a bind to and understand them clearly;

Work hard in class.

Working hard in class will be a good foundation for all performances. This will certainly help me in easily isolating the modules which are being difficult to me so that I can tackle them explicitly well.

Hard work in class will surely prove my fate in my examination results. Since I want to have good grades, "A's in particular", my work rate should be tirelessly, not laziness get over me.

Read and understand the course work. This will involves doing;

Research to maximize my knowledge on the module.

Doing group works such as discussing and solving some course problems. This will enhance also on my social communication skills with my friends in a way better understand them. Group works can also improve my skill on presenting issues between my peers, which will eventually boost my confidence. Group works will also enhance my team work performance in trying to contribute to the group to the problem being raised.

In trying to easily understand the modules, I should on my own make the course exciting and enjoyable. This can be relating the stuff learnt to the things which I mostly like to do.

Respect all lectures and generally all staff members.

Respecting lectures and all people around me will generally create a healthy learning environment for me in the sense that all instructors will be freely able to provide me with assistance in my problems relating to my course work.

Do physical exercises to stay fit and health.

Eat balance diet food to be healthier as well.

Basically, for me being a student, it's a bit hard to make balance diet food because most of the times I'll go with junk fast take away foods. Now I have to train myself to make proper three group meal.

How to use the information learnt in class? This is the question which I'll be asking myself now and again. By knowing the information learnt will act as stimulant to my long term goals.


The table below does summarize the SMART method used in developing my personal plans. This action plan table does explain all my short and long sated target objectives, actions to be taken, to pull off the substantiation or evidence of completion of the goal and its target dates or when will the goal be attained.

This action plan is to meet all my specific goals for the next years.





Keep to date with University work and not fall behind with any schedule.

Allow enough time for myself to complete all assignments without rushing.

Practice skills learnt.

Being organized and understand what is required and when it is required.

Motivate myself to get on with the work.

Assignment work to be completed in time and good standard.

Ongoing throughout studying (2011-2013course).

Become motivated to achieve good and excellent grades in all subjects of the course.

Force self to attend all lectures and practical possible without giving it to laziness.

Research course work on my own time.

Complete course assessment on time and good standard.

Active participation in course activities.

My overall grades will have improved.

Work will be consistent be completed in time and great standard.

Will understand the subjects more sufficiently and grasp all skills needed.

Ongoing throughout study (2011-2013).

Can be checked weekly, monthly or per semester.

Become more computer literate especially in typing.

Improve knowledge in coding C++ programs.

Improve the skills in System Analysis and Design, and Object Oriented

Improve web designing skills.

Practice skills learnt in class at home.

Go through all exercises given and ensure that I have fully and correctly understood all.

Do research on my free time.

Maximize library books usage or buy curriculum books to diversify knowledge if funds available.

Typing skills will tremendously improve.

C++ coding and problem solving will also improve.

Able to design good websites.

Able to analyze systems and give a proposed system request for system re-engineering or improvements.

Examination results will obviously also improve.

Throughout the ongoing studies (2011-2013) and so after graduation.





Ism Insurance Services Malaysia Bhd

System/Network Administrator

(Kuala Lumpur)

Responsibilities: Support and maintain the Company IT network, servers and office PC. Maintaining and implement Windows operating system, Firewall, etc. Provide technical support; troubleshoot on servers, LAN, Windows platform Involve in developing and implementing IT projects related to networking.

Requirements: Degree/Diploma in Computer Science/IT or related discipline. At least 1-2 years experience of MS Windows Servers, AD, DNS, must able to work independently as well as in a team. Good interpersonal and communication skills. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.

Job Type: 2 years contract.

([Online] Available at:


Mr. Joseph Mdumuka

Bandar University Technogi Legenda

Batu 12, 71700 Mantin

Negeri Sembilan


14th March, 2011


The Manager

ISM Insurance Services Malaysia Bhd

6th Floor, Dataran Kewangan Darul Takaful

No. 4 Jalan Sultan Sulaiman

50000 Kuala Lumpur

Email: [email protected]

Dear Sir/Madam,


I would like to apply for a job as a "System/Network Administrator" advertised on 14th February, 2011 in as I believe that my education background and skills are exactly what you're looking for. I matched my specific qualifications to those requested in your advertisement.

Education qualification, I hold an International diploma in Computer Engineering and currently studying bachelor degree in software engineering.

I have considerable One-year experience as a project leader in Network Security Administration, developing technology solutions during my final diploma project. A significant part of my project work history has involved acting in the capacity of on-site expert and lead consultant specializing in finding solutions for clients with unworkable, inefficient or damaged systems. The solutions I implemented are outlined on my resume and have brought significant savings to clients by reducing their operating expenses and increasing productivity.

Technical skills, I have provided with effective network security solutions during my final diploma project such as setting up networks, configuring DNS, and DHCP, implementing and documenting NAT, EAP, Kerberos, DMZ and firewalls. I am highly proficient in using MS project and Rational Roles.

I have excellent communication skills and team work. I am accustomed to leading and working with teams on diverse projects. In relation to this, I joined the IT club and worked closely with my group members to analyze, design and implement solutions to all assigned work. These projects have required a qualification of team coordination and interaction to be completed on time. Similarly, I have leadership skills such as being a project leader in my group and so being a sports captain in high school.

N.B: The attachment resume (below) will give you more skills which I obtain.

Thank you for your attention. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Mdumuka.



Self-motivated and a mature professional looking for an opportunity to further my career in the field of Network Security. To contribute to an organization achieve its target goals; which promotes and encourages continuing education and gathering credential certification. I also intend to improve and gain experience on my administrative skills.





P.O BOX 30832






[email protected]







Bachelor Degree in Software Engineering (SCOSIT)

Linton University College 2010-Now

Current Subjects Attending;

Professional Issues

Information System Model and Design

Subjects attended;

Introduction to Software Development.

Web Authoring & Web Management.

Computer Platform

Computer Solutions

Academic Skills for Computing.


International Diploma in Computer Engineering (IDCE)

New Horizons of Malawi (2008-2009)

Subjects Attended;

Microsoft Office.

CompTia A+.

CompTia N+

Windows - Install. & Admin.

Managing a Network Environment

Maintaining Network Environment

Implementing Network Infrastructure - N/W Host.


Malawi School of Certificate Education (MSCE)

Phwezi Boys Secondary School (2007)

Subjects Attended;


Physical Science







Microsoft Office, Rational Rose, Microsoft front Page, Micro-media flash, C++, firewall, DNS, NAT Server, Router, Windows (98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 2007, 2003 Sever) DHCP, LAN/WAN, Switch, VMware, Backup, System Restore, Modems, Windows installation, configuration and troubleshooting, Internet Explorer, VPN, TCP/IP Configuration, UDP, Object-Oriented, Anti-Virus, EAP, Hardware installation and Configuration, Network Set-up and troubleshooting, System Analysis and Design, VLAN, IPSec, Kerberos, DMZ, IIS configuration.


Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE)

Computer Engineering Diploma Certificate (IDCE)

Sign Language Course & Talk on Hearing Awareness


Team Leadership.

I.e. sports captain in secondary school.

Team work.

Ability to work in a team with people from different backgrounds

Ability to learn new things.

Problem Solving.

Safe starter

Presentation skills

Communication skills.



Reading Course work books, novels & newspapers.

Discoveries and research.

Watching movies.



This report vividly focuses on the three main chapters of Professional Case Study; Personal Development plan and Job Application process. The information in chapter 2 can be updated frequently based on achievable goals so that new challenges can be allocated. Therefore, reading through this assorted information will clearly help you to be in familiar terms about with the entire tasks assigned to be covered.