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Kurt Lewins Model Of Change Information Technology Essay

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Change management is a well planned and organized execution of a process that helps an organization in transferring from a existing state to a state that is defined to be achieved by the Managers of the organization. Change management process involves studying the present system of the organization, analyzing the pros and cons of the present System and Planning Changes accordingly. This change can be achieved by Implementing Change management Procedures like Automation etc. This Involves Planning of the Change management Process and Using a relevant technology to implement the Change Management.

Conceptualizing change:

Issues of change:

In the present business world Change has become a mandatory tool for an organization to sustain in the market no matter whether the organization is small, medium or large. Today’s organizational success depends on identifying key areas of change, what tools to be used for implementing the change to these key areas and how good changes are implemented. Managers of the organization play a key role in implementing the change management, the reason being change management can see many serious issues arising internally within the organization or outside the organization i.e. in the organization’s business. Managers have to properly weigh out all the pros and cons of implementing the Change Management and be prepared to handle the issues that arise in the process.

Levels of change:

Alpha level change:

It is a change in which the changes are done instantly and is done in a proper and an organized way in a company. For instance if a change is brought in a single wing it effects the entire company.

Beta level change:

This change is known as the level two changes in which the change is proper and is done in step by step process.. The Change is done gradually.

Gamma level change:

This three changes is a little bit risky and complex change. It takes a lot of time to implement and we are not aware of the consequences.

Change is required due to the following :

Schematic procedures should be implemented intermittently when there is a need for change

Innovative thoughts should be designed and Implemented such that an era of innovative comes into picture

Effective means of communication to represent the change

Accomplishment of the desired state through the innovative team

Force field analysis:

A force field analysis is a very useful technique to use when you are considering any type of change in which people are involved. This is analysis is very use full when we want to implement a new product or new service.

In terms of Kurt Lewin the things that can used instead are :

Find out the balance of power involved in issue

Find out the boons and banes of the change.

Know about the restraining forces and driving forces

The ways of the above model are described as follows:

Describe the current state and desired state.

Knowing & analysis the current situation related to proposed change.

Interrogate and discuss all the forces.

For each force allocate scores using a numeric scale which are weak and strong for example extremely week=1 and extremely strong=7.

Tells about the forces by putting them on driving force on to the left & right.


Kurt lewin’s model of change:

Kurt lewin’s theory consists of three phases namely:




Steps involved in unfreeze are:

The first step involves preparing the organization to understand and accept that the change has to take place.

There should support from senior management team of organization.

Set up a necessitate change

To achieve the required vision of change communication is required.

Alert of any remarks and doubts among the employees.

Steps involved in change are:

Discussing among the changes and plans that are to be implemented to attain better benefits and results thus preparing each and every individual against the change that is to be implemented.

Instantly solve the problems and maintain secrecy.

For different techniques and strategies that are to be implemented there should be proper gathering.

The main idea of the theme is to achieve better results in a short run.


We should analyze on the boons and banes of the organization.

We should co-operate with the present authority, make a sketch of accurate organizational skeleton and should have an eye on the things going around

Organization should provide proper training and keep updating everything.

The occurrence of a fail?

There is monitoring by the senior team

The management at the middle level oppose the change.

Improper analysis a design or a sketch and unity.

There is no proper team management.

Inadequate use of the IT resources.

Low communication skills.

Poor performance management.

If there is no appropriate management

Calling for a change:

System model change:

Seven -s model is the following that is used to know about the company and its accuracy. It shows the seven elements they are as follows.






shared values and


For all the seven -s to be affective the company should have a high degree. All the seven-s are interconnected so if there is single change it would affect the others correspondingly. We can just focus on the one required topic separately rather than all others. Hence for any organization to get boosted up it requires all the seven elements.

The first 3 elements involves the hardware of organization the other four elements involves ‘software’ to use a computer based analogy. Combining all the elements they will provide a managerial system that each and every element should be managed by manager itself.

Shared values:

All the seven -s are interconnected to each other. They are generally known as super goals. They are the company’s general guiding rules and concepts. Generally any company is identified by the values. The values that are usd are both implicit and explicit.


Structure the name itself tells us that it monitors with the thinks that are present it. It describes about the hierarchy of the organization and the division of the roles among different people.


It generally involves with the different flow of operations that include the raw process and the system support. These generally consist of capital allocation, management system and business system.


It is a technique which an organization chooses to move ahead in the mean future. To reach to it’s destination.


Style generally consists about the managerial behavior that are followed in fulfilling the goals and tell how they spend the time. It not only tells about the organizations way that supports the employees but also tells about them in the out side world.


It tells about the organizations different strategies that are followed.


It describes about the peoples mind set, integrated, trained, and how they are convinced in molding their careers.

The above described elements are blatantly related to one another, and by changing one of them effects the other. So if we want to make a change to one of the model it is important that we analyze all the models and the concepts.

6. Change issue related to personal experience:


Completing my UG in India, my future ambition was to pursue my masters for any reputed country as my fate was good I have been to UK to do my masters. In the mean while mean of my processing towards the UK I have been placed in a company. In which I was a software developer.. My team was a batch of the people that was including me and my seniors at my work. We all together worked on a project that relates to allocating staff quarters for a company named NIA(New India Insurance).

It was a newly established company and deals with the IT out sourcing

Changing manual process to automated process:

Before Staff Quarter Allotment has been automated, New India Assurance had followed a manual process For Staff Quarter Allotment which involves Filling Staff Quarters Details on a paper by the applicants and going to their Head Office and Submitting the application. There after the application will be sent for approval to the concerned Department, once the application is approved a written letter is sent to Employee Giving the details of Staff Quarters that is allotted to him.

This entire process used to take around 30-45 days as there are around 10000 employees in the Organization.

But with the automation of this process, The Staff Quarter Allotment would be completed in 2-3 days.

Employees Fill in an online Staff Quarter Application and submit it then the application is routed to his administrator immediately for approval and the moment Administrator approves the Application the application status is updated on the application and the employee can see the status on his application. As this entire process is online so it is advantageous to both the employees and the Organization as it saves allotment time to a great extent and it also removes all the tedious manual approach as well as maintaining data on paper which can be lost anytime. The allotment process would be transparent to users as well as the management.

Issues of change:

Reluctance from Users:

We have faced few issues from the users as they were reluctant to use Staff Quarter online Facility provide by us since the users are not aware of the online process. We had to train users to use the online staff Quarter Allotment Application but we have faced a big reluctance from the users as they were not Comfortable using the online system.

2) Reluctance from administrators:

Administrators were very reluctant to follow online process for Staff Quarters Allotment since online system clearly exposes transparency involved in manual process. The Word Transparency here deserves a bit of explanation here. The Administrators can use malpractices for approving Staff Quarters Applications. Malpractices include bribing, bias towards applicants, etc..

But because of the strong management support we got from New India Assurance we were able to conduct the training for users and to our surprise the users really shown a great interest in training when we explained them the advantages of online system over manual process. we were finally successful in completing the user training on a high note.

This task wouldn’t have been possible without support from New India Assurance management team and combined team effort of our developers, trainer and team leader.

Level of change:

Beta level change:

The above changes are done in s step by step process and cannot be implemented in a single stretch. When compared to this change in my organization all the changes were made in an step by step process.

Force field analysis:

Driving forces:

Importance given to individuals ideas

There should be good relation between the higher officials and staff

Support from the higher officials

Interest shown by all the members to adopt change

Restraining forces:

Not clearly understanding the change

Domination or leadership

Poor communication between employees and management

There should be a proper plan for a change.

Lewin’s ice cube model:


To analyses and understand the concepts properly.

To attain a change new ideas should be implemented

The idea should be agreed by member’s in organization

All the team members should work collectively.

The design should be in a proper way


Discuss about what is to be done and that to be implemented for the future and its boons and banes on them.

Keep all the things in disguise.

The company has to make a gathering at regular intervals.

It hs to make up a bench mark in every role it plays.


The plan was implemented to modify the view for each any every person in the company

We need to first take care of the hurdles and put them down

We are to get trained for all the required things.

To achieve a change we developed elegant ways

Proper help is to be extended by the head.

Model of system change:

Shared values:

The organization will perform it process according to the requirements, beliefs and expectations.


To achieve a change each and every task is properly structured and all be given equal chances and activities.


The manager should support making decisions, spending more time he should properly behave towards his employees.


The staffs who will work for a change in organization are employees, trainer and managing director.


To achieve organization goal efforts should properly done by management and employees.


The organization will show the better performance when change is implemented for example as quality levels are increased.


Organization involves information management system, business system and actions done by day to day


Change in our rganization is clearly explained as according to related theory. I came to know that different models used in above like kurts lewins model, system model, force field analysis plays a vital role. The majority aspects like meetings, communicating with employees, regular feedbacks, needs for change are managed in a proper way this lead to an great and victorious organization


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