Knowledge management system for software engineering

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Project Title.

Knowledge Management System for Software Engineering

Brief description on project background.

(.i.e. problem context, rationale, description of problem area, nature of challenge)

Now-a-days most of the projects are getting challenging. Challenge mean the project is running well but it doesn't meet project requirement of cost and time. Every organization is thinking about how they can reduce the challenge. Research also going to focuses on this area through identity the main factor of this challenge and develop the system for solve that problem. The successful Information Technology projects are depending on following three important factors Cost, Time and Quality. Software organization should be satisfied with this each and every factor for get success in their project.

Standish Findings By Year Updated for 2009

  1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2009
Succeeded 16% 27% 26%/ 28% 34% 29% 32%
Failed 31% 40% 28% 23% 15% 18% 24%
Challenged 53% 33% 46% 49% 51% 53% 44% [Access Date: 08/12/2009]

Knowledge Management is the great solution for above challenge. Knowledge Management today has been identified as a necessity in organizational growth and long-term survival. Knowledge Management for Software Engineering is one of the challenging and interesting research projects. Knowledge is broader than information and data, and requires understanding of information. Knowledge is not only contained in the information, but also in the relationships of information, its classification, and its meta-data. Collective knowledge is considered as experience. Knowledge therefore is an important aspect for any organization and especially in an organization where there is a long learning curve the ingredient of shortening it is through passing existing knowledge and experience among each other. Software development is a dynamically changing, knowledge-intensive business, involving many people working in different phases and activities. Knowledge in software engineering is diverse and its proportions immense and steadily growing. Organizations should use their past experience gained for the present development project minimizing the learning curve, completing projects at shorter time periods, thereby completing projects at lesser cost.

Many software development companies does not have standard practices of reusing past project experience in estimating time, cost and human resource requirements for the future projects. The main reasons behind this problem are as following:

  • No standard system of documenting/recording the past project experience.

  • No planning made based on past experience.

  • A culture of sharing of experience and knowledge by expertise not practiced.

  • Employees not knowing who has the expertise within the organization.

This research will help to improve their activities. INNOVAY Private Limited was choosing for this research.

The main challenge to knowledge management is that most of the knowledge in software engineering is unwritten and will never become clear. It will remain silent because there is no time to make it clear. It's difficult to find the approaches and tools for turn-off silent knowledge into explicit knowledge and most of the unwritten knowledge is silent in the most extreme way. Therefore, it is difficult to express and make clear. A way to address this problem can be to develop a knowledge sharing culture, as well as technology support for knowledge management and the other challenge is indirectness of software. Software is not visible. Invisibility leads to less reuse of the system. A developer, while implementing or modifying a system, cannot find out if the work has already been done. Many times, developers reinvent a system as an alternative of reusing it, and this result in lower productivity.

Brief description of project objectives.

(i.e. scope of proposal and deliverables)

The objectives of this project:

Developer mainly focuses on following objective.

  • Understanding how Knowledge is flow to/from the top Management from/to the lower levels in a Software Development organization.

  • What Knowledge can be capture in the Software Engineering industry.

  • How Information Management can help in Experience Management and Experience sharing.

  • How a Experience Sharing Culture could be introduce and how resistance of employees could be avoid.

  • Building an Experience Management system for the Software Engineering industry.

Objectives of the Knowledge Management Implementation

Following objective we can achieve through the maintaining knowledge management system within the organization.

  • An organization being less dependent on its employees thereby when an employee leaves the risk is minimal.

  • Unloading an organization's experts.

  • Creating productive employees sooner after recruitment.

  • Improve an organization's business processes.

  • Encouraging work through sharing of knowledge.

  • Reducing overall time and cost of project delivery.

Brief description of the resources needed by the proposal.

(i.e. hardware, software, access to information / expertise, user involvement etc.)

Research information going to carried out by using Questionnaire therefore printed question paper need. INNOVAY Private Limited is uses for this research, information will be get through the interview therefore need INNOVAY Private Limited's employee support and following software and hardware need for this project.

Hardware Requirements

Pentium IV Personal Computer with 512MB RAM and 80GB Hard Disc. A higher resolution color Monitor and Intranet facilities.

Minimum requirement of PC enough but if it's more, it will help for quick access.

Needed Software to develop the new system

• Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

Since we are using and as our programming language, Microsoft visual studio will help us to develop a window based system. Visual studio helps us to design the system easily by drag and drop component to the form. It also provides facilities to debugging and testing the system and it help us to improve the efficiency of the code and reduce the development time. is one of the easy to learn programming language.

Microsoft SQL Server

Also we are using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to store data since our system handle large amount of data. SQL server is faster in retrieving data and storing data. It also provides more facilities.

  • It is user friendly and considerably faster.

  • Since it is the default data provider for and also is 70 % faster with SQL server.

  • Give facility of OLE (Object Linking Exchange) and DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange).


Using for develop the web page and it will work as a frond line interface, advantage is obviously being able to do OOP. The ability to write ASP.NET application in following program languages:

  • VB.NET

  • C#

  • Jscript.NET

Academic research being carried out and other information, techniques being learnt.

(i.e. what are the names of books you are going to read / data sets you are going to use)

Research skills

  • Learn about Research knowledge for create effective questionnaire for get most stable information for this project.

  • Identify how project are manage within the organization.

  • Analysis the report and ranking the research information

Communication skills

Knowledge management research will be carried out by using interview as well for get more use full information. Therefore need to talk with employee, Communication skill also more important.

Project management concept

Ideas about how organizations are managing the project. Following books are help to learn about project management.

  • Connell, F. (1996). How to Run Successful Projects II - the Silver Bullet. Prentice Hall, New Delhi.

  • Schwalbe.K, Information Technology Project Management, Thompson Course Technology.

  • McLeod, G. & Smith, D, Managing Information Technology Projects, Course Technology.

  • CCTA. (2002). Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE 2. The Stationary Office Books.

  • Yeates, D. & Cadle, J, Project Management for Information Systems, 2nd ed. Pitman Publishing.

Knowledge Management concept

Understanding about Knowledge management. How it will flow from top to bottom level and bottom to top level management get some more ideas through the research. Identify the important of knowledge management within the organization.


Charlotte, H. & Ostrom, E, Understanding Knowledge as a Commences : Framework for Analyzing the knowledge commons, pp. 41-65, Collective Action pp-247.

Tiwana, A. (2002). The Knowledge Management Toolkit, 2nd ed. Pearson Education(Singapore) Pte.Ltd, Delhi.


"Knowledge Management in Software Engineering", A DACS State-of-the-Art Report by Ioana Rus, Mikael Lindvall, and Sachin Suman Sinha, Produced by Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering Maryland and The University of Maryland.

"Knowledge Management in Software Engineering. (The Guest Edition)" Ioana Rus and Mikael Lindvall, Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering, Maryland.

"Knowledge Management in Software Engineering Environments" Ana Candida Cruz Natali and Ricardo de Almeida Falbo, Computer Science Department, Federal University of Espírito Santo.

System Development

Knowledge management system is going to develop by using Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft SQL Server and Program development and implementation skill for develop the knowledge system.

  • Andrew Duthie, G (2003). Microsoft ASP.NET programming with Microsoft Visual C#.NET step by step. Prentice Hall of India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi.

  • Jesse, L. & Hurwitz, D. (2002). Programming ASP.NET, 1st ed. Shroff Publishers Pvt.Ltd, MIDC, Mumbai.

  • Gunderloy, M. & Chipman, M. (1999). SQL Server 7 In Record Time, BPB Publications, New Delhi.


Research documentation skill is for write document the research type of project.

Brief description of the development plan for the proposed project.

Brief description of the development plan for the proposed project.(i.e. which software methodology and why, the major areas of functions to be developed and the order in which developed)

Waterfall model (Feasibility study, Systems Engineering, Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, and Maintenance) is use for this project development. Knowledge Management project is research type project therefore research information going to collect through the questionnaires, interview of the INNOVAY Private Limited's employee and read e-journal article and books to get some more ideas about existing knowledge management system. Research information will be analysis the data and design the framework for knowledge management system. Then develop and implement the system according to the framework. Following time plan will going to carry out to each and every task of this project.

Prepare Final document.

In this research, information gathering and design framework for knowledge management will be a hardest task. Because Knowledge unwritten(invisible) and will never become clear therefore its very difficult to identify, What Knowledge can be capture in the Software Engineering organization, understanding how Knowledge can flow between staff and what are the information need for development knowledge system.

Knowledge Management has been conducted in many industrial and service sectors it is understood that in the Software Engineering industry in-depth research has not been conducted. Therefore difficult to design the framework for KM.

Brief description of the evaluation and test plan for the proposed project.

(i.e. what is the success criteria and how will be evaluated & implementation will be tested, indicate the estimated size of the demonstration/test database)

INNOVAY Private Limited taken for the research, collect research data and going to analysis and develop the Knowledge Management system. System will develop through the research result (Questionnaire), staff's information about current project development process and organization structure. That information will help to develop the knowledge management system. The system at development would be reviewed at each and every phase and a systematic testing process would be carried along. Design test cases for each and every interface to test full functionality. At the end will integrate whole system and do the final overall testing. But is not end of the system. Because Knowledge Manage system will help to improve their day to day project development activities, get better team work between staff and make more experts. Therefore we cannot expect suddenly the whole system performance; it may be take long time for better performance. Therefore system maintenance will carry out every time period and system performance will be discuss and get more feedback from staff. In future KM system will modify for more effective and easy to access according through staff feedback.