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Now a day Information Technology is very important. The information technology is close with the computer application. Today the environment of working totally depends on the computer. All the work needs using the computer to finish it. We can see many of organization are using the information technology for the success of the organization. Because of the organization was applying and using the Information Technology they was creating one department that responsible to manage the information technology. Information Technology is related to computing technology, for example is networking, software, internet and anything that related with technology.

Information technology is a term that encompasses all form of technology use to create, store, exchange and use the information in various form. The information technology is very familiar with all people and organization.

The beginning of information technology, only several sectors applying and using the information technology. There is bank sector, engineer and computer scientist. After a few year the information technology changes where all the sector was applying and using the information technology in current at workplace and it become the revolution of information technology.

Why organization applying and using the information technology to business success?. This is because the information technology has many advantages that can help the organization success. The advantages information technology is the information technology itself help the organization to manage their performance, when the performance is good it easy to the organization to achieve their goals. Besides that, the information technology was helping the organization to communicate with their target or customer. For example the social networking like facebook, twitter you tube and so on can build the relationship between organization with their target and customer. Here the organization can make improvement from the positive and negative comment that target or consumer was comment on the social networking. Now the information technology is a part of necessary, each people using the information technology in their life.


How the information technology effected the business success

Identify the significant of information technology to business success


How the information technology affected the business success

Information technology help the organization communicate with their target and consumer with easily. Information technology give the tool like e-mail video conference, SMS and so on to organization communicate with efficiently and effectively. Trough internet the internal and external people can communicate with the organization. Internal is referring to the people in the organization that mean the employee of the organization. By using the internet the employee communicate each other with easily, where they can communicate using e-mail. The internet make the organization communicate and working to other people in different location. For external people is referring to the consumer. Internet help the business success base on the positive and negative comment from consumer. The website and social networking is giving the opportunities to consumer to publish their comment either they are satisfy or not. From this the organization can make improvement base on the negative and positive comment from the internal and external people. This was build strong relationship between organization and consumer. The good relationship with customer can make the business success. This is because of customer is the important people. the organization need take care the view from customer, each customer not satisfy with the organization product it may ruin the organization. For example the organization can use the information technology like email to inform customer that your organization give a special promotion. This is a one way that may make the consumer feel the organization is appreciated with them. So the good relation gives a big impact to the business success.

Next, Information Technology also helps the organization on term of production. The information technology was changing the organization where, the organization can operate their business with efficiency. By using the Information Technology, the organization can produce their product with effective and efficiency. This is because the information technology helps the organization to create the machine that can help their organization to produce their product with efficiency. Information technology helping the organization to control the production by managing the machine from computer. This making the organization hired a small number of employees. Only the people that have knowledge and skill in using computer can be hired. That why the information technology is very important to individual and organization. Since the production was increase it can affected the business performance.

Besides that the information technology also affected the performance of the organization. With using the information technology the organization can improve the employee skill and knowledge. When the employee has a skill and knowledge it helps to increasing the performance. With a skill and knowledge employee it will affected the organization performance. Assume that the organization does not have a skill and knowledge employee, how they can follow the technology. For example the information technology helping the organization improves the financial management. By using the software for financial the organization can easily to balance financial. With the software, it reduce the mistake that employee may done. As we know financial is important to show that the organization is getting profit or loss. With the software it make work become faster, but before employee can using the software the organization need give their employee training about it to make the work is more efficiency. That why the performance of employee is very important to make the business success.

Then, the information technology also affected the ethics at workplace. The employees are facing the changing of information technology from manual filing to the computerizing. Now this is not the problem comparing 15 years ago where the employee need to learn about the information technology to make them self aligning to the changing of ethical workplace. With the information technology it helps the employee to make their work with faster. The computerizing helps to store the information with efficiency comparing with the manual filing. Since the organization was using the computerizing system it was make a new revolution where each work the employee using the computer to doing the work. This is the ethical of employee now, where using the computer and software to doing their job. This help the organization to more success by following the technology.

The significant of information technology to business success

The significant Information Technology to business success is globalization. Trough the information technology, organization can share the information trough internet. All over the world can get and reading the information that the organization was published. The globalization was bringing the organization closer with the customer all over the world, besides that, it also build the relationship between one country to another one country. It builds the economics of the country By using the information technology the organization can expend their business. When they are using internet as a medium to sale their product, they have a large number of target customer. Here the organization has opportunities to get high profit. This can making the business continues success

Then, the significant of information technology to business success is storing and protects information. The information technology was changing the ethical of workplace. The changing of ethical in workplace makes the employee easy to storing and protects information from hackers besides that the data can be access by the authorize person only. The security software help the information in the organization are protected from their competitor. As we know the organization very emphasize about their information. With having the information technology that can store and protecting the data, the business can be success. The data that important to the organization is like the customer information, transaction, and so on. This kind of data help the organization to making an analysis where from the data organization can analyze what the customer like. So the organization can produce the product base on the consumer need and want.

Next, the significant of information technology to business success is cost-effective. The information technology was help the organization to increase the productivity, where the internet as a medium to sale the product. Trough online the organization can sale their product 24 hour a day and 7 day a week. This making the organization save the cost in term of shop rent, by selling online the organization able to distribute their product at everywhere in all over the world. This making the organization continues to gain profit. By this the organization can continues success in business. This make the information technology is a key to the business success.

The information technology also help the organization with build the competitive advantage. By using the information technology the organization can making differentiation with their competitor. For example is by using online the organization may sale their product, make promotion trough online or making special offer purchasing trough online, the organization that using the information technology for purpose making the customer easy and satisfy will be chosen. This is because the target customer is different gender, age, profession so they need a space that can make their easy. So by using internet service the customer may choose the organization that give them benefit.


Information technology is very large. It plays an important role in management and business success. There have many ways to help the organization to success in business. Each of sectors was using the information technology in their way. For example is manufacturing sector. They are using the information technology not just for the administration only but them using the information technology for operation. To make their organization sustain in market they using the machine to produce the product. The large number of production can give high profit to the organization

There have many ways that information help organization success in business. There is in term of internet, software, machine and many more. Each of it has different function that able to help the business success. Now the information technology was being the backbone of the organization. Without the information technology the organization cannot work properly

Information technology is proved that is a key of the business success in year 2013. We can see that every people using the internet for their own purpose like getting the information or doing the transaction, some people using the internet to shopping.

The information technology also becomes the revolution where all people and organization are using the information technology. We can see most of people also using the smart phone where it can connect with internet. Here show that the internet at your finger. Everywhere can access the internet. By the technology movement, the organization a taking the opportunities to continue their business trough online, there is more easy and give a more profit to the organization. That why information technology is key business success.

Then, the organization also was using the software for running their business. For example is banking system, as a consumer we can make a payment trough the internet baking, with having the software the bank can make the online transaction, where make their customer more easily to doing the payment without go to the counter and waiting a long time, this how the information technology help the bank to make their work more efficiency and make their customer satisfy.

On my view in the future information technology will be continues rapidly grow. The organization will use the information technology to success in business.


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